Octane Fitness LateralX – HIIT Elliptical Training Machine?


Have you ever wondered how much weight you would lose if machine trainers at the gym could move sideways as much as they do forward and backward?

Well, according to the Lateralx Commercial Grade Elliptical Machine Trainer from Octane Fitness, you can increase your daily calorie burn count by up to 27% when you use this machine. The best thing about this product is its small size, which makes it a worthy home acquisition.

Octane Fitness LateralX is the ultimate versatility and customization workout machine for a full workout routine. This product can deliver 3D motion enabling you to not only move side to side but also front to back as well as up and down. As mentioned earlier, its ability to move sideways increases your caloric expenditure exponentially. However, there are levels of this movement with the lowest level being one and the highest ten.

Octane Fitness might have joined the market in 2001, but this company has gone on to edge its competition thanks to state-of-the-art products. The LateralX is part of a series of elliptical machines produced by this worldwide commercial fitness equipment innovator. Here are some of the things that make Octane Fitness LateralX a worthy purchase.

Features of Octane Fitness LateralX


If you work out regularly, I bet you have encountered all types of display, especially on treadmills. However, LateralX display shows more than just the calories burnt, distance covered, and heart rate. This product has a large display with a capacitive touchscreen with easy access buttons for a smooth workout.

The display offers width adjustments, web browsing, and contains a video coaching feature which comes in handy for newbies in fitness and workout regimens. The high-tech display also has 15 workout programs and 30 resistance levels as well as get this, a three-speed console fan in case the room gets too hot.

Smart Console Technology

As you already know by now, the LateralX can help you perform almost all the exercises in your routine with no need of another machine. However, exercising using the same tool over and over again can become less exciting.

As such, Octane Fitness added a Smart Console Technology feature that enables you to stream your favorite videos or play the best workout music without moving around.

With the LateralX, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news or relevant information from online while working out to ensure you don’t miss a single thing. Not to mention, you can also access applications and take advantage of the videos coaching feature to gain extra workout routines.


Octane Fitness LateralX enables lateral movement, which comes in handy for daily activities as well as sports. With this workout machine from Octane Fitness, you can also exercise your inner and outer thighs, which are hard to reach when using other machines.

This feature also increases abductor activity by up to 30% giving you a better option compared to traditional ellipticals.

Octane Fitness LateralX Conclusion

However, as much as the Octane Fitness LateralX provides all these benefits, the fitness machine does not come cheap with a brand new device going for over $6,000.

Nonetheless, considering its size allows you to use this machine in the comfort of your house, it is a worthy purchase. Not to mention, the technology and different workout regimens mean you get more than just a workout machine.

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