Growcheck – Vertical IoT Body Weight & Height Measurement Device?


The Growcheck device is a new innovative product designed and manufactured by Knowledge-seek & Company. This tool makes it easy for parents to monitor the weight and growth of their child quickly and accurately.

Also able to be used as a replacement for a more traditional scale to help adults track their weight loss progress using their smartphone or tablet. Currently under Kickstarter Campaign, the Growcheck device will be fully funded with products anticipated to ship starting in March of 2018.

Please read below to learn more about the Growcheck and how to back the Kickstarter Campaign to save money.

What Is Growcheck?

Parents who are concerned about their child’s physical development will appreciate this new device designed to make tracking easy, quick, and accurate.

The Growcheck operates like a traditional floor scale but instead of just monitoring weight it also monitors height. This tool is a great option for parents of growing children of for adults who want to accurately track their body weight.

By using Growcheck with the tandem app people can track their progress or their child’s progress and easily share with doctors o personal trainers. This tool seems to be a good option for families who want a dual purpose device that helps them stay on top of their healthy lifestyle and physical development.

As an alternative to traditional floor scales, this device simply folds up out of the way when not in use. By lying streamlined along the wall people do not need to worry about trip hazards with this space saving design. Not only does Growcheck save space it is also aesthetically pleasing making it suitable in any room of the home.

How Does Growcheck Work?

Unlike regular scales that only check weight, the Growcheck also calculates for height helping parents monitor the growth of their growing children.

By using this device with the tandem app parents can easily track their child’s progress compared to children similar in age and sex to see if they are on track. Growcheck is a useful tool for parents who are concerned about their child’s growth trajectory and want to monitor it on a regular basis between doctor check-ups.

Working with a simple one button touch that quickly calculates both weight and height simply by standing on the base. Adult users can use this device as a body weight scale and track their weight loss efforts on their smartphone or tablet.

Kickstarter Campaign Details

Growcheck’s Kickstarter Campaign is slated to end December 7, 2017. The campaign's goal is $10,000 and they currently have raised $27,921 which means this product will be funded fully and go into production.

It is impressive for this product to have so many backers because this large sum of money comes from just 128 backers.


Users will appreciate the compact and sleek design of this device because it not only prevents injury like traditional floor scales, it also looks nice. Because it can be charged it does not need to be used near a power outlet making it convenient to use in any room of the home or doctor’s office.

Simply touch one button and gain access to both weight and height information immediately. No longer do parents need to manually measure their child’s height, this machine will do it.

By using this device with the tandem Growcheck App users can easily track growth of children as well as manage their own weight. This tool is a great option for families who not only have growing children they want to monitor but also parents who are working towards weight loss goals.

Growcheck Pricing

The anticipated retail price of a single Growcheck device is $160.00. Interested consumers can purchase this device at a significant discount by backing this sure to be funded Kickstarter Campaign.

Kickstarter Pledges of $99.00 or greater will receive one Growcheck and worldwide shipping is included.

Pledges of $179.00 or greater will receive two Growcheck devices, worldwide shipping, and free access to the Growcheck tandem application.

$890.00 or more will receive ten Growchecks and pledges of $2,490.00 will receive thirty Growchecks with free worldwide shipping covered.

Interested consumers should take note that pledges are only being accepted until the cut-off funding date of December 9, 2017.

Should You Use The Growcheck Measurement Device?

Families who are looking to upgrade their traditional scale will appreciate the low price and flexibility offered by the Growcheck. Since this scale monitors both body weight and height this tool can be used by both adults and children to monitor health and progress.

This tool is a great option for people who want a smart device for both adult and children use. Further details including product demonstration videos and detailed product specs are available through the Growcheck Measurement Device’s Kickstarter profile.

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