JoySpring Genius Drops – Improved Focus & Attention For Kids?


Parents who are looking for a natural way to enhance their child’s ability to stay focused while improving their memory and concentration will want to consider trying JoySpring Genius Drops. Please read below to learn more about Genius Drops and how to purchase a bottle or two.

What Are JoySpring Genius Drops?

Made out of organic plant extracts, this product helps to naturally promote learning and concentration even in children with ADHD or hyperactivity. JoySpring Genius Drops are formulated to enhance memory and concentration as well as improve retention or new information.

How Do Genius Drops Work?

These drops can be taken on their own as they taste great or for picky eaters parents or caregivers can add drops to juice or water to help mask the flavor.

A great option for parents looking for an alternative to pills or chewable products, drops are easier to take and absorb faster by the body. JoySpring Genius Drops are proudly made in the United States with 100% pure organic ingredients.

JoySpring Genius Drops Ingredients

The careful combination of organic plant extracts within Genius Drops work naturally to support cognitive function.

Wood Betony Extract:

This plant offers calming properties that help relax the mind and allow for information to process more easily and reduce mental distractions.

Gingko Leaf Extract:

Commonly used by people of all ages, this leaf extract is used to help improve memory and concentration as well as the ability to learn new information or skills.

Eleuthero Root Extract:

Also known as Siberian ginseng, this plant has been used as part of both Ayurvedic medicine as well as Chinese Traditional medicine for centuries due to its ability to enhance cognitive function leading to faster learning and better recall.

Gotu Kola Herb:

In addition to boosting mental performance this plant also protects the brain from toxin stress as well as free radical damage.

Rhodiola Root Extract:

This root has actually been scientifically shown to increase the neurotransmitter chemicals within the brain.

Licorice Root Extract:

Many consumers will be familiar with licorice roots’ calming properties with the added benefit of helping promote healthy digestion.

JoySpring Genius Drops are completely sugar free and suitable for children with gluten intolerances or allergies.


Two online vendors carry this product Amazon and the manufacturer Joy Spring.


Each thirty serving bottle is available for $34.99 and ships for free. Consumers can save extra money by purchasing multiple bottles. Two bottles of Genius Drops cost $34.99 and purchases of three bottles cost $87.99.

Joy Spring

Each single bottle of Genius Drops is available for $37.00. Two bottles are available for $54.00 total and three bottles cost $75.00. The purchase of three bottles made through Joy Spring directly offers the best value available online. Shipping is free on all US based orders made through Joy Spring.

Should You Use JoySpring Genius Drops?

All purchases of Genius Drops are backed by Joy Spring’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. Parents who do not see an improvement in their child’s ability to concentrate within the first thirty days of use can receive a full refund.

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