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Following a balanced grooming regime is an essential for any man. Outside of hair products, shaving cream, and other grooming essentials, aftershave is one of the most important of any man’s toiletry arsenal. Body odor has a powerful and unquestionable link to sexual attraction, which is backed up by extensive clinical evidence.

The sense of smell has a profound impact on the emotional state of the human body. Clinical investigations into the effects of various scents have found that they deliver a demonstrable effect on the mind- a slight addition of lemon scent to health products has been proven to enhance their perceived effectiveness, while lavender scent has been proven to elevate mood and even boost respiratory function.

Aftershave and cologne has been used for thousands of years to improve the dating game of men around the world, and is one of the top selling men’s grooming products. A new crowdfunding campaign being run on popular crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, however, is leveraging cutting-edge science to deliver a new kind of cologne that uses pheromones to enhance the sexual attractiveness of the wearer.

The NuPhero solution has already gathered thousands of dollars in backing from eager backers around the world, and is the first fragrance that incorporates proven, peer-reviewed evidence-backed pheromone chemicals. In this article, we’ll take a look at the NuPhero and check out the science that supports it to help you determine whether it’s worth backing.

What is NuPhero?

NuPhero is a groundbreaking new pheromone product that is backed up by extensive science. The NuPhero solution is intended to streamline the dating process, and is focused on enhancing the pheromonal index of the wearer. Everybody produces an array of chemicals that are exuded through the skin called pheromones, which act as chemical messengers that can affect others on a subconscious level.

NuPhero pheromones have been clinically proven to induce an intellectual and physiological response in those that inhale them. The unique pheromone complex in the NuPhero formula is able to increased confidence levels, decrease stress levels, boost mood, and render wearers more attractive to the opposite sex.

The benefits offered by NuPhero aren’t limited to the dating game, however. Scientific and anthropological studies show that the pheromone index of an individual plays an important role in virtually all of their social interactions- NuPhero is able to deliver a cutting edge in the workplace, at the gym, in professional relationships, and on the playing field.

The NuPhero formula is manufactured entirely in the United States. All of the ingredients in the NuPhero formula are produced in a GMP compliant, FDA-approved facility and are certified as safe by the Utah Department of Agriculture. The chemical engineer team that creates the unique pheromone blend in the NuPhero formula combine synthetic pheromones with a powerful aromatic compound complex that delivers an immediate boost to the confidence, attractiveness, and pheromone index level of the wearer.

The Science Behind NuPhero

The key ingredients in the NuPhero formula is an artificially synthesized pheromone called androsterone. This pheromone is typically only released with sweat during periods of high intensity physical exercise, but has been isolated into a simple spray-on solution by the NuPhero team.

The interactions caused by androsterone when it is inhaled are well-documented. A clinical investigation into the effects of androsterone on women’s mood and sexuality was performed by the Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies in Belgium in 2013, which found that 16-androstenes and androstadienone, the same pheromone that is found in NuPhero, is a well-characterized pheromone for women.

The trial found that androsterone aromatic compounds are able to elicit improved mood and focus in both women and men, as well as modulating key biological endpoints. Androsterone was proven to elevate women’s sexual response and sexual satisfaction, as well as increasing the likelihood of attribution of attractiveness to facial and bodily features of potential mates.

Another clinical investigation published in the Journal of Advanced Research in 2013 found that elevated androstadienone levels in male sweat elicits a heightened cortisol response in the female body, demonstrating the ability of male hormones to affect the endocrine receptors of the opposite sex. The same study found that pheromones are a mediator for psychosexual behaviour, supporting their use as biological triggers for attraction[2].

Overall, the NuPhero solution is backed up by an extremely extensive amount of peer-reviewed clinical evidence, and is the only pheromone based product available on the market today that contains pheromones endorsed by clinical science.

The Verdict

The NuPhero solution is one of the most promising men’s aftershave products to hit the market, and offers a diverse range of advantages that aren't limited to interpersonal relationships. If you’re looking for a pheromone product that will give you a competitive edge in any environment, the NuPhero crowdfunding campaign is definitely worth backing.

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