Mavericks Shave Cream

Maverick SHAVE cream is designed to help achieve barber shop quality shaves without the need of going to one. They claim the cream helps you get a turbo charged shave without having to worry about razor burn. The company is a small startup located in San Francisco California and is currently running a campaign on Indiegogo.

How Does Maverick SHAVE Work?

The claim is that razor companies have run out of ideas to help people get closer shaves. They have created 5 and 6 blade razors, electric razors and even swivel razors among others. The shaving industry has basically hit a wall and is in dire need of something new. The team at Maverick had an epiphany when they looked at more than just the razor.

They decided the razor had enough, so they instead went to focus on the health care products developed around shaving. The first of the products they made a choice to work on is shaving cream. They’ve re-engineered SHAVE cream for a fresh start from the skin up as they put it. The main purpose of the shaving cream is to create optimal skin and environment prior to shaving. The shaving cream is also designed to help prepare hair so it will cut easier making your skin react better to the shave.

Maverick’s SHAVE, creates a superior area for shaving thanks to the highly concentrated formula that is guaranteed to boost performance of any type of razor. It is said, you’ll get smoother skin than ever before, free from razor burn or any other nasty issues like ingrown hairs.

SHAVE is said to be one of the high-performance shaving creams. Maverick was basically obsessed with developing the world’s best shaving experience for anyone who uses their product. Even the most sensitive skin is said to get a close skin when the cream is used. You’ll gain in several ways. One way you’ll benefit when you use Maverick is your face will be primed in a matter of just seconds. The skin will instantly soften so you can get the closed shave to stubble and hair.

There are no dyes, parabens or fragrances. It is also free from gluten and other irritants. SHAVE cream is even safe for vegans and has never been used on animals so it is cruelty free. Not only is Maverick SHAVE Ok for the face, but it can also be used on any other part of the body. It’s ideal for the head, groin and every other body part you can think of. It will help to minimize friction so you can get an optimally smooth glide every time. All you need to do is add water in order to create a super slick barrier to protect your skin.

Other Benefits When Using Maverick SHAVE

The cream also maximizes recovery time. It will sooth and cool your skin with a freshly scented peppermint extract. You can count on faster shaving times as well. There is no need to work up a thick residue filled lather. It goes on clear and leaves zero soapy or foamy residue. Residue often clogs pores and reacts with many skin types. And since SHAVE is clear, you’ll be able to see everything so you don’t miss a patch of hair.

It will eliminate steps that you have to take when using other shaving lotions. There is no need for separate shaving creams, pre-shave oils or after shave. It is ultra-concentrated which means you need less. Each tube is said to give you as many as 70 great shaves. Lastly the product is 100% researched and manufactured in the USA.

How Much Does Maverick SHAVE Cost?

You can pledge as much as you want, but the minimum is $35 for the starter pack and you can upgrade from there. The ultimate package of SHAVE is $75.

Where Can I Buy Maverick SHAVE?

You can buy Maverick’s SHAVE on the Indiegogo website for the time being. There is only 13 days left until the pledge window ends. Make sure if you want to pick up SHAVE you do it in the next couple of weeks.

The Bottom Line On Maverick SHAVE

SHAVE is a high-quality product, backed by a lot of research. One of the cool things about it is, you only need a peanut sized amount to get your shave on. If you use a razor every day, that means you’ll get 70 days out of one tube of SHAVE. It’s going to end up saving you money in the long run for sure. And is a lot healthier for your skin, face and body. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can benefit from using SHAVE.


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