Neuroflexyn Review – Legit Nootropic Supplement?


Neuroflexyn Review

Neuroflexyn calls itself “the only supplement for the brain” and promises to send your cognitive ability soaring into the stratosphere. This newer cognitive enhancing fuel is similar to the Alpha ZXT supplement we reviewed.

What Does Neuroflexyn Do?


It claims to improve your mental energy, memory, and creative thinking, for example. In clinical testing, its ingredients were shown to improve concentration by a whopping 312% while also boosting IQ scores by 77%.

Those are some significant claims. Does Neuroflexyn actually live up to those claims? Neuroflexyn appears to work as a cholinergic and contains “phosphatidylcholine” as its active ingredient. This chemical compound has been shown to boost cognitive ability in peer-reviewed studies and clinical testing.

Today, we're going to learn about Neuroflexyn and its purported benefits.

Benefits of Neuroflexyn

Neuroflexyn is rumored to come with all of the benefits listed below:

— Improve Immediate Recall, Reaction Time, And Mood

— Enhance Neuroprotection And Reduce Degradation Of Delicate Brain Cells And Membranes

— Support Optimal Brain Function

— Counteract Cognitive Impairment

Boost Nerve Growth Factor Receptors In The Brain

— Reduce The Age-related Loss Of Brain Cells And Fibers In The Brain

These benefits are similar to the benefits you see in other nootropics and smart drugs. Neuroflexyn calls itself a “Smart Supplement” and claims to boost mental functions like cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, and focus by altering the brain’s supply of neurochemicals. Below, you’ll find out how Neuroflexyn works.

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How Does Neuroflexyn Work?

Neuroflexyn doesn’t disclose a lot of information about its ingredients or exact mechanisms. That’s a bit alarming, but it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Everything we know about Neuroflexyn comes from the official Neuroflexyn website, as the formula has not been clinically tested thus far.

Here’s what we do know about Neuroflexyn: the supplement delivers a mixture of five different ingredients. These ingredients contain phosphatidylcholine and other chemical compounds.

Phosphatidylcholine hasn’t been extensively studied. However, in one commonly-cited report from Princeton University, the compound was found to “stimulate growth of new brain cells and neuro connections”, facilitating neurogenesis and reducing the effects of aging on the brain.

Although the manufacturers of Neuroflexyn claim this study is commonly cited, it’s not available anywhere public online. The best source is this Forbes article which describes the groundbreaking research currently being done on phosphatidylcholine and also references the Princeton study.

That Forbes article also describes a University of Colorado study which showed that pregnant women who took phosphatidylcholine had smarter babies – seriously! The choline-supplemented babies had twice the chance of responding appropriately to an auditory test.

The University of Colorado study is much easier to find online. It concluded by stating that phosphatidylcholine could reduce the likelihood of giving birth to a schizophrenic baby.

If all of the above stuff is too complicated for you, then you’ll like how the manufacturers of Neuroflexyn described its mechanisms:

“It is well known that adequate functioning of neurotransmitter synthesis and release is essential to maintain a healthy cognitive state. Neuroflexyn aims to elevate the levels of neurotransmitters by providing an abundance of biological neurotransmitter precursors”

That’s a lot of words that don’t really say anything.

Put simply, Neuroflexyn works by raising levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter your brain uses to interpret and store new memories. That’s it.

Ingredients in Neuroflexyn

Neuroflexyn doesn’t actually contain synthesized phosphatidylcholine. Instead, it contains five ingredients which have been shown to raise acetylcholine levels in the brain through the use of phosphatidylcholine.

Those ingredients include:

Huperzine A
— Bacopin
— Picamilon

The manufacturer of Neuroflexyn doesn’t explain how much of each ingredient is in Neuroflexyn, so it’s difficult to say what works and what doesn’t.

However, it’s expected that all of these ingredients ultimately cross the blood-brain as phosphatidylcholine, which is when this supplement starts to act as a traditional cholinergic supplement.

“Cholinergic”, by the way, simply means that it affects choline levels in your brain in some way or another.

If you want to get phosphatidylcholine without taking Neuroflexyn, then you can! Phosphatidylcholine is commonly found in eggs, soybeans, mustard, sunflower, and other foods. In some countries, doctors will actually administer phosphatidylcholine intravenously in order to treat anxiety, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s.

Buying Neuroflexyn Online

You should always take caution when buying supplements online, do your due diligence and check out all the details of trails and returns.

You don’t have to look at the official Neuroflexyn website for long before you see offers for a risk-free 60 day trial. However, that risk-free trial isn’t quite as “free” as it would like you to believe.

If you order the risk-free trial, you’ll receive a 60 day supply of Neuroflexyn. Your risk-free trial comes with free shipping and a 30% discount over the regular bottle price.

On the first page of the Neuroflexyn ordering form, you’re only asked to input your address, city, and contact information. On the second page, however, you’re asked to pay with a credit card or debit card. The site accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Below, you’ll learn exactly how much Neuroflexyn costs.

How Much Does Neuroflexyn Cost?

Here’s how the Neuroflexyn pricing model works:

5 Bottle Monster Plan: $29.97 per bottle + 2 Free Bottles + Free Priority Shipping from the United States Postal Service (USPS) = $149.85 (you save 249.80)

Tier Two Package: $33.30 per bottle + 1 Free Bottle + Free Priority Shipping from USPS = $99.90 (you save $129)

Sampler Package: $49.95 per bottle + Free Priority Shipping from USPS = $49.95 (you save $20)

Just like with many things in life, the more you spend, the more you save.

Neuroflexyn also comes with an autoship program, which means you’ll “automatically” receive “shipments” of Neuroflexyn until you decide to cancel. That’s great if you like the supplement, because you have a new 30-day supply of it arriving on your doorstep every month. However, if you don’t like it, then you’re left with hundreds of dollars in credit card charges for a supplement you’ll never use.

Anyways, if you don’t like Neuroflexyn or don’t feel its effects, make sure you call and cancel your subscription as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Is Neuroflexyn Right For You?

Neuroflexyn calls itself “Viagra” for the brain. No, that doesn’t mean you’re going to give your brain a long-lasting erection. Instead, it means you’re going to sharpen your brain’s focus, memory, and attention.

Neuroflexyn appears to act as a cholinergic. Its primary active ingredient is Phosphatidylcholine, the benefits of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. This compound enhances your brain’s production of acetylcholine, which has been linked to higher memory levels. This natural nootropic comparison is different than the cAMP levels pure forskolin increases which has been linked to and known for enhancing mood and emotional function.

However, Neuroflexyn isn’t nearly as powerful as some of the other nootropic supplements on the market. It contains neither racetams nor stimulants, so you’re unlikely to boost your cognition or improve your mental energy and focus while using this supplement – despite what Neuroflexyn’s manufacturer promises.

Ultimately, I would recommend Neuroflexyn since it does come highly recommended by users or Addiern to beginner nootropic users, or for anyone looking for a medium-powered cholinergic to stack with their racetams. Taken on its own, you may not experience the cognitive-enhancing benefits promised by this supplement (especially since we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in Neuroflexyn).

Update July 2015: Buying Options

It seems that Neuroflexyn has been pulled from Amazon and even from their website for one reason or another. From the looks, it may have just been pulled temporarily while they catch up with orders or get a new batch of their product created.

For now, one nootropic supplement that we are recommending is called Geniux. Many users on our website, and even on Amazon, have claimed this supplement as legit and that it actually works to boost mental abilities and gives them the ability to focus like Adderall had done for them in the past, except this is natural.

Its pricing is cheaper than Neuroflexyn ($39.95 for 1) with deeper discounts for buying a bundle. But while you wait for this supplement to possibly come back (if it does.. ) I would recommend Addium.

So take a look at our review and see what you think.

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  1. One thing you can do to improve your memory is to declutter your mind and focus. Your brain is capable of expanding so it can provide storage space for new info and new details. But the short-term memory capacity of anyone’s brain is limited. One of the best ways to focus better is to make your to do list shorter. Try to keep the list to just five items at a time. This will help you have better recall. By doing this you will improve your memory by relieving the strain on your brain trying to put too much into its short-term memory.

    • Yes Absolutely! I actually also take the time to relax and focus when I find my mind wonders. It happens to me quite a lot since I’m taking different stacks. But I also use L-Theanine =)

  2. I am a 59 yr old man I have had trouble all my life with learning I want to go back to school but can’t learn computer its like there is a blank space in my head .i was wondering if I could get some samples of neroflexin to try I would like to become smart before something happens to me .can I take with blood pressure pills thank you

  3. I love it! I ordered in the past but now I’m not able to order on the website. Does anyone know what happened? It’s not sold on Amazon anymore either.

  4. While I was young, I could tell my mind and memory was as sharp. Now with growing age, It started with me like this. I was walking into a room and then forgetting why I was there. I stated looking for something that would help me and I found this review which told me each and every details about the product. So I ordered it and after 30 days I noticed a real difference in my focus and memory. I never felt any Neuroflexyn side effects. It has worked for me well.

  5. Neuroflexyn provides me with the energy I need to stay focused throughout the entire day. I feel more focused and driven when taking Neuroflexyn pills, whereas before I would easily get distracted or off task prior to taking this supplement. I don’t know why people are taking about Neuroflexyn scam and all. It all depends on the individual how their body responds to the product.

  6. I see a lot of negative comments about Neuroflexyn Pills but I never suffered through all those problems. I have probably the worst attention span ever. I also suffered from short term memory loss. I had my official documentation work to do in a day but day after I totally forgot about this. It is a huge problem. I cannot focus on anything. When I came to know about it, I was like this is exactly what I need. After just 3 days of taking Neuroflexyn, I have to say I feel like I woke up! These pills really do help improve focus and enhance the memory. I am much more alert now to. I am really glad I tried them.

    Thanks The information here is the best it seems.

  7. I took it for two weeks and it did NOTHING for me so I tried to return it and get my refund. We guess what, they never answered my calls nor did they return my calls. The say to call or email to get a RMA # to return the pills they never responded. The phone number is no good anymore and when I sent the pills back under the 30 day trial they refused to pick up the pill so they came back to me and no refund. So if any one thinks they are going to get there money back after finding out this product does not work you are in for a big surprise. I cost me $149.89 plus the $20.00 dollars I spent to send it back. So do yourself a favor and don’t waist you time or money and pass this information on so no one else gets ripped off. Thank you.

    • Not a total shock. Quite a few internet supplement companies pull this crap. Some willo claim they never received the items (pays to use signed return) or have special terms & exclusions on returns and credit card cancellations that are in the fine print (my neighbor dealt with a coy where the subscription cancellation had to be done in person a coy HO), they say they received the returned items too late after the return limit. If I see any stories like yours I know the product is 2nd rate. A quality product would treat returns properly as their sales to return ratio would be very low, they can easily afford to honor their policy.

      When I see a company that automatically signs you up for monthly credit card deductions – its a red flag for me. Second red flag is this companies claim that their product raises IQ by 77%. No way. It would make headlines & medical journals if it did that extraordinary feat. Third red flag it does not list the quantities or level of standardization of the extracts. I can appreciate secret recipe but that’s also great way to put in low dose or inferior quality ingredients.

  8. Took my money…won’t take phone calls…now the phone number is no good. does anybody know what happened to the company. . I just wanna money back

  9. Fraud this company is a fraud didn’t answer phones gone !!! Fraud !!!!! Call the number see what happens

  10. I am 67 yrs. old and a dean at a university. I was feeling slow, whereas I used to be very sharp all day long. I am now on my second set of five bottles of Neuroflexin and intend to continue it. I am functioning at a level I thought was permanently lost to me. You might not classify it as “genius,” but I now remember facts, names, etc., that I was really losing before. This is not a commercial, but I think this reviewer did not give it a fair shake.

    • H lo ward Rkoark….I got one bottle of Neuroflexyn off eBay and my results were pretty much like yours, no its not a “limitless pill” but like you I could remember things I normally couldn’t, my mind felt less fogged, and I felt generally just more positive during my day. Unfortunately now the guy on eBay has no more, and anyone who does have it is charging way over the normal price, if you know where I can buy some and be assured of receiving it please share, as I was very impressed with this product, thanks so much….Ray

  11. Hey everyone, I promised myself once I tried this product I would come back and make an honest review. That way others can make the right decision to purchase or not. I’ve been taking Neuroflexyn for 2 weeks now, 3 times a day as prescribed on the bottle. I didn’t set my expectations too high so I wouldn’t get disappointed if the product sucked. I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s miraculously transformed my life however it has definitely boosted my overall morale each day. I’m much more focused, feel wide awake, more charismatic too hehe ;). I am a supervisor at a busy logistics food factory factory, my job requires excellence so I thought this might help. My ability to coordinate my 50+ employees seems to be much more effortless. Hope it helps those who are still sitting on the fence and good luck

  12. Yet, you can’t get Neuroflexyn and will have to pay full price for using that. Do you notice yourself misplacing your keys or wallet more and more or forgetting to do little tasks around the house like taking the trash out until the trash truck comes? It’s the bottom line to that whole question. Neuroflexyn greenhorns often discuss different theories relating to which Neuroflexyn somebody should use. You should know that I at least in part acknowledge this end.

  13. I have epilepsy & after reading these comments, i have a mixed thought steam of the benefits this ‘magic pill’ could have & also the negative effects it could hold long-term to your brain.

    Yes, i agree that something as ‘big’ as this miracle drug will received a lot of skepticism & bad reviews, but the question is, how do you know it will/won’t work if you haven’t tried it.

    I am about to order a bottle, not because of the adds claiming to increase memory by 312%, or by the statement of a 77% raise in IQ. I am simply going to try this to see if it works.

    You don’t need to be a scientist with a Harvard degree to do tests yourself, which is what i will be doing. Certain number of weeks on the supplement VS certain number of weeks without the supplement.

    It contains Vitamin E; which is a known ‘memory booster’ & is supposed to work for epileptics. Anyone that has epilepsy knows the daily struggle, so i am going to give this a go & let you know the result of the first 2 weeks on as well as a comparison as to what i feel with 2 weeks off.

    Wish me Luck!! xT

  14. O.k. Seriously first things first. For those of you on here being disrespectful and arrogant get off this website. This is not a review site for disrespectful people, that just want to put others down. It’s for people who actually want to know whether the product works or not and whether there were any side effects. Obviously this pill isn’t going to be some crazy pill that makes you some genius. But hey maybe it does help people. I was becoming way to frustrated just reading the petty comments. I really wanted to see how this pill helped other people. Not sit there and read a bunch of people who don’t have anything better to do then to make people feel worse, sitting there and be cyber bullies. Some who has actually tried this please let me know how the long term effects are.

    • I so agree with you, so tired of these negative people. As for me I tried the product, it worked well for me, I remembered things better, my head was clearer, my mood was elevated, only problem I have now is the guy I was buying from no longer has it and I don’t know where to order it after all these people saying they didn’t get it, do you know where to get it and know it will be received ? Thanks Ray

  15. First, to Daisy,
    I am not a psychiatrist, but your symptoms sound like you may be bi-polar and depressed. This is not alarming, although most of the population are extremely ignorant on the subject, and view it as negative. Go on the NAMI website — there is a lot of good (and accurate information there). 10% of the US population is bi-polar. It is very sad that the disease is treated like leprosy in the 10th century.

    To others, the ingredients are not a scam. The fact that dosages are not provided is problematic. This leads to an issue with making any determination on its usefulness. If anyone wants to know more, google “Ray Kurtzwiel”. The research will provide more benefits than a bottle with unknown contents.

    Sure hope I didn’t misspell anything. Typing in a review while riding in the back seat of an automobile makes me very stupid.

  16. I have been taking 20mg Adderall XR for about two years (I’m a 51yo female). But I haven’t taken it every day—only when I have crushing deadlines and a phenomenally large amount of data to process through my gray matter. I probably take it every day for two weeks and then I don’t take it for an entire month. No addiction, no side effects, no withdrawal. But drugs affect everyone in different ways.

    I am not a pill pusher though and live a healthier than average lifestyle so I try just about every supplement that hits the market, trying to find the one thing that isn’t a controlled substance prescribed by a physician. I don’t go into it wirh skepticism; I genuinely would love for something to cut through the fog … But thus far—ZIP.

    With Adderall, I can write about drone technology and nonproliferation programs for WMDs and nanotechnology medical devices and coccidioidomycoses all day. Brilliant prose! Without it, I don’t know if I found a rope or lost my horse.

    This supplement: It ain’t the one.

  17. I have tried a lot of supplements to have a better memory and concentration. Indeed, you should have gone thorough research about that certain product for your health’s sake. I haven’t tried neuroflexyn but reading the recent comments, I should do a self-research instead of jumping to conclusion if this is useful or ineffective. For 4 months now, I am taking klamath blue green algae, I don’t know if this sounds familiar to you but it worked for me and very helpful though. Whatever supplements you take, take it atleast 3 months to know effects in your brain/body.

  18. i tried nootropics for a while, although Neuroflexyn wasn’t one of them. i liked the effects, which weren’t as astounding as most marketers would have you to believe, but on some occasions they do give you a slight edge over your non-drugged self. however, i came to a simple conclusion, more out of common sense than increased intelligence – why would i become successful while using a substance that may or may not produce results, and thereby stake that success upon my use of that substance? What if the manufacturer goes out of business, or laws change, making it illegal to use those substances? In short, why set myself up to fail? If it works, i’m all for it. But my point still stands – I’m not going to rely on anything that’s not gauranteed. Positive affirmations to yourself work just as well

  19. From a Biochemistry perspective, It makes sense but it’s expensive to pay $49 for a bottle of choline supplement.
    Choline as amino acid has a very important role in our body, read about it

  20. I would say that it is very effective though not as effective as other things out there. Being a nootropic it is related in some ways to the well reviewed piracetam. No one of them is perfect and the affect of amphetamines on the brain with continued use is more comparable to the effects of say bk-MDMA used for cognitive reasons. Nootropic drugs have a nice appeal to people since Janz started studying them in Germany in the 50’s…

    • Some of you are trolling and ignorant. Some of us are searching for the truth and sincerely in need. Go play your Xbox and let the adults figure this out. If you haven’t tried it and won’t your wasting time and you probably need some neuro fix to grow up. I’m going to try it and give an honest reply.

  21. I Love It…. Like I’m not a Guy that writes reviews and truthfully I got online tonight to see if it was healthy to up my dosage without negative side effects… I Wasted Money on Things Before This Seems To Be Worth Every Penny …. I’ll Update

  22. I took Neuroflexyn and within minutes I could see the effects. It started subtly with increased concentration and just the ability to think clearly for the first time in years. I continued with the program and with in days I could feel my brain power increase exponentially. Then a remarkable thing happened. My partner brushed against a glass on the kitchen counter and as it fell to the ground I tried reaching out to it but I was too far to catch it but all of a sudden it just stopped in mid air! I had stopped it with my mind! I then just thought about it floating back to the counter and that’s just what it did! That was two months ago. I can still manipulate things with my mind. I haven’t developed any other powers or abilities but it’s early days yet. Plus tying my shoes for one with my mind is an interesting experience. Anyway don’t let the naysayers dissuade you get this product immediately you wont regret it!

  23. After reading some of the other comments, the only conclusion I’ve come up with is that if you use it and it works for you then that’s great. If you use it and it doesn’t work for you, get your money back. If you’re unwilling to try it, then your comments are pointless. The only real way to know for sure is to try it. That being said, I’ll never spend money on an unproven internet product that preys on insecure people who believe they aren’t smart enough to function without it.

    • I just got a bottle of 60 capsules, but the directions say take 3 capsules with A meal once a day – then one bottle is not a supply for one month is it. Also, take all 3 capsules – what? with one meal – or one with each meal (assuming u eat 3 meals a day)

  24. Why are there so many comments that say I am going to try it – and not many that can say they have tried it? I keep seeing comments that they will write back in 2 weeks. It would be much more helpful to see comments of actual people who have tried it than the hate-speech crossfire.

  25. I am going to purchase a bottle and give it a try, not only for myself as I have memory problems age( 61) and concentration problems, but also for my son who has a TBI from going through a windshield in a car accident, he has many related problems, Ill let you know how it works for each of us.

  26. this stuff is amazing, it has completely changed my life in a way i cannot describe fully how much they have impacted my life i was taking these pills and i went from being depressed about life and thinking and dwelling on the past. and i started noticing i was feeling more happy about living than i ever couldve imagined i kept trying to figure out the reason why i was so happy and feeling amazing all the time and then i remembered that i was taking those pills and now notice nature and i dont think anymore everything i do just flows, i never second guess anything and im so focused whenever i do anything and i cant stand being inside when im on these. colors seem so much clearer to me its like im seeing everything in HD, everything is so relexed and smooth its almost like i found the missing piece to my life and i actually want to talk to people now and i never used to. now i feel good about doing anything whatever it may be whether it be taking out the trash or talking to people or going to school. this stuff can save peoples lives and help people tremendously, the only downside is that i have to take 6 to 8 pills everytime i take them thank you neuro flexyn for changing and saving my life its actually worth living now.

  27. I was thinking about trying this product because I have a hard time comprehending what I read and I forget things often. I have always had these problems however they seem to be getting worse as I am 46 years old now. I first learned about product called the Goji berry and purchased it for a whole different reason. I purchased it for the claims that it gives you more energy and promotes overall well being. I am currently in school working on my Masters and I have a hard time staying focused. After taking the Goji berries for about a week I noticed that my memory and focus was amazing. I was able to read much faster and actually comprehend what I was reading the first time.
    I later purchased the neuroflexyn trial offer on one bottle just to see how I thought it worked for me. For whatever reason I noticed a slight decline in the speed of my reading and ability to comprehend. I stopped taking the neuroflexyn for about two weeks and noticed a gradual increase in my reading speed and comprehension rate. I just started taking the neuroflexyn again about three days ago and will report back what the results are. Whatever they are will be final for me. Don’t have time now to go over all the benefits of the goji berry but I am sold on it and not quite sure about neuroflexyn at this moment. Goji berries are reportedly good for many things such as vitality as it regenerates skin and brain cells. It strengthens your heart, kidneys, liver and digestive system. Helps with bone mass and joint pain. It protects for age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Only side effects are that if you are taking high blood pressure pills are is a diabetic you must be careful when consuming these berries with your medication. They lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels which is what your existing meds are doing and can your blood pressure or blood sugar too low. Also when taking any medication that needs to be processed by the liver be careful with the dosage because the goji affect your liver processing which will make whatever drug you take more potent in your system since the liver will not fully break it down. Hope this helps someone. Will report back on my additional experience with neuroflexyn, as I am obviously a true guinea pig here. I will say that my yearly physicals check out like a teenager every year. Thank God.

  28. I’ve had ADD since I was young but never taken adderrol regularly or rather much at all despite how much more I would absorb from the classroom the few times I have used it. The long term effects are bad. I am going to purchase nueroflexyn as it seems many people with ADD found very positive results from this pill. Everyone else just posting negative thoughts or ideas who have not tried it sound absurd. I believe it will help me and I will leave a review after trying this for a couple weeks.

  29. If these pills or suppliments really worked anywhere near what they claim. They would be on every news outlet in the world. Nothing replaces a good diet, proper exercise and rest. Oh yeah and faith in yourself. The Brain is a amazing organ that just needs to used. Which is what a lot of folks dont do. Most lazy people look for the easy way out. Thats why there will always be a market for products like this. If it really worked as claimed. All any company producing these products would have to do. Is the same thing all successful drug dealers been doing for years. And that is ( GIVE THE FIRST BATCH FOR FREE) make a smart move. If it worked you could sell it for 3x that amount and still not keep up with demand. You want to feel smarter folks? Quit falling for crap-o like this Neuroflex!! You’ll be more wealthy as well. Just the opinion of a man who didnt lose faith in the power of his own mind. Wishing luck to those who try it. Applauding the ones who dont. Have a great 2015.

    • Hey apple Ben,

      Just so you know, supplements don’t need to be tested by the FDA. By law, supplements are treated as food by the FDA, meaning that as long as they list ingredients and nutritional information (if applicable) and they don’t put any unknown chems in the product, it passes without an investigation by the FDA. So, it isn’t that the product hasn’t been tested and approved by the FDA, it’s that it won’t or ever will be tested by the FDA Because of the category it falls under, so you will need to do research on the product and see what studies it has had in order to know if it is safe and effective. I am definitely going to try this stuff out for my ADHD.

  30. An effective ADD treatment for me is L-Theanine or Theanine. It works to improve concentration and, for me, inspired insights and realizations. It makes me calm and confident. I suggest trying this inexpensive generic supplement first. I like the 100 mg capsule from Yarrow.

    • I used this with my son…not the same brand, but same supplement… And it DOES work. I started him on 50mg ‘Relax-a-saurus’ chewables and when he was old enough, we switched to 100 mg tablets. I love the fact there were NO side effects or withdrawal symptoms. As he got older he could tell which days he needed it and eventually learned to control himself without herbal assistance. I recommend L-Theanine to anyone…especially if they have a child in which medication is recommended. Glad to see it worked for you, as well!

  31. I just bought Neuroflexyn online and I’m giving it a shot! I hope it works because I could use something like this. I feel like I’ve got early Alzheimer’s and I’m only 30. If you let fear run your life you might miss out on opertunities, but ignorance is not bliss.

  32. Here goes nothin, im going to give it a try. I have difficulty reading and comprehending what I read so if this works I will truly be able to tell. I just went with the trial version will update this post in a week and let you know what I think.

  33. I Want To Believe…haha. People have been preying on others who want things, like super brain power, probably since the beginning of human thought. Many supplements and psychics, corporations and media. Will prey on the people who WANT TO BELIEVE, bc those people will spend money in hopes that it’s true.
    Go thru the FDA, get testing done. If it passes then the claims will be real. If it stays a “supplement”, then there’s your answer.

    • Most supplements will never go through the FDA testing process because they never want to put a limit how they can sell the product. Just because a supplement doesn’t go through the FDA testing process, doesn’t mean that it has never been through studies.

      I’m personally willing to give the supplement a try. I don’t have ADD or ADHD like some of the other commenters, but I do have a job that often requires deep focus and a clear understanding of what I am doing.

      The supplement has great reviews on Amazon, some great ones here. I’ll try it. Price is pretty good when purchasing 3 bottles through amazon (under $29 per vs $45 per).

    • Wake up!!!!!
      The FDA pulled its approval from the 40 year old drug prescribed primarily to children, ‘DCA’ (Sodium DichloroAcetate) the moment they found out it killed cancer cells while aiding in the repair of damaged cells, with no negative side effects in WEEKS as an unanticipated effect.

      I personally witnessed it perform a “MIRACLE” (the oncology nurse’s word) on 75 year old a stage 4 cancer patient, who had to scramble to find a place to live after being taken off the ‘Death List’.

      We couldn’t tell the hospital or doctors who’d given-up on him what old given him.

      The FDA is controlled by Big Pharm.

    • Intelligence has nothing to do with spelling, I learned a long time ago some people see the written word in their mind, they make good spellers. If you see the object in your mind it is hard to spell correctly. JFK was a notoriously bad speller and I would say he was very intelligent, wouldn’t you? Stop judging when you don’t know the facts.

  34. Hello, I’ve been researching this brain pill and still haven’t found out if it even works for women? Does anyone on here know? Because I’d really like to know before before buying any. Thanks so much!! :)

  35. My husband and I just purchased 6 bottles of Neuroflexyn – we are in our 60’s and
    I have a normal IQ – my husband’s IQ is 164. I will let you know how we feel After we get this and try it for a week.

    I do like this site

  36. Hello all!

    I am a graduate student in medical school who just bought my first bottle of Neuroflex. I had read many reviews about it today, and I feel like I do when I’m choosing a movie to watch on Netflix and reading the reviews LOL; some are all about it, some are indifferent, and others are like.. “No way! Don’t waste your time!”. So I have made the decision to try it for myself. I am open-minded about it with no extreme expectations. Its a one time throw down of $50, I just won’t go to Vegas this weekend or eat out at Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ :P

    Hopefully I can ease off my latte addiction with these “neuroboosters”. I will keep you updated! Please do not respond with negativity about my grammar and bad sense of humor :) Thank you!

    Peace out and Rock on!!

  37. I feel as if I jumped before looking more into this. I just turned the half century odometer and decided as much as I racked my mind and body up on booze and recreational drugs I would take care of myself and started a nice workout regimen along with eating healthier and taking supplements all under the watchful I of a personal trainer. I do yoga, spin, some cross-training workouts and am attending college full time. I’ve been doing this for the last 4 and a half months and though physically I feel great and honestly my mind is “happier” I cannot concentrate at all. Everything is going a 100mph and to even look at my text books is a chore for I know I am going to read the same thing over 3 or 4 times to ingest and comprehend what I am reading. This wasn’t like this before or should I say as bad. I give myself some grace for forgetting but it has gotten as bad as having my cell phone alarm go off reminding me of my kids conferences and I still forget to go. Words on a page are all over and it’s frustrating because I take pride that I am back in school and am doing well except for this semester (I’ve had 4 semesters of school in which I was averaging a B). This has just taken a hold of me more recently and I guess I was kind of desperate. We’ll find out when the first shipment arrives but am more skeptical now. I don’t usually fall for scams since I am a learner by history but I reacted and now may pay the price, in many ways, of doing this. If there are any people out there that are not paid to praise the product but give true testimony I’d like to hear more input.
    Thank you….possibly duped!

    • Dan,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I want to reiterate the fact that we are NOT paid by the company or anyone else to sell or promote Neuroflexyn. We provided an honest review of the product and how we stand with it.

      Please check out Bob’s and Jake’s comment to see how the product is working for them. I think if you take this supplement with a realistic goal, it will work for you. But if you think that this is going to make you 100 x’s smarter, than you are setting yourself up for failure.

      I think it would be smart for you to take a look at our Nootropics Guide so that you can see the different types of brain boosters and how they affect you.

      I hope you come back after your first shipment and let us know how you are doing with it.

      — Supplement Police

    • I don’t mean to frighten you by saying this, but you should definitely go see a neurologist that specializes in early onset Alzheimer’s.

      If you are, for the first time in your life, just now starting to feel a growing degradational decline in your brain’s normal cognitive performance and capabilities; you need to get your brain checked out.

      You don’t come down with ADHD, you are born with it. However you can start coming down with a neurologically degenerative diseases like ALS, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s at your age, and much of what you described is textbook adhd symptoms… Which is NOT good because ADHD is typically caused by a genetically inherited birth defect where the adhd brain develops a stunted, (this considerably smaller), frontal lobe when compared to a brain that was perfectly normal and average-sized since it’s owener’s birth.

      In ADHD the frontal lobe is too small to have enough neurotransmiters to produce, store, maintain, use and recycle enough dopamine and/or norepinepherine to maintain normal cognitive behavior.

      Having ADHD I know all too well the woe of having to read the same page of a book over and over again because by the time I read from the first to last word; I’ve already forgotten what I had just read because my train of thought apparently came with it’s own private conductor and he doesn’t ever want to go where I want him to go and actually [STAY PUT].

      Now if you are starting to experience symptoms that mimic severe ADHD for the first time in you’re life, your brain is starting to lose its ability to regulate dopamine in the frontal lobe. (which unfortunately could very likely be a symptomatic sign of early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.)

      The sooner you know for sure could make a huge difference in your prognosis if you unfortunately discover the worst truth.

    • Check into adhd and add.. Although it’s mainly heard of being diagnosed when someone is young, it’s very possible that you were never diagnosed and now that you have so much going on its hard to keep it all straight. I’ve been there.. Im 29 and was crying to my doctor about how I just forget to do shit.. Anything from getting to my mail, to forgetting legal things I have to do.. Not being able to focus at work, kind of like I’m running behind on life.. And so so much in between.. Hopefully you were just never diagnosed with it, as many adults haven’t, and it will help you. Good luck

  38. If those of you who have been on this for a few months come back and comment, that’d be great. I’m curious to what Jake or Bob will report. I’m still considering this or a similar product with DHA and choline-types in it. I currently take DHA prenatle mutli’s, and they seem to work fine. After quitting meth two years ago (I’m still under 24 and have fully recovered my brain power), my brain lets me learn Japanese successfully. Also my hubby is unmedicated with ADHD and we’re both considering DHA supplements-types for college Fall 2015. Prenatals are more affordable than this product by far, but my hubby is male and I wish there was something just as affordable and effective for him besides this.

  39. Hey everyone,
    First off, I am not a paid spokes person. I am however, an individual who purchased Nueroflexn and I will say this. No this sup is not anything extreme or major when it comes to intelligence. But I’ve been on ADHD meds for a long time, 7 years. And unfortunately prolonged exposure to amphetamines has taken quite the toll on my physical well being. So In short me + amphetamines = heart failure.

    Obviously I don’t want that, so my doctor told me about a couple non stimulant ADD meds, which I tried and was not impressed. After trying a gaggle of natural sups I pretty much gave up. Until I happened to see a flashy Scam lookin advertisement on the all mighty internet. Long story short, I have been on Nueroflexn for 2 months and I feel more than anything more mentally stable. Just more evened out. Not ridiculously smart, not a superhero, I just feel normal. Which is amazing considering how I used to feel even on my ADHD meds. So if your like me, and just need something to level you out.. then I would give it a shot.

    • Jake,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. It’s always good to see viewers come here and leave a comment about how the supplement has affected you. More often than not, people only go online to say negative things about a product. It’s good to see the other side of it. You took the supplement with real expectations.

      It’s good to see that you are off of your ADHD Meds and are having a better time using Neuroflexyn. I hope you come back in a couple more months and leave another comment about how this has worked out for you long term.


      — Supplement Police

  40. My intelligence is not determinate of any peer group. My focus clarity reasoning and cognitive function is of my own free will perfectly acceptable for a person in his 40s. Save yourself some time and money have faith in yourself to be able to perform at your best with a great nutritional diet appropriate rest and exercise. Anyone that asks anymore of you than that of their own self is by their own reason a hypocrite. Your Natural brain ability is more meaningful creative and inspirational than any semi synthetic pill you could ever take..

    • I’m 28, and I can tell you that I live a well balanced life. I eat balanced and healthy food, not processed food. I exercise daily and I don’t consume any drugs or nothing with caffeine. I eat really healthy food. I Don’t drink soda. I take care of myself religiously. And I find myself having trouble to fall asleep. With lack of motivation, anxiety, some days is pretty hard for me to get out of bed. Depression. I can tell you that there is no external factors that can cause me this issues. No work problems or family issues. And I find so hard to concentrate or even remember things. I do all that I can, I speak 3 different languages. I got perfect grades while in college and I have a successful job. And my brain still a mess. I push myself to get stuff done, but it takes a few atemps. I have good days but I can tell you that maybe 4 out of 7 are aren’t that good. I feel that my brain wants to explode everyday. Doctors I have visited said I have no health issues. So what’s the problem here? I don’t know.
      I’ll give it a shoot I just ordered my first bottle of neuroflexyn.

    • I’m with you Mr John Bar, our brain and our own ability to stay out of any “miracle suplement” also is chemical not natural, there is a iphone app that I use to improve memory download it’s free (elevate) you’ll see results on your brain with these daily exercises, good NUTRICION, walk for 15 minutes, exercise, be happy, that’s it!! Thank you.

  41. I’ve noticed that every quoted individual that gives their review upon this product states some of the same remarks. “Clear mind”, “Heightened senses”, “Improved focus”… it brings to mind that maybe advertisement agencies have key words for every one of these a**holes to use.

    • Thanks for leaving a comment.

      You will probably see those words, or words similar to that on most websites that are doing a review of Neuroflexyn because that is what the company claims as the benefits for the product.

      We, as reviewers, like to take the proposed benefits and do a review to see if the product actually meets these benefits or if they are way off base and the product needs to be completely ignored due to false benefits. So yes, there is a good chance you will see those words or something very similar on review websites.

      — Supplement Police

  42. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed 20mg Adderall XR. Although the Adderall worked well for a while the effects began to decrease overtime. I tried three times to quit Adderall and each time failed until I discovered Nootropics. I was skeptical but decided to give Neuroflexyn a try, as they boasted it was the strongest with little side effects and it accomplished everything I needed from Adderall.

    Once I received my first shipment of Nueroflexyn I immediately started to take them in lieu of the Adderall. During the drug transition I experienced no withdrawals, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, depression, mood swings, changes in behavior etc.

    After my first couple days on Nueroflexyn I experienced some pretty weird, vivd dreams, but that has since past and appears to be the only side effect that I had.

    Its been over a couple weeks and I can tell you that, for me, Neuroflexyn is not a placebo. In fact, I’m better off today, functioning with a clearer mind, more energy, heightened awareness, improved quality of life, and the ability to focus on the task at hand.

      • Why do you feel the need to belittle others? Does it make you feel better about yourself? It just makes you seem like a total prick to everyone else just so you know…so what if he forgot an I in vivid get over yourself

      • Obviously you have a very meaningless life if you enjoy taking time out of it to pick people’s typos apart. Obnoxious and so immature. Get a life bro

    • Bob works for the supplement company. No question. The stuff is bogus…and no I don’t work for and drug company.

    • I just wanted to ask where did you order your neroflexin from? I ordered it from the neroflexin website and never received my order. I began to believe it was a scam. How long did it take for you to receive your order? I never got a response from them nor can I get through to their phone line that they provided. But they took my money though.

  43. wow, I nearly fell for NEUROFLEXYN claims, before reading these comments, I wanted to believe that it works as good as it’s claimed to do, because, I guess, of the desperation to improve my “shot” memory. although in the back of my mind I have my doubts of it’s benefits. I am glad for discovering this website “an eye opener”, more research is required .
    Thank you

    • Incorrect spelling is not a sign of intelligence, I hate it when I see people pull crap like that.
      Don’t get me wrong I have done a bit of research on the pill and come to the conclusion that for the most part it’s bs. That being said there is something to be said for the energy behind it if a person belives it will work then it will and combined with a few things like gingko could actually help people, but one thing no drug can offer A.D.D drugs included is knowledge that is to say you can take a pill and have enhanced thinking abilities like acid for example that can increase your brain processing power by many times but you don’t suddenly get information that was not there. I have been a natoriously bad speller my whole life and I’m sure you Internet teachers can take apart, however I am anything but stupid and your welcome to test that if you like. So my point is please before making a belittling comment at someone else’s expense think about what it might do.

    • Reviewers are so biased views to suit their own political agendas perhaps they are incentivized by the very brand name itself as they are writing about this product and advertising online convincing people to buy it no sense there’s no such thing as a miracle pill and this is coming from someone that still love is limitless and would dream that there is such a thing you really have to do a lot of s*** to become a genius like that dude in the movie no pill is going to do it I would suggest taking amphetamines nootropics eating healthy diet constantly studying and trying to have mental exercises do physical exercises try to be a critical thinker read a lot conduct trial and error test your theories exercise your brain be social and just try to live life to the fullest a pill can only do so much to a human being they themselves have to unlock their own brain potential by their own will a can help however the real magic is with the old person’s brainemical could help I do believe drugs can help however the real magic is with the old person’s

  44. If it’s anything like limitless then I can’t hep but remember the tragic end to the “miracle pill” and that was everyone breaking down and dieing from it. That’s what I worry about I don’t want my body to depend on it like a drug addict and then have the potential o my body breaking down like it did in the movie, otherwise I would be all in.. who wouldn’t want to be able to enhance their brains so easily?

    • The ‘end’ was he actually retweaked it idiot. And @K limitless was based on the use of these pills (in particular modafinil I think) among executives and stock brokers the invention wasn’t based on the movie.

      • You are retarded…limitless was based on Adderall, and the rest was made for movies. This pill had nothing to do with the making of the movie

        • Actually your wrong, the movie was based on this pill. I just read about it. Limitless mentioned neuroflxyn by name. There was a Limitless Facebook, or Twitter account where they actually thanked the neuroflxyn company and said “thanks for the great idea #neuroflxyn”.. It wasn’t based on adderall hunny

  45. I’m very suspicious of something that has such strong claims. So I ask myself very simple questions about such things as these pills. If it’s so great and “the future” then why isn’t it the tall of the world? The movie limitless made everyone who watched it say “I want that” but yet I never heard of this pill until today. Before this turns into a rant I just want to say…if it’s so great why isn’t everyone talking about it and how did I just hear about it?

      • The company NeuroFlexyn is mentioned in the movie. The creator of the drug in the movie claims to have gotten the idea from NeuroFlexyn.

        I want to respond to some of the comments below.

        1. How can you claim it’s a placebo drug when you purchase it and never even try it. You can’t claim it’s bogus without trying it for yourself.

        2. It’s not everywhere because you can only buy it from 1 place and it’s not cheap. If it was available at Walgreens we may see a different public reaction.

        3. A lack of public information is expected if want to control the market. If you thought you had a map to the lost city of gold would you tell people or keep it to yourself.

        I have not yet taken or ordered anything from NeuroFlexyn, however, with a lack of negative side effects and a risk free trial with only restock and shipping to pay for, I plan on trying it out.

        • Thank God Adderall (amphetamine salts) isn’t going to destroy my Brian. Wait- I don’t know anyone named Brian. YOUR brain, however, seems to need some help. I suggest algal or fish oil.

        • It is available on Amazon- one of the most well- known and used online stores in the history of Internet! Wow. People fool themselves so well they should be in business doing it.

  46. I looked at their site. The two “clinical studies” cited weren’t clinical studies. One was a review article on Phosphatidylcholine. Another had a proposed study on kids with ADD using Bacopin and a second study which resulted in no improvement in attention and memory nor performance.

    Given the lack of ingredient dosing, I have to conclude that this is a bogus product. And that any outcome that is positive is simply the result of a placebo effect. Since it is expensive, people are also more apt to believe it works – another placebo.

    The most commonly used nootropics are stimulants such as Adderall. They clearly in studies increase a person’s college GPA by 1 grade point. This means a B-average becomes an A-average. This is a huge jump in capability.

    To prove it works, Neuroflexin should be able to match Adderall in college students for the price they are asking.

    But of course not.

    • comparing neuroflexyn to adderral is very inacurate . adderral is an amphetamine not a nootropic. if you use hard drugs like that all the time u should not ever expect to get your brain power back. nootropics do work but the dont make up for nutriet defecencies and innate ignorance.

      • Doesn’t matter. It’s what ppl use in the situation being described here. U saying Adderall doesn’t increase concentration?

        Many med students that DONT have ADD get doctors to prescribe it to them willingly to help them with classes. I think it’s wrong…but I’ve seen it. Never have I seen any of the above mentioned used EVER in similar situations. I’ve worked in a pharmacy all my life. family business.

      • Amphetamines will not destroy your Brian like you imply. Amphetamines are excellent for certain purposes. according to the dancers wear as supplements likely reflects are only nootropics. I think people talk a lot of smack about supplements like this is because they are expecting too much whereas it will not take one simple dosage to change a brain the brain has two be used to receiving such exposer to the chemicals and compounds in the substance by constant use the brain will be more receptive to it and respond accordingly also cognitive enhancers give you more of a rush as they are induced to instill rapid cognitivity whereas nootropics are just I don’t really know how to put it but they just regenerate the brain conceited and give it what it needs in order to grow but simple chemicals don’t do it all the person itself has to be mindful of the chemical and actually use their own damn brain themselves they themselves would reach higher levels of cognitive et by meditation and constant use of the supplement

  47. Hi, I tried Neuroflexin as recommended for 1 week. I experienced increased ability to concentrate and break down tasks to manageable operations. i experienced more relaxed and positive mood. I experienced some increase in creativity while drawing comics and playing music. i think that it is good there is no caffeine in it. It is not rocket fuel, but has enhanced my ability to accomplish BDTs. I tend to drink coffee so I cannot verify a possible tendency to stay awake later on Neuroflexin. I found the supplement helpful and useful. Thanks, Tim

    • It’s all in your head mate, you just needed that extra confidence to push yourself that 1 bit harder. In your head you’ve taken this pill to believe you will be smarter and you have it’s not the pill its you mentally

        • @ chris marc @Mariel
          I was interested in this as well, so I did a little experiment for my wife and myself. After receiving my bottle of Neuroflexyn (which was not cheap), I instructed my wife to give the pill to me in an inconspicuous way, in food, drinks, etc, on random days (because the “have to take it every day to see results” theory was supressed). I felt great some days and not so great other days, on which i believed to had taken the pill or not. My wife never gave me a single pill of Neuroflexyn, I can support that this is all in the head.

          • @mike polank

            Mike, if you never took any of it there is no way for you to know how it would have made you feel. You will always feel better some days and not better other days. You can’t prove something doesn’t work by never trying it. lol. I am not saying this to support the product either. I doubt it works, but your experiment just proved that you feel better some days than others. lol.

          • Wow you have got to be the DUMBEST ahole in the world! I havent taken this stuff, Ive found myself on this site looking to see if I should or should not, i gotta say that though, your research on the subject matter didnt quite help me out. U need pills buddy, these ones wont do though.

          • If you had taken the supplement you would have thought twice about leaving such a dumb comment. You never ordered the pills. And you never instructed your wife to secretly drug you. A normal person would have taken the “…not cheap” pills after they learned that they were never secretly dosed. Do you often concoct random stories and rate products without ever trying them? I take adderall and I am trying to research safe alternatives. Instead I have to sift through gibberish from jerk-offs like you.

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