Adderin Review

Adderin is a new brain drug that claims to improve the processing speed, memory, and “flow state” of your mind. Find out what that actually means today in our Adderin review.

What is Adderin?

Adderin is a nootropic drug that uses natural ingredients to improve various areas of your brain. By taking the supplement once per day, you can purportedly improve your concentration, memory, and focus.

Adderin uses many of the same ingredients found in other nootropic dietary supplements, including vinpocetine, Alpha GPC, and huperzine A.

The supplement is priced at around $50 per bottle, although you can reduce that price to as little as $30 per bottle by ordering in bulk (5 or more bottles).

One of the most controversial parts about Adderin is its name: the manufacturer clearly chose the name to make it sound like Adderin is an effective treatment for ADD or was an effective replacement for the ADHD medication Adderall.

However, at the bottom of the product’s official website, you’ll find a disclaimer saying the following:

“Adderin is not a suitable replacement for a prescription medication and should not be used as a substitute.”

So if you were looking for a pill that replicates the effects of Adderall and can be used as a prescription-free ADHD medication, Adderin probably isn’t what you need.

How Does Adderin Work?

Adderin claims to have three main benefits on your brain:

Increased Focus
— Increased Energy
— Increased Power

Basically, you can improve your brain power, reduce mental fatigue, and boost your focus for everyday tasks – whether it’s studying, working, or going to the gym.

Adderin works by providing a combination of six different nootropic ingredients, including well-known compounds like Alpha GPC and tyrosine. These compounds benefit the brain in different ways. You’ll find a complete ingredients list below.

Adderin Ingredients

Alpha GPC
Bacopa Monnieri
Huperzine A

Unfortunately, like many online supplement manufacturers, the creator of Adderin never discloses the full ingredients list: we don’t know the specific amounts of any of the above ingredients used in Adderin. So if you wanted to carefully measure your dosage and keep track of which chemicals you’re putting into your body, then the lack of warning labels on Adderin might be worrying.

How to Buy Adderin

You can currently only buy Adderin from the product’s official website at At that site, you’ll find three different purchasing options:

— 1 Month Supply: $49.85 (1 Bottle)
— 3 Month Supply: $118.77 – $37.94 per bottle (3 Bottles)
— 5 Month Supply: $154.90 – $29.99 per bottle (5 Bottles)

All orders come with an additional $4.95 “standard shipping” fee.

Adderin is available to customers in the United States and Canada. It will ship within 1-2 business days of submitting your order request.

All orders also come with a 30 day money back guarantee. However, you will have to ship the package back to them. And that cost of shipping is on you.

If you ordered the product and then regretted your purchase before Adderin actually shipped, then you can call 727-498-4811 to cancel it. However, you’ll only receive a refund if you call before the product is shipped.

Who Makes Adderin?

Adderin is made by an online company called KNH Online Inc.

That company lists the following address online:

KNH Online Inc.
475 Central Ave STE M4
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

You can also contact the company’s customer support line by phone at 727-498-4811.

Or, you can fill out the online submission form at on their official website.

Who Should Use Adderin?

Adderin makes the same promises as virtually every other nootropic on the market today: it promises to use natural ingredients to boost brain power and increase your focus.

Our main problem with Adderin is that it never lists its exact formula: it just spits out six different ingredients that purportedly increase your brain power, and then expects you to believe that all of those ingredients are included at their most powerful doses. This is something that is becoming the norm for the nootropics and even the weight loss industry. While we would like to know the exact amounts in each bottle, we are happy to see they are using ingredients that do have research to back them up.

Ultimately, those looking for an Adderall replacement will be disappointed by using Adderin. We feel that it’s just not powerful enough to get the job done as a direct replacement. Like most supplements, Adderin has also never been studied, tested, or analyzed by an independent organization. They rely on studies done on individual ingredients.

But if you are looking for a nootropic supplement that isn't as strong as prescription Adderall, then you may want to give this a try. The ingredients that are known are ones that you find in many popular nootropics. It should still give you the mental clarity and daily boost to help you get a leg up.


  1. The online promotions of this stuff seem to make use of all the different types of propaganda and swindles I learned about in high school. Worse, I’ve been getting spam emails from people I’ve never heard of urging me to “…do [myself] a solid” by using it. Worse yet, the FDA and probably the FDC as well have little or no power to protect vulnerable people from scams like this. The alleged manufacturer of this junk, KNH Online Inc.of St. Petersburg, FL, uses a number of aliases:

    Garcinia Cambogia
    Muscle FactorX
    Vita Market Place
    Nutrinet, LLC
    KNH Online Inc

    The alleged principal of this little swindle empire is one Mr Adrians Pires Dos Santos, (Manager). To whomever is really involved in this biz, all I can say is “Shame on you!”

  2. I have known about these ingredients for long time now, they have always been around and you can by each one of them individually for “dirt! cheap” health food stores, supplement shops by a bottle of each total under 100 150 dollars and the supply would last you months, plus you if you didn’t agree with one of them you could delete it or try them each individually to see what works, but anytime you see a pill like this you break down the ingredients and you find them each individually cheaper than what in the bottle, plus One Major they never put in there is “Acety-lcarnitine”….> Just Look it up I have buddy i recommended that too! Wow….all I can say in short!. over and out.

  3. I have called several times about getting a refund but you never answer or return my calls!!
    Call me and leave a message at 708-771-2680.
    Beth Fischer

  4. I took this product 3 months, I’m 58yrs old and absolutely nothing happened. this product for me is a scam, your business should be shut down! !!!!

  5. The company over charged me and r excuses to give me a refund. They are scaming people. This product does not do what they say. The employees are rude and constantly disconnected you. Do not buy this product.

  6. I found some Adderin on Amazon $16.00 dollars why the price is so different than the official website $65.00 dollars.


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