Nerium EHT Mind Enhancement Nootropic Review


Nerium EHT Review

Nerium International recently obtained global rights to a patented molecule called EHT. That molecule promises to be an anti-aging supplement for the brain. Discover everything you need to know about Nerium EHT today in our review.

We know the world of nootropics, smart drugs and brain supplements may be limitless mental potential, but to date there's only one cognitive enhancement product to research, Addium. It would be wise to review and compare both before buying.

What is Nerium EHT?

Nerium EHTNerium EHT is a new anti-aging brain supplement. The EHT molecule is a patent-protected molecule created by Dr. Jeffry Stock after a reported 20 years of research in Princeton University Labs, which is home to one of the top neuroscience programs in the world.

Nerium International just recently obtained the global rights to EHT and advertisements are springing up around the world.

Who Makes Nerium EHT?

Nerium EHT is manufactured by a company called Signum BioSciences. The company is based in Princeton, NJ. The product itself will be sold through the marketing division of Nerium International, LLC which is located in Addison, Texas.

Prior to selling the EHT supplement, Nerium focused primarily on selling anti-aging skin creams like Nerium AD and Optimera. The company plans to continue selling this products after the release of Nerium EHT.

Nerium calls itself a “relationship marketing company.” It was launched in August 2011 and claims to have earned “record-breaking sales”, “industry accolades”, and “millions of consumer fans” over the years.

The EHT molecule itself was discovered by Princeton University researcher Dr. Jeffry Stock. According to the official website, Dr. Stock is a professor of molecular biology and is a “leading expert in signal transduction and global cellular regulation.”

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How Does Nerium EHT Work?

Nerium EHT promises to work by combining the best, most proven brain-enhancing ingredients into one convenient molecule. The EHT molecule consists primarily of EHT extract. According to the official website, that extract is “a natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee.”

The molecule is also fortified with other proven brain-enhancing ingredients.

Here are all of the ingredients you’ll find in Nerium EHT:

— Vitamins B6, B12, D3, and Folic Acid
— Magnesium Citrate
— Selenium
— Huperzine A
— Lipoic Acid
— Dicalcium Phosphate
Silica, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Microcrystalline Cellulose, And A Capsule Coating Made From Titanium Dioxide, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Macrogol, Vanillin, And Talc.

When someone talks about EHT, they could be talking about the overall supplement that includes all of the ingredients listed above. Or they could be talking about the EHT extract itself. That EHT extract is derived from coffee.

In any case, Nerium EHT promises that anyone can use the natural nootropic supplement to reduce the cognitive effects of aging. You can also use it to reduce your chances of developing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about the benefits of Nerium EHT:

“The aging process can take a toll on brain function. Over time, vital neuronal connections weaken, which can cause memory loss, slower reaction times and diminished alertness. EHT Age-Defying Supplement helps protect against mental decline with a groundbreaking formula.”

Update: Nerium released the full ingredients list with percentages.

Nerium EHT Ingredients

How to Buy Nerium EHT

Nerium EHT isn’t currently available on the market at the time of writing (April 2015). It will, however, officially enter the pre-launch phase on May 15, 2015. The pre-offer will be available between May 15, 2015 and June 15, 2015.

If you don’t order Nerium EHT by June 15, you’ll need to wait until August 1, 2015, which is when Nerium EHT will become an official part of the Nerium product lineup.

Nerium EHT will retail at a price of $70, although the pre-launch offer is expected to come with a small discount.

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Nerium EHT Opportunity

Nerium has long used multilevel tactics to sell its products around the world. Nerium AD, for example, was widely sold online and offline due to a large network of salespeople and distributors.

In the lead up to the Nerium EHT release, Nerium is totally revamping its digital distribution and commission systems.

When you visit the official Nerium International website and try to learn more about the commission structure or opportunity of the company, you just get a splash page talking about how Nerium International is currently undergoing a “digital makeover.” No details about the compensation program are available at this time.

If you’re currently a distributor for Nerium, then you can view a list of FAQs here that will walk you through the brief shutdown period.

Nerium AD is an anti-aging supplement also sold by Nerium under a multilevel marketing commission structure. Nerium AD and its distributors faced some criticism over the years – including shady [misleading] clinical trials and fake celebrity endorsements from Ray Liotta. Ray actually sued Nerium in March 2014 because the company [a brand rep] repeatedly published false “before and after” pictures without his permission.

In that lawsuit, Ray’s lawyer alleged that Nerium is a “product-based pyramid scheme.”

As a result of this lawsuit, Nerium appears to be focusing more on the growing nootropic industry.

Who Should Use Nerium EHT?

Nerium EHT is in its pre-launch phases. This makes it impossible to state whether it’s an effective brain supplement or not. However, based on the promises made by the company so far, Nerium EHT could be one of the best ways to fight back against the effects of aging on the brain.

With that being said, some could argue that Nerium International comes from a shady, semi-misleading past. The company was sued for misrepresenting results while selling its anti-aging skin cream, Nerium AD… but at the same time has enjoyed growth in sales and momentum as we speak.

Do you put that misleading past all on a few bad apples that represented the company, or do you place the blame on NERIUM for not properly enforcing proper business practices and getting that shut down before it came to be an issue. — It's both their faults.

Now with the new nootropic supplement, Nerium EHT coffee extract, we will see how the company redeems themselves after product testimonials fly and flood in from enthusiastic members and distributors.

Will brand partners use similar shady/semi-misleading policies when marketing Nerium EHT? — Or did they teach their brand reps the right way to market and sell the product.

Is the EHT molecule just an overpriced placebo pill? — Like so many other brain boosters.

I’d wait until independent clinical trials are released. Right now one of the best cognitive enhancing supplements you can purchase is Addium.

You can learn more about Nerium EHT when it’s officially “pre-launched” on May 15, 2015.

While not a lot of new research has come out besides ones that look like they were sponsored by Signum BioSciences, it is now available to purchase. The nootropic brain supplement entered its prelaunch member launch phase on May 15, 2015 and become a full item within the Nerium product lineup on August 1, 2015.

It looks like it is now listed on Amazon for various prices.

One seller has a 1 pack of Nerium EHT for $55 (with 13 left in stock at the moment) while another seller has the same 1 pack of EHT for $73 (2 left in stock). And lastly another seller has it posted for $165 for a 3 pack of EHT.

While none of these products have any reviews yet, we will keep a close eye on it to see what the customers say. Or if it disappears from Amazon due to people wanting the product now versus waiting for the official launch.

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Supplement Police
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  1. This is a follow-up to some research I did 18 months ago on Nerium and its products. At that time I posted some comments. The following is an updated and edited comment on Nerium, part 2.

    Nerium has an associated company, Nerium Biotechnology. From the corporate filings I could find online it appears that Nerium Biotech receives 30% of some type of financial flow from the Nerium marketing organization, presumably to perform R&D on potential products. I found several things disturbing about Nerium Biotech. There doesn’t appear to be a strong corporate governance system in place. Joseph Nester, the CFO/head of operations/secretary-treasurer was involved earlier in his career with an oncology medication (Anvirzel) that was ordered off the market by the FDA in 2000. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of what he brings to the company. Even more troubling, a physician member of the corporation’s Advisory Committee, a very important leadership group for these biotech companies, was charged with mail and billing fraud and running a “pill mill” for narcotics in the Houston area. How he got into their corporate leadership is beyond me. Other troubling findings include a Latin American operation that is actively marketing Anvirzel, the product the FDA removed from the US market, in overseas markets where safety regulations are fairly non-existent. As a physician, I also find Nerium Biotech engaging in a disturbing degree of academic name-dropping based on some fairly tenuous connections. The name-dropping includes some prestigious medical centers (MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, and Duke) and not so prestigious (Louisiana State), but in all cases the connections are not very solid. I would say the corporation is ethically challenged on multiple levels.

    I’d now like to discuss Nerium’s newest product offering, EHT, developed by Signum Biosciences. The academic association here is pretty solid as the principal driver of Signum is Dr. Jeffry Stock, a professor at Princeton. The product, EHT, also seems to show some promise although it is curious that after 12 years of effort Dr. Stock is still unable to convince a US pharmaceutical company to invest in this substance to the point of conducting clinical trials in humans. Given that pharmaceutical companies are all hunting for the “Holy Grail” of treatment for neurodegenerative diseases, it’s pretty striking that none of them have picked up this substance. It is pretty obvious that Dr. Stock and members of his family have been trying to monetize EHT in a variety of ways. When big pharma didn’t pan out they positioned it as a dietary supplement that was direct-marketed over their website beginning in 2014 (as far as I could tell). I would guess that did not generate enough sales, so it is now exclusively available through Nerium and probably makes a good companion product, as an anti-aging product for the brain, to the anti-aging skin care product (which contains so little active ingredient it can’t possibly do either harm or good).

    Let’s look at the science. EHT, a molecule extracted from coffee, may have a role in slowing the degradation of brain cells that come with age and certain conditions like Alzheimer’s. The scientific reasoning is plausible and test tube studies have been promising. Animal studies with mice have also been promising, but I cannot find a single study involving human beings. I have not seen any published studies on the safety and dosages of EHT. Based on the absence of that information, I would not personally ingest EHT and I certainly would not give it to my children. It is my experience that most of my patients had no idea that a dietary supplement or a natural substance could have adverse interactions with other ingested substances or medications or have side effects; there is no reason to think EHT is free of either. No one has any idea what constitutes a safe dose nor what effect this substance might have on a young, developing brain. DO NOT GIVE EHT TO YOUR CHILDREN unless you want to toy with the possibility you could be charged with neglect and abuse of your child.

    Despite the promise I believe EHT may hold, the latest marketing materials from Signum were very disturbing. They were written in a very amateur style, with poor punctuation, sentence fragments and run-on sentences. The company seriously needs a good copy editor and it makes you wonder if there are any professionals involved in running the organization. The claims are riddled with qualifiers (may be, can, should, may help) that have no place in a document that is citing the results of lab experiments. There are a variety of endorsements and references to celebrities that range from the amusing (Yogi Berra and Albert Einstein) to the self-serving (Max Stock, CEO) to the irrelevant (Ahmad Brooks of the NFL) who doesn’t even mention the product or claimed to have even used it. A lab study is cited that was so rudimentary that I could have performed in my kitchen at home; it concludes that EHT is not as good an anti-oxidant as vitamin C. If you are looking for an anti-oxidant I can sell you buckets of vitamin C for what you will pay for a small amount of EHT. There are attempts to somehow place EHT into the category of superfoods, a concept that has no scientific basis in medicine.

    There are many claims about the benefits of EHT for brain function and health. My personal favorite is “strengthens and fortifies natural brain functions”. What I’d like to know–what is an “unnatural” brain function?

    My conclusion is that EHT is not ready for prime time. I would not take it and I certainly would not give it to my children. I would advise a patient not to ingest it; its potential for harm to be much greater than the Nerium skin care product, which is essentially a homeopathic product. Until some credible data is published or released by the companies involved in its manufacture and distribution regarding safety and dosage issues and performed by an independent, academic medical center (not a corporate, for-hire contract lab) I cannot feel comfortable with this product. I initially was impressed by Signum Biosciences and the staff associated with it, but the latest documents they released have negated all that. Their marketing materials are now beginning to read like the script for an infomercial and I wonder who is writing it.

  2. This is a follow-up to some research I did 18 months ago on Nerium and its products. At that time I posted some comments. The following is an updated and edited comment on Nerium, part 1.

    I am a physician who was asked to review the Nerium and EHT products by my niece, who sells the products. My professional background is 30+ years as a medical director for various health care-associated organizations: health system, insurer and a clinical quality improvement organization. I have never worked for a pharmaceutical company. I am not a fan of multi-level marketing companies, but the marketing and sales process is irrelevant to my analysis, which is based on facts and science to the extent possible.

    Let me first say that I believe the Nerium skin care product is safe as it is currently formulated, although not for reasons that would provide any comfort to a user of the product who is seeking value for their money. It is safe because the active ingredient is present at homeopathic levels. In other words, so little active ingredient is present that it can’t possibly hurt you, although I can assure you the oleander plant is quite toxic if you ingest enough of it. You notice that none of the folks citing how safe oleander is have never claimed to actually ingesting parts of the plant. To put numbers to it, if you are familiar with 1% steroid cream, this active ingredient is present at 1/1000 of that level. That’s a very dilute mixture. That’s why the reps often cite a poison control expert’s statement that a child can ingest 400 bottles with no ill effects. There’s so little active ingredient that I estimate it costs about 15 cents for the ingredients in a bottle–and how much does Nerium charge for that bottle? You can figure out the value equation for Nerium and its sales staff and the value for you the consumer.

    That said, I believe enough oleander extract is present, based on the dosages listed in the one study of the skin product, to produce a mild or low level of inflammation in the skin to which it is applied. The aloe present in what is purportedly a proprietary formulation is probably just enough to prevent the inflammation from becoming a clinical problem for the customer. Someone has probably worked out the precise ratio of aloe to oleander extract to maintain a mild inflammation for long periods of time. That’s critical because the mechanism for the cosmetic effect (skin smoothing and wrinkle eradication) is really no more than a constant, low-level inflammation that causes the skin to swell enough to look smooth and wrinkle-free. However, if you stop the product the inflammation will decrease and the former appearance will return. It’s not clear what the long-term impact of mild inflammation is on facial skin, but I doubt that it is good.

    All in all, from a medical point of view I think the skin care product does absolutely nothing. It is not dangerous, but it does not produce any positive change in the skin that lasts beyond the last application of the product. As I would tell my patients who asked about such products, it’s OK as long as it doesn’t harm you and you are willing to consider it a form of entertainment, but don’t spend so much money on it that you have trouble meeting your other obligations in life, like your kids’ welfare.

  3. I take Protandim…It’s $40/month and is sort of similar to this…I liked it because it has been studied a lot on Pub Med and is the only supplement that has been proven in a study to extend life…

  4. I really wanted to try these vitamins until I saw that it had titanium dioxide and talc in it for the coating of the pill. If you would take that away I would definitely be interested in taking your supplement. By the way I am this picky with every pill I take (or don’t take).

  5. I am so disappointed in myself prior to buying EHT. I thought the research I did was enough. Now come to find out most of the ingredients are synthetic and Nerium doesn’t have the information to tell me which are synthetic and which are natural. It feels like they are hiding something and definitely don’t give their customer service reps enough info about the products in general. I won’t do business with a company that isn’t completely transparent about their products.

    • did you ask them? if you contact customer service they will give you a list! everything is published! nerium has nothing to hide! You can get a list of what is natural (funny term tho since you can put natural on chemical ridden food and its okay) . Nerium is seed to seal. Patented. 20 years of research from Signum Bioscience who developed EHT not Nerium, so go ahead and ask them as they are happy to share their information. Nerium is one of the only companies today that is in direct sales and is completely transparent about their products.

      • Cat. Nerium is not transparent. It took a week of bugging them to get the information. They had no idea what was in it. They are not seed to seal. That’s a different company. Most of EHT is synthetic.

  6. It’s interesting to see the negative comments here about EHT ~ all from people who don’t know anything at all about it! I can tell you that it works…period! I also have a friend who has suffered for 14 years from fibromyalgia; she recently began taking EHT and cannot believe how much better she feels. EHT is not a drug, but a supplement. It’s proven to help cognitive brain function.

      • Well, I do not sell Nerium. My Wife has used it for a year now and she SWEARS BY IT! It impressed me So much that I am now taking it myself! I am halfway through my initial months supply and I feel it has helped my memory a lot. I have seen a difference in my wife’s memory and overall well being! Hal in Florida!

      • I’m a 100% disabled veteran and for years I took the medications the VA said would make me better. That was until 4 months ago when I tried to take my own life because I had enough! I found EHT a month later, I’m about to hit 12 weeks next week and my 6 year long headache is gone, the pain from my broken neck and back were gone, all of the areas of nerve damage aren’t effecting me. Then for the best part, I don’t take any more medications because I don’t need them anymore and I’ve never felt better

    • Cathi! My wife memory is back to what it used to be! And it cleared up “her brain fog” her words. I was so impressed I am taking it myself. I spent 40 years as a Sales Rep, so I am not that easy to impress, but I cannot argue with results! I am seeing an improved short and long term memory in only 17 days! I would not listen to any nay sayers who have not actually tried this product!

  7. Hi, My mother just started using the EHT this past week. I noticed an amazing change in her short term memory the first day! Each day since then, she has been enjoying without her typical anxiety and forgetfulness. I can say, with her having a medical diagnosis of Alzheimer
    , this EHT is wonderful! I am so thankful for it that I am thinking I want to market it to her neurologist.

    • Just another note…for the last years, I have had my mother on every brain enhancement nutritive supplement you can think off. This EHT is the only thing that worked for her!!!

      • Oh, so big Pharma gets to set all the rules. I see.
        They create all the “disease” names (i.e. ADD – used to be called “Go out and play and come home before it is dark”) and they get to sell the drugs that never cure you rather they just keep you dependent on them. And just as an added bonus, they pay off the FDA officials with money and favors so they will attack any and all companies that make a product that might actually work, thereby protecting the “make them sick and keep them sick” racket they got going.

  8. My friend’s son has been on EHT for three months and the results are remarkable. It has weaned him off ADD medication (as who knows what daily doses of that was doing to his brain). I have no idea how they market it, but she shared her story with me and I was intrigued. I may try it myself seeing I can barely remember anything since menopause! Perhaps not everything is a scam, but one should be careful.

      • Dear Sarah,
        My son has ADHD and he has trouble focusing. He’s not hyper at all he just has a lot of trouble focusing at school. I would love to have your friends contact info. I would love more feedback on the eth medication.

  9. To Mary: yet we spend millions on pharma drugs trying to cure every ailment there is an nobody bats an eye. Laugh if you must, but I’ve been taking EHT for over 6 months now. Yes, it is pricey. No, I’m not a consultant nor have I ever talked about it — or referred it — to friends to get the discount. I simply wanted to try it myself to see if it worked as I’m in my early 50s and have two co-workers in their early 60s who came down with an aggressive form of dementia. One passed away at 62 – 3 years after she was first diagnosed. The other is 64 and is in a debilitated state in a nursing home. I’m scared to death of dementia and if spending $60 per month may help, I’m all for it. In the meantime, while all around me were sick with the flu and the common cold this winter, I never once was. No flu shot. Just a regiment of EHT, a strong multi-vitamin, an extra vitamin D supplement, and hot water with half of an organic lemon squeezed in and a dash of coconut water and cayenne pepper. The combination of all did the trick. First time in a long, long time that I never got sick over the winter. I am self-employed – if I don’t work, I don’t get paid — and I make a lot more in a day than what the EHT costs for a year. If it protects my health, it’s not pricey at all.

    • What does pharmaceuticals and ailments have to do with wasting money on a crap product? You say you are afraid of getting dementia. Dementia is caused by poor diet and environmental toxins. There is no way that an overpriced multi vitamin is going to prevent dementia.

      And that’s great that you never got the flu. But I seriously doubt you can attribute your good luck to using an overpriced supplement. I have never had the flu in my life, never get flu shots, and guess what, I’ve never taken EHT. Don’t confuse correlation with causation.

      Priciness is subjective. My opinion that the product is pricey would be the same regardless of my income. Just because I can afford something doesn’t mean I don’t consider costs and prospective benefits. I’m not going to throw my money away on something simply because I can. Here is why I am suspicious of Nerium. Take their face product, Nerium AD for example, and its list of ingredients. The term “proprietary blend” is reason enough to avoid AD and all of their other products. The label for Nerium AD reads, “NAE-8 Proprietary Blend (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Nerium Oleander Leaf Extract), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Proprietary Protein (Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans), Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Glucoside and Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin”. With a proprietary blend, the first ingredient in a blend can be up to 90% of the whole blend. No matter how many other ingredients are listed after the first one, they can altogether constitute a very small percentage of the product. Aloe is a simple and basic ingredient. It’s not surprising it’s listed as the FIRST ingredient in the proprietary blend, and also as the second ingredient after the proprietary blend. AD is nothing more than an expensive bottle of aloe, as many other people have pointed out before.

      Also notice the difference in lighting and angle of all the before and after photos. In most of the B/A photos I have seen, the before photos show very harsh, unflattering lighting and bad angles while the after photos are the equivalent version of the same unchanged person sucking it in and standing in really bright light, so that all their wrinkles are blown out and invisible. If you buy this product, you are just lighting your money on fire.

      With that kind of obviously exaggerated and deceptive marketing, I would not ever purchase or use AD, and on that same token would never trust putting something like EHT in my body. It’s an overpriced multivitamin. Period.

      But if you think it works for you and it makes you happy then good for you.

      • Boy, I have read some piles of “you know what” in my life, but yours takes the cake. In the first place, being a medical professional for many tears now, I can honestly say that EHT has changed my life positively from both a memory and concentration standpoint. I am familiar with the ingredients in the product because I checked them out and this product does not claim to be a medication, but a supplement. In the past, (before EHT) I would go to the supermarket, shop and return to the parking lot, unable to recall where I parked my truck and that occurrence is now a thing of the past for me. My short term recall has improved to the levels I experienced in my twenties and I have been on EHT now about eight months. The expensive cost factor depends on how much you care about your mental faculties and my work depends on my ability to remember complex mathematical formulas and complicated test procedures. For the dollar spent verses the value received, it’s a “no brainer” so if you must expound upon the pros and cons of any product, have the intellect to try it before you make another ignorant judgement for which you posses no reliant personal experience. Thanks

        • Chuck-your wife sells Nerium. So again you are not an unbiased reviewer. And to bill yourself as a “medical professional” is a stretch at best, and more realistically, a bold faced lie…

      • I can tell you that it’s not over priced & it DOES do what it is suppose to do. I have been taking it for a year now & my memory along with many other symptoms I suffer from are so much better. If you would truly do your research & not be so skeptical EHT repairs the neurons in the brain to reverse the damage email have done by our diet. Aging. Injuries. Etc.
        I will never quite taking it & go back to how miserable I was. It was scary. I serioisly.thought I was getting early onset Alzheimer’s but being that I have RA & Fibro….those can cause a lot of the issues I had.
        It is TRULY A miracle supplement. It has helped people of ALL ages with so many things. ????

      • I use and sell EHT contact the company and they will give you a complete list of ingredients which are ALL NATURAL and NOT synthetic except for the packaging of it!
        Our company is completely transparent and you obviously didn’t do your research properly
        It is not just a vitamin supplement
        Learn what it is before opening you mouth!
        Ask yourself this – why are you so afraid of something that has been proven to help people like myself and is not created by Nerium they only sell it for the sig laboratory that discovered it, note discovered it not blended and made it!
        Get your facts from the top not the polluted muddy distorted things people say.
        Or call detectly the company

        • Sorry but it is just a vitamin supplement. If it was more than that then the FDA would have to review it and that will never happen. Also, they don’t sell it for the lab. They sell it to get rich. They bought the rights to sell it and it is not because they care about your health. It is to MAKE MONEY. Period. Like the article says, there are other products that have real research done to prove that it works. Word of mouth means nothing without actual research to back it up. And research from someone other than an interest and stake in Nerium unlike what they have done so far.

      • Nerium AD is available for you to try prior to purchasing the product. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee if your not happy.
        I agree pictures can be deceiving. And hard to get same angles and lighting. That’s why seeing the results in person is the way to go and personally I have seen amazing results.
        Im not trying to sell you anything. I just hope people are aware that this is a great product and wonderful company.
        Have a blessed day!

  10. I think if a person spends $70 on this product, their “brain health” is questionable, and they should get help immediately.

    • Id tend to agree with you but ive tried a slew of less expensive nootropics and essentially got the results i should have expected from the price i paid. Also, none of them were developed by princeton university scientists researching cures for neurological diseases. So not only am i ok with paying $70 but i dont have to anymore bc both my boyfriend and i get it free from the company every month through their customer loyalty program. For me, its my brain & ill pay money to preserve my neurologic health with a scientifically researched and developed supplement.
      Short version: You pay for what you get.

      • Please note that EHT was not developed by Princeton scientists! They have publicly denied this over and over again. Yes, it was developed by a scientist and that scientist used a lab at Princeton. But it was not developed by Princeton Scientists. Please get facts right before spreading false information.

        • Hi, where can I find the correlation between the scientist who developed the product and Princeton? I will like to read about it and I can find any articles

    • Dear Mary,
      I am dreadfully sorry that someone wizzed in your cornflakes, however you sound fairly intelligent, so I just must inquire of you: why are you so cynical about everything and everyone? Did your mommy abuse you or ignore you, come on now fess up…. Do you not imagine that there are some people in this world who are not “out to get you”but just want to earn a little extra money introducing others to a product that they believe really works as advertised? I would hate to live in a tiny world like that where no one can be trusted and all are only looking out for number one! You’re probably one of those “it sounds like a pyramid scheme to me” people,, and that explains it all! Well have a nice life and may God bless you and yours.

      • Shame on you Chuck Taber. Your rude and disrespectful comments towards Mary show you for who you really are. I’m pretty sure that bullying people on a Nerium review thread will not help your wife’s sales.

        • ‘Truth Teller’, you’re a troll. You’re the one writing disrespectful comments acting like you know these people.

    • Yes! Lol. You would think with all the dementia in the world they would be all about it. & the skin is important too. 2 biggest organs of the body & they work together ????

  11. will this product work for an 11 year old child? weighing about roughly 65 lbs. i am reading these comments and questions but its mostly about older people. i still have yet to come across anything about giving this to a child. my son has a lot of trouble paying attention in school and a very hard to remembering where he put his things, so i’m trying my best to find him something that will improve his behavior by even just a little. the only thing is i dont want to spend this much money on something that 1. isnt good for kids and 2. that wont work on him.

    • Hello I am a Brand partner and I do have testimonials from parents and children about EHT. Contact me for more information.

        • My teen takes it for her ADHD. She’s used different medicines since 3rd grade. She is 19 now. EHT-no side effects. She says this is the best medicine she has used out of 6 different kinds.

    • Hi Joanna! I know of quite a few people who give it to their kids and it’s been an amazing improvement. Kids as young as 6 actually! They of course checked with their pediatricians and were given the go to start with half a pill. I’ve been amazed with the stories I’ve heard and I can definitely share a few with you! There have been plenty of kids though that have the same issues revolving around a lack of paying attention in schools (I’ve seen report cards before and after EHT and it’s amazing).

    • As a parent I would NEVER give my child a product thats is not FDA approved, used under the guidence of a doctor and pharmacists and is being promoted for financial gain by independent people that have no medical, science or chemistry education.

      • Elysabeth, have you researched how EHT came about? Over 20 years of research by a very reputable Doctor (a Bioscience company) in his laboratories at Princeton University. It is not being promoted for financial gain, but for the HEALTH and WELLNESS of people! You really should check into it. It is an amazing product! I think you may be surprised at what you find.

        • Unfortunately there are not very many independent studies. This is not FDA approved since it is a “supplement” it does not have to. There are a lot of products out there that are not FDA approved but I would NEVER give my children something like this when there is no clinical independent studies!!! Yes, this “reputable Doctor” can do all the studies in the world with his team… but when they are not independent who can you trust. Take my word for it… yes they have a degree but so does Trump, Obama, etc!! Just because they have a degree doesn’t mean that their research is two sided. I am so nervous about taking a supplement from anyone who is a Brand Partner since they do not have to have any degree but are trained by the Marketing company. A great motivational speaker, trainer, business owner can sell anything they set their mind to. It may be a great product, but what will it do to your body 10 -20 years down the road! All the studies I have looked into are not on humans… the human trial is just starting with your purchase!! Yikes!!

          • I am in Virginia and coach football at a local high school. EHT caught my attention because of concussions. I’ve spoken to a pediatrician who has over 60 kids using EHT over the past 2 years. I would be happy to connect you with him directly and do not have issue with supplying my contact information if you need someone to validate some information. Also, I did some research on EHT. There was a study in France done some years back that support the benefits of EHT. Only thing is, it was done on adults. Suggestion: Get a box and send it to a lab. This stuff works.

        • Donna Martenson-
          You sell Nerium so you hardly qualify as an unbiased source of information.

      • The FDA has allowed our food supply to be poisoned with all kinds of crap your doctor will tell you to stay away from. The FDA has created an opiate addicted country and the drug companies are rich now. You have to be your own advocate. Doctors advice is fine but don’t blindly trust the FDA.

        • The FDA is a farce, if you worked in the medical profession, you’d be aware of that!
          This is not FDA approved because it is not a drug, it is a supplement, as such it is not controlled by the great, overseeingly, money hungry Federal Drug Administration. Thank God we’d be ten more years before availability and it would cost the consumer considerably more money, to get the same results that we enjoy now.

      • I wouldn’t give my kid most of the stuff that is FDA approved which is money grubbing company using kids as their testing grounds. Frankly, I have started using EHT and after many years of being on so called “FDA Approved” medications, I finally feel sane. Not one of those so called medications did a thing to help me, so I stopped taking them. I am now a top producer at my debt collection job and I have a Nerium business…. so much for your FDA claim.

      • Supplements are not FDA approved, ever. EHT is FDA compliant however, and if you need confirmation of the science, please go to Signum Biosciences, Dr Jeffrey Stock and check out the research and peer reviewed papers that have been published by Dove press. I believe that we are very strongly guided to not speak or attempt to explain what we are not experts in regarding our globally patented, first in it’s class anti aging products. We share the videos, the researchers information on the research and development.
        As for thinking that the FDA approval is a stamp of approval for our safety, all you have to do is review the contraindications, and recalls on the meds that are currently out there. EHT also has a “clean” profile, which means that it is safe to use with other medications. It is also BSCG certified, clearing the way for both amateur and professional sports players to use it without concern regarding drug testing. It is a clean supplement. I hope this assisted you in learning a little bit more about the EHT supplement. Have a positive and rewarding day.

          • Ben~

            I’m a Brand Partner and would be happy to get you information if you’re still searching. I currently use EHT daily as does my 73 year old mother and my husband. I have friends that have used it (1/2 pill daily) for their children with ADHD (with Pedicatrician approval) and have seen remarkable results and the ability to wean them from their ADHD medication. Please let me know if you’re still looking for more information.

      • I know a pediatrician who shares EHT with a number of his patients and he would not jeopradize his practice to sell a supplement. I listened to a phone call he did discussing the research he did on the product and the results his patients have experienced by using the supplement. EHT is not a new supplement. It was previously distributed by ME Sports before Signum Bioscience partnered with Nerium, INTL.

    • Hi Joanna,

      I am a Nerium Brand Partner in Canada and Nerium is not available here yet but I’m very interested in the product for my children as well. I know for a fact that Maxwell Stock who works with Signum biosciences gives it to all his children. I have heard amazing testimonials. Keep your ears open! We aren’t allowed to make claims but we can share the positive experiences others have found.

    • Most supplements arent intended for anyone under 18 but i do know multiple people who have used their own discretion and spoken with their pcp and give it to their children. Basically talk with your dr to be on the safe side. It seems to be a mixture of basically vitamins and a decafinated extract from the coffee bean. And i urge you to buy from a company brand partner so you know EXACTLY what youre getting!!

    • Hi Joanna, A friend of mine knew my issues with my 9 year old and gave me the EHT to give to him. He has now been on it over 3 months with great results. My doctor and his doctor is a doctor of internal medicine and she thinks the EHT is wonderful and has a slew of patients she wants on it. She told me the doses of everything in the EHT are fine for kids and that most adults would be fine with 2 a day if needed.

        • KC, depending on the weight of your child, you should be able to give him/her a tablet; most adults could take two and be fine. I would be delighted to help you!

      • Samantha Dolbeck-
        You also sell Nerium. I hope people are starting to catch on to the fact that these Nerium reps (who obviously have an interest in selling you EHT) are flooding the site with positive reviews about “friends” who have had tremendous results from this product.

  12. To all the naysayers…..

    You folks are very wrong

    This is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Top drawer management, with something missing in many companies. “INTEGRITY”

  13. I started taking this supplement just over two months ago. At first I did not see any improvement but when I woke up this morning I was greatly surprized that my amputated arm had grown back while I was sleeping- this is an amazing product!

    • Ha ha! I know some people who would like that supplement. IDK what you’ve got your “hands” on, but EHT isn’t THAT good.???? But, if you’d like to see what it can actually do, you can order it from me & use the 30-day MBG if you don’t like it. Dr. Daniel Amen now endorses it as part of his overall brain health protocol. He came to our conference & made us all brain warriors. I love it!

    • I do not care what scientist said what about this product. My real problem is the way you Nerium representatives (and I know you’re on this thread) conduct your business. I was diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Intracranial Hypertension. This disease is rare, idiopathic, and has no cure. This disease affects my whole body in terrible ways, as well as my memory. I have met many people on social media who suffer from the same disease and I’ve become very close friends with some of them. One of these representatives who I know through an organization in my community tried to sell me this stuff because “they thought it might help me” (quite incessantly I might add). After several times of me politely saying no, and then me assertively saying no, that representative then went on my Facebook page, found my friends with IH, added them as friends, and then began to sales pitch to THEM. The medications we take can interact with other substances, and this person had no regard for that danger, because she was trying to make a sales quota! You are not doctors! I have yet to meet any of you with ANY type of medical background. You are going to hurt someone. Shame on you.

      • As a director in my territory for Nerium International, let me profusely apologize to you. That is not only extremely unprofessional, but also quite frankly, tactless, and heartless. I am so very sorry. I do not promise the moon with our products, as I am an actual nurse as well. I do offer a fair and honest sales pitch to my clientele. I am just truly appalled and apologize from my heart to you that you’ve had such a negative experience. Above all else, always follow your physician instructions, not a salesperson. I’m just at a loss for words.

      • I have a medical background and I would not be without EHT which I have taken now for eight months. My recall, concentration and focus have increased greatly since this product has entered my life. I am not saying that it will cure or even help with a major medical mental problem that’s why you should consult with your pharmacist, however the product is sold with a try-it-for thirty day money back guarantee. What more do you need? The reason someone selling this product pursued you was because they know the products value and were honestly attempting to help you, believing that it would. Think what you want, but many people are beginning to get this product and will continue to do so, God bless you.

    • At least you remembered that it was amputated Bill! EHT is probably responsible for that thought.

  14. I am always impressed at the “research” people do before they put things on the internet. I invested $1000, made my money back in 2 weeks, earned an iPad in less than a month and I am about to go pick out my Lexus. Please research what a “pyramid scheme” actually is. Just because it’s shaped like a triangle and people at the top make more doesn’t mean it is a pyramid scheme. Churches are a pyramid, Corporate America is a pyramid. People at the top make more because they had more risk, have been working the business longer etc. – kind of sounds familiar to the CEO of where you work. Only here I can make more than the person who enrolled me as a business partner. The person that enrolled me isn’t making anything close to what I am making right now and that would be because he would rather sit at home watching mindless trash tv, than work towards his future. Who’s fault is that-HIS.

    It’s a business, it operates as such-if you are a business owner who never tells people your open for business will you make money, probably not. If you don’t show up to open up your doors for business does it make money? Nope, sure doesn’t. If someone told you this business was easy they lied to you, it is called NetWORKING for a reason-it’s work. Not everyone is going to be good at it. Don’t blame others for your inability to work your business. This is the biggest group of people I have ever seen that actually care whether or not you succeed. Sometimes that means we want more for others than they are willing to work for but there are tremendous amounts of people that help others achieve their goals and reach their financial and life freedom goals. Additionally, I haven’t paid for my product since month 2, so if your complaining you have to pay for it as a Brand Partner-you should have 3 customers and it’s free-month after month. If you want to work 9-5, for 40k per year, for that 3% raise-continue; it doesn’t bother me in the least. But quit knocking other people who see what you will never have. #HopeYOUEnjoySocialSecurity in your retirement. Oh no wait, yeah Social Security will be all but done estimated by 2030 so hope your boss sees all of the extra effort your putting in at work.

    • Jenny is a typical Nerium sales person. As for Social Security, do you think this liittle skin biz is going to be around in 25 + years? lol

      • RJ you are correct. Every single business “opportunity” has this same speech… money, perks, cars and vacations. It is a pyramid system no matter who they are or what they sell. Boring, nothing new really.
        If you have ever attended a tupperware party or an avon party you know the this is the same approach.
        People do make money, with that said, you decide if this is something you could do or not.

    • Make your money selling this snake oil to the gullible, if you will. Good luck, and I hope you succeed. But I will always say NO to anyone who tries to sell me this or any product from an MLM business.

      Eat right, exercise, hydrate, get plenty of rest, enjoy an occasional indulgence, and don’t stress; that’s MY anti-aging brain supplement and it’s FREE.

      • Yup, SNAKE OIL……..just eat right, exercise, don’t smoke, do drugs, over drink, allow yourself the occasional indulgence- get 8 to 9 hours of good sleep, hydrate with h2o and just drink coffee (where EHT extract comes from) and pop a multi…… DUH! There is NO EASY FIX FOR ANYTHING PEOPLE

      • It’s funny to me when people have such aversions to mlm structured businesses. I guess I don’t understand why. To me, I would much rather help a small biz, single mom, etc when making my purchases vs a large Corp. I like the idea of the people doing the work actually making the money. As far as Nerium goes….I am loving the night cream….just researching to see if I should give the EHT a go.

        • If you haven’t tried it, yet, it’s great! I’ve been taking it for 5 mos. I got into Nerium because of it. I love hearing all of the success stories. My doctor approved it for me, & my boys’ ADHD doctor approved it for them, too. I gave my box away for Christmas & REALLY noticed a difference when I wasn’t taking it. Right around a month, we noticed we were sleeping deeper & remembering our dreams. You can use the 30-day MBG & only pay shipping if you decide not to use it.

          Btw, brand partners who are non-compliant get kicked out of the business. This company attracts & keeps quality people & has customer service as their #1 priority. I love it!

        • I dislike MLMs because I am just tired of all the sales pitches being thrown my way nonstop, which I have been subjected to a lot more since becoming a mom and befriending other moms. Maybe I just want to meet up on a play date without having to feel obligated to buy whatever you are hocking this month. Or maybe I like my electric company and don’t want to sit through all of our time at dinner talking about how I could switch and save money. Or how about I already have enough stuff and don’t need to buy anything else. I never said single moms or whomever shouldn’t engage in an MLM business, I’d just prefer not to be subjected to the pitches. But that’s the thing, you can’t simply say you’re not interested without your friend (the salesperson) thinking you are a jerk, and then mysteriously you don’t hear from them any more (in my experience). That’s why I feel that if you want to be in an MLM business, try to not pester your friends and family about it. They will know you are selling and if they are interested, they will come to you. Go out and cold call and get some real leads, like an actual sales person.

        • And I don’t have a problem patronizing small businesses or women owned businesses necessarily. But I am not going to go out of my way to spend more money than I need to on something just for the sake of “helping” someone. That’s not my responsibility. For example, I won’t spend $70+ on Nerium EHT when I could spend a fraction of that on a good multi vitamin and a cup of coffee.

      • Why would you “always say no?” without doing research or listening to doctors? That sounds as extreme as the snake oil salesmen.

        This product is what piqued my interest into Nerium. You don’t make $1 billion in cumulative sales in only 4 years without science-backed products & a whole lot of happy customers. Look up Dr. Daniel Amen’s credentials. He now endorses it as part of his overall brain health along with diet & exercise. If you’d like to try it before calling it snake oil – There’s a 30-day MBG. No commitment fees. The company is customer friendly.

        • The reason why I would always say no is because I would rather be able to purchase the products I want freely and easily in the market without having to go through a middle man or being pressured or obligated by friends (who I feel should go outside their circle of friends and family to sell instead of turning their social media pages into a giant commercial) to buy their products so they can make a living.

          And who says I do not do my research. Nerium contains oleander which is a poisonous plant. It also contains collagen, which is a pointless ingredient as it doesn’t penetrate the skin because the molecules are too large. There is no Retinol, vitamin C, or hyaluronic acid that are found in good skin creams. The Nerium ingredient list is sh*t, especially for the cost. That is my opinion. I am not taking away from the people who love this product and who have seen results, but I have a better knowledge and preference of what to use for my own skin.

          • Respectfully, those products you purchase on the market “freely and easily” are marketed just as much as MLM products. The difference is that it feels more personal because it is! MLM and small business owners don’t have millions to spend on major advertising. Their advertising is based on peer word-of-mouth.

            I have lots of friends who are successful in many different MLM companies. I have personally tried Nerium and I love it. I just think there is plenty of room for respect, especially when you haven’t personally tried the products. Besides research against products like Nerium can be discriminating. Many reviews and “research” sites use negative “research”, opinions, and false statements to warn against the product, only to find in tiny print or a discreet link somewhere in the article or page that is selling a competing product.

          • Yes the skin care products purchased at stores are marketed but the difference is, I can tune out those commercials by changing the channel or not paying attention to printed ads. When my peers start with the sales pitch for whatever MLM product they are hocking at the moment, I have to sit there, pretend to listen, smile politely, and then very nicely say no thanks, only to be met with additional pressure, and then the silent treatment later. Maybe the stuff works, maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know, or care. Like I said before, I am not obligated to try everything that is pitched to me. That’s great that people are successful and happy selling and using this stuff. Just leave me out of it, that’s all I ask. I know what I need for my skin or what supplements I want to take; I don’t need a “personalized experience” nor do I need my hand held obtaining it

          • I have had wonderful results with all of the Nerium products. I can send you my personal pictures for the night and day cream and I can attest that the EHT also worked for me when I received a concussion. My head bounced twice on a rock and I got 4 staples. Afterwards, I was having trouble finding my words or finishing sentences and this scared me to death! A month later, EHT came out and I started taking it and within a month I was back to normal. While I know that my brain needed time to heal, I truly believe that the EHT supplemented and quickened that healing. You should never feel pressured obligated to buy. While this may or may not be for you, just feel that you have been informed of something new out there that may help.

        • That $1 billion is not to customers. That is 99% brand partners. Please don’t pretend that most of that is from customers because it’s not.

          • Not true. A company is required to have at least 51% of it’s profit made from product sales in order to not be considered a “pyramid scheme”. Most (of course not all) companies only have about 13% of their profit from product sales coming from customers. The rest to make up the 51% comes from their Reps. Nerium has 73% of it’s product sales coming from customers! Then, if you add in the Brand Partners, that % would be even higher.

    • This sounds exactly like what they used to feed us when I was in the Amway business. Every single MLM teaches this type of response to people who have a problem with the MLM model. Anyone in MLM does not own a business. Sorry. You are getting paid to be a marketer, not a business owner. Nerium pays you a commission for bringing business to them. That’s it. Marketing.

  15. Look at the companies financial disclosure statement and you’ll see that a little more than 98% of the “brand partners” make no money through their involvement with Nerium. It’s a financial cult. What actual clinical trials have been done with EHT? I doubt any at all. All anecdotal reports which are meaningless from a clinical perspective.

      Here is the Signum Biosciences EHT information page.

      And Peter, Nerium never guarantees that brand partners will make money with the company, because it is what you put into it, so those people who don’t make money aren’t actually doing anything. It is most definitely not a “financial cult”.

        • JM, if you are on FB, go to Nerium International EHT. Scroll down to Oct 10 there is women who is giving a testimony about her husband. Below that is a gentlemen giving his testimony. There are others, you just have to scroll down to see. It is making many improvements to peoples lives for both children to adults. Princeton University Dr. Jeffrey Stock after 20 years research developed this.
          People are always going to criticize something successful because ultimately people in general don’t want to see people succeed. Sad but true, it is clear in what I am reading from these pots. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to get the answers for you. We have a 30day money back guarantee as well.

    • Peter, network marketing attracts entrepreneurial minded folks primarily as a result the facts are 97% of the working class end their careers broke after 40+yrs . What’s your plan “B”…?

    • All the MLM’s are the same. Just replace Nerium with Advocate or Plexus or whatever. The claims are the same, no real scientific evidence, all testimonials. My favorite was Juice+ spokesman….OJ Simpson. The video of him claiming Juice+ cured his arthritis, then at the trial saying he was innocent because his arthritis was so bad. It would be nice if everyone making claims had to be under oath.

      • Strongly disagree with this….like any biz model there are amazing and there are horrible mlm companies, and a whole bunch in between. It’s worth doing your research to find the good ones.

  16. I honestly have noticed better sleep and slightly more mental clarity. It’s been almost two months and really do enjoy the product. I do not pay for it I simply con the “brand partners” into more and more free boxes.

    “Oh you sell Nerium? I’ve heard it’s a great company and am thinking of joining myself if only I could try the products.” Candy from a baby.

    • that’s why I don’t hand out free stuff. Buy it or don’t. Either way I’m moving on to th enext person.

    • Me too! It’s definitely worth it if you can swing the 75 bucks or so. I have thought about becoming a partner just so I can have a continuous supply of this. It’s hard to afford on a student budget :(

  17. I just heard a lecture by Dr. Daniel Amen, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the brain. He’s a psychiatrist who takes brain scans to aid in diagnosis and is a 3 times NY Times bestselling author. He said, “I’m a huge fan of EHT.” He also included taking EHT in his brain warrior program.

    • I have respect for Dr Amen but I had to honestly question why he is promoting a product over his own, self-devised program for brain health? I went to his website to check him out and he has his own line of supplements-so which are better? Perhaps it is because of money! Also, I have friends who sell and believe in Nerium, however it seems they sell the company harder then they sell the product, I tried the product and was not impressed. What I am impressed with is the influence this company has over millions of people to spend their own hard earned cash “investing” in the products to sell for them so they can drive a Lexus, which by the way is leased from them only on the pretense that you sell a certain amount of product on a consistent basis. They make everything sound so good and for some it has been because they have been able to convince others to jump on board (hence, the pyramid scheme) I hope for my friends sake, this product turns out to be everything it claims but I seriously doubt it is any more than another fad that will fizzle out after millions of people put this “auto reorder” on their credit cards, hence creating some more unnecessary consumer debt.

      • We actually get free inventory. When Nerium says FREE they actually mean FREE. You make one TINY investment at the beginning to start your own business (500 dollar Nerium business or 100,000 dollar franchise?? easy answer) and after that we get free product to sample out with our Nerium gives back program. Lexus?? Doesn’t need to be leased. Can be purchased as well. But yes it’s a Lexus bonus. Not a free Lexus. And they are clear about that when they say earn a Lexus car BONUS. Never have they said earn a free Lexus. But let me ask you… Does your work give you a car bonus? And if they did, if you just quit working and stopped doing your job do you think you would get to keep it??
        It’s your business and this is a job why would you just stop working it? All car earners work even harder when they get it cuz they are so excited to get the next bonus of 55,000 bucks!! And they are one step closer.
        Not one person out of 15,000 car earners are complaining :)
        your friends are in the right place!! :)

      • Darcy, you are misinformed… Dr. Amen will be integrating his “Daniel Plan” to include NeriumEHT… not repacing it. Nerium does NOT pay anyone to indorce their products. I’m not sure if you have ever started your own biz… I have spent $100K’s… investing a mere $249 with No Inventory requirement and a $80/month investment with an unlimited upside is NOT possible in Corp. America…!
        BTW Nerium notifies the customer 10-days each & every time BEFORE their “Auto Order” is due…!
        INC. Magazine just awarded Nerium International #1 Ranking for Consumer Products & Customer Service…! don’t thinks there will be any increase in Consumer Debt… more likely a lot more #financialfreedom

        • Do a wiki check on Amen- under the “ethics” area where other respected Doctors question his methods and supplements

      • You have been misinformed the Lexus bonus program. When you build your team with Nerium the volume only has to reach $12,500/ month in your GROUP volume for you to qualify for a Lexus. Your Lexus bonus will be $500 a month, $750 a month, or $1000 a month depending on which rank you are qualifying at. You have the option to purchase the car or lease the car in your name whether you lease it or purchase it, not the company’s name. When you first qualify for your Lexus bonus as long as you keep at least $12,500 in group volume, you receive your bonus every month. On top of that, you have 48 months that Nerium will pay your monthly payment up to $500. Within that time if you reach the rank of national marketing director, then you will receive 750 a month for your Lexus for another 48 months. Within that time frame (your second qualifying time frame) if you reach rank of five star national marketing director or above you’ll receive $1,000 a month from then on out for your lexus as long as you qualify at that rank. The Lexus may be leased or purchased in your name or anyone’s name that lives in your household, but absolutely not in the company’s name. It is YOUR car, you may choose ANY Lexus you want. The only guideline for the choice of your car is that it must be silver, white, or gray.

    • Funny but I don’t see anywhere on Amen’d website where he promotes EHT. He promotes his own supplements, but not EHT. Not one mention of it on his website. Funny how if you pay someone enough money they will say anything.

  18. This conclusion that you made is complete B.S., “As a result of this lawsuit, Nerium appears to be focusing more on the growing nootropic industry.” — That OLD nuisance lawsuit was trivial nonsense and it had ZERO impact on anything the company has done since then. None, nada, not any effect what so ever. That wasn’t the company but the actions of an individual, the before and after was real but it was simply a customer that looked like the actor, and the whole thing was trivially stupid and was several years ago. Since then the company has gone on to add new skin care products, break records based on skin care product sales, and open several countries with skin care products successfully. Entry into nootropics is extremely recent and only in the U.S. so far and less than two months on the market, and the vast majority of sales is still by far skin care. Just one bit of the nonsense in this review.

      • It always makes me laugh when people say that, “you must be a nerium rep. Lol” it’s almost as if they expect a business owner to not defend their company or products they know work and help people. Continue Craig, even though the company just received #1 in Consumer Products from Inc. 500, made an accumulative $1,000,000,000 (that’s a Billion dollars, Tsmith) in just under 4 years. When they are sitting there with low brain function because they didn’t take care of themselves and broke in retirement because social security will be depleted by 2030; working for the rest of their lives because they don’t understand and refuse to learn. #Adapt

        All I can say to you Tsmith is; You must be a employee. Lol. Hope you think of us when you’re on your coffee break at work tomorrow. I sure know I will be praying for you, while I am drinking my coffee on my back patio-watching my kids play in their pool. (Yes, I did pay for that with my Nerium direct deposits). Quit being a jerk and get a hold of Craig, I am sure he can help you.

  19. The ingredient, EHT, which the product is named after, is a “proprietary coffee extract”. Who knows what you’re putting into your body and brain. If this is a patented formula or ingredient, then why the secrecy of what exactly is EHT? Too many supplement manufacturers get away with hiding transparency under the “proprietary” label. The binders and fillers in the tablets are not healthy. These include titanium dioxide, talc, and Macrogol which is another name for polyethylene glycol. According to this is: “Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful”…

    The other ingredients in EHT are some B vitamins, D, magnesium, selenium, alpha lipoic acid, ( not expensive nutrients), and Huperzine-A. Huperzine A has been marketed as a dietary supplement with claims made for its ability to improve memory and mental function and possibly effective for those with Alzheimer’s disease. However, this substance lacks sufficient safety data, and due to the poor size and quality of the clinical trials reviewed, huperzine A should not be recommended as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

    In my opinion as a holistic nutritionist, this is an expensive formula for what is actually in it, and I would suggest people not be so gullible to MLM marketing hype, and anecdotal claims, which are usually from the very people trying to get you to buy into the business or buy the product as a preferred customer.

    • Kiki Lee – I would suggest that if you want any creditability as a “holistic” nutritionist, you should refrain from such a non-scientific source as EWG as if it’s an authoritative source rather than an alarmist lobby group website. You’ll want to also actually read the literature on Huperzine-A rather than parrot others. There is a nice review in 2014 frontier in neuroscience journal. Also there is quite a bit of peer-reviewed literature on EHT and coffee chemistry conferences in general that you might want to get informed about before offering your opinion on what’s in EHT. The process of making EHT is proprietary and patented, but to anyone reading the actually scientific journal articles it’s quite clear what’s in it.

      • A product can not be patented and proprietary at the same time. A patented item is available to read about online at the Patent & Trademark Office web site.

    • Kiki- i am sure that your knowledge as a nutritionist is helpful in understanding new products that come to market. But here is something to think about- Signum biosciences developed the product after decades of research at Princeton…PRINCETON! They are one of the top neuro-research agencies in the country – do you think they would align themselves with a “sketchy” company like Nerium? Nerium is a distribution channel, just like a big box store or a mom-n-pop shop. Brand Partners in Nerium don’t have to force or con anyone into trying and continuing to use products…we live in a free market society and the market dictates which products it will buy and for what cost. EHT through Nerium is $55 as a preferred customer, and all preferred customers have the ability to get their product for free by referring three friends who use it (no strings attached). And ALL of Nerium s products are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. With that said, Nerium has just reached $1 billion dollars in sales in just 4 years – other companies to do that before they turn 5 yrs old is Google, Priceline and Groupon…so our products are working. AND INC. Magazine, one of the most prestegious business magazines in the country, just came out with their Top 500 Companies for 2015 with Nerium at #1 in consumer products, and #12 in overall growth – for a comparison, FitBit was #53. So again, our product work. We sell direct to our customers and by-pass the middleman after waking up without an alarm in our pjs at home, the beach, Mountains, our cars while waiting at the Starbuck drive through, while homeschooling our kids, while volunteering at our churches…before you knock the product and the freedom it afford people to script their own lifestyle, why don’t you try the product. It is RISK FREE. Then you might be able to give a true experiential opinion versus speculation on what you think it may or may not do.

      Oh, and my husband works in the royalties industry that protects patents and copywrites so that the people who have invested their money and time do not get their intellectual propery stolen. this is the same reason why musicians register their songs with ASCAP etc.

      Here is the Signum Biosciences EHT information page. There are actually clinical studies! :)

    • I’ve had Multiple Sclerosis for over 11 years now and have tried many, many things over the years. This product has given me more cognitive connections than I expected! I am remembering names AND conversations! My short term memory is starting to work again! Is it perfect? Do I have a new brain? No, is it helping? Let me check…Dale, Judy, Brent, Brian, Mark, Frank…Dale is an ex-school teacher, Judy a stay at home wife, Brent is a driver at the police department, Brian is his identical twin working as the head dispatcher at the local police department, Frank was in WWII, flew a Curtiss R5C, his son Mark works for customs and is currently in DC where he has been for 5 years.
      If you had any idea what an incredible thing it is to me to be able to remember these things from TODAY. Being able to recall conversations again in detail you would see why it is I signed up for the stuff. I spent $55, for the first box, I definitely signed up after that. I don’t care about whatever the company makes, it just WORKS. If you have a brain that is turning to Swiss cheese, you tend to notice when there is an improvement like this.

    • Thank you dear for an open minded and thoughtful review. I have been a medical doctor( do,not care what other geeks think about my grammar) but I have been studying about human foolishness a lot. Some people so opinionated and reject anybody who is In disagreement with them. But smart ones and decent sharing knowledge and that exactly what you did. I have worked with a lot of pharmaceutical companies and they are very careful about marketing products. Because they could be sued. EHT IS DANGEROUS.

  20. There are a couple of advantages to being “older”, and one is seeing through MLM hype. I’m always interested in things that will make be healthier, so I’ve tried quite a few things through the years, so from my observations: There will be no real “scientific” research to back up the claims, only anecdotal evidence. I could take almost any comment listed below and know I’ve read it before for other MLM pushed products, Amway vitamins, Juice+, HeartBar, etc. Really people, if the product was this magical do you not think it would be mass sold? Oh, that’s right, they want to help the common person, so they will slow sell it through an unreliable sales chain? No, it’s all a modified pyramid scheme.

    • Nerium just hit a billion in revenue in 4 years. That’s faster than Amazon. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Why pay millions to have it on shelves. They don’t need to. They’d rather help ppl change their lives. The only people this business doesn’t work for is people who quit and do absolutely nothing. If you asked a college dropout if college works they would say no too. I find it funny when people say they’ve tried and haven’t been successful. But yet they quit after a year or two.
      Not a pyramid scheme At all. Those are illegal. You get what you put in. Sell a bottle? You get paid. Help other people? You get paid. If you aren’t getting paid you’re not doing anything!!

      • Yes and you have reps nagging non stop to purchase this stuff. It’s too expensive and didn’t do anything for me. I’d be concerned with affects in the future.

        • If you have reps “nagging” at you then they aren’t doing their job. We are supposed to share information, give samples when needed, and follow up afterwards. Beyond that, you either by the products or you don’t, join the business, or you don’t. That simple…no nagging involved. At least that’s how my team works.

  21. Nerium isnt supposed to be sold on Amazon. Real nerium brand partners do not sell thru amazon, ebay etc. If you buy on Amazon you may not be getting the real product. I bought a bottle of the nerium day cream. IT WAS NOT NERIUM IN THE BOTTLE

  22. I’m currently using EHT, and this vitamin does exactly what it’s supposed to do I’ve been on it for 2 months now, in my capacity of work it is vital to have total focusand a good memory.I will continue to take this product because it continues to improve my brain function .

    • what grade did you complete, and exactly what do you do for a living? Do you make more than minimum wage or supervise more than yourself? Your testimony has little relevance without more detailed information about what you do. There is a thing called placebos that make people think they are getting better!

  23. I have taken EHT for a month and a half but my family begged me to stop taking it because it seemed my brain fog was worse and I was getting more forgetful. I have Hypothyroidism so I am not sure if that was causing a problem because I noticed I was getting more fatigued as well. I tried taking it at different times of the day also to see if maybe it would make a difference. I reaaally wanted it to work!!!

    • You might have the MTHFR gene. If so, you shouldn’t be taking folic acid (it is a man made folate that your body can’t break down into folate to use). That could have been causing your increase in your brain fog. I am trying to figure out WHY they would put folic acid in it knowing a large population has the MTHFR gene and cannot methylate! They should have left it out. Good luck – you should be able to go to your doctor and find out if you have the mutated gene. If so, you should limit the amount of folic acid to less than 200 mcg per day. EHT has 400!

    • Christine, read D.D.’s comment below…it could be the key. I have a friend with the same issue and couldn’t take it.

  24. How difficult it would be for all people to show the medical and laboratories´ evidence in paper: before and after of EHT. It would be the best for all of us. By the way what about the possible effects in children with neurological development disorders what does the neurologist and scientists says? is it dangerous? I´m just wondering because it is a huge and significant topic.

  25. From somone with REAL experience: In the last 3 months I’ve witnessed a friend lose her inherited hand/arm tremor that she’s lived with for her entire life. I’ve seen chronic fatigue symptoms dramatically improve, sleep issues disappear, restless legs subside, and even improvement in an Alzheimer’s patient. Yesterday, I met an 11 year old boy who had suffered epileptic seizures his entire life and has worn head protection since birth. He’s been on EHT for 2 months now and hasn’t had a sezure in the last 6 weeks. His parents showed his Neurologist the science behind EHT. He reviewed it, removed the boy’s helmet, and told him that he wouldn’t need it any longer if he stayed on EHT. These are real results, and I don’t think these types of improvements were at all unexpected by either those at Prineton University or at Signum BioSciences. (GOOGLE “EHT Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s rat” for just a sampling of animal studies). The issue is that Signum released EHT as a Dietary Supplement through Nerium, rather than as a pharmaceutical, and the FDA won’t allow specific health claims to be made – thus the generic “memory, focus, concentration” labeling on the product They were only days away from signing a contract with Bristol-Meyers Sqibb to release it as a pharmaceutical, but the cost of the product would have tripled, and as a pharmaceutical it would have required a prescription. I think they made the right choice as no we can now all have acess to EHT at a reasonable price. EHT helps to fortify and repair the Tau Proteins that stabilize and protect the microtubules within the axons of the brain. If the tau is compromised, the ability to communicate signals between the neurons is lost, leading to all types of health issues. Within the next few years, we’ll see just how many issues can be stabilized or even reversed by fortifying the tau proteins. Personally, I’ll be taking EHT for the long haul as I’ve seen the effects of dementia, Azheimer’s, and Parkinson’s in my older relatives. If you’re interested in EHT, do your homework, because there seems to be an awful lot of people voicing an opinion about something they know little about. After all, do you really think Princeton University would go to the trouble of getting a worlwide patent on a “scam” product…. I highly doubt it!

    • “His parents showed his Neurologist the science behind EHT. He reviewed it, removed the boy’s helmet, and told him that he wouldn’t need it any longer if he stayed on EHT.”

      Oh please! Did Jeff Olsen tell that whopper? As if a neurologist would look at the “science” behind EHT and suddenly declare “the boy can walk”. There is no “science” behind EHT other than anecdotal stories hyped by Nerium.

  26. EHT is nothing new. It’s been sold for years under ME Sports. Nerium simply bought the rights to market it.

  27. Where did you find the information on price per pack? Nerium is not to be sold on Amazon or eBay. Brand partners can only sell EHT for $55 a pack or $100 for a 2 pack. If you see any other price, it is illegally sold usually on Amazon / eBay.

  28. OK Supplement Police…Number one, please update your above information because the website has been up and running with updates for over 2.5 months now. It was down for about a week as they were moving information over, not just for the American site, but for Canada, Mexico, and now Korea. Take a breath, because you sounded a little negative about that ; )

    I take EHT. I am a brand partner and I’ve been using NeriumAD since last August. My skin is noticeably softer, more supple, less age spots, less wrinkles, and less oily/dry spots. Both my doctor and my clinician have stated they have never seen such results from any other skin care product.

    Some have talked about the fact that NeriumAD simply “inflames” your skin to the point that it “plumps up” to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Well then how do you explain it taking away swelling and inflammation from radiation, acne, psoriasis, and other skin diseases? I have the pics to prove it. Just wanna know.

    EHT: I can personally attest that I’m kind of negative and tend to think stuff will work for others but probably not me, because I have had so many health issues. But I figured I’d try it anyway. Goodness. It’s helping get rid of the migraine headaches I have suffered with from the age of 19. That’s over 30 years. I used to take a pain med called Tramodol every day, three of them, due to several back injuries. I was on it since 2003 so I think I can safely say I was going to be on it for life. I was able to quit taking that about 2 weeks ago due to the EHT. And every day when I’d pop that supplement in my mouth along with my Vitamin C, I’d think, “well, it would be nice if it would do something, but maybe it will help boost my immune system.” I think I can safely say that as long as I’m on the EHT, I will NO LONGER have to take pain med that caused short term memory loss, dry mouth, and a few other not-so-fun side effects.

    Your post here did have a bit of a negative tone to it, Supplement Police. Maybe you could try to be a bit more neutral, that’s all. Thanks.

    • Sherrill, I have taken EHT for a month. I get anxiety/panic attacks as a result of a blow to my head on a construction site. I have medication for this, but since taking EHT I have not had anxiety or panic attacks, my blood pressure has been an incredible 112/76 even though I run track & 10ks (age 55), EHT Has helped keep my pressure to peak performance. I have trouble sleeping some nights and once again EHT has been there to help me rest throughout the night. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can go back to sleep so easy.
      All I’m saying is the person/people who wrote this article has not tried EHT and had no info to go on. Should have hooked up with a Brand Partner and tried it.

    • Sherrill, I am glad to see your results. It is nice to hear REAL results and not all of this negativity from people that just don’t understand the product or business. I use ALL Nerium products and LOVE them all. I have also experienced similar results with EHT, which I have been taking since the prelaunch last May. It has helped reduce my migraines (in frequency and severity) that I have also suffered with for many years, I definitely have more focus at my job, I sleep much more sound at night, and in turn wake up much easier in the morning, feeling refreshed and not having to snooze my alarm clock five times before getting up. I know my daughter has seen similar results and my son (who coincidentally has ADHD) has seen a HUGE difference in focus. So DOES THIS STUFF REALLY WORK??? THE PROOF IS IN THE RESULTS!

  29. I am taking the EHT pills as well. I am a person that is pretty in tune with my body and focus because I have to be for career reasons. I am personally having very positive results and from the pills. If people are having negative experiences and they have proof that it is the EHT then it is simple, they should stop taking them. If you are having positive results then keep taking it and continue to improve your health. I have several people in my network taking the pills since I started and luckily they are all having positive results. Super pleased because I normally don’t like taking pills at all, even vitamins because my body chemistry normally gets thrown out of whack. Do what’s best for you people. People will love EHT and people will not. It is that simple but put your health first.

  30. I have ben taking EHT for 2 months now and am loving it! I am shocked by how many people are saying that they are having faster heart beats and elevated blood pressure. It contains no caffeine whatsoever. I find that I do have more clarity during the day and wake up feeling much more rested each day. So far, I love it. I really can tell a positive difference.

    • Dianna,

      First of all, these citations are not “white papers”. A white paper is a government or other authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue. It would be helpful if the Nerium/EHT supporters could try to a bit more precise with their use of the English language and scientific concepts if they are going to co-opt science to support their cause. Intellectual sloppiness does not help your cause.

      Second, only two of the eight articles listed are directly about EHT (the first two listed and the most recently published of the eight). The other six are background articles about the biochemistry of the brain and the areas that EHT might impact. They are good background articles to read, but it is misleading to label them under EHT since they never mention the chemical. The effort to mislead is important since amassing a list of “white papers” supporting EHT seems to be a big part of the campaign to legitimatize EHT. I’ll take one definitive, rigorously reviewed article over a bevy of tangential articles any day (see my earlier posts).

      If you read the eight articles closely you see lots of hedging (could, maybe, might). That doesn’t exactly fit my definition of a definitive article. I believe the scientists involved and the sales people promoting the product need to try harder to find the real science behind this product, if it exists. You haven’t come even close to making your case to anyone with a critical mind. At best they have found a set of associations that involve several linked biochemical steps, but there is nothing that proves there is a cause-and-effect relationship between EHT and a clinical neuro-protective effect for human beings.

      Nice try, Dianna, but no cigar. You are either gullible and were misled by the whoever provided you this list of articles, or you believe the readers of this forum are gullible and can be misled by trotting out the list of articles like some type of thoroughbred pedigree for the chemical EHT. I’d like to think you are not deliberately trying to mislead the readers, but the individual who compiled the list and labeled it “EHT White Papers” is clearly trying to mislead the readers.

      • Thank you Dr. Hockstetler. Anyone with any real medical knowledge would know what you are saying is true. Also if all these claims could be supported with true scientific evidence then this supplement would be sold to big Pharma in a sec. Take a look at The story of Gilead purchasing the rights to Harvoni. (Huffington Post) No one , not even Princeton , is that altruistic.

      • Actually Sir, all but three of the papers are associated with Dr. JB Stock and Signum Biosciences, who is the person/company who researched EHT out of Princeton who then worked with Nerium to produce it as EHT.

      • Also, thank you Dr. Hochstetler. I’m trying to do research on EHT as well. While reading another blog about Nerium EHT, I see the same responses from “distributors”, slamming the notion that this may not be actually the “miracle” that they say it is. I too, would like to see an actual human study, not rat study. I really would like for this to actually work. My biggest concern in the other blog, was how this one person was medicating their eight year-old son with this stuff. Adults taking something themselves is one thing, but medicating their child without clearing through their Physician, really bothers me.

  31. My personal experience: Started taking EHT on May 26th. I am a distributor but have not been active in a year or so…. and honestly did not know what to expect. Noticed a slight improvement in my eye sight on day 1 and improved consistently over the next few days. I also noticed a difference in my sleep patterns… more vivid, colorful dreams, feeling more rested and more energy during the day. But the biggest change for me personally was on day 6 which was Memorial Day I believe. I’ve struggled with depression for years now and have never really have consistent relief. But I felt something lift that day and have felt really good sense. Just a really good sense of well being. I know that there are folks out there who think it’s BS and won’t believe that but for me and my family, especially my wife who lives with the ups and downs of a spouse with depression, it’s been life changing. I have had a few days that I didn’t feel as good as others but overall it’s been great. Hope this helps someone.

  32. So I am having the same problem. I am having a discomfort in my chest and my normal bp116/65 is now 160/90 stopped taking it two days ago and I am still having a problem. I should have known better then this “if it sounds to good to be true, it is to good to be true”

  33. I am having simuliar reactions as Slewis also, I’m on my third week on EHT. I’ve been having a rapid heart beat and my mind is racing all night, I haven’t been able to sleep. It wasn’t until today that my husband said maybe it was the EHT. Unfortunately I took one this am. I will hold off tomorrow and for a while to see if my sleeping returns to normal.

  34. Maybe coincidence, but since I first took an EHT, I started having increase blood pressure, discomfort in my chest, and erratic hear beat. I skipped a couple days after the first one and took another. Symptoms continued. Again, waited a few days and one more, still same problem. I’ve been to see my doctor. We don’t know why my BP has spiked. Normally I’m 112/82, but I’m now 125-150 over 90. Heart checks out ok with EKG, I’m not consuming any caffeine or drugs that would increase my heart rate. Just a precaution, it may or may not be the EHT.

    • SLewis,

      Thanks for commenting. Did you let your doctor know what you were taking?

      Did he tell you to stay off of the EHT supplement or was he okay with you continuing to take it?

      — Supplement Police

  35. I really hesitate to even comment on this, but I wanted to put my two cents in. I’m not a doctor so I can’t testify to anything but my own personal experience with EHT and the other products…and yes, I am a brand partner with Nerium International before anyone even says that’s why I’m responding. That said, that may be enough to cause you to stop reading my review of the product and company.

    First of all, as someone else stated, there are bad seeds in every company, including those that sell on eBay, Amazon, etc. and those that make false claims and make us all look bad. Nerium prohibits selling anything on those sites and anyone that sells on them is not following protocol or is not a brand partner. Unfortunately, the consumer has no idea what they are getting from someone who sells on those sites. If you buy from those sites and not directly from a brand partner, buyer beware.

    With regard to EHT specifically, since this is the topic of discussion, I personally was thrilled to hear about its release as both my parents died with Alzheimer’s and I saw firsthand the devastating results of this horrifying disease. I also have other family members suffering from Alzheimer’s. I just turned 54 last week and I have experienced many scary signs that I am going to be in line for the same debilitating life-ending results.

    I have been taking EHT since I received my product on the 18th of May. My husband is also taking it, he is 71; as well as my brother 75, his wife 74, and another brother 62. I am not making any medical claims, but I am speaking about what my experience has been with taking it and from what they have told me their experience has been. I have noticed a difference with each new day I take it. My memory is much better and I’m actually able to multitask well now, something I haven’t been able to do well for a few years now. I didn’t remember what I walked into the room for half the time let alone be able to do two things at once. My mind is much clearer and focused. I have tons of energy that I never had before…and I want to clarify that it is not a caffeine-induced energy as EHT is not caffeine.

    I also suffered from severe, debilitating migraines since I was 21 after my first child, and I have not had once since I started taking EHT. That has never happened with any drug, let alone any supplements I’ve tried over the years to control and/or eliminate them. I can only assume that EHT has helped with that and hopefully will continue to do so. I am much more organized with my life and my thoughts now. An added benefit I also feel I must contribute to EHT is an improved sex life on both my behalf and my husband’s. I can’t put my finger on all that I am feeling from taking it, but I can tell you that I feel much better overall and have a sense of clarity and calmness I can’t say I’ve ever felt before taking EHT.

    My husband suffers from a compressed/bulging disc, which had caused him to not be able to feel his feet most of the time and experience tingling and numbness and pain at times. He complained that he was walking on clubs rather than feet, yet he still had a problem with blankets touching his feet at night with a sensation that could send him through the roof at times. I can’t explain what that was all about as I’m not a doctor, as I said, but he can feel his feet now most of the time and the other symptoms are much better. They are not 100% yet, but improving each day. Personally, I attribute this to the anti-inflammatory properties in EHT. I’ve noticed that his memory is much better and he looks and feels healthier. He states he feels this as well.

    My brother who is 75 was unable to turn his head from side to side due to a car accident he was involved in without severe pain. He is now able to do so without pain–another anti-inflammatory benefit I believe. He has improved energy as well and I notice better cognitive function overall. His wife is also taking it and she says she feels better and has more energy. I see a noticeable improvement in her as well. (On another note, we almost lost my brother to colon cancer about 10 years ago and breast cancer runs rampant in our family as well so the anti-oxidant properties in it are very important to me as well.)

    As for my other brother 62, he states he has more energy and feels better. Again, he can’t put his finger on it or explain it, but just a sense of knowing something is better overall with his day-to-day functioning.

    I also have a friend taking it who has bone-on-bone in her knee joints. She went from an 8 pain level down to a 3 to 1 over the time she has been using, approximately 4 weeks as well. She claims better overall day-to-day functioning and an increased wellness overall.

    You can take my comments or leave them, I just wanted to share my experience and those of my family and friends with you. I’m happy that I’m able to help people by being involved with Nerium. And I’m thrilled as well to be able to experience the benefits of EHT.

    As far as the company goes, Nerium is committed to only putting the best products on the market and ones with real results. There are clinical trials and peer reviews being conducted on EHT and I’m sure you will be hearing all about them good or bad once the results are in. There are a few white papers available if anyone is interested in reading them.

    Nerium donates 30% of its profits to cancer research and is a big participant/supporter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters in addition to their other qualities. Most of our brand partners are in this, as I am, to be able to help others to live a better and healthier life. The company’s core values are ones that I respect and follow in my own life. Personal development is one of my favorites as well as helping others.

    I’m adding my opinion on the facial products…I had tried almost everything on the market with little result. I tried Nerium and fell in love with my results and wanted others to be able to experience it as well. In my experience, the product did more than it promised to do and was much less expensive. Nerium also offers a 30-day money back guarantee on EVERY product as well as the opportunity for customers and brand partners to get their products free. I don’t know of any other company that does that.

    I encourage you all to research the company and don’t just base your facts on what others say negative or positive. As with anything, opinions and results vary by individual.

    Oh, I should add a note about price since that was mentioned in the article. You can purchase EHT as stated in the article in August if you missed the pre-release. You will be able to purchase it at that time for $49.95 monthly as a preferred customer (which means a monthly auto delivery.) Again, a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s easy to cancel, delay, or adjust your order since you will have your own site to manage your order. Retail price is $70.

    I look forward to the peer-reviewed trials as much as anyone as I believe they will prove the product just as the clinical trials and reviews did on the facial products. My motto is you don’t know unless you try. If you’re interested, contact the brand partner that peaked your interest or I’d be happy to try to help answer any additional questions/concerns you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read this through.

  36. I will admit that I know nothing about third party testing. But, are there third party testing companies out there that are staffed by well known and respected Doctors that do the kind of testing you all seem to be wanting or needing, without compensation? I was just wondering.

  37. “EHT™ coffee extract: A neuroprotective agent and modulator of PP2A methylation with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (S16.006)”

    So, there’s just one article that, although dry, sheds light on EHT. Rather than argue over typos and grammar mistakes, do some research. And yes, it’s a research article with citations and references and peer review, not done blog. In not promoting Nerium. Only rational augment based upon objective, empirical evidence.

    • Belay that response. I didn’t see so many research scientists were already here arguing over the validity of this article. Sure, the researchers were compensate . Said so right in the disclosure. Does that always point to an agenda? Not really. As a cognitive research scientist, I wish MY studies were compensated. But Che cera cera. Some people will argue with a fence post. Either buy it, or don’t. Who really cares?

      • Michael,

        I have to agree with you that some will buy and some won’t, no matter the facts. That’s the nature of the supplement/health industry.

        But to say: “Sure, the researchers were compensated. Said so right in the disclosure. Does that always point to an agenda? Not really.”

        I would say that usually has an influence on the opinion. Maybe not for the researcher to skew the results, but to display the findings in a way that has a positive light. Money has a lot of influence.

        • Agreed. Still, the science behind EHT is sound. EHT reduces the myelation rate of neural cells.

          “Activation of Balpha containing PP2A was reached by inhibiting PP2A demethylation mediated by eicosanoyl-5-hydrotytryptamide (EHT). EHT administration to alpha-synuclein transgenic mice reduced alpa-synuclein Ser129 phosphorylation, its subsequent aggregation, and ameliorated the associated neuropathology and behavioral aberrations. EHT action on PP2A is mediated by its antagonistic effect on PME. reported to occur at IC50 3.9µMP2A enzymes have the particularity that their enzymatic activity is positively regulated by its methylation which is itself regulated via the opposing activities of a PP2A-specific methyltransferase and a PP2A-specific methylesterase (PME). Accordingly, treatment of mice with the PME inhibitor eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide (EHT) increases PP2A methylation as well as decreased α-syn-pS129 levels in brain and a concurrent reduction in synuclein pathology” (Taymans & Baekelandt, 2014).

          Front Genet. (2014 Nov 7) 5:382. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2014.00382.
          Phosphatases of α-synuclein, LRRK2, and tau: important players in the phosphorylation-dependent pathology of Parkinsonism.
          Please excuse the abbreviated APA

          The science behind EHT is based upon mouse studies by neuroscientists attempting to discover potential interventions for parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. I’m not claiming the product will work, but the theory is what it is. These articles are also published in Frontiers in Genetics, a peer-reviewed journal and accepted for educational purposes by the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine, and National Center for Biotechnology. Just so we can’t say the info was from a lesser, for-profit journal.

          All that aside, Money is still the motivating factor for moving any sort of product for any company. :) Cheers.

          • I’m sure you both know that medical doctors are all compensated for promoting new meds. Does that mean the medicine is good, or it works, or it won’t harm you? Quite to the contrary. Research and time have both shown that many medicines urged on doctors by pharmaceutical companies actually HARM patients, and many of these folks end up dead or in lawsuits that stretch on for years. And yet, the doctors keep taking the free products, keep pushing them, keep getting recompensed, and the pharm companies keep raking in the dollars.

            On the other hand….Princeton U…one of THE TOP RESEARCH UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD. Hmm…let me think…. yeah, must be about the money, Supplement Police. Definitely about the money, because Dr. Jeffrey Stock and his father had no other reason to do the research but for money. Unless you want to take into account that THEIR family has a long history of diseases such as Alzheimers, and the Drs. Stock did not want to end up that way. So they started their research independent of NeriumAD, naturally…OVER 20 YEARS AGO.

            Yes, I am a brand partner with Nerium International. I have suffered for over 35 years from debilitating migraine headaches that led to dozens of ER visits and shots of medicine that would leave me wonked-out for 12 hours or longer. Not good when one has two children and is a single mother. For the last few years I’ve taken Sumatriptan, which causes… guess what… memory loss. I had to balance the memory loss issue against the complete and utter suffering I would experience with a migraine, not to mention time off work and possible job loss, and i took the memory loss in stride, figuring I could work through it.

            News Flash: EHT has, to this date, stopped 5 migraine headaches since I started taking it in late May. I didn’t even know it could do that. I would just pop a Suma to take away the headache until someone said, “why not see if the EHT can help?” I take one at the onset, and one 15 minutes later. In the last month, 5 migraines kicked to the curb by EHT, and NO side effects. My memory? Improving daily. And pain levels… going down, which is awesome.

            So Supplement Police, do your diligent research, or better yet, hitch up your big-girl or big-boy pants and spend $100 for a two month supply and see what it does for you. Is that a challenge? Yes it is.

      • It is: Que sera sera! Whatever will be will be! Che has no meaning other than Che as in Che Guevara and cera means wax!

  38. Per the study published in Neurology, which was done entirely by MDs who received personal compensation for activities with Signum Biosciences (perhaps a conflict of interest?): “These findings indicate that EHT is one of the components responsible for the neuroprotective properties of coffee.”

    Why would coffee drinkers spend their money on this product, especially if the supplement only contains ONE of the components responsible for the neuroprotective properties of coffee? I’d like to see a true peer reviewed study that compares the effects of coffee vs. this product. How much coffee is equivalent to a single dose of EHT? Nerium reps, can you please enlighten me?

    • Debra probably works for Nerium, I would not think someone who doesn’t work for the company to be that over zealous

    • This is a good quedtion and something I’ve been wondering about myself. So I contacted Signum and asked this exact question. Their response was that it takes 10 + cups (depending on brewing methods) of coffee to equal 35 mg of EHT which is the amount in each caplet.

      • A ton of questions about this product, but this post brings up one that I can’t get over. If it takes ten cups of coffee to equal just one pill (35mg) of EHT then where are all these coffee beans coming from? As a consumer of this product you have to go into it assuming that any positive effects are placebo in nature until independent clinical trials can be completed.

        • It is an isolated molecule of coffee. It is mmy understanding that you can’t even get the benefits of EHT from drinking coffee.

    • Since my husband started EHT he hasn’t even wanted coffee, its not the same energy jolt you get from coffee, its more of a focused energy that spans all day. becomes available july 28th, if you have not taken it, i would.

  39. If you understand high-school chemistry, you can see the errors in the above report. This doesn’t prove that the product doesn’t work. It does show that they care little about accuracy, and this means everything said must be questioned rigorously.

    • Yeah, Wendy, lets take a step back here ok? You speak as if you are an expert. Do YOU work at Princeton University, the leading university in research of this type? Did you spend 20+ years doing research to try to find a cure for Alzheimers and other debilitating brain diseases? And you have the GALL to accuse Princeton of caring little about accuracy? Seriously?? Are you facing Alzheimers or early-onset dementia and want to ward it off? Probably not, If you WERE, you might be a bit more open-minded about a product with these claims. OR, you can always go to Walgreens or some other drug store and purchase one of THEIR supplements, which have lately been proved to contain NONE of the brain-enhancing products they claim to have. Oh, big surprise there…

      I am a Brand Partner with Nerium International. I am not a dummy. I come from a long line of medical people in my family, and we know about research, and clinical trials, clinical claims, and the like. I did NOT believe this product would do anything for ME, but surprise, it has. It is not based on “oh, its going to help me!” and surprise, it does. Its based on first-hand experience backed by my doctor’s note that my memory is improving, migraine headaches are being kicked to the curb, energy levels have increased, and pain levels have gone way down. And every day when i took it I thought, “yeah, well, it will work for others but I don’t expect it to do much for me. ”

      When someone makes the kind of statement you made above, it is a clear indication of a closed mind…of someone who does not want to be told they are incorrect in their assumptions… of a person who does not want to learn something new or try something new. I sincerely hope you at least consider doing your own research on this, searching not just for the NEGATIVES, but for the neutrals and the positives as well. You might be surprised.

      • You do realize that saying your experience is backed by a doctor’s note, which reports only subjective findings, is meaningless right? Being from a long line of medical people and all…

      • Princeton had nothing to do with EHT and they have said so many times. Please stop throwing around lies like this.

  40. Web pages that claim to be independent authorities on various things–are pretty much useless in the “reality” of things That’s my experience!

    • “A medically published article…”–what is that?

      Although this article is about the skin care product, not EHT, it illustrates several points that are important to evaluating EHT and anything published in regards to it. First of all, what you want to see when scientists/physicians are writing a research paper, is that it is peer-reviewed. I don’t know what “medically published” means, but a peer-reviewed article means the work submitted for publication is sent to experts in the particular area of study and they provide feedback to the journal editor about the validity of the research methods, the statistical methodology used to analyze the data, the research design, the use of controls and the soundness of the reasoning used to reach the conclusions. Based on that feedback a paper may fly right through to publication, may be significantly altered and or may be withdrawn altogether. Peer review is the bedrock of scientific inquiry and the dissemination of results.

      The skin care article cited is pretty typical of how Nerium approaches this important aspect of research and I would guess they will approach EHT research the same way. First, they published the article in a very minor journal of Dove Press. As a savvy consumer this should raise several red flags. Dove Press is just one of several online, open access for-profit publishers that have led to an explosion of science publishing over the past ten years. It is important to know several things about their business model: 1) the authors (or their employers) must pay hefty fees to Dove Press to get their articles published, 2) they turn around the “peer review” of these articles in a matter of weeks, not the months required in highly respected journals, and 3) they do this for dozens, if not hundreds, of similar niche journals that provide platforms to publish articles that would never make it into a more reputable journal. The sheer volume of activity means it is unlikely the journal editors are really scrutinizing all this material all that closely and a 2-3 week turnaround for peer review is somewhat of a joke. Cap that off with the fact the authors or their employers/corporate sponsors pay hefty fees to get this material published means this is a lot more about speed and money than it is about good science.

      This paper has other characteristics in common with Nerium research that are troubling. The work is done by unknown scientists at a contract lab (paid for by Nerium) rather than by independent academics whose credibility is on the line. The other scientist is Dr. Newman, the chief medical officer at Nerium, whose very livelihood is dependent on the success of the product and therefore has a very strong conflict-of-interest. It is also interesting to note that Nerium is in Texas, the contract lab is in Oregon and Dr. Newman’s contact information is in Maine. Hardly the sign of hands-on involvement. Even the study design is suspect. It’s essentially another set of test-tube/petri dish set of experiments (yawn) and doesn’t even involve a null control (no chemicals) to see if the same effects could be achieved without adding anything at all. As a scientist/physician, this is intellectually very unimpressive. And I like how they got the MD Anderson name in there, although Dr. Newman’s only current connection is an honorary professor emeritus title (to the best of my knowledge). Given how fiercely MD Anderson has defended their brand in the past, I wonder how long that honorary designation is going to last if it keeps getting connected to this kind of work.

      I hope Nerium and their corporate partner can do better than this with the EHT product, but the track record to date isn’t very promising.

      • Nerium should be selling kool aid the way some of these people are drinking it up. MLM at its finest. How many blocks, I mean team members must I stack beneath me before my pyramid makes me money? You do not need to enhance your cognitive brain functions in order to see how this company works. Go Team Go!!! …. and all the sheep follow.

        • You have obviously never seen how the Nerium “pyramid” works. UNLIKE our government, large corporations, pharmaceutical companies and the like, every person who becomes a Brand Partner has the opportunity to make just as much money as the person at the top…that being Mr. Jeff Olson, who has helped hundreds of people become millionaires.

          Let’s see…WalMart is owned by one family. They hire all these people to work their company and stores, and the money trickles down in tiny droplets to the point that over 40% of their employees must be on some kind of state aid to subsist. I say “subsist”, not “live”.

          Facebook: who do you think gets all the money THERE? Google, LinkedIn, Apple, Microsoft, HP…all these companies use “little people” like me to run them, and they rake in the profits while we struggle to live.

          Nerium International, on the other hand, uses both a vertical and horizontal method of building a business. Yeah, its called “network marketing” because we make friends before we make money. That works out pretty good. I only need three people to both get my product FOR FREE and also get a free additional bottle every month. Every time I help someone enhance their appearance with this wonderful skincare, I get a free bottle. Every time someone wants to join me in the business, I get a free bottle. That means once I start, I NEVER have to buy replenishment product again, unlike Amway, MaryKay, Avon, Melalleuca, and etcs. The company pays 13 different ways, and every one of their multiple bonuses (up to 1.5 million at this time, and that’s just ONE bonus) have been earned many times over by many dozens of people, including ME.

          Yep, say I drank the kool aid. Go ahead. But in five years, I’ll be living in Hawaii with my family, sending my grandkids to college, taking three-week vacations to Spain and the Bahamas, and driving the newest Lexus out there. Where are you gonna be?

        • I laugh when people use the term “Pyramid scheme”. EVERYTHING is a pyramid “scheme” from the Owner/CEO of a company all the way down to the person who cleans the bathrooms of his or her buildings. There’s usually one person on top and several on the bottom. And no, I’m not part of MLM but I am somewhere in the middle of a the largest senior living organization in the US. And no, I’m not taking EHT. I’m just up at 4am looking for something that could possibly work for my beloved grandmother who is my love and has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. With that said, JM, if you’re NOT the owner of your own company you’re part of someone else’s pyramid”. If you are you would have not made such a statement because you’d understand that you’re at the top of one.
          To those who have found relief with EHT that’s WONDERFUL! God bless you all and may he keep you in good health.

  41. As an outside researcher with NO affiliation to this site I’d like to know how many of the commenters thus far are affiliated with the product being discussed. Way too many formattted scripted replies from people trying to dismiss the info contained in the article. waiting until independent clinical trials are released. — Anything we take into our bodies has an affect on our bodies and mind.

    I loathe the Pharmacutical companies. I’m even more leary of MLM Marketers peddling non FDA tested ” mind enhancers” . Look back and MLM’s used to sell HGH and Penis Pills vial Spam Mail until the Can Spam Act of 2001. Now it all comes from offshore spammers.

    • Aaron,

      I would agree with that. Many of them come here to defend the product (even before it was released) on the basis that the company told them it was great and worked wonders. — It might. But until we see some real third party independent studies, it is just hearsay. Most of them were attacking the review since it wasn’t 100% with the company. Reps don’t like it when you possibly create a shadow of doubt. — I gave reps every chance they needed/wanted to answer questions and give their own thoughts. Not something regurgitated from their sponsor.

      People looking to purchase product or join a business, especially in the MLM industry need to do their own due diligence and find out how the company really operates. There are some great companies out there that stand behind their products and have proven that they work. But for every 1 of them there are 7 that use shady marketing and ingredients to make a quick buck.

      There are many good quality brand reps out there that give their downline and customers the support they need. Providing real support and answering questions without force feeding people sales tactics and pressuring them to buy. But again. There are bad seeds everywhere that taint the waters for the rest. Some new reps are simply following their sponsors. That really comes down on the company itself for not teaching Reps how to market and educate properly.

      I honestly don’t believe that the FDA has the means to test every product on the market. There are way to many health supplements and nootropics that are released on a daily basis. I think if people stick to reading into what research has shown on the supplement or ingredient then they will be as informed as they can be. Then it comes down to knowing your own health and how you have responded to similar products in the past.

      — Supplement Police

  42. Reading all of this information and comments makes me very happy to be an Arbonne Consultant. 35 years in business, pure, safe and beneficial….I wish you all well with this company.

  43. I think it is up to everyone to use or not use what they feel comfortable with. I have been using Nerium Day/Night cream on my face for the past 109 days with amazing results. 6 of my other friends are having the same type of results. 2 friends were allergic (they are also allergic to the creams you find in target). I have been on EHT for 8 days and am floored by my personal results. Increased focus and attention. Remembering names and addresses. Its weird because I don’t feel like I am on something, I just feel alert and together. I def know where my keys are now. I don’t care if you try it or not, I’m just adding my own personal experiences with the Nerium products. I’m def a user for life of all of the products now. If anyone would like to see my non photoshopped before and afters, I am happy to share :) I can send the originals from my phone that have not been cropped or placed together.

  44. Products that need mlm’s for their sales realize the product can not be supported by it’s own merits and needs the rabid, get rich quick types that feed these pyramid schemes to promote and sell their products. The same people who vest themselves in these scams are the same type who will fall for the false claims and no empirical evidence of efficacy. There is a personality type that gravitates towards mlm and that type will believe all the misleading claims and lack of real evidence and are very good at finding those types who also will fall for the mlm itself or the shoddy products they peddle. Products that really work don’t need mlm distribution. They avail themselves of conventional marketing streams. The BP’s commenting on this site are strikingly similar to those who try and defend Scientolology. They sound just as brainwashed and silly in their defenses. Mlm is really just another type of cult following and those who follow it can’t be counted on to truthfully represent the products they sell to be any more reliable than the cult itself that they fell for. There is one word that sums it all up. Gullible.

    • I do not necessarily agree with you. I think it is brilliant way to do commerce. People can change their financial future (if they work really hard and long), it something you can get into for not too high a price (way less than other business ideas), its a way to work at home. Etc. That all being said… have to really scrutinize the company and products. I know some amazing companies and I know people who have done incredibly well (but they worked really hard)

  45. Perhaps if you are not a coffee drinker, this supplement might benefit you. But for most of us who drink coffee daily, I see no personal benefit to taking this pill.

    • You will find yourself not needing coffee, i actually drink decaf black sometimes now because i miss the taste, but not the effect! the focus and attention i get from eHT daily, sound sleep, increased energy- i never got that with coffee. just my opinion! i do take it, but when it becomes available, try it.

    • Lisa this supplement has nothing to do with coffee other than the ingredient in it is a derivative of the coffee bean. There is no caffeine in EHT. The Drs. Stock started researching the coffee BEAN because it was empirically proven that people who drank coffee were less likely to suffer from debilitating mental illnesses such as Alzheimers. As they themselves were facing that very prospect, they started the research at Princeton University over 20 years ago. Over 1200 tests were done on the different ingredients or whatever you want to call them IN the coffee bean. The one in EHT is the one that really made the difference.

      Coffee does NOT boost your immune system. It does NOT affect your pain levels in a positive way. It does not alleviate inflammation of the body and brain. It does not help build the neurons in your brain to increase the blood flow, thereby increasing your brain’s capacity to think, act and protect you. These are just a few of the good benefits of EHT.

      Please look up TAU, a brain protein that is directly enhanced and affected by EHT. Without TAU, our brains don’t function as well. Everyone will think what they want. I just strongly encourage you to do your due diligent research before stating that because you drink coffee, you see no personal benefit. I”m not being rude. I’m just saying, you don’t know what you don’t know, that’s all : )

  46. It’s scary that I’m getting calls from brand partners about a supplement that they know nothing about. I already lost a friend because he wanted me to become a brand partner for the cream but I was suspicious about the oleander plant and third party testing and called him out on it. He hasn’t talked to me since and said I was retarded. Maybe I am and need to take EHT. I wasn’t trying to insult him, I just didn’t believe in the product (or know enough about it) and he couldn’t prove anything other than send me pictures and say “just go to the website” . I can’t talk shit too much about the product though because I’ve never tried it so in all honestly, I can’t say that it doesn’t work. I just know that my gut feeling says not to use it. (Sorry to the BP friends that I still have).

    I’m happy that Nerium has helped so many people make some cash though. These are just sales people trying to make a living so I support that. It’s just the sales tactic and how sketchy the company sounds that bugs me. I haven’t met one sales person that knows how the cream truly works. I highly doubt that these same sales people will be able to explain how EHT works, besides saying, watch this video…Also, I think the Jeff Olson cheese ball behind the company is very good at marketing tactics. They make all the sales people become partners so they take less risk. Very smart in my opinion. It’s also hard to find complaints about the product on google until you go about 10 pages back because Nerium spammed the hell out of their articles and reworded everything so you don’t get the dirt quickly.

    So, anyways, EHT…God, just what we need is another sketchy product that doesn’t need to be FDA approved. I certainly think EHT is going to be a tougher sell for the company because his sales people will sound dumber than even me, (and thats tough to do) as they try to explain the product and how it could potentially cure Alzheimer’s disease. Cosmetics, yeah, I get it. I know a lot of beautiful women who do well selling it. But a brain function enhancer? Sounds complex. Try to explain to intelligent people the effects of the “supplement” by saying “check out these pictures and to go to the website!” Sorry, no thanks. I wonder if the Nerium team is going to want the customers to take before and after pictures of their brains and post them on their “paid to party” cult website. I love how they get so excited that it’s a Princeton guy. WOWZERS!

    I hope these Nerium sales people all do well (hopefully by finding something better to do). I just think don’t like the products Nerium seems to be getting into. Both sound so sketch. I want proof from the American Medical Association or something. Not a company that does testing of it’s own products and says they work. Then I’ll shut up.

    • Do you have to know how everything works before you use it? I use my car, my indoor plumbing and my TV daily. I don’t know how they work but they do. I know several doctors that take EHT. One of them had suffered a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. She has been amazed with the results she has had.
      Sending someone to a website to watch a video is the best way to help someone understand information. When I asked my son, who is a diesel mechanic how a diesel engine works, my eyes glazed over. But when I saw a You tube video on the subject, it was much clearer.

  47. Would love to give you a 30 day trial . Contact me. EHT is nothing new in the market. Google it, EHT and ME Sports. The Nerium relationship with EHT is new. Princeton researchers and NFL players, others, athletes and non-athletes, have results from using it.

  48. I read several of these comments and some really got me going. I found Mark Hochstetler’s views rather interesting from a doctor’s perspective. Anything can affect people in different ways.

    To say something doesn’t work because the amount is not enough to really do any good would depend on the person using it. I did us it for 5 days (as a favor for a friend). I took before and after pics. During the time I used the night cream, I was not seeing improvement. Since I wear glasses I can see now why I thought that. My husband took the pics. I was very careful to take them the same time of day, same room, same light and setting on camera.

    When I put my glasses on to see pics I almost fell over at the difference in my face. I sent them to my friend and she made sure I didn’t “fix” anything. She said my results were unusual to see that drastic of a difference. The lines around my eyes were drastically diminishing, lines on each side of my nose were fading and those wonderful (11’s) between my eyes were fading. Redness was almost non existent. If this product CAUSES inflammation, then why wasn’t my skin more red and puffy. My skin around my eyes was less puffy and skin had more of a neutral tone. Inflammation would cause redness and swelling.

    I was so impressed I bought the contour lotion for my legs and when I show people pics of them they can’t believe the difference. I have been so impressed that yes I decided to sell it. When they send me before & after pics, some were impressed and some were not. But I notice in ALL the pics the puffiness around the eyes and face was diminished.

    One person did break out and she stopped using it. Anyone can have an allergy to anything. I’m allergic to all mascara except one, but it doesn’t make all the others poisonous. I sell it because I see the good in this product.

    Doctors give out prescription medicine everyday with side affects that are unbelievable. A friend of my daughters took Accutane and the side affects for her were excruciating bowel movements and God forbid you get pregnant on that stuff so much so they do pregnancy test before they let you take it. I know people on constant low dosage antibiotics to keep their face clear. Long term will that cause her immune system to be weakened?……..Did they really consider as you would say “safety and dosage issues”? I’ll go natural before medical any day. My doctor put me on HRT years ago with the manmade hormones (the good ole pregnant horse urine) and its worked, felt great. THEN the studies came out about increased cancer issues. Off I went and convinced him to put me on compounded bio identical HRT from plants.

    I feel great. He was skeptical and expressed that. After a few years, he had gone to a seminar on it and admitted there was something to this natural way. When I had digestive issues years ago, the doctors were ready to give me acid reducers and probiotics which I did not do. I lost 12 lbs., stopped eating processed foods, went organic and non GMO. My cholesterol dropped first year 17 points, second year another 10 points. I don’t have the digestive issues that they were so ready to “cure” with a pill.

    Doctors are not quick to question your lifestyle and make adjustments. But let a company come out with ingredients that are not manmade and doctors jump all over it. Certain extracts from Marijuana have been proven to drastically reduce seizures and used in cancer treatments. It comes from the part that does NOT make you high, but people go crazy hearing the word marijuana. The same for oleander. Not all that’s extracted from oleander is poisonous. If some good can come from it, I see no reason not to use it. I take 5-7 supplements a day, eat a healthy diet and exercise. People think I’m 45 when I’m actually 60. You dismiss Nerium skin products as “essentially a homeopathic product”.

    Watch those prescription ads on tv and I’m more afraid to take a prescription than anything homeopathic. There’s lots of doctors out there in the back pocket of the big pharmaceutical companies, especially in regards to pain killers (#1 addiction in the US). If you want to talk about who makes the money, do a comparison there. I don’t think they are in the “business” not to make money, especially in the US.

    • Mark,
      So you’re a physician, are you saying you prescribe only things that have no side effects? How about accutane? Have you experienced what that does to an unborn fetus? How about hormones that cause cancer? How about Viagra? Do you even write prescriptions Mark? Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house!

      • Lou, you are comparing apples and oranges. The drugs you’ve mentioned have been heavily studied, published in clinical peer reviewed journals, and have real clinical trials to back them up. There are risk/benefits to taking any medication. The issue is that a supplement is not held to any standard and a company can pretty much say whatever it wants. I have been very curious why this break-through discovery was not picked up by big pharma and Mark did a nice job of pondering that very thought.

      • Virtually any chemical, pharmaceutical product, supplement, additive or “natural” product we can ingest can have a side effect in someone sometime or interact with other substances we ingest for other reasons. Aspirin, which is over-the-counter, has so many adverse side effects and interactions that it would never be approved for OTC use if it were brought to the market today. Anyone prescribing medications is trained to assess the risk vs. the benefit for the patient. In some, but not all states, prescribing abilities can be restricted dependent on the level of training a practitioner has received and their ability to assess and manage the risk/benefit ratio for the individual they are treating.

        As long as you stick to drinking clean water and eating the same foods our ancestors ate for thousands of years, you really can’t go too far wrong unless you have a disease affected by food choice (I have gout and avoid foods high in purines). The minute you start putting other substances into or onto your body things can get complicated fairly quickly. I consider myself to be very open-minded about alternative medicine and very respectful of what European folk medicine and other cultures accomplished before the advent of modern Western medicine in the 20th century. In fact, I’ve spent time in China studying traditional Chinese medicine and how it can complement Western medicine.

        My major takeaway from 30+ years in medicine is that most people believe “natural” products have the same risk profile as their natural food sources and natural water. They do not. Unrefined, unprocessed natural products (generally from plants) contain literally hundreds of substances in addition to the main chemical that provides the benefit or effect you’re seeking. An unfortunate, but very good example is tobacco. Tobacco is a plant that is harvested to be smoked. Smoking is just another type of delivery system into the body, just like ingesting something, injecting something or rubbing something on your skin. People smoke tobacco for a variety of reasons, but one of the major reasons is their addiction to nicotine, the major chemical ingredient in tobacco. Nicotine is small quantities is good for you, but it is addictive and a large enough quantity can actually kill you. However, it is not the nicotine in tobacco that kills most people; it is the hundreds of other substances which, when burned, are carcinogenic.

        That example illustrates the risk of unrefined plant products–you don’t know what you are getting. In most cases the retailers and the manufacturers don’t know what the other substances are or what they do. They don’t know what purity the plants are and therefore don’t know the levels present in the product, not even of the main ingredient. Unless they run an exceptionally tight supply chain they don’t know who grew the plant, where exactly it was grown, under what circumstances it was grown and what chemicals, if any, were applied to the plant while it was growing. I grew up on a farm and I can tell you those are very important questions in an industry that is very lightly regulated. And if you don’t think there can’t be an enormous variation in plants and their effects on you, ask the customers in Colorado about the hundreds of varieties of cannabis they are now encountering.

        The decision to largely free the dietary supplement industry of FDA oversight in the early 1990s was a political one; it was not based on public safety issues. The deal was pretty simple. As long as the manufacturers and retailers don’t claim a supplement treats a condition or disease they are not required to go through the extensive FDA process for approval (average cost to bring a single drug to market today is $2 billion). They are required to test for safety and dosage, but all they have to do is keep it on file and be prepared to produce it if the FDA asks. They are required to pass any customer reports of severe adverse events (side effects and interactions) to the FDA. The paperwork is important–the FDA recently caught several manufacturers selling products that had none of the active ingredients present when tested.

        So, how does this relate to Nerium Skin Care and EHT. Cosmetics are even more lightly regulated than supplements. The main concern with cosmetics is safety–don’t put substances on people that cause rashes or makes them sick. The good news on the Skin Care is the safety profile–it is so diluted it can’t possibly hurt you. To those of you who equate mild inflammation with redness–it isn’t so. The inflammation here is more about mild tissue swelling and its resultant smoothing effect on wrinkles, etc. It’s my theory, and only a theory, that they worked hard to balance the oleander extract and the aloe to achieve mild swelling, but without redness. It’s a temporary effect that is maintained only as long as you keep applying the expensive product.

        EHT, as i tried to state in my earlier post, is a different animal altogether. It is a “natural” product extracted from coffee. Like the tobacco analogy, coffee is a complex plant-based product with a main ingredient, caffeine. EHT is apparently one of the hundreds of other substances that are present in the beans. Coffee caught the attention of investigators because of some epidemiological studies that showed an association between heavy coffee drinking and a decreased risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Two caveats to those studies: 1) the population with lower risk drank an average of 10+ cups of coffee/day for years and years and, 2) they showed an “association”, not “cause and effect”.

        Based on those clues Dr. Stock of Princeton went hunting and believes, based on test tube tests and some mouse studies, that he may have found the chemical in coffee that explains the observations, EHT. The biochemistry looks right, but there is no published evidence that it works in humans or that it is safe to ingest. There’s no data publicly available that it has no side effects (remember, everything has side effects except long-standing foods and water) or that it doesn’t interact with other things you may be taking, whether they be of “natural” or “synthetic” origin. The fact they claim its direct action is on your brain makes the lack of transparency even more alarming. For instance, I can’t find anywhere in the scientific literature a quantification of how much EHT is present in a cup of coffee. I know, on average, how much caffeine there is–150 to 200 mg. A single dose of EHT contains 35 mg of EHT–how many cups of coffee is that? Is it less than ten?–because if it is, then that runs counter to the studies they cite showing a positive neurological effect, which took 10+ cups/day over many years.

        I’m not opposed to natural substances, dietary supplements per se or EHT; I’m opposed to unsupported claims and a lack of transparency. Back to my role as a practicing physician–if a patient came to me asking about EHT we would discuss the concerns I just outlined. I would advise them that until there was more information available to assess the risk/benefit ratio (until the manufacturer/retailer was more forthcoming) I could not, in all conscience, advise them it was safe to take the product. And if they asked me about their kids, because I know people who are giving it to their small (pre-school) children, I would advice them to absolutely not do so. Kids have rapidly developing brains with lots of chemical activity; to introduce a foreign chemical into that situation would seem ill-advised. After all, would you give your pre-schooler 10+ cups of coffee?

  49. Here we go again. Another supplement that may prevent a disease we know little about. EHT isn’t proven to do anything, just like the data on most supplements Supports. Don’t be fooled people. MLS are not a good thing to get in to. You will use your friends, AND Make The Top 10% wealthy. Use your common sense people.

  50. I am a physician who was asked to review the Nerium and EHT products by my niece, who sells the products. My professional background is 30+ years as a medical director for various health care-associated organizations: health system, insurer and a clinical quality improvement organization. I have never worked for a pharmaceutical company. I am not a fan of multi-level marketing companies, but the marketing and sales process is irrelevant to my analysis, which is based on facts and science to the extent possible.

    Let me first say that I believe the Nerium skin care product is safe as it is currently formulated, although not for reasons that provide any comfort to a user of the product. It is safe because the active ingredient is present in homeopathic levels. In other words, so little active ingredient is present that it can’t possibly hurt you, even though the oleander plant is quite toxic, I can assure you. You notice that none of the folks citing how safe oleander is can be found actually ingesting parts of the plant. To put numbers to it, if you are familiar with 1% steroid cream, this active ingredient is present at 1/1000 of that level. That’s not very much. That’s why the poison control expert often cited states that a child can ingest 400 bottles with no ill effects. There’s so little active ingredient I estimate it costs about 15 cents for the ingredients in a bottle–and how much does it cost?

    That said, I believe enough oleander extract is present, based on the dosages listed in the one study of the skin product, to produce a mild or low level of inflammation in the skin to which it is applied. The aloe present in what is purportedly a proprietary formulation is probably just enough to prevent the inflammation from becoming a clinical problem for the customer. Someone has probably worked out the precise ratio of aloe: oleander extract to maintain a mild inflammation for long periods of time. That’s critical because the mechanism for the cosmetic effect (skin smoothing and wrinkle eradication) is really no more than a constant, low-level inflammation that causes the skin to swell enough to look smooth and wrinkle-free. However, if you stop the product the inflammation will decrease and the former appearance will return. It’s not clear what the long-term impact of mild inflammation is on facial skin, but I doubt that it is good.

    All in all, from a medical point of view I think the skin care product does absolutely nothing. It is not dangerous, but it does not produce any positive change in the skin that lasts beyond the last application of the product. As I would tell my patients who asked about such products, it’s OK as long as it doesn’t harm you and you are willing to consider it a form of entertainment, but don’t spend so much money on it that you have trouble meeting your other obligations in life, like your kids.

    Nerium has an associated company, Nerium Biotechnology. I believe Nerium Biotech receives 30% of some type of financial flow from the Nerium marketing organization, presumably to perform R&D on potential products. I found several things disturbing about Nerium Biotech. There doesn’t appear to be a strong corporate governance system in place. Joseph Nester, the CFO/head of operations/secretary-treasurer was involved earlier in his career with an oncology medication (Anvirzel) that was ordered off the market by the FDA 2000. That’s hardly a ringing endorsement of what he brings to the company. Even more troubling, a physician member of the corporation’s Advisory Committee, a very important leadership group for these biotech companies, was charged with mail and billing fraud and running a “pill mill” for narcotics in the Houston area. How he got into their corporate leadership is beyond me. Other troubling findings include a Latin American operation that is marketing Anvirzel, the product the FDA removed from the US market. As a physician, I also find Nerium Biotech engaging in a disturbing degree of academic name-dropping based on some fairly tenuous connections. The name-dropping includes some prestigious medical centers (MD Anderson, Johns Hopkins, and Duke) and not so prestigious (Louisiana State), but in all cases the connections are not very solid.

    I’d now like to discuss Nerium’s newest product offering, EHT, developed by Signum Biosciences. The academic association here is pretty solid as the principal driver of Signum is Dr. Jeffry Stock, a professor at Princeton. The product, EHT, also seems to show some promise although it is curious that after 12 years of efforts Dr. Stock has been unable to convince a US pharmaceutical company to develop this substance to the point of conducting clinical trials. It is pretty obvious that Dr. Stock and members of his family have been trying to monetize EHT in a variety of ways. When big pharma didn’t pan out they positioned it as a dietary supplement that was direct-marketed over their website beginning last year (as far as I could tell). I would guess that did not generate enough sales, so it is now exclusively available through Nerium and probably makes a good companion product, as an anti-aging product for the brain, to the anti-aging skin care product.

    Let’s look at the science. EHT, a molecule extracted from coffee, may have a role in slowing the degradation of brain cells that come with age and certain conditions like Alzheimer’s. The scientific reasoning is plausible and test tube studies have been promising. Animal studies with mice have also been promising, but I have seen no studies involving human beings. I have not seen any published studies on the safety and dosages of EHT. Based on the absence of that information, I would not personally ingest EHT and I certainly would not give it to my children. It is my experience that most of my patients had no idea that a dietary supplement or a natural substance could have adverse interactions with other ingested substances or medications or have side effects; there is no reason to think EHT is free of either.

    Despite the promise I believe EHT may hold, the latest marketing materials from Signum were very disturbing. They were written in a very amateur style, with poor punctuation, sentence fragments and run-on sentences. The company seriously needs a good copy editor. The claims are riddled with qualifiers (may be, can, should, may help) that have no place in a document that is citing the results of lab experiments. There are a variety of endorsements and references to celebrities that range from the amusing (Yogi Berra and Albert Einstein) to the self-serving (Max Stock, CEO) to the irrelevant (Ahmad Brooks of the NFL) who doesn’t even mention the product or claimed to have even used it. A lab study is cited that I could have performed in my kitchen and which concludes that EHT is not as good an anti-oxidant as vitamin C. If you are looking for an anti-oxidant I can sell you a great deal of vitamin C for what you will pay for an equivalent amount of EHT. There are attempts to somehow place EHT into the category of superfoods, a concept that has no scientific basis.

    There are many claims about the benefits of EHT for brain function and health. My personal favorite is “strengthens and fortifies natural brain functions”. What I’d like to know is an “unnatural” brain function?

    My conclusion is that EHT is not ready for prime time. I would not take it and I certainly would not give it to my children. I would advise a patient not to ingest it as I consider its potential for harm to be much greater than the Nerium skin care product, which is essentially a homeopathic product. Until some credible data is published or released by the companies involved in its manufacture and distribution regarding safety and dosage issues and performed by an independent, academic medical center (not a corporate, for-hire contract lab) I cannot feel comfortable with this product. I was initially impressed by Signum Biosciences and the staff associated with it, but the latest documents they released have negated all that. Their marketing materials are now beginning to read like the script for an infomercial and I wonder who is writing it.

  51. Who cares how the product is marketed? If it works then I don’t care how much it costs. And if it doesn’t work then I don’t want it even if it’s free.

  52. Wow.. .They use nothing but synthetic ingredients made my BIG pharma and contain NO FOOD SOURCE NUTRIENTS. #truthaboutsupplements #readthelabel

    • Joe,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. But this is not an advertisement. No where in the article are you asked to join or purchase. This is simply a review of the information that NERIUM EHT has made public and that we can find on other sources.

      — Supplement Police

  53. I am a brand partner and use Nerium on a daily bases. I was intertaining the idea of a face lift prior to its use. I don’t care about the science behind it and all the yakking going on. I know that it works and I will continue to use it. Like they say”proof is in the pudding.” For you skeptics out there go ahead and spend your money on face creams that do not work. The face creams you can buy from any department store or drug store. All the products that are advertised and using a middleman. For myself, I’ll continue to use Nerium because I have real results and the people I know are who are using have had real results too!

    • I’m curious, are you a brand partner or do you buy your product? A face lift might be the more economical solution over time. Plus, a face lift is permanent. If you lose your ability to buy (or sell) Nerium, you will end up needing that face lift after all. Because, your skin WILL go back to it’s original condition if you stop using it.

      • Lisa, we all can get a face lift but can’t do a darned thing about our necks or hands. Think about that. I am a brand partner and I get my products for free, plus everyone who decides to use the product, usually after a 7-day free trial, I help them get theirs for free too. Its how I operate. And frankly, your skin will go back to its original condition after a face lift too. Look at all the Hollywood stars who have had face lifts and you can TELL they had one and it looks awful. Why do you think Diane Keaton wears turtlenecks, large necklaces, and pretty tops that have sleeves that cover the tops of her hands? Because A FACE LIFT isn’t going to help those areas. Not a bit. As for NeriumAD, I’m not going to quit using it to see how long it will take for my skin to go back to its original condition. That would be pretty stupid. I CAN say I’ll look younger and happier longer than those who choose to be negative and close-minded.

  54. All I can say as someone who has worked with, cared for and been trained extensively on Alzheimer’s Disease, this product holds no value to me until I see multiple SCIENTIFIC journals publishing 3rd party trials and studies. Studies on EHT, not the individual components of EHT, in studies of 500 people or more. This whole industry is unregulated and most products are scams. With that being said, if said studies come out proving the benefits of EHT, I’ll be first in line. Until then, this is just garbage and employees of the company should tread a fine line as they are giving sick individuals false hope.

    • Harry- I agree with you and believe we need to be very, very careful with how we represent EHT (eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide). That is the reason we are told to point people in the way of the videos and reports rather than be a voice for the product . I am excited about it, however because of all the information I have found. Google Tau, in particular, there is a lot of information on that. WE cannot link EHT to any of the neurodegenerative disorders, that will be up to the scientists. There are videos where Dr. Jeffery Stock and Maxwell Stock discuss how EHT interacts with the PP2A protein regulator, Tau, Amyloid etc.(I found the videos on a EHT Facebook page but that was just the easiest route to find them). I also have copies of the labs white sheets which I will share via email, as I can’t load the PDF to this site. I know people with both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease of which I am hoping and praying EHT will help.


  56. Huperzine A is a listed ingredient in this formula. Definitely need to consult your doctor first.

  57. WOW. There are some truly sad and hateful people commenting here. Don’t you people have a life? Geez. I feel sorry for you. I do not work for the company, am not caught up in any hype. I did my research, read the scientific findings and listened to personal testimonies. I’ve seen the Nerium products in action and then used it myself. All I can say is that I am utterly pleased like I have never been with any other anti-agin product except The Wiley Protocol hormone creams. I attended a pre-launch event last night for this EHT stuff at the personal invitation from my mother in law because she knows that my dad has Huntingtons and is always looking for ways to combat his cognitive degeneration. As with the first product, I am doing my research and so far I am impressed. I’m even willing to give the stuff a try. Here’s my take: if the product works then you naysayers and whiners have lost a lot. If the product doesn’t work then you naysayers were right but you sure look like asses because you do nothing but take away hope.

    • Shannon,

      Your post was brilliant. I can’t say I’m shocked at the negativity or the folks drinking a large amount of haterade for something they have not tried, whether it’s this product or any other… all in all, folks are allowed opinions and we all know that saying, right? Opinions are like ——-s and we all have one.

      Freedom of speech is part of being a citizen of the United States of beautiful America! :) Many have fought and given their lives for this huge privilege many take advantage of. I just wanted to commend you on being honest and having an open mind and sharing your position and the circumstances leading to the same. I am like you, my own individual. I don’t believe arguing with conformists or naysayers is worth anyone’s valuable and precious time on this earth; and I also believe that everyone has a reason for being the way they are. Many won’t even like this but God Bless You All and have a good night! Human beings are beautiful and I wish we all had that near-death experience to help us realize and value what is actually most important to each one of us while we’re on this earth. Until then, bickering over things we have no control over (opinions of others) will keep life interesting. :)

      Bed time for me. I have to find more sites like this so I can entertain and inform myself of what others have to say about anything.

  58. If this product is so promising why isn’t Princeton University having the supplement FDA approved and partnering with a pharmaceutical company. Also when listening to the video re: the product they never mentioned the # of people in their case study, the types of people (race,gender,age,healthy,not healthy) nor do they clarify the ending results. They just state “we noticed a difference.” did they conduct their study with a group of people given what they thought was the brain supplement but actually a placebo were their ending results also “we felt dufferent”

    • I am impressed and more willing to try the stuff BECAUSE they don’t go to the FDA, who has approved such poisons as ASPARTAME and Azodicarbonamide! And if you trust Big Pharma, you are in more trouble than you think. You might want to go take a pill to calm yourself down. If its so important to you about the number of people in their case studies and the types, I’m sure you can find out. I certainly don’t do that with every product, food or supplement I buy. All I know is that this is promising and right now it delivers hope. My father has Huntingtons disease. Google it. It is terrifying and debilitating. I am willing to risk that this might not work in the hopes that it will. BTW, I do not work for the company nor do I sell the product.

    • If this product was given to a drug company, the cost would be through the roof! Clinical studies are continuing to be done. The Michael J Fox foundation has donated money. That makes me think they know something that we don’t know yet. It does a lot more than it says it does. As a supplement, it can’t claim that it can treat or prevent any medical condition due to FDA regulations. The drug companies are very powerful. There is a national trend to eat cleaner and use natural supplements instead of drugs. The stories that I have read, and my family’s personal results, are enough to make me a believer. The only side effect I have heard of was some people had headaches when they first started taking it.

  59. People on both sides of the trench ,just lobbing grenades at each other. The Nerium army out in full force on here ,defending their product ,and all of them seem to be waiting for some legitimacy that is coming,or is on its way to coming.

    The other side disparaging MLM, and Nerium in general based off a plants potency,and their belief that what Nerium claims isnt possible…I love it.

    Great job supp police.

    Personally I have absoultely no dog in this fight here,but,i am going to obtain the product ,and give it a try.

    I will let you know exactly how I feel after using the product.

  60. Princeton people think about it :) it’s not hard !!!! Not some Joe shmo off the street but Dr’s and the Michael j fox foundation what more credibility do you need

  61. I will not purchase any product sold through MLM. If a company insists upon marketing on the backs of the lowest level sellers and isn’t legit enough to get the product in stores and accessible to the public, then something is fishy. I’ve NEVER known any legitimate product to be sold in such a way. It is so very sad, that as DESPERATE as people are to prevent mental decline that Nerium would choose to bilk the trusting public.

    • You are missing out then. I’ve purchased MANY products from MLM companies: Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Scentsy, Pure Romance, Amway. I LOVE them all.

  62. The majority of the ingredients are synthetic. Why would you want to pump your body and brain with synthetics when there are natural ways to get the same results? Organic fruits and vegetables to start with. Titanium Dioxide is a known carcinogenic and the European Union won’t allow it in their sunscreen so why would you want to ingest it? This is scary stuff.

    • JAF,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I wasn’t initially going to publish this because it adds nothing of value to the conversation, but I wanted to go ahead and approve so that maybe you can come back here and actually leave a useful or thoughtful comment about Nerium EHT.

      Most of the conversation here is civil and I plan to keep it that way. But please feel free to come back and have a meaningful discussion about NERIUM.

      What are your thoughts? What brought you to our review today?

      — Supplement Police

  63. $70 bucks! What a JOKE! I formulate supplements for a living and I GUARANTEE that product costs around $3 bucks to make! Typical MLM RIPOFF!

    • Steve- this is an absurd argument…there are thousands if not millions of products that are sold over the counter that cost pennies to manufacture and the retail price the product is sold for is much more…it’s the benefits of a product that determines its value! Otherwise everything would cost a few dollars to purchase!

  64. Please STOP COMMENTING if you are a Nerium BP. Every comment you submit sends this website higher into internet engine search ratings. You are doing the company a disservice and actually promoting the negative discussion about EHT and NeriumAD!!

    Keep it classy. People will always take the opposing side when someone is having success. Let’s it go.

    • Alayna,

      While I can appreciate what you are saying, you are going about it all wrong. The review is here and it isn’t going away (it will be updated at some point when new information comes to light).

      The single best thing you can do as a brand promoter is to step up and leave a comment/reply about WHY you feel that the other comments are wrong/inaccurate. Unanswered questions will only create more doubt and disbelief in a company and product.

      If you have the answers, please feel free to share. The people here asking questions are here to learn more. And I am sure that 99% of them would be willing to listen if there was proof in the answer. So don’t ignore the questions, answer them. Use this as free expression to promote the brand and right a possibly wrong statement or answer a question that a lot of onlookers may be wondering.

      Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions – Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead.
      — Chanakya

      — Supplement Police

    • Alayna,

      Why do you have such a problem with people seeing BOTH sides of a discussion. Are you afraid that negative comments might hurt you potential for sales? This is supposed to be a supplement that helps people. I think that any potential buyer should know ALL the facts before making a purchase of something this important to their health.

  65. Hello,
    EHT is very legitimate. If you will check the BBB you will see that Nerium International rates an A+ since its inception in 2012. Just as with any new company there will be those who will have something negative to say because it’s in their nature to be that way.

    Cancer research chemists who work for MD Anderson in Dallas & Houston Texas worked 10 years on refining the NAE-8 extract from the red Oleander plant (because the yellow Oleander plant is most dangerous).

    I encourage you to please be open minded about these products because you too could financially benefit from this company.
    Thank You,

  66. Snake oil. Where are the published clinical trials? The claims are outrageous. The real truth, people, is that there is no fountain of youth, no “reversing” or preventing aging. What qualifies the housewife down the street to be the authority on and salesperson for such a miraculous miracle? Buying this stuff will give you expensive urine, that’s about it.

  67. There is a clear and present slant to the initial review and is was with attitude as well. With all due respect, this evaluater has some personal work to do and we should not take his/her time away from that important task that we could all benefit from!

  68. Hello,
    I’m neither a rep nor do I get paid to do reviews only any company or products as I have to backing to such. But this is just my opinion. As with any products esp., one that affects your brain. I think I would be weary to take something without seeing or hearing results from actual people. As I understand that drug companies have to put a lot of research and money into a product and to be approved by the FDA before it can be market and claim to do the thing it does. Products can by pass FDA and does not have to put lots of research or put out evidence for a product and can market such product as naturaI (and not a drug). However, they can market the product and not go through FDA approval as long as they do not claim to “treat”. Nerium may be a good product but that has to be seen. There needs to be more evidence of it working by actual people and is wide spread know before I as a consumer wants to try such product. Esp. if it is expensive and you can’t see the result for years to come. As an unbias consumer, I would definitely want to do more research. I’ve seen reviews for their cream and I’ve seen equally 5 stars and one stars. I also see many supporter here on this site defending the company.I do not support nor dis this company or it’s product as I have no bad evidence against them or their products. But in the end, this is my opinion, there is nothing wrong with doing more research on a product that you want to consume esp. one that affects the brain. As I do not trust anything on the internet or television. Cuz they can make things go both ways… good or bad..

  69. How does neurium eht metabolize any differently than coffee? It would be cheaper just to have a cup of decaf every morning.

    Also, you really need to just delete comments from this shills. You must have left the journalism game a long time ago. It’s common practice to disable comments of controversial articles nowadays because readers often skip the article to read the comments and get what they believe is the “straight dope”. In this case, the straight dope is people who are paid to shill. That’s dangerous!

    • I disagree with disabling comments. Identifying shills is crucial to making informed decisions, and studying the behaviors of the hopeless, unskilled shills assists in identifying the better, more subtle charlatans.

      There’s plenty of “straight dope” in this section as well. A healthy number of people are asking for peer reviewed studies (or, really, any documentation at all that doesn’t come from the company website or ‘partners’ (employees)”. Onlookers will soon be able to see posts from x weeks/months ago, far beyond the delivery date of promised documentation, assuming this product and company goes down as many suspect.

      I do like how the site moderation scrubs all the upline links. That’s gotta be frustrating.

  70. I just have one question for all of you who are so against MLM’s…. Who do you work for? I would guess that you are an employee of some business or organization making someone else rich. Don’t look now, but you are a part of an MLM!!!

    With Nerium and Jeff Olsen , the millionaire maker, author of the Slight Edge, at the head of the business, I am willing to take the chance with the business. And being a user of the product for the last 2 years, I am a believer in it and have my own results.

    John D Rockefeller said: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own.” I guess that is why is was the rich one! And it sure sounds great to me!! Why not you??!!?? Just sayin

    • I belong to an MLM but it is one where the products aren’t considered controversial or dangerous! :) AND have proven antiage ingredients…

      • You “belong” to an MLM? That’s sounding cultish. I don’t belong to anything. However, I do represent a product… ;-)
        Secondly, does a controversial vs a non controversial product mean it’s more effective?
        Third and most important, define dangerous! Lol
        Just because an ingredient comes from a “dangerous” plant DOES NOT make the ingredient dangerous to use or eat as shown in this link. It’s all in the extraction process…
        Your response, albeit a clever way to convince people your MLM is better, was invalid.

  71. Also, all of Nerium’s products are patented. I’m pretty sure you can’t patent anything that is harmful. And everyone saying anything negative about EHT please just research it. I know a lot of people who will benefit from this. The Alzheimer’s Foundation and the Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s were large contributors for this product and all the 20+ years of research done to make it possible. EHT is a molecule found in a coffee bean that they have discovered and done extensive research on. Read about it on

    • My wife is a brand partner, so I won’t slam Nerium. I just want to let you know that the FDA approves many things that are harmful. Just look at any recent drug being released and the side effects that come along with it. A patent means nothing.

    • “I’m pretty sure you can’t patent anything that is harmful.”

      Of course you can, whether you know it’s harmful or not. Good grief, haven’t you heard the television adverts for patented drugs that treat arthritis or diabetes or something and come with a lengthy list of harmful side effects? My favourite is an asthma drug that has the side effect of “increased risk of asthma related death”, lol.

      In this case, of course, it’s not a regulated drug with known side effects, but an unregulated dietary supplement that will do who knows what? I sure wouldn’t want to be selling something like that to my friends and family. Thanksgiving dinners are stressful enough, as is! :-)

      • Anna,
        I did a patent search on the US patent website and the International patent website and found no patent for EHT. I also found no place on the official product website that indicates or claims EHT is patented. The name, or acronym (who knows?), is a protected item, but the product itself does not appear to be protected. Here’s a simple analogy: McDonald’s has a hamburger called the “Big Mac.” Anyone can reproduce the hamburger and sell it because McDonald’s can’t patent the hamburger. However, nobody can label a hamburger they are selling with the name “Big Mac.”

        I’ve scoured the Web for any place that reveals precisely what EHT is, what it’s role is with regard to the other ingredients in the product, or how any claim of its value is actually justified. I cannot find anything.

        I was brought to awareness of the product by a friend who was under the impression this product might be helpful to me for some health problems I am experiencing. He was given that impression by a Rep for the organization. As a Health Facility Administrator, and an MBA, I know to research anything I will possibly be taking into my body. I also know quite a bit about business ethics. From all appearances, this company’s method of marketing this product is unethical. Whether or not it is illegal is a different question and I don’t claim to know that answer, but, a mentor of mine once told me “if it looks like sh.., and smells like sh.., chances are, it is sh..”

        Crude advice that I have found to be true most of the time.

        One thing that any ethical product or company will always have is transparency. This product and company have excellent marketing techniques, but no transparency in the area that matters most: what is EHT?

        Please don’t take this as an attack on Multilevel Marketing. I have no reason to suspect MLM’s are any more susceptible to unethical behavior than any other business model. My opinions are directly related to this specific company, and the corporate people who are using tried and true marketing manipulation to deceive people like you.

        Having said that, I admire your passion and commitment to what you believe in. It suggests many good things about you. Good luck.

        • Scott, believe it or not, there actually is material published in a peer reviewed scientific journal regarding EHT, and it’s in Neurology of all places, the most respected neurological journal of all:

          Curious how none of the Nerium agents were able to furnish this information upon multiple inquiries.

          Not having a Neurology subscription, I have access to only the abstract, so assumptions will be made.

          1. The title suggests that the extract is effective, but the abstract seems to merely suggest the compound is effective. That is, it is not immediately clear if taking a supplement yields the same benefits as drinking coffee. This was an issue with hoodia: while research revealed appetite suppression ingesting the plant, the same was unclear with the supplement.

          2. Without independent clinical trials, preferably performed randomly and double blind (i.e. using stock from multiple, independent shipments; taking random samples from the random shipments; and not telling the testers the desired compound), it is unclear whether the supplement marketed by Nerium contains the claimed active ingredient. This was also an issue with hoodia supplements: many samples contained none of the claimed compound.

          3. To my knowledge, the FDA has not evaluated any claims. This is important beyond the scope of the active ingredient. Again, with hoodia, it was revealed that the other compounds in the supplement may cause health problems, especially in the liver. (NB: side effects must be included with medical claims)

          4. As mentioned in the abstract, all authors received financial compensation from Signum Biosciences, the producer of the EHT extract, for producing the study. Jeff Stock owns Signum Biosciences and Maxwell Stock is almost certainly related.

  72. And of course Signum Biosciences would partner with Nerium because all of the Brand Partners will buy the supplement. The Brand Partners are the CUSTOMERS of Nerium. I have no opinion on the supplement itself. It would be great if it helps people. I think all of Nerium’s products are way to expensive. You can stay young forever for only $220 per month!! (that’s how much the body cream, night and day face creams and supplement would cost each month). Then you can “join the business” and spend even more of your money and give it to Nerium.

    • Nerium offers all of their products free. Even for the customers. I am a brand partner with Nerium and the only thing I have ever had to pay was when I signed up. I receive $260 worth of product free every month, plus my “Nerium gives back” bottles. Which in just those alone I revieved over $7000 worth last year. Nerium is an awesome company who believes in giving back. They are one of the largest contributors to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. They also give 30% of all proceeds back to cancer research. They also created the National Day of Happiness which is all about doing nice things for others which is huge now and they do not even advertise and let it be known that it is Nerium who started that. The company is truly an awesome thing to be a part of and we help others achieve their goals.

      • Anna,

        To make that first sentence a fair statement, I think it is worth noting that it isn’t exactly “free.”

        According to Nerium International Website:

        Build a Customer Base and earn:

        — Immediate Retail Profits by selling our real results products from your personal inventory
        — $16 – $60 Customer Acquisition Bonuses – get paid weekly bonuses when you enroll new Preferred Customers
        — 10% – 25% Commissions on Personal Customers reorders
        Free Personal product – Enroll 3 Preferred Customers and receive your product for free!
        — Free Inventory with our Nerium Gives Back inventory replenishment program

        Build a team of Brand Partners and earn:

        — Initial Order Bonuses –get paid weekly when you and your team sell new Starter & Upgrade Packs
        — 10% Coaching Commissions – earn up to a 10% ongoing commissions on your top Brand Partners monthly earnings!
        — Team Commissions – earn lucrative overrides on global team sales
        — Live Better Bonuses – earn $50,000 – $1,500,000 Lifestyle Bonuses
        — Lexus Car Bonuses – earn up to $1000 monthly luxury car bonus
        — Incentive Trips – earn all expense paid trips

        Just wanted to correct your statement. You earned free product by enrolling others. Not that the company just gave it to you.

        — Supplement Police

        • Ok sure we receive the product free by enrolling customers. You only have to enroll three customers to receive your product monthly for free. Not three customer a month… Just three. So do you know another company who does that?

          I receive $260 worth of product of my choice free every month. PLUS my Nerium Gives Back bottles which is ANOTHER free bottle for every customer I enroll. PLUS I get paid. Very well. So let’s just add this up. $260×12 months is $3120 of free product last year. Plus my Nerium Gives Back bottles which is separate from your order. I received over $7000 in free product because of that last year. And by the way, we can use these bottles for sampling to people or we can sell the bottles outright for full 100% profit. So that’s over $10,000 of free product last year that I can do whatever I want with. And they pay me too.

          I’m pretty sure that’s a good deal compared to a one time joining fee to be a brand partner. Also don’t forget they contribute 30% to cancer research and are huge donators to other organizations that help many people also. You didn’t bring that up. You only brought up what you thought you could turn negative. So please do more research and see how this company is actually an awesome one.

          • Anna,

            I didn’t bring that up because you already did. There was no need for me to copy that sentence down again.

            And again, I was not being negative. You just need to present the whole truth when telling people about a company. If someone comes here to read about the Nerium opportunity and they see that they automatically get $7000 worth of free product just for joining that would be an outright lie. Potential brand partners need to know the whole truth. That’s why 99% of network marketing companies require all of their affiliates/brand partners/promoters/etc post a disclaimer each time they talk about money or free product.

            Not everyone will do their due diligence before joining. Sometimes they would see a post, such as yours, and want to join on that fact alone. Not fully knowing that they need to sign up 3 people.

            All I did was go to the official Nerium website and copy down the requirements. Nothing negative about that. Just providing the whole truth.

            — Supplement Police

        • For the last comment actually I did word it right. I did not say when you are a customer or brand partner you get all your product free. (Which I do as well as the majority of others also) I said they OFFER all of the product free. And yes we always explain how to get it free to everyone before they enroll because of course they want to know how.

          • They don’t give 30% to cancer research…they pay 30% to Nerium Biotech for the exclusivity of use of the products. People need to stop spinning the facts and stating things as truth…it is so much easier to defend the truth than try to explain “half-truths”

  73. Thank you for the review. No surprise you were slammed with Nerium Brand Partners defending Nerium to the death because they are all brainwashed. I know, I was one of them until I realized how unethical it is to walk around selling an “opportunity” to your friends, family and strangers in the grocery store. What you’re really selling them is an “opportunity” to be a customer and spend a lot of their money on Nerium kits, trainings, products, sales tools. This business model is a social parasite. I will not see every individual I meet as a “prospect.” There is actually a documentary called “Man on Top” coming out about the MLM industry and how damaging it is to society.

    According to the synopsis on the film’s website:

    “MAN ON TOP is focused on the history, psychology, and present-day reality of multi-level marketing companies. For decades, multi-level marketing companies such as Amway, Avon and Herbalife have promised wealth, health, and happiness to millions upon millions of American dreamers. But under the surface loom whispers of cultish brainwashing, empty promises, and broken dreams. Are MLM’s really thriving businesses offering legitimate opportunities, or are they merely economic cults expertly crafted by modern-day snake oil salesmen to bilk unsuspecting, hopeful citizens out of their hard-earned savings?”

    • Jennifer,

      I’m not her to convince you to love MLM… but I am here to show you there is another point of view.

      Read Donald Trumps and Robert Kiyosaki’s new book… it may strongly sway your opinion on MLM. Interestingly, it’s the opposite point of view of this film you’re promoting.

      You said how “unethical it is to walk around selling an “opportunity” to your friends, family and strangers in the grocery store. What you’re really selling them is an “opportunity” to be a customer and spend a lot of their money on Nerium kits, trainings”

      I strongly disagree. I truly know firsthand, with hard work and commitment to helping others, NOT SELLING THEM, BUT GIVING THEM AN OPPORTUNITY I can change lives and am changing lives. “Spend lots of money on kits and training”? We get enough free product that we more than compensate for those minor costs! There is no price tag on Nerium training! They are invaluable and I’m sorry you didn’t see that value. I’ve learned more personal growth and life philosophies at Nerium events than anywhere else in my life.

      MLM is a better way than traditional business ownership because everyone is in MLM to help one another. In traditional business typically the owner (let’s take a real estate broker for example sake) is at the top. He has several, maybe hundreds, of real estate agents under him. J. Paul Getty said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 people than 100% of my own effort” for good reason. The broker makes a percentage off of all his Realtors efforts and always makes more than the realtor!!! Based on your description, I guess he’s a social parasite too!! Same as insurance agents, same as hair salon owners, etc. Also, the realtor, the insurance rep, the hair stylist has no qualms asking “friends” to be customers or for referrals… but that’s not “unethical”? based on your theory?

      MLM is no different and yet people balk and say silly things like “I quit MLM because I didn’t think it was being in integrity asking my friends to buy from me”. Those people better not pursue a career in any of the above mentioned occupations or own a restuarant or be a dentist, or be a business owner at all! They’d best just mow lawns for a living… oh wait! They’d only be able to solicit strangers! No friends can use their services!! Lol

      Yes I am being sarcastic to prove a point. Forgive me. I get frustrated when I hear these comments… could you imagine me saying “I was a dentist but I quit because I was uncomfortable asking friends and family for their business or referrals and I was tired of having to purchase expensive supplies!” ? ;-)

      Bottom line is this… why condemn people trying to make an honest living at something? Especially when you yourself saw the “opportunity” enough to become a brand partner at one point… and for whatever reason didn’t succeed. It’s not because the products are too expensive… that’s all relative. It’s not because brand partners are the only purchasers of the product… that’s an exaggeration to validate your opinion. There are on average about 10 customers to every active Brand Partner. It’s not that we spend a lot of money on trainings…. I spent under $1000 last year on trainings… as an ex traditional business owner I spent that in one month on improvements to my business and never reaped what I’ve earned with Nerium.

      Any excuse will do… people don’t fail at anything… they quit. It’s all subjective.

      The positive side to MLM is the “broker” doesn’t always make more money than the “agent” if the “agent” works harder than the “broker”!

  74. Supplement Police,
    Could you please provide the link to the “very small research study that did show positive results, but the study was of only 58 people that volunteered” ? I did a some research on EHT and was only able to find 3 articles where rats and mice were test subjects.


    • KN,

      I went back (after looking for the article again… should really write that down) and found the article again. I just re-read it. And it was a research for Oleander which is used in their Nerium AD product. It was not for the Nerium EHT product.

      But here is that study. I found it based on the Text that Debra quoted above on research that Dr. Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., did.

      Can find more here:

      — Supplement Police

      • Note that this is a Phase I clinical trial which is intended to test safety, not efficacy. Also, no study results are posted.

  75. Everyone, please just go to You Tube. The EHT was being sold by the Scientists themselves on
    Then we, Nerium International partnered with Signum Biosciences who is partnered with Princeton Labs. Get the facts from the scientists themselves! We will get our information from Nerium in May!

  76. Everyone who is asking for a link to the scientific journal articles — all we can say right now is that we have been promised that they are coming. We were told in San Jose that the “peer-reviewed” published research articles will be made “publicly” available so everyone will be able to read them — not just published in a journal to which only professionals have access.

    We can’t give you the link(s) right now because, apparently, the research is only in the process of being published. All we have available to us, as brand partners, at this time are the articles that have been provided to us by Nerium BioTech ( Nerium BioTech was the original developer of the NAE-8 extract and created the subdivision of Nerium Skin Care ( when it was discovered that the NAE-8 extract was positively affecting age-related skin conditions (fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, etc.).

    It was after this discovery that the scientists began their research into the various methods of “marketing” this new discovery and they ultimately chose Jeff Olson to head up Nerium International as their “marketing” arm. In addition, Nerium International has a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of some of the top professionals in their field of expertise ( and (

    So, one would have to ask — why would these professionals place their entire reputation and practice on the line to not only simply serve on an advisory board but to also highly recommend the products to their clients??? In addition, would professionals of this caliber risk their reputations by associating with a company and products for which they had NOT seen any scientific “proof” of safety and effectiveness??? Just saying …

    • I have to say I was a skeptic. Relationship marketing makes me nervous and Nerium more so because of the plant it comes from. After researching Jeff Olson, looking into the links provided on this site: I will say that I am sorry. For assuming the worst. I think relationship marketing has a bad reputation and good companies have to prove themselves.

      I have to agree with you. I don’t think Princeton University would partner with this company had the products not been safe or tested.

      Thank you for the info provided and your professionalism on the matter.

      Little fun fact I found on Nerium, the plant, it has been used for hundreds of years in many civilizations for medicinal purposes. :) kinda neat.

      • Tina let’s state the facts Nerium International has NOT partnered with Princeton University They have partnered with Signum Biosciences as an extension of increased research and development efforts!

        Signum conducts research in partnership with prestigious and accredited universities, as well as government and industry organizations. With a focus on anti-aging technology and research, Signum Biosciences creates patented, anti-aging ingredients.

      • Thank you Tina for doing some research about Nerium and not being closed minded and going off hear-say. I appreciate people like you! ☺️

      • Princeton did not partner with Nerium. They publicly and repeatedly pointed this out and requested that Nerium stop making this claim.

    • You are “promised they are coming”. So, you are willing to sell a product to family and friends that may possibly be dangerous.

      “Wyhy would these professionals place their entire reputation….” One word: MONEY. Money, marketing, spin, revenue. Do you really, really believe that any of these people are promoting this product for the good of humanity? Honestly, I don’t really care. But what makes me very sad is that a desperate someone who doesn’t know any better out there is going to buy this for their poor, dementia affected relative desperately hoping that it will help or “reverse” the inevitable, horrible consequences of their disease. And it won’t. And you just participated in selling basically nothing to someone suffering. That’s what makes me sick, really.

  77. The other thing that gets me is that this forum doesn’t allow a real time post. That is shady when it comes to a blog or forum because it allows the host to cherry pick. And in this case, I know that to be true because I have posted under two names and only the ones that you want to reply to are being posted. Hmmmm…..

  78. @ supplementpolice – Can you provide your experience with using Nerium’s products? Did it help you? How long did you use the product? When did you use the product? What research did you do to come to your conclusion? Can you provide us with documentation of the research you performed.

    @Beautyonlycomesfromwithin – Same questions as above and can you give us specifics that you would like to know and what can be provided to you that you will ultimately admit on this forum that you were wrong about Nerium? Rather than assisting the police in negativity maybe you could be useful and tell us exactly what you want to see. Because from your posts, it does not matter what is provided, you will tell this forum its not credible.

    Two things are being taken away from your posts on here……1. You are a person who clearly has to be right no matter what and will disagree to start a fire. and 2. You seem to have met and know every brand partner in the company since you refer to all of them.

  79. From the San Francisco Chronicle, and CBS News on Nerium and their ‘science’ claim – 14 months ago –

    I realize the reps on this post will slam the article – insults – condemn – judge – mock – etc an article that was written 14 months ago — intelligent people allow differing opinions without deceptive insults; that’s all we are asking for – just provide SCIENTIFIC journal links – not your opinion, not your insults, not your “belief”. Those are all irrelevant. Just provide ONE link – ONE from REAL scientific journal. And please do this being a grown up – without your insults and lies that have plagued this comment section. Waiting……………………………….


  80. Where are the references to 3rd party human clinical trials?
    Why are common vitamins and minerals added to the formulation?
    Is FDA approval being sought?
    Professional athlete spokespersons? Seriously? How about non-payrolled scientists instead?
    Nice (totally irrelevant) photo of Albert Einstein.

    • Agreed – I don’t know any Nerium rep that is truthful — all spin, all lies, all emotional immaturity and idiocy. No science, no truth, no data – nothing. This is the last article I found on Google proving the lies from Nerium –

      If it were just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for you – why isn’t it sold at Target and not thru some multi-level marketing scam?

      • Farther down you will find a newer comment with the links you desire.

        As to why Nerium is not being sold in target or anything of the like, Nerium has been approached to be sold that way. However, if they did the prices would sky rocket. How many people can we think of that pay 100’s to 1,000 a month for their products. Nerium is a product that targets multiple issues where people usually have to buy multiple products to get the same results.

        Nerium biotech chose to partner with Jeff Olson. He came out of retirement for this. But the only way he would agree to do so, was if they did clinical trials. Also, NAE-8 is patented. They only way to get a patent is to prove that it works.

        For example, let’s say I have the very first idea for a flying car. I cannot go patent the flying car until I have one and prove that it works.
        If you want more info on EHT, I recommend

        EHT was being sold before the partnership with Nerium. A few comments below, you will find the answers to your questions and the links you desire.

        • “As to why Nerium is not being sold in target or anything of the like, Nerium has been approached to be sold that way. However, if they did the prices would sky rocket. ”

          Um… no. Ever heard of “economies of scale”? Prices would significantly drop for a product that goes from a direct one-to-one marketing method to mass marketing.

          And no, one does not “get a patent by proving it works”, one gets a patent by producing a design that no one has produced before. You don’t even need a finished product to get a patent on it, never mind “proof” of anything it supposedly does.

    • Nerium posted a list of research results on its marketing blog:

      I downloaded the full EHT papers out of curiosity.

      The three studies classified by Nerium as EHT-related are on mouse models of Parkinson’s Disease. No human safety or efficacy trials have been published about EHT.

      The first two papers conclude that EHT has various neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. The third paper is not about EHT, but rather the mechanism via which EHT is believed to function. It concludes that the mechanism (PP2A demethylation inhibition) is a viable therapeutic strategy.

      Disclosures of conflicts of interest in all three studies show that Signum Biosciences, which holds the patent for EHT, funded all three studies. A significant portion of the researchers in these studies are affiliated with Signum Biosciences. The journals in which these studies (Neurobiology of Disease, Neurobiology of Aging, Neurotherapeutics) were published are of relatively low impact factor, which is not a measure of reputability. *Only an experienced scientist within a relevant field can give you an impression of how reputable any given journal is.*

      This is just an amateur (pre-med, EMT, non-science B.A.) overview of the research. I know enough biostatistics to read the numbers (e.g. types of analysis, whether a finding is statistically significant), but not nearly enough biology to interpret the neuroscience. I have no relationship to Nerium or its products. If a qualified expert, such as a neurologist, could add some commentary, that would be appreciated.

  81. My DIL us a brand partner and I was very reluctant when she first started with the Nerium product, but oh my gosh, I have seen the results of several people from our little town and am amazed how much younger they looked….and would have never believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes.

    I am watching very closely to see what EHT will do…and if I get the go ahead from my personal doctor, I will use it.

    • If your personal Dr is worth their sale, they’ll request a list of ingredients, the %s used of each, and the scientific journals that post the results of clinical trials. The primary ingredient in EHT is caffeine — and Nerium will not release the contents of their products or dietary data.

      • All Nerium products have the ingredients listed on the site.

        Please share with me where you got the information that the primary ingredient in EHT is caffeine.

        Thank you.

      • Beautyonlycomesfromwitrhin

        EHT is a molecular extract from the coffee bean itself.

        Dr Stock a biotech research scientist for 30 years at Princeton University in New Jersey stated that EHT has no caffeine in it.
        Here are a list of ingredients for your convenience :

        Ingredients in EHT Age-Defying Supplement are:

        •EHT (proprietary coffee extract)
        • Vitamin D (as cholecalciferol)
        • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl)
        • Folate (as folic acid)
        • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)
        • Magnesium (from 100 mg magnesium citrate)
        • Selenium (as selenomethionine)
        • Huperzine-A (from Huperzia serrata whole plant extract)
        • Alpha lipoic acid
        • Dicalcium phosphate
        • Microcrystalline cellulose
        • Coating (polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide [color], macrogol, vanillin, talc)
        • Croscarmellose sodium
        • Stearic acid
        • Magnesium stearate
        • Silica

        Again this came out of the research that Dr Stock did on this EHT, one of the most prestigious research universities in the WORLD.

        They did display the medical journals the EHT research was published in

        They are in the Livestream of the San Jose Conference and you are welcome to see that for yourself here be prepared to change your point of view when you see for yourself what GET REAL and Nerium International is all about

        • If EHT™ comes from coffee, is there caffeine?
          EHT™ is decaffeinated. There is a small amount of caffeine present, even less than what’s typically found in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.
          This was from Mesports website. Unless they changed the product it does have small amounts of caffeine. Some people can’t handle any amount.

      • No it is not caffeine…it it a molecule from coffee which does not have caffeine in it. That molecule is the EHT! Please EVERYONE go to You tube and type in ME SPORTS and find the right channel and there are 11 videos on the entire process from start to finish. I for one am honored to be able to help my family with their brain health!

        • If EHT™ comes from coffee, is there caffeine?
          EHT™ is decaffeinated. There is a small amount of caffeine present, even less than what’s typically found in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.
          This came from Mesports website. Some people have reactions to even small amounts of caffeine. I truly hope they are honest with the consumer.

  82. My wife is a brand partner with Nerium International. She made it to the ripe old age of 55 before being presented with a business opportunity by any of the many MLM structured companies. From all I’ve seen and experienced, I am pleased it was a Nerium brand partner that found her. I immediately got my back up when first reading the police comments. I’m fine now. This is a good forum for this type of discussion.

    I am currently experiencing a significant decline in cognitive function. I will “test drive” Nerium International’s EHT and will return with my comments after 1, 3 and 6 month’s use. BTW…….we attended the conference in San Jose where Nerium announced this and other new products. We listened closely when this highly regarded scientist explained how they chose the partnership with Nerium as opposed to going the route of another Pharma-drug with the FDA as the resultant huge cost increase would block access to EHT by far too many people who could benefit by its use. That did not feel like a “sales line”, it felt like he was speaking from his heart and his heart (and brain) is in the right place. I am a disabled person and my apologies for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Sometimes, I get my mords wixed.

  83. Nerium Brand Partners should stop fighting the negative comments and false statements on blogs and actually be thankful for these types of blog because they will provide the perfect filter for our culture. Keep out all the knuckle heads that are just looking for a reason to not be a part of a successful organization like Nerium. You see, when you join or even think about joining a successful company like Nerium it is scary for a lot of people who will naturally question their own ability to be successful too. The beautiful thing about a company like Nerium is that the products and systems are all the same and therefore the only variable is the individual. Some people just are not mentally prepared to handle this type of business and to admit that is to admit a weakness or vulnerability. Most people would rather throw darts at Nerium than to admit that they are not personally developed enough to step into a proven system and learn it. Most people are uncomfortable with rejection and failure and therefore will do anything to avoid these feelings. These feelings and experiences are a natural part of learning this business and allowing yourself to not only endure, but to actually enjoy these experiences as natural learning experiences, is the only way anyone every becomes successful in direct sales. Most people will not understand that the only way to be successful is to allow yourself time to learn and give yourself permission to fail a bit at the beginning. Definitely not for the faint of heart that cringes at the very thought of stepping out of their comfort zone, but even these people can succeed here with Nerium. I have seen it because I was one of these people. I love everything about the company and what it has done for my life. I am living happy. :)

  84. I just want to say, as a brand partner, I get why people come out and get deffensive. The business is how they’re making money and when they’re passionate about it they want to defend it. Just like anyone would do for their job. However, that doesn’t excuse being over deffensive and being a little nasty to others.

    I appreciate the article. Out of all the blogs out there, this one actually takes an unbiased opinion verses claiming to be and then slamming the company. Nerium unfortunately had a rep that used the celebrities photos without permission and has caused a problem for the rest of the reps. All companies are filled with people right? Haha. No ones perfect.

    The websites are up and running again and have more information with science. They were updated to be easier to use, more informative and a better platform that anyone in the world could use so that our growth is a good one. Jeff Olson wants every country we open in to be done right.

    Also, EHT was being sold previously before partnering with Nerium. Their home website now sales they will no longer continue sells as you now have to get them through a Nerium brand partner.

    Here is the website it was on previously :) I hope this is informative for all of you. I am really excited where this company is going. It’s been a lot of fun. I am sorry some of you had such a negative experience. Have a nice day! (Edit – added 2nd link with research articles for EHT)

  85. Any one reading this article should take a few moments to head over to Nerium’s website, contact a rep and get REAL answers. Most of what is in this article that claims to be factual in basis can be refuted with a simple Google search.

    It’s fascinating to me that an organization such as the Supplement Police didn’t do their homework. I truly believe you are trying to educate people, but this article just proves what real journalists have been saying for awhile now: Most bloggers have little to no integrity. If you would have done further research, you would have quickly been able to debunk your own debunking.

    • Snapper,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. What in particular are you referring to?

      Feel free to present the facts here as you see them. Don’t go out and copy another article word for word (we don’t publish plagiarism) but come back and provide evidence that you feel we may have missed. Like I told Debra, you are more than welcome to come here and let readers know more about Nerium from your perspective. As long as you aren’t leaving a signup link and telling out right lies, we will publish the comments.

      And we have done our research. We presented the facts that are currently available online. Right now, there isn’t a lot of information on the new product that has been made public.

      And just so you and Debra know, we did edit the article and added that it was a brand rep that posted the picture of Ray. But each Brand Promoter represents the company. Those sort of practice should be enforced in the guidelines when signing up for a network marketing company, or any business really.

      Ensure your employees understand what your brand stands for so they can be your first line of word-of-mouth advertising. — Simon Mainwaring

      — Supplement Police

        • Thanks for commenting.

          We do not do “real time” publishing of comments for a couple of reasons.

          People often spam popular blogs with fake comments in order to boost their rankings. We do not want to have our articles full spammy/fake comments that do not add any real value to the website or our viewers experience.

          Other comments that are deleted or edited are done because people come here to post a link to join their opportunity. We do not allow that. In most cases, we simply remove the join link and publish the rest of the comment (if it adds value) or we will delete the comment if they just post a link to join. That helps no one.

          In most cases, comments that are of quality will be published within hours, most of the time within minutes, of the comment being submitted.

          But we thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.

          — Supplement Police

  86. “Nerium EHT is in its pre-launch phases. This makes it impossible to state whether it’s an effective brain supplement or not. However, based on the promises made by the company so far, Nerium EHT could be one of the best ways to fight back against the effects of aging on the brain.”

    “With that being said, Nerium International comes from a shady past. The company was sued for misrepresenting results while selling its anti-aging skin cream, Nerium AD.”

    While you are trying to be a site with “no agenda,” I recommend you use different wording in your article. It becomes discredited once the authors of your site use words full of emotion such as, “shady past” and “based on the promises”. This becomes misleading to people such as myself, who are just trying to get further information. Also, because of the claims your website makes it would be great to site your information and give the resources used to obtain your statements. Because, of all I have researched myself, this sounds as if you are taking a side of opposition even though you claim not to be.

  87. Dr. Robert A. Newman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, Founder and Co-Director of the Pharmaceutical Development Center at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) serves as lead researcher and scientific advisor to Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. His initial characterization and pharmacology research on Nerium oleander components provides the bases for product development and quality control. He continues to assist with continuing research and clinical trials.

    He helped develop Nerium’s exclusive, patented NAE-8 extract, which has powerful antioxidant properties that help reduce the appearance of many signs of aging and it actually protects the skin from the environment.

  88. I have been in mlm’s over the past 3 decades, some successful, some not. When I was approached by a friend regarding Nerium I definitely did my homework. I have found this company to be the best most forthright company I have ever known even including traditional business’ that I have worked with. Yes, I am a brand partner with Nerium intl. and proud of it. I know the anti aging skin care works because I am using it and have my own before and after pictures. I am in my 60’s so, yes, I need it and love it. Nerium did not need EHT, but we appreciate the fact that they came to us to market their discovery. You may say that you do not have a negative slant on your words or mlm’s, but by making statements with incomplete info,with statements like “will they continue to use shady methods to promote their products,” I can’help but take that as a negative and slanted view. Maybe the correct words to use would be: do your homework and understand all the facts before taking on a business venture. That would apply to traditional or mlm business. I have personally met many people who use Nerium and who have seen remarkable results and it is not by inflammation. That is Botox that you are talking about. Do your research before you stick your whole foot and leg in your mouth.

  89. JD – most of our customers aren’t professional photographers. Our real results are based on real people and their own, self taken, before and after pictures. No trick photography. That made me chuckle though.

    • JD-

      You might want to do your homework before you start throwing false statements out there. Where is your scientific research to back up your statements?

    • Its funny though because just the other day I see a before and after of a nerium ad and the exact SAME picture was on an it works facials ad!!! Wow!! And I love how the before pics are really detailed and the after pics are just blurred! Or different light or an actual different person! Nerium is crap! Plain and simple too many friends with too many reactions! I understand the whole MLM but get with the right company people!

      • did u happen to think that IT WORKS STOLE HER PIC!! Jolene was not very happy and is sueing it works because it that!!

    • @JD – you’ll notice, that all of these supposed Nerium reps on this site have done nothing but spew emotional immaturity and idiocy — We are now 9 days since the Supplement Police posted data about Nerium, and not one scientific FACT or Datapoint has been posted. Not shocking.

      I know 4 Nerium reps in Lexington, KY — all are women, 40’s, divorced numerous times and when I would ask each one individually WHY they sell this product – all I get is yammerings about “if you make it to his level, you get a Lexus SUV” “If I make it to another level I get all free healthcare paid by the company” — which states absolutely nothing about why this is good FOR you – and has nothing to do with how you appear to look in a mirror. Each of the 4 reps yammer in one statement about how they’re broke – can barely afford to feed her kid – has to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet – and yet when she does her Nerium training from her current paid job, she’s on the phone bragging about how she’s just 1 or 2 paychecks away from the Lexus SUV. A-huh. It’s gotten to the point where when most of us friends hear the word “nerium” we laugh simply because of the emotional drama and lies coming from the reps. Would having a Lexus SUV help feed her kid? and if she’s making triple the amount of cash from her nerium sales as she is her paid job, why doesn’t she use that to feed the kid??????????? Oh right – because it’s all horsecrap to begin with.

      Point B – while we all continue to wait on “science” nerium claims — the logical question would be, “If nerium is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good for you – why isn’t it sold online or at Macys, Dillards, TraderJoes, WholeFoods, Jungle Jims, Target” or any other place that the average, every day person can buy it? Which then defeats the multi-level marketing scam.

      So as we continue to read the lies, insults, condemnations, judgements from all those on this site who claim to be a Nerium rep – why would anyone buy anything from you, since all you’ve done is degrade, insult, lie, condemn, judge and mock others on the site who question – rightfully – the legitimacy of this company? While I’m not sure if everyone on this post is in America – for those of us who are – we can question any product any where, any time as all intelligent people should – and expect an answer from an intelligent being without judgement, condemnation, insults, deception, lies, mocking. Who would ever buy a product from any multi-level marketing rep who does this to a current or potential customer? The nerium reps -for the most part – not all certainly – continue to prove their emotional immaturity, deception, and spin just to sell NON-scientific products to people they laugh AT. For the rep who can’t afford to feed her one kid – while bragging about her upcoming Lexus SUV – YOU need to get your priorities straight and stop living such a purely deceptive life. Again, that is based on YOUR words. And this makes me chuckle tho’.

      • Dear Beauty,
        I commend the single mom’s in Kentucky working to get ahead…

        NERIUM is a great company with some amazing personal development and core values. It’s an upstanding company with a CEO that truly wants to help the struggling family change their life. I’m one of them that went from broke to retired in one year…because I worked for it.

        As far as Lexus and other incentives I’m glad they have them. It motivates people to get happy customers. And since the Lexus is FREE, yes it does enable someone to feed their family because it eliminates a car payment! Also, NERIUM does not offer any health insurance benefits. That’s false information.

        I am an honest person seeking to change my financial future. I don’t deceive or misrepresent my product. Your statements are broad and uneducated. I offer all my customers a plethora of info on my products. My before and after photos are real and untouched. We have hundreds of videos we send our prospects and many links to info they seek. NERIUM BIOTECH.COM has plenty of info to back the science of our products.

        I suggest that you don’t ever purchase something from a sales person or don’t ever become one. :) I find most “sales people” have an objective and will manipulate a consumer to reach a sale. I personally don’t operate that way. I provide a great product and a service and an opportunity that helps people IF they choose. It’s a win win.

        God forbid we should buy product from an MLM sales person especially a friend, as opposed to a stranger behind a counter at Target! Lol

        And last, do you ever refer a friend to a gym, a good restaurant, a good movie, a dentist? Do any of those businesses give you free product as a thank you? Not likely. That’s what our company does. It’s not a scam…It’s smart business.

        • The Lexus is not free…you get a monthly allowance that will be income to you that you pay taxes on later. Also, I have a friend doing this and she does love it. Her Lexus does cost her more than what the allowance is given and she has to keep up that level in order to get the allowance. She really didn’t need the Lexus but that is the only brand they support. Nerium wants the BP to have a status so the down line gets motivated. I’m more worried about any company promoting products that goes inside our body. Hope they train you to make sure they go to their doctors before swallowing pills.

    • JD, I take it you agree that Nerium diminishes the “appearance” of wrinkles, you just object to the mechanism as you understand it?

      Your first statement “Nerium *diminishes the “appearance” of wrinkles by causing inflamation.” Could you indicate your source, or is this based on personal scientific research?

      The conclusion you make “This is NOT GOOD FOR YOU.” again could you indicate source for that conclusion, your scientific research, or personal experience, or it is an opinion?

      Is all inflammation bad? Is it a symptom of a cause of damage that is leading toward degeneration or healing and growth? Is it excessive?

      There is evidence that exercise can both cause and attenuate inflammation. –

      How do you build Muscle? What is DOMS? Should we stop exercising because it involves inflammation?

      Look at the mechanisms behind medically accepted methods of dealing with wrinkles Botox, Retinols and Retinoids, Various laser, Sound, light, treatments, and cosmetic surgery. Pro’s, cons, cost. results over time.

      How about department store cosmetics that address wrinkles? What are their mechanisms? Are they effective? Is there science behind them? Are the documented results, if they exist, easily accessible? Subjective or objective? Who documented them? The user? The company? Third party?

      Look at the anti-aging industry in general. What works? How well does it work? What doesn’t work as well as advertised? How much is Science vs Sciency? How much is psychology and marketing science vs bio-tech?

      The bottom line is does NeriumAD work? Can it work for you? Is it safe?

      It works for me and hundreds of people I’ve met personally, tens of thousands I haven’t yet. Not everyone that uses it sells it, and customers pay the same price as brand partners. No games to get a customer to become a brand Partner to save more money. It can’t work if you never try it, and that’s OK, you don’t have to. ST&T Research says it’s safe, and to date it’s proven to be way safer than swimming with sharks, which is way safer than standing under coconut trees even though that seems counter intuitive.

      • The oleander plant is poisonous, and many people have died of heart failure or respiratory paralysis after eating parts of the plant or drinking tea made from it. Some of the symptoms and signs of oleander toxicity are nausea, vomiting, colic, appetite loss, dizziness, drowsiness, high potassium levels, dilated pupils, bloody diarrhea, seizures, loss of consciousness, slow or irregular pulse, and heart block — a blockage of the electrical impulses that stimulate the heart to contract. There have been reports of death occurring after oral and/or rectal administration of the extract from the plant. The FDA has received reports of at least 2 deaths linked to Anvirzel.

        Skin irritation from contact with oleander has occurred and allergies are possible. One report observed that, when oleander was taken by a pregnant woman 12 hours before delivery, her baby was affected with seizures and a slowed heart rate. No other cause for the seizures and low heart rate was found. This herb should be avoided, especially by children and by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Relying on this type of treatment alone and avoiding or delaying conventional medical care for cancer may have serious health consequences.

        — From

        • — From

          Despite the common “poisonous” designation of this plant, very few toxic events in humans have been reported. According to the Toxic Exposure Surveillance System, in 2002, 847 human exposures to oleander were reported to poison centers in the United States.[17] Despite this exposure level, from 1985 through 2005, only three deaths were reported. One cited death was apparently due to the ingestion of oleander leaves by a diabetic man.[18] His blood indicated a total blood concentration of cardiac glycosides of about 20 μg/l, which is well above the reported fatal level. Another study reported on the death of a woman who self-administered “an undefined oleander extract” both orally and rectally and her oleandrin tissue levels were 10 to 39 μg/g, which were in the high range of reported levels at autopsy.[19] And finally, one study reported the death of a woman who ingested oleander ‘tea’.[20] Few other details were provided.

          In contrast to consumption of these undefined oleander-derived materials, no toxicity or deaths were reported from topical administration or contact with N. oleander or specific products derived from them. In reviewing oleander toxicity, Lanford and Boor[21] concluded that, except for children who might be at greater risk, “the human mortality associated with oleander ingestion is generally very low, even in cases of moderate intentional consumption (suicide attempts)”.[21]

          Toxicity studies conducted in dogs and rodents administered oleander extracts by intramuscular injection indicated that, on an equivalent weight basis, doses of an oleander extract with glycosides 10 times those likely to be administered therapeutically to humans are still safe and without any “severe toxicity observed”.[22]

        • All Oleander varieties do not exhibit the same degree of toxic properties.
          NAE-8 and Anvirzel are not the same.

          Published Article.

          Video Abstract


    • Can someone PLEASE explain to me HOW a product that is a proven and PATENTED ANTI-OXIDANT “cause” inflammation and oxidative stress????

      • Please show me evidence that Nerium is a “patented anti-oxidant”. The only patent issued in relation to Nerium was for the extraction process.

  90. Having broken nearly every record in skin care launches there are and changing lives daily, having the skin care science being published finally in nearly every reputable publication, I think the “Supplement Police” should do some more homework. You are reporting information as if you haven’t done any research at all on this company. Nerium did NOT publish Ray Liotta’s before and after pictures, the person he bought Nerium from did. Nerium is very much dedicated to the skin care line still – they are just broadening their space in the market place. The labs of Princeton University gave Nerium the brain supplement. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t turn ANYTHING down from the most prestigious university in the world. And Nerium spent years designing a new website platform built with 1,500,000 lines of code. It takes a couple days to revamp an entire platform. Nerium slows down to speed up. Nerium does things the right way.

    • As a dermatologist, I am still looking for a publication from a “reputable source” on Nerium AD. Please show me one. JUST ONE. That’s all I ask. Thank you.

      • A reputable source is on its way. It was announced that the science behind Nerium has been accepted by the medical community and is being published. We will be seeing that shortly. I think that will mean more than what is out currently. I hope this answers your questions.

        • Your response was now 3 days ago, and we are still waiting for a link – ANY link to prove the science behind nerium. And what medical community – there are tens of millions that claim to be part of a ‘medical community’. Please be specific as we are awaiting the “science” to review.

          • I love these comments…This is how the BP’s talk. The “sources” are on their way, there are SO MANY medical communities that back it up, blah blah blah. The only sources I ever see come from the same Nerium reports, just reworded, done by the marketing geniuses in the company. Please, just show us some links (and NOT from Nerium, lol). That’s all everyone is wanting to see. No need to get into a fight.

            If there’s one good thing that comes from the company, it’s the marketing…they’ve done a great job making them sound like they have been around forever and that takes a lot of planning and good strategy. It just shows how any company can be really successful with enough smoke and mirrors and social networking tactics to make it sound legitimate. That’s why they’ve done over $100,000,000 in the first year. They have it down, simple as that. I give Nerium props for how much work they’ve done to create this and how quickly they’ve done it. They went “full retard” in a good, efficient way, and hit the jackpot. But what’s annoying is that these BP’s seem to all be into their own little cult and surround themselves with other BP’s to boost their egos and make stupid claims and believe in them. The Nerium Cult… kinda reminds me of the Heaven’s Gate guys, in a scary way.

            I don’t use Nerium products and never plan to use them so I can’t make any claims that it does or does not work. But, with a company that is so big, why aren’t there any good sources yet? I feel like this a fly by night operation that is selling snake oil, but on a very large scale, and growing as quickly as possible before the real sources come out and explain that it isn’t good for you (or doesn’t do what it claims). Nerium knows this. They are just trying to make as much money as possible before the truth gets out. Take the money and run, baby.

      • There is an article pending release in the Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology Journal. If I heard correctly, it’s coming out this month. More to follow.

        ST&T Research conducted the Clinical Research on product results prior to the launch of the company.

        Nerium also added a Scientific Advisory Board last year. I personally met the Canadian Skin Scientist that is on the Board about a year ago in St Louis. Check their background.

      • I had to go see a dermatologist after using Nerium on my face for 3 months.
        I honestly believe that it caused permanent damage, my skin became extremely dry in spots that it left scaring and bumps!
        The cost of the Day/night cream is crazy! You Will receive it every month whether you need it or not! Monthly cost is around $150.00
        I will Never get involved with another pyramid sceme again, the “friend” that sold it to me will no longer have anything to do with me unless it’s “Nerium” related ?
        How did they Brain wash these poor people???

    • Amy,

      Please edit your post the following statement is incorrect “The labs of Princeton University gave Nerium the brain supplement.” it should read that Nerium has gained the exclusive rights to EHT from Signum Biosciences”

      Thank you.

    • Princeton publicly and repeatedly acknowledged that they have nothing to do with Nerium on their Twitter feed. They requested – more than once – that Nerium remove their name from any marketing material.

  91. I am a BP for Nerium International. If you would like to be placed on the pre-release next month, please contact me. Only customers and Brand Partners will be able to order during the pre release.

    • Beware of this product and the trick photography that goes with it. Anything that kills cancer cells will definitely do damage to healthy ones. They are told to hunt for negative reviews and flood the thread with positive ones. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

      • Hmm, when was there a claim that something Nerium has kills cancer cells? I’m not aware of any claims ever made to that extent. These comments are just getting ridiculous.

          • Yet every day people use poison like chemotherapy to kill another poison. Cashews come from Poison Sumac. Apple seeds contain cyanide.

          • Marc – and YOUR evidence came from what source, something on line, are there white papers or research to prove this? Call the poison control number and ask them if there is an antidote for oleander leaf.

      • Do a little more research before making uneducated comments, JD. Cannabinoids are known cancer killers which kill cancer cells and actually promote healthy cell repair and regrowth. So your statement is really unfounded and ignorant, at best. And as for your assumption that Nerium people photoshop their results – prove it. My wife doesn’t know a thing about photoshop and doctoring pictures, but she has before and after pics of what Nerium has done for her skin.

        • Seriously..all you haters..all you negative will all regret wasting time on finding the bad in this company rather than use the damn product and see for yourself! Move on people! Who gives a sh*t if you don’t like It people! It’s absolutely incredible this creamm and EHT!

      • JD you have been misinformed……..the research that led to this happy accident NEVER claimed to cure skin cancer….only that it was to doing the research for that purpose…….and no – I’m not a BP – yet….by the end of this week I will be

      • Nerium AD does not kill cancer cells, if it did it would be a cure for cancer. Instead while researching the product they noticed that the cancer patients skin had improved greatly and in many areas. Further, Nerium gives 30% of their profits back to Nerium Biotech for continued cancer research. Nerium Biotech is now fully funded through Nerium AD and needs no help from the government (grants) to continue their work. Thank you Nerium for your contribution to science and government spending.

  92. PS
    NERIUM does not claim EHT treats Alzheimer’s or any other disease.
    Your article is written with a twisted slant. There is nothing “shady” about the company, the products or the high level management team. Google them. You’ll be honestly impressed and quite frankly should rewrite this article with accuracy.
    What’s your agenda with NERIUM or more importantly, multi level marketing?

    • Debra,

      We have no agenda with NERIUM or any MLM. We just present the facts as we see them so that others are aware before they use a product or in this case possibly joining a MLM. We are not pushing people one way or another or into another company. We just did our review on the company as we see fit.

      If you want to know more about us, please check out our about pages:

      How Supplement Police Works
      Review Guidelines

      — Supplement Police

      • “We just present the facts as we see them”
        The facts I wrote above are based on the truth, not as I “see” them.
        It seems like your article is written with a negative take on NERIUM. You even stated things that were not truth. (1 thru 5 above) to prove your negative point.
        I truly wish people like you would actually meet the people you’re slandering and actually use the products before giving an opinion. I am confident the tone of your comments would change dramatically. I doubt the likes of Dr Jeffrey Stock or Signum would align themselves with the company you describe. Enough said.

        • Debra,

          We never said that NERIUM was pulling out of skin care, in fact we said “Prior to manufacturing EHT, Nerium focused primarily on selling anti-aging skin creams like Nerium AD and Optimera. The company plans to continue selling this products after the release of Nerium EHT.”

          And to answer #5, we have “In the lead up to the Nerium EHT release, Nerium is totally revamping its digital distribution and commission systems.”

          We are simply saying that people should take a close look before jumping into the business. I am assuming that you are a rep for company. And its good for you to defend a business that you are currently in. But its also smart to let people know the past of a company. Things may have changed for the upcoming launch, which they should.

          We are just saying take the time to do a little more research before jumping in.

          — Supplement Police

          • When I quoted you yesterday I copied and pasted your words to be accurate… “We just present the facts as we see them”

            Apparently after my comment you changed your statement. Let’s maintain integrity with our corresponding. ;)

            You also wrote “As a result of this lawsuit, Nerium appears to be turning away from anti-aging skin creams and focusing more on the growing nootropic industry.”

            Which is why I stated NERIUM was not pulling away from skincare. Your statement is misleading.

            The truth is NERIUM AD was their only product for two years and the sales were so good it catapulted NERIUM into the fastest growing company in MLM history. Why would they “turn away” from that?

            And lastly, although your words are very clever, I’m not buying it. Based on your inaccurate info I think you do have slept motives. But as you said “We just present the facts as we see them”

            You also wrote “We are just saying take the time to do a little more research before jumping in.”

            As I pointed out in my first comment (1 thru 5) your research is not accurate. I completely agree that one should do thorough research. However, I would hope that their research would include the truth and if one were to read this article (written by you) they would be gathering false research and possibly making the wrong decision.

            NERIUMs mission statement is “Making people better” The company is about positive changes, helping others, donating over a million dollars to big brothers, big sisters and the CEO launched “live happy” a phenomenal magazine promoting happiness. These are just a few things you left out of your “research” on NERIUM.

            You should use ALL the “facts” in your article, not just negative slander to create hits on your blog. I don’t want this to become a blog eat that promotes others to read this so I’m finished. Thank you for posting my comments. :)

          • Debra,

            We have not changed the article since it was published. The lines I quoted are from the original publish (as it is still the original publish).

            And we stated in the article that they are not doing away the with skin care line, but it will not be their primary focus anymore. Nootropics will be their new focus.

            The only real research that I can find on the products besides the vague language on their website, was a very small research study that did show positive results, but the study was of only 58 people that volunteered. That’s a very small number. I’m not saying the NERIUM AD didn’t work or wasn’t popular, just that they caught some flack a few years back and now they are focusing their attention on the Nootropic industry which is booming.

            And also, like we said in the article: “Nerium EHT could be one of the best ways to fight back against the effects of aging on the brain.”

            Again. We are not bashing the company. Just saying more information needs to come to light about the new product/comp plan/marketing strategy. Right now they are holding tight most of the information about the product.

            I know as a Rep, you are probably in Defense mode about any article that may come out about NERIUM. You can’t take everything that we say as negative. They were sued. They are moving forward with a new product. No one knows much about it. Until they do, things will stay put in our article. Once more information about the product comes to light when it launches, we will update the article.

            You are free to go ahead and post another comment about why you like Nerium. We won’t stop you for that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As long as you keep posting comments that are worthy for our readers to look at and are not spamming us with links to join, we will continue to publish.

            — Supplement Police

          • Nerium did not post pictures of someone claiming them to be Ray Liotta. One independent Brand Partner did so, without permission from the company, and it went viral, for obvious reasons. That is not “shady”, that is uncontrollable. Haters will continue to misrepresent Nerium, but the science and integrity of this company is beyond anything like this blog. Anyone can write a blog trying to tarnish the name of a company, but Nerium would never do such a thing, but why bother to misrepresent yourself with an untruth to make a point here, unless you are a competitor of sorts. Nerium International teaches it’s Brand Partners to lead people to the facts. Go to their website, and look at the science Nerium is backed by. Nerium has finally gotten Direct Sales right, and has built a great company for it’s Brand Partners. I for one am proud to say I am a part of a company that gives over a million dollars a year to Big Brothers Big Sister, gives back 30% of it’s earnings to cancer research, allows bonuses and incentives you will find nowhere around, and changes peoples live in so many way. I hardly see this one incident by one person in the company as a “shady” past.
            Now they have partnered with Signum Bioscience Laboratories and World Vision. Google both of those organizations and ask yourself – Would reputable organizations such as the aforementioned really partner with a so called “shady” company?

        • How about the friends I have had have a serious reaction to the creams? Or the countless articles proving its ingredients are dangerous? Or the fact that when any of my friends post a negative article about Nerium, some “brand partner” tells them to delete it because it hurts business! Wow! Such ethical individuals!

          • Please tell me that you are referring to “blogs” and not scientific peer reviewed journals hen you say articles. Anyone can write a blog or an article. Scientists have proven the safety of Nerium over and over again. A child can drink it and they won’t even get sick. Either you just refuse to read the irrefutable science behind Nerium or you just see a product that cannot compete with it.

            I am happy to send anyone here proof in writing and from scientists on the safety and use of Nerium. No matter what you use on your skin, if it is sensitive, it take s awhile for the breakouts to end. Ask any dermatologist this question and they will answer it the same as I have.
            Read our science facts on my site. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. :)

          • I understand that, I am going on two months of one of the worst reactions I have ever experienced in my life from this product, the company does nothing to help you and the brand partners become very scary when you say anything about needing help with problems concerning their product, going to see my third doctor next month. my skins cells are dead. great product!

          • “How about the friends I have had have a serious reaction to the creams?” Riiiiiiiiight. Your, “friends” had a reaction to the cream. LOL

        • I have heard it is not safe because of the flower that is used in it. Can you clear this up with some proof to back it?
          Thank you

          • I have read through all the comments. I have a few key points to make only because I’m frustrated the facts have been misinterpreted.

            1. There are many great books on the market stating MLM is the wave of our future and quite possibly the answer to many people’s financial troubles. One book I’ve recently read is by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki which highly recommends MLM. Neither of them are in MLMs by the way. I guess you can find an opposing argument on any subject if you look hard enough. I have dealt with insurance brokers, real estate brokers and business owners all my life. Some good some not. Aren’t they in a small way similar to an MLM? A person with other person’s working under them or for them and they make a commission from it. I’m just not understanding the negative energy on MLM. Good MLMs offer not only a lucrative comp plan but also a culture of positive association and personal development. If that’s “brain washing” then please brain wash me!

            If you pay $1000s of dollars to attend college to be a Dr and you fail do you go around claiming studying to be a Dr doesn’t work and being a Dr is only a way to promote getting all your friends to be your patients? It’s ridiculous. If you’re a hairstylist don’t you tell all your friends to come to your salon? Or don’t you pass out your cards to strangers at the mall or your favorite grocery store? I’ll never understand the argument “I quit an MLM cuz I didn’t want to ask my friends to buy from me”

            2. Supplements do not have to be FDA approved and neither do cosmetics. So all the posts about NERIUM or EHT and the FDA are irrelevant.

            3. There is no caffeine in EHT and it is not the same as drinking a cup of coffee. As one can see by the ingredient list it is filled with many powerful ingredients proven to be good for the body…EHT just happens to be an ingredient with 20 years of research to back it at a renowned university lab.

            EHT® exclusive PATENTED bio-extract comes after 20 years of research out of Dr. Jeffry Stock’s labs. EHT creates stronger neural connections, which lead to the ability to create stronger synaptic connections. The result is an increased brain performance for a healthy, focused mind. The EHT supplement promotes better cognitive function and overall brain health. Fortifies and strengthens natural brain functions. Protects and supports neuronal networking. Enhances the body’s natural energy stores. Boosts the body’s immune system.

            I am extremely excited to try this product. I lose my keys daily! :)

            5. I have used NERIUM products for three years and love what they have done for my skin. I do find it humorous that people argue that “it’s expensive, that it’s an MLM, that it’s not sold in Target, that’s it’s not safe, that it causes inflammation” etc to support their point. Some of these very same people have probably never tried it, maybe once failed at an MLM or prefer working for someone else (both have their pros and cons) buy over the counter products at Target that don’t have any clinical trials or safety reports, and quite possibly eat and drink foods that are extremely inflammatory and they probably don’t think twice about it. It’s expensive in comparison to what? There are “serums” on the market sold in dept stores for hundreds of dollars! Sadly, many people buy them without any data to back the product except the girl behind the counter selling it.

            I’m truly confused by all the animosity towards MLM and NERIUM among these comments. Every organization has some bad seeds but it doesn’t stop us from being consumers. Overall NERIUM has a very clean slate.

            6. NERIUM AD is, however, not only an antioxidant but also an anti inflammatory.

            7. As soon as the peer reviews are publicly published I will post them.

            Editor Note: This was taken from:

            Nerium SkinCare is dedicated to offering solutions based on proven science and real customer success. The sustained integrity of their natural, botanical products is due to continual scientific research by leading medical institutions that employ established scientific methods and modern technology. As a result of this biotechnology research and breakthrough extraction technology, Nerium SkinCare is developing a complete line of skincare products that harnesses the Nerium oleander plant’s unique and effective properties.

            Nerium SkinCare products use a patent-pending extraction technology known as Bio-PL² ®This extraction technology incorporates pure liquid Aloe Vera to extract specific Nerium oleander plant components while preserving the natural integrity and beneficial properties of both plants. The results of this new technology Nerium Extract NAE-8®, has allowed Nerium SkinCare to create a “first-of-its-kind,” age-defying night cream, NeriumAD®.

            NeriumAD® Age-Defying Treatment was formulated after more than 10 years of scientific research and clinical testing by scientists and medical professionals. The safety of NAE-8®, the Nerium oleander extract in NeriumAD, has been tested, documented, and confirmed throughout every phase of product testing.

            With the primary goal of product safety and quality, Nerium SkinCare has taken great care with respect to the safety of their flagship product, NeriumAD®. With the identification of potential topical applications from research on Nerium oleander extracts, Nerium SkinCare contracted with ST&T Research to provide additional research and a series of clinical trials for safety and efficacy over a 5-year period (2008-2012). In each clinical trial, safety parameters were set to assess efficacy and evidence of any adverse reactions, which included detailed studies of the product’s key ingredients to determine if there was absorption through the skin barrier into the blood. The study protocols compared baseline and weekly testing of study participants utilizing an extremely powerful LC/MS/MS analytical instrumentation (capable of detecting nano-gram sized concentrations), which generated data that confirmed no detectable levels of the ingredients were found in the blood. The ST&T clinical data from the NeriumAD® clinical trial confirmed safety.

            As confirmation of ST&T data and results, Nerium SkinCare provided these findings to an independent group of MD and PhD Pharmacologists/ Toxicologists to review the world literature and all clinical data on Nerium oleander and NeriumAD®. The determination of this group is that NeriumAD® is safe.

            Even with immense precautions, any cosmetic or personal care product on the market can cause irritation or an allergic reaction based on a user’s skin sensitivity. In one FDA survey, up to 25% of people said they had a skin reaction to at least one beauty product. Problems can range from simple rashes to full-blown allergic reactions. Symptoms can occur immediately, or after long-term use of a product without previous allergic reaction.

            NeriumAD® is formulated with the safest and most effective age-defying ingredients, and has been used by nearly 1,000,000 consumers with only a few reported cases of skin reactions. Our premium ingredients are blended at optimum levels to nourish skin and provide real results for all skin types.

            Nerium SkinCare takes the safety of our consumers very seriously. We have a thorough and robust consumer safety & satisfaction process to pinpoint any adverse reactions to our products.

          • Call the Poison Control Center and ask if they have an antidote for oleander leaf. They will set you straight!!

      • Grammar and petty arguments DO matter. They display your motives. I was a nutrition major. When the word “truth” in quote marks no less, is used as a selling point by an uneducated sales person, it is generally a red flag to look out for. Thank you Supplement Police for your presentation format so that the public may decide for themselves after witnessing the offerings here.

  93. 1. EHT™ is decaffeinated. There is a small amount of caffeine present, even less than what’s typically found in a cup of decaffeinated coffee.
    2. NERIUM did not publish or promote photos of Ray Liotta. An over zealous distributor did.
    3. NERIUM International does not manufacture products. It is the marketing division.
    4. NERIUM International is not pulling away from their skincare line. NERIUM is still moving forward with real science and real results skincare based on real clinical trials and an expert panel of scientists.
    5. The website is down because it’s being redone to broaden and accommodate the ever expanding growth of the company. NERIUM is one of the fastest growing direct sells companies in history because the products work and our backed by legitimate science.

    • She says her products “our” backed by legitimate science.

      Well, your words aren’t legitimate grammar, so why should we believe you?

      • John,
        I was a journalism major. Lol I should have edited before pushing send! I was speak texting! There are typos all over this site! Have fun! ;)

      • Well. That sure showed your true colors.

        Thanks for the “grammar” issue. It helped to discover the real fake.

      • Uh-oh. Another frustrated Middle School English teacher on the prowl correcting peeple on the internet. SMH. Get a life John.

      • “The company plans to continue selling this products after the release of Nerium EHT.”

        I believe the word ‘these’ should be used in place of ‘this’.

        Just sayin’.

    • Thank you Debra for the REAL facts. It’s very interesting that so many people would rather speculate than discover the “truth!” The fact is … if you ignore this exceptional research I don’t care, Princeton does!

      • Princeton does what? Princeton ignores this exceptional research or Princeton cares if you ignore it (but you don’t care?). I’m so confused. And no, I don’t need EHT, I need this statement clarified due to it’s confusing construction.

    • Debra,
      I wouldn’t waste my time. Nobody will change a mind that can’t possibly be opened. Especially one that so obviously has an agenda. The evidence of non-objective opinion is when they can’t find anything good in an organization or in the off chance they do it’s always followed by a “but” or “however”.

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