Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside Review (NAD+ Booster)


Niagen (Nicotinamide Riboside)

Nicotinamide Riboside and Niagen are often celebrated as a “fountain of youth”. They’ve been linked to many health benefits, including better endurance, improved cardiovascular health, cognitive enhancement, and anti-aging support.

When you watch the compelling Niagen video you will see an established scientist from Harvard and Cornell University had to say about this breakthrough anti-aging fighter that is making 55 year old individuals feel like they are 35 in the gym again.

What is Niagen NAD+ Booster Review?

Niagen is a patented formula which is the first and only commercially available form of Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). It acts as a highly effective NAD+ booster, but it also works as a vitamin B3 (niacin) supplement.

It’s one of the most effective NAD+ precursors to support nucleus and mitochondrial health. That means it boosts cellular energy and reduces the effects of aging by enhancing cellular communication throughout the body and mind.

Before we discuss the details about what Niagen's NAD+ boosting effects for cellular metabolism, let's begin with the simple question with a complex answer:

What’s the Difference Between Nicotinamide Riboside and Niagen?

Niagen and Nicotinamide Riboside aren’t exactly the same thing. Niagen is a patented formula made by ChromaDex, a publicly-traded American pharmaceutical company (CDXC). ChromaDex simply manufactures NR in its raw form under the trademark “Niagen” but can also be found under the names ANTI AGING PILL, LIFE1, CELL1, and ENEDREX offered by BPI Sports.

This is where things get kind of complicated: other pharmaceutical companies can purchase the raw Niagen material from ChromaDex and sell it as their own formulas and supplements.

Some of these companies add different fillers or preservatives to the formula. Others leave the formula as-is.

As a result, we end up with a bunch of different types of Niagen supplements from different pharmaceutical brands. One of the most popular Niagen supplements is manufactured by Live Cell Research.

Essentially, Niagen is just pure Nicotinamide Riboside marketed under a catchy brand name. More and more research is showing a connection between Niagen and some surprising health benefits.

When Was Niagen Discovered?

As far as nutritional supplements go, Niagen was discovered very recently. Scientists just achieved this breakthrough in late 2013 during clinical research performed on mice.

That research, performed by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School, showed that each mouse’s cell age decreased from 2 years to 6 months after being given molecules of Nicotinamide Riboside. In other words, mice that were 2 years old had the cells of 6 month old mice after being administered Nicotinamide Riboside.

So not only does Niagen reduce the effects of aging, it actually appears to turn back time and make the cells function like they did when they were younger.

TIME magazine actually named Dr. David Sinclair one of the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2014. So yeah, Niagen is considered a pretty big deal in the current medical community. A lot of people are calling it the closest we’ve ever come to reversing the effects of aging.

How Does Niagen Work?

Niagen increases the levels of a key chemical in your cells called NAD+. NAD+ stands for “nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide”, so you can understand why it’s shortened to NAD+.

Raising levels of this chemical within your cells actually reduces aging within the cell, giving you better energy and elevated mood. It’s also thought to raise your metabolism, enhance mental clarity, and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

One of the only major problems with Niagen so far is its relatively young age: since it was only discovered within the last few years, it hasn’t faced a lot of clinical trials or independent research.

However, all early research performed on Niagen thus far has confirmed the beneficial health effects with minimal side effects reported. When you search for Nicotinamide Riboside on, for example, you’ll find over 100 articles researching the molecule. All of those articles have been published in 2013, 2014, or 2015.

Scientific Evidence for Niagen

As mentioned above, evidence for Niagen is mounting on a near-daily basis. Let’s talk about the major Niagen studies performed to date:

The first clinical study on Niagen performed by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard

You may have heard of Dr. David Sinclair. And no, that’s not just because I mentioned his name up above. Dr. Sinclair was recently named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2014 due to his work on age reversal.

Dr. Sinclair is widely known throughout the medical community for his work identifying the chemical known as NAD. NAD has been shown to reverse the aging process in living cells, and Dr. Sinclair has been able to extend the lifespan of yeast by 30%. Also it is important that one should dive into NADH supplementation as well.

In regards to Niagen, Dr. Sinclair injected 2-year old mice with an NR molecule that was converted to NAD+ inside their bodies. In just one week, the cells of the 2-year old mice reverted to the cells of a 6-month old mouse. On a human scale, that’s like turning the cells of a 60-year old into the cells of a 25-year old.

NAD+ levels with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) prevents DNA damage and tumor formation

Some of the most exciting research on Nicotinamide Riboside is currently measuring the effects of NR on tumors, cancers, and other deadly diseases. One November 2014 study published in the journal called Cancer Cell showed that “restoring NAD+ pools with nicotinamide riboside (NR) prevents DNA damage and tumor formation.”

This study was performed on mice, so it’s unknown if these effects will carry over to humans. However, early results are promising.

Raising NAD+ levels reverses skeletal muscle aging

Another 2014 study looked at the anti-aging effects of NAD+ on mice. This research showed that “restoring NAD+ levels may be beneficial throughout the organism” and was shown to have a wide range of positive effects. Those effects include a partial reversal of skeletal muscle aging and reversing the effects of aging on organs like the heart.

NR prevents noise-related hearing loss according to 2014 study

One unique study looked at the effects of NR on hearing loss. Researchers found that the administration of NR, even after noise exposure, prevents noise-induced hearing loss. NR activates NAD+, which further activates chemicals within the cells. This study was just recently published at the end of 2014. Source.

ChromaDex launches first human clinical study with Niagen

Niagen worked on mice and yeast. Would it work on humans too? We’re still waiting for the results of that study as of December 2014. Since the clinical study was first announced in July 2014, this is to be expected. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

How to Choose the Right Niagen Supplement

As mentioned above, ChromaDex licenses its trademarked Niagen formula to a few different companies, all of which put their own unique spin on the formula.

Some companies, however, leave the formula untouched. Right now, Live Cell Research tends to offer the most popular Niagen supplement. Live Cell Research Niagen claims to contain 250mg of 100% pure Niagen.

Niagen itself is said to be manufactured from “high quality ingredients” and does not use any “fillers or binders.” These qualities – and the low toxicity of Nicotinamide Riboside – are suggested to make Niagen safe and free from side-effects.

How Much Does Niagen Cost?

Live Cell Research Niagen currently offers three different purchasing options:

— 1 Bottle: $46.99

— 2 Bottles: $83.64

— 3 Bottles: $117

Like many things in life, the more you buy, the more you save. Shipping is also free if you buy 2 bottles or more, although standard shipping will cost you $3.95 when buying one bottle.

Live Cell Research Niagen also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. You can simply return the supplement within the 90 day period with no questions asked to receive a full refund.

You may be able to find cheaper Niagen supplements available online or in-store. More and more brick-and-mortar drug stores and supermarkets are now carrying Niagen supplements made by different manufacturers.

However, since Niagen and Nicotinamide Riboside are such new chemical compounds, I’d suggest being very careful making your purchase: there may be shady pharmaceutical companies out there trying to pass off a low-quality formula as 100% pure Niagen, and that could have damaging effects on your body.

Is Niagen the Right Supplement for You?

Niagen appears to come with some powerful anti-aging benefits across your body and your mind. As one of the newest and hottest supplements on the market, Niagen is making headlines around the world.

But should you actually spend $50 on a single bottle of Niagen? That’s up to you to decide. What I will say is that the early clinical evidence for Niagen is convincing. With over 100 medical reports published on Nicotinamide Riboside to date, clinical evidence is mounting.

Based on those early clinical reports, Niagen and Nicotinamide Riboside have been proven to reverse the effects of aging by targeting special anti-aging compounds within the cells of your body. The only catch is that there are no published human clinical trials as of yet.

Ultimately, you can buy Niagen, try it, and return it for a full refund within 90 days. That flexible return policy shows how confident Live Cell Research is about its newest pharmaceutical supplement. I recommend taking advantage of that policy if you decide to buy Niagen.

But it is hard to ignore the sheer amount of extremely positive reviews on Amazon. Here is a screen shot of the most helpful ones:


As you can see, these people sure love it. — We have linked to the product on Amazon that these reviews were taken from so that you can read more user reviews before trying.

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  1. I think its great, im gonna try it..but age reversal was done already 60 years ago, by Scientist Dr Ana Aslan, of Romania! Its called GH3 or Gerovital and she got nominated for Nobel prize for it! 1000’s of celebrities takes this for over 45 years, Stalone still does! Hes 70! I took it too, it was great, but I couldnt afford the prices, you have to buy it from Romania, pure, since they hold the patent!! So, It would be nice if we had a local alternative ,little cheaper(not by much!)…Ironically..GH3 also involved a Vitamin B, so there is something about these B vitamins! Im sure this will be deleted, but it shouldnt! The more, the merrier! PS..One month of Niagen and some black age spots onmy temple, about 60% lighter!!!!!!!!

  2. I haven’t posted here for quite a while, but have continued to take Niagen as a key ingredient in my “health-span prolongation program”. I have finally reached a kind of “escape velocity” in my health by
    completing the work started 3 1/2 years back to surgically clearing my carotid arteries on both sides.
    Both sides are running clear & strong, with amazingly good results. My world is once again so vivid
    & immersive. My eyesight, mental clarity, complexion, dental health, stamina, peace of mind are all
    so greatly enhanced! It has been an uphill fight, to convince my VA medical dos to provide the completed surgical work. Clear carotids are the foundation on which I building, but my mitochondrial
    & DNA nuclear pathways are being greatly helped by the nutritional substances taken daily. These are:
    metformin, key actual pharma medicine (extended release version) that is proven to extend health-span, taken with NR (niagen) precursor to NAD+. the U.S. government’s (USDA) developed, &
    human tested version of pterostilbene. Thanks to the efforts of the scientists, lead by phD, Agnes Mirando, working at the U.of MS, that have lead the way. This stuff works so well with Niagen. From
    Mayo Clinic & Scrips Inst. of Med research in Jupiter FL, has come the work to help the body to effectively eliminate senescent endothelial cells in the lining of arteries, using the natural process of
    apoptosis. A fraction of the E vitamin group, tocotrienols, has a complementary effect in culling these
    toxic cells, allowing healthy reproduction of the culled remaining cells. It all seems to be working. I have
    exceedingly complete official U.S. VA medical records, documenting, in detail of my progress toward
    repairing the effects of diabetes, cardio vascular issues, & getting AF under close control. I have
    lost almost 50 lbs. My body mass ratio is down below 20. My skin has tightened. Waist about 32 in.
    I can walk fast, do well of a nuclear treadmill stress test. Body chemistry is greatly improved. My facial
    skin has cleared to an amazing degree. Memory, eyesight, sexual health, & workout stamina are all
    dramatically improved. You can see these effects on my facebook, or flickr, sub-page (sharper3d). Please check out this stuff…it is become a life changer for me…indeed. I’ll be 76 in April of 2017!

  3. Been on it for 3 weeks now. Much better energy level, sleep better (with some vivid dreams every night), skin looking much better, and other things. Am 51 years old, and plan on taking it for life.

  4. I was a little skeptical at what I had heard from a friend but thought I would give it a try. I am a 47 year old male. I work out about twice a week and find it hard to do more due to back pain. Have a disc problem. I have now been on it for three months. I find I sleep well and also have vivid dreams but find that I tend to wake up about 4 am for a pee and can’t go back to sleep. However I was waking up to do this before taking Niagen. Now however I just can’t sleep again afterwards. Having said that I am not particularly feeling tired during the day in fact feeling quite good with solid energy levels for sleeping a couple hours less. One really odd affect is that my back pain has subsided significantly. I assume there is some sort of anti inflammatory involved. A flow on effect is that I am now working out four days week. I have lost eight pounds but it may just be because I am exercising more. I suppose Niagen could take the credit because its anti-inflammatory effect allows me to exercise more. maybe I am feeling more energy but not sure if its just me convincing myself that as a placebo effect. Its a pity its so expensive. I can’t afford it much longer. I will see what happens when I go off it at the end of the next month.

  5. After reading this article I decided to spend my entire life savings to buy as much of it as I could. After I ran out I made a loan from the bank and sold the house and car to buy more Niagen. After I ran out of Niagen I sold my six children into slavery and forced my wife into prostitution to get more Niagen supplements. After I ran out of Niagen I forced my wife to rob a bank and several convenient stores to get more Niagen supplements. After I ran out of Niagen supplements and my wife went to prison I began hunting minorities and selling their organs on the black market to buy more Niagen supplements. Needless to say I am hooked on your product and my neighborhood has become much quieter as a result! Thank you Niagen!!!

    • These are some good ideas, I thought about selling some organs, but that would be counter-productive. I think I’ll sell one of the twins though, I don’t really need two, and it would be easier to remember just one name. Carrying around two car seats gets old after awhile too.

  6. Will someone somewhere explain the following. Niagen (N Riboside) is supposed to increase production of NAD.which is very important to stop our cells aging etc.
    But NAD can already be bought very cheaply as under the tongue (sub lingual) tablets from a company called Source Naturals. I have already noticed an energy boost from these after only three days.
    Why do I need Niagin to boost NAD when I can take the NAD directly and much cheaper?
    Is there any difference?
    Please explain .I seriously want an answer.


    • Give it time to work … months and years will show if it has made a difference.. you dont grow old overnight….people !

    • If I understand, generally it is better to take something that stimulates the body’s natural production, than to take a replacement. For example, if you take a testosterone replacement, the body no longer needs to produce it, and it reduces the ability of the body to produce its own, increasing dependence on the replacement.
      If you take NAD directly, and then stop, your body will have less ability to produces its own, than if you took Niagen and stopped later.

  7. hello
    i live in iran in mashhad city
    how i can buy this product? (nicotinamid ribiside)?
    pl guide me

  8. A quick update on our informal “grass roots” VA diabetes 2 patient volunteer testing. We are all getting
    good results as of Feb. 2, 2016. All of us have been taking metformin or metformin extended release
    version. That’s what I take & recommend. I have had serious diabetes now for 18 years, for 5 years,
    or more I have been taking the far gentler extended release type. Did you know that statistical research on the mortality of older U.S. patient records seem to show that diabetics taking metformin, seem to OUT-LIVE the non-diabetes patients who have not been on metformin, since it is never prescribed to any but those patients afflicted with T2D. The situation seems to indicate that metformin may have thus been confirmed as a true, even proven medicine for anti-aging results! This old line
    med is the core factor motivating our move to conduct tests around it when combined with several
    new substances that seem to work in parallel with metformin. Substance (A) is synthetic Ptero-pure.
    The natural version is called pterostilbene. It was discovered to be the key protective substance in
    reproductive fruit growing on blueberry bushes. Live, healthy (& tasty) BLUEBERRIES. That little
    fruit has a very good reputation for being good for your general health. Now, put the active ingredients
    of say 2000 berries in a 50mg synthetic cap, & take it with your metformin, say, twice daily, & in my
    actual experience, amazing results can from doing exactly that. My VA blood panels prove conclusively
    that I have gone down from an A1C value of 7.9 about a year ago, to a present NORMAL value of 5.1.
    Conversely, because we discovered in our testing that “Ptero-pure” turned out to be an amazing appetite control substance. Since I’ve been taking this with metformin, my control of the quantity &
    the selection of what I eat each day, has been close to absolute. I eat no more than 1700 calories, or
    less than 1400, during a 24 hr. day. Sometimes, after doing my daily fasting finger-stick, & noting
    the result, I may or may not continue fasting for another 2 to 3, or even 4 hours. There is little stress
    in doing this to unload the weight. In the last 140 days I have unloaded a full 43 lbs of belly & visceral
    fat from my 6′ 1″ + frame. I feel so energized …& now do hundreds of reps or simple exercises, & walk
    fast for a least a mile. Remember I’m 74 and now am back to my 33 inch waist. I’m giving away a lot
    of 40 inch jeans & slacks to heavier friends. At the 177.4 weight today, I posed for some detail shots
    in track shorts. No washboard abs yet…but my belly has really gotten flat. (B) the other substance we
    are testing in Niagen (NR) the precursor of natural substance NAD+. This seems to be helping with both
    memory recall & P.K. facial lesions, after nitrogen freeze… all clear for 8 weeks or more! (C) Quersetin
    which 1 part of the 2 substances being tested at Mayo Clinic & Scripps Institure for Medical research in
    Florida with lab rats. We’re testing it with metformin, ptero-pure, Niagen, & resveratrol. We are noting
    all changes & effects that present themselves. Sure this is not the way true double-blind, randomized,
    clinical trial have to be done for the FDA. Our little Vet Volunteer Group is doing something we had to
    understand when we were trained to engage in combat operations. A simple fact: RECON before the
    main engagement is OH SO IMPORTANT for planning. Such a group, would be useful indeed in the research that is certain to intensify over the coming decade or decades of our group’s future life. I
    hope we can pass our example onto the official VA program, since there are millions of us who
    have the courage to stick our necks out for country…or Humanity in general! We welcome any
    nearby (so.Calif.) Vets to join us!

    • Hi Allan, I think I got your correct FB account and sent a message. Would you please check? I’m a veteran over in the San Bernardino Mountains. I know several at the Loma Linda VA whom have diabetes (I do not) and I’d love to know the best places to buy some of the NR/NAD and pTerostilbene, if there’s a specialty vitamin that has it for under that $50 for 60 pills rate at Elysium and Niagen’s sites. I can’t get Metformin, as you said above, since I don’t have Diabetes, plus I haven’t even begun to read much on the other supplement you mentioned, Quersetin. Is the latter something you found should be added to NR and pTerostilbene? And Resveratrol? I’m 50, with lots of lower back pain and left side sciatica, knee arthritis and am rated 100% with the VA for PTSD. I just don’t feel like I have any energy or drive and feel I’m beginning to age much too quickly. Hope you can help me with some information, if at all possible, so I can, in turn, share it with other veterans. Thank you sir! Ernie uniforms AT hotmail DOTcom.

      • It is quercetin not quersetin; many articles in literature. Beware taking it along with bioperine, a component of black pepper present in many supplements to enhance absorption of nutraceuticals through the intestine. The combination of quercetin + bioperine can cause a dramatic spike in blood pressure.

  9. Live Cell Research’s Support inbox is FULL. Emails are bounced back by Google mail. I have now given up trying to contact them about my Niagen order, do you REALLY want to deal with a company that continually spams you but can’t run a decent support service?

  10. Folks, I’ve read all of the remarks within this forum and frankly the positives far outweigh the negative remarks. So I’m adding my two cents. In May, 2015, I spent a few days with an old friend (of 47 years) who is a recovering addict (sober for 30 years) who also is bipolar…and we think WE have problems. He was healthier and happier than I’ve ever seen him. He attributed his improved state of mind and his newly discovered interest in a healthier lifestyle to his daily Niagen intake and encouraged me to give it a try.
    I am a 66 year old female, still working in outside sales in a very competitive business. My weight is what it was when I was in college and I spend my free time gardening…heavy duty gardening. I have maintained a good healthy diet (healthier now more than ever) and try my best to keep my red wine intake down to an average of a glass a day. Health problems for me have been limited to arthritis and occasional sciatica, but the stress of work and my 30 year marriage to a highly functioning alcoholic (who is also a narcissist) have taken their toll on my psyche. The stress has historically manifested itself as chronic fatigue, disrupted sleep and borderline depression. Yoga and brisk walking have helped, but not enough.
    Though I haven’t kept a health journal since starting Niagen, I am convinced of its benefits. My state of mind has vastly improved and I no longer worry about some mysterious underlying cause of the inability to get adequate rest. I’m now sleeping sounder (with wonderfully vivid dreams) and I wake refreshed, ready and even anxious to tackle the day. There has been no vast improvement in the arthritis pain, but it simply doesn’t concern me as much. The greatest benefit of my two capsules of Niagen is the current image I see in the bathroom mirror each morning that reflects the reduction of stress. The furrow between the brows has diminished, the clenched jaw is relaxed and my previous dark circles under the eyes are minimal.
    I plan to start my health journal and as I add other supplements I will take note of their efficacy and time frame of effects noted. I wish I had done that with the Niagen. Any suggestions or recommendations for herbals, supplements, dietary advice will be most certainly appreciated…particularly those addressing arthritis and anti aging.

    • I love your story. I am tempted, but reticent to try this supplement because from my understanding is that its synthetic
      . I have just begun my journey toward better health (a little over a year ago) after getting extremely sick. I was very active, thought I was very healthy, but absolutely addicted to sugar. I had a lot of aching in my hands and knees prior to getting sick and figured that it was just part of aging. I got sick at age 47 and no one (in the western medicine world) could help me. I thought I was dying and finally found a sage homeopath who has helped guide me toward health independence. Cutting out sugar of any kind has made a HUGE difference for me. Godspeed

    • CJ, try Vital Cell. My dad had a terrible pain in his hands due to arthritis and after some months of taking it the pain disappeared. Although it costs about 40, I’m happy because my dad and my mom feel much better now. It also helped my mom normalize her high blood pressure.

  11. I’ve been spending an hour or more daily reading all I can find about NR (Niagen) which was originally
    developed at Dartmouth College in recent years. An Orange County CA, chemical fabricator makes the
    material for several credible companies, including a long established research foundation. It is made
    of synthetically formulated pure material. That production entity is a publicly traded, high tech production lab. I have not been testing Niagen by itself, but with 3 other substances. One is the leading medicinal diabetes drug in the world. It is metformin, which is also called glucophage. Some people taking metformin have experienced GI tract irritation from that medicine, so .I requested my VA internist to prescribe the better version which offers less problems due to it’s extended release formula.
    At his point, Jan 2016, I’m able to take 2000mg of metformin. The third substance is called pTerostilbene. It was developed by scientists employeed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, working at
    the labs of the U. of Missisippi in Oxford MS. The same fabricator in Irvine CA. makes this up from scratch, and it is chemically identical to the very powerful anti-infection (bacterial, virus, fungus threat)
    to blueberries. pTerostilbene (the (p) is silent… it is from the greek. I remember the name because it is
    similar to the name of the ancient Jurassic flying reptiles…Pterodactyl ! There is a synergism, between
    the Metformin, which is now thought to be a powerful anti-ageing medicine, and the pterostilbene. Based on the rapid control of my diabetes numbers, and my 31 lb. weight loss, At least in my case, I
    think I learned some import things for science…really! The ease of dealing with a diliberate 1500 cal
    limit over these 100+ days, shows the combination to be a VERY EFFECTIVE way to knock down 20+
    years of obesity, which probably caused my atrial fibrillation, diabetes, carotid occlusion, and almost killed me. Earlier in life I was strong, slim, and weighed under 175, at 6’1″+ while working for years in film production in Hollywood. By the time I was 56 I weighed 245+. That when the diabetes & AF
    set in. I had severely occluded carotid arteries on both sides. In 2013 I had one side cleared out by
    VA/UCLA surgeons. I also had developed central vision blindness in my right eye, when my blood glucose was critically low, & two lesions on my left retina. With any special meds, I toughed it out
    dieting and got down to 225 for the carotid operation. Then 3 months later I had an angiogram done
    inside my heart arteries. The called me back to talk to the VA/UCLA cardio team. They said I was in
    terrible risk of dying, and urged me in the fall of 2013 to have full Quad bypass open heart surgery.
    I got a second opinion, from an outside doctor, and declined to act at that point. They have been
    checking my heart twice yearly, and the same with my carotids. Because of the very good results with
    the diabetes, I’m asking the vascular team to complete the clearing of my left set of carotids. This would
    be impossible for me with the weight loss and the control of the diabetes. Famous Anti-ageing scientist
    Aubrey deGrey likes the idea of fixing things to stay alive until more advanced remedies are available.
    That is my judgement releated to my own health. I’ll know if the’ll proceed, maybe within a month. Wish me well!

    • I used the brown seaweed, fucoidan, to clean out my veins and arteries. I started out taking 11 a day. Three months later, I was taking 2 a day. When I was hospitalized a month later for food poisoning, the doctor gave me an echo cardiogram because my blood pressure was so high. That echo showed a heart valve that was almost as clear as that of a newborn baby. Lots of information about fucoidan is available on the Internet. Dr.’s Best is the brand I used — not too cheap, not too expensive, available from Amazon and The Vitaman Shop.

  12. A lady named Pam N… mentioned “flowers for Algernon” by Ray Bradberry. My late brother, Stirling Silliphant ,wrote the movie “Charly”, based on the book. Like the story, Niagen , taken along with
    extended release metformin (2000 mg, now) and the USDA patented nutritional ptero-pure,have had a profound effect on me. Much of it, I can prove by official VA medical lab results. In the last 110 days I
    have wiped out 16 years of very bad type 2 diabetes a1C% numbers. Now in the normal range! I have
    lost & kept off 32 lbs. of external belly fat, as well as most of the internal visceral fat buildup. My pants
    (40in waist) had to be given to heavier friends. I’m fitting into 34s now! In the cognitive area I am
    totally satisfied with the greatly improved speed & accuracy of recall of names & experiences. My
    neighbor ,a Vet,who is also in our informal test group has had great metal effect & has lost 12 lbs. without trying nearly as hard as me. I’m 74, he’s 72, we both take metformin prescribed from the VA doctors.Next week, I’m meeting with the VA/UCLA surgical team rep. to volunteer to have the left side of
    my carotid arteries reamed out, as the right side was done in 2013. I subscribe to Dr. Audrey deGrey’s
    concept of body repair, when the technology exists. Get your carotids checked…that can absolutely
    extend your life, if you can come through the procedure. I’m planning to take that risk, if the doctors
    concur. Life is too short… try for an extra 5 to 15 years of healthy living!

  13. I’m a 74 y.o. veteran with diabetes, blocked coronary arteries, one remaining blocked (left carotid). The right side was done in 2013. I also have had atrial fibrillation for 16.5 years. Bad things, for sure. Now some good news. Eighty eight days ago I weighed 215 lbs, at 6’1+. My a1C was extremely high less than a year ago, at 7.9%. Today I now officially test in the upper part of the normal range. On a blood panel less than a week ago, I was tested at 75 glucose. I now weigh just under 185. Less than a month ago I also started on Niagen (N.R. precursor to NAD+) The VA medical system won’t test me for that level, but I have to assume it is higher, because I can do 4 times as much in my elder-style workout routine. Also, my neighbor, who is also a VA patient, & I can see the BOTH of us are surprising
    each other with the improvement in our memories, when we talk about past known names and association of facts . We literally have to laugh, as is is pretty amazing. My urination for the last year or 2 at night was 3 times or more. Now that almost never happens until morning. Part of course, is my
    nearly expanded bladder! The visceral internal fat is mostly gone. The numbness in my finger is way
    less noticable. I can walk as fast as college people, when in public. These two substances pterostilbene,
    & Niagen, both fabricated from scratch at the Chromadex lab in Irvine Ca. seem to be working with
    each other in synergy. Speaking of that… the prescription med, metformin is part of the combo. It is
    now considered to be a virtual “anti-aging drug”. I take 1500 mg, which the VA does supply. Even if
    your are not a “full blown diabetic”…get a scrip from your doctor…and take at least 500mg to ward off
    the onset of the full condition. There are now 4 of us vets testing one or both of these substances with
    our VA metformin. My aunt was a nurse who lived to 100, an uncle flew for the UK in ww1, and lived to 97. My wonderful grandma was born before Lincoln was elected…she almost got to 94…back in the 50s!
    I’m going to try to beat the conditions that might otherwise take me down…by out living my fore-bearers a bit!

      • The prescription medicine (extended release) metformin 2000mg, along with pTero-pure (synth. bio-identical) 100mg, and Niagen 200mg are the 3 synergistic
        substances we are personally taking in the informal pre-clinical testing. I have been
        able to stick to a 1500 calorie diet over the last 100 days. I have lost 31+ lbs. of
        abdominal (internal & external body fat). This made room for my bladder to re-expand, I’d assume, because now I don’t get up 3 times to urinate. Blood sugar went down from 7.9% a1C , taken less than a year before, to within normal range. Last in-clinic glucose in fasting, showed a value of 75. Something important was
        established in this personal human testing, which compliments the findings in lab rat
        studies, that human subjects are better able to comfortably follow a 1500 cal diet
        for months. Another good effect, after having P.K. pre-skin cancer lesions on cheeks, chilled by super-cold liquid nitrogen, these healed very fast compared to a similar freeze 6 months ago. Skin on the backs of my hands seem to be less subject
        to bruising on the blood thinner I’m using due to 16 years of Atrial Frib. I’m able to
        do far more senior style workout reps. I’m about 6 inchs smaller around the waist.
        Loose skin, under my chin, has very much abated. I’ll be 75 in April, people have been guessing my age, as early 60s. With a 31 lb. weight loss my skin is getting
        tighter over my slimmed down body & arms. I certainly hope the VA will see the
        value of these results & begin to include this stuff in future testing. Congressional
        staffers at the VA oversight subcommittee seem quit interested in what they heard
        from us. The pTero-pure patent is held by the USDA, & U. of Mississippi, not some
        snake oil peddlers!

        • Hello Allan,
          Thank you for all the info and your experiences! Are you and your friends taking 100 mg of Niagen 2x/day with the time released Metformin and 50 mg of pTerostilebene each time? Is this taken on an empty stomach? If so, how long do you wait before eating? Do you have a favorite brand of Niagen?


          • Hi,
            The bottle just says to take on an empty stomach with water, but it does not say how long to wait before eating. Does anyone know how long we should wait to eat after taking the Niagen?

  14. Could this possibly be a product of stem cell research? Maybe even taken from human embryos and fetuses.? DNA stuff. Think about it. What is Riboside Nicotinamide anyway?

    • No, this is not a product of stem cell research. The molecule was discovered by Dr. C. Brenner of Dartmouth in 2004 study while looking for endogenous nicotinamide-like compounds similar in structure to certain effective anti-cancer drugs with unknown mechanisms of action.

      Nicotinamide riboside (NR) was first discovered in yeast and later also found in mammals by Dr. Brenner’s team and was deemed a novel form of vitamin B3. Dr. Brenner has patents covering its use and method of production from Yeast (which is likely where the form on the market is derived from). Cornell has patents on its synthesis from nicotinamide and ribose. While two older known forms of vitamin B3, nicotinamide and nicotinic acid (niacin) are well known and take several steps to make NADH, NR only requires 1 step. So, you might think of it as instant cellular energy. Important questions still remain, however: 1) How bioavailable is NR following oral administration? Probably, pretty low considering that very high doses were needed to achieve the benefits observed in the Sinclair study reviewed above. The same results probably could have been achieved by niacin at much lower doses and much cheaper. 2) Are there conditions under which this NADH precursor should not be used, like for example, if cancer is present, since NR would be the preferred NADH precursor. So, how useful it may be as a dietary supplement remains to be determined in my opinion.

    • lisa, are you a troll, or are you one those far-right evangelical wingnuts who claims to be pro-life when it comes to abortion but vehemently supports the death penalty — the ultimate power of the state to kill people to show the rest of us that killing people is wrong. The Catholic Church is truly pro-life. It is against abortion and the death penalty.

      • A very rude and poor reply. Certainly, people can and should ask questions. Your reply did not address any of her questions or concerns.

      • James, YOU IDIOT! Anyone with a working brain supports the death penalty for those MURDERING CRIMINALS that commit such things. Only FOOL and LIBTURDS like you would want to support them for a lifetime while they dance through the tulips sucking on weed. What a brainless FOOL you are, LOSER!

  15. Am new to all this. Heard about NR and Niagen and decided to research it. Liked what I read so decided to purchase 6 bottles (was much cheaper that way), from live cell since they boast a 90 day refund policy and their product has 250 mg per capsule instead of the 100 or 125 mg that their competitors offer (more fillers ).
    Have been on it less than a week taking the recommended dosage of 1 capsule in the morning on empty stomach. Almost immediately I noticed an increase in my energy level, day 3 and day 4 I woke up feeling alert and energetic and well rested, and it carried through the entire day. I am 48 and in reasonably good health. I don’t smoke and don’t exercise daily but I am actively working 50 hrs a week so I don’t live a sedentary lifestyle, however I have been experiencing aches and pains and feeling my age….including weight gain and lack of energy, and poor quality of sleep. It’s still early but so far so good. I have had more focus and energy the last few days than I’ve had the past few years. So based on how I’m feeling so far I’m excited and hopeful that it would continue to get better and my overall health and quality of life will greatly improve. Will post further results after a few weeks!

    • Thx, for the points about aches, pains, poor sleep and feeling the age. Thats what I feel too, thats what bring me to this page too.
      Your post relates and encourages me to try this NR supp and might be some Jiaogulan tea.

  16. I have type 2 diabetes and blurred eyesite vision.Will Niagen work on diabetes?
    I am only on diabetec pills that i do not take a lot.

    • I heard that it does help with diabetes. Restores the Pancreas so it can start producing insulin again. and helps the receptors in your cells get the insulin and sugar better. Need to research this better though., Still, it looks promising.

  17. The company claims that they can not keep up with orders due to a limited supply, but is heavily advertising their product Niagen. This makes no sense at all.

    • Petros,
      It all depends on the drugs you are on. I am on warfarin, an anti-coagulation drug for my clotting abnormality. Warfarin reacts to MANY drugs and substances, including some foods and OTC meds.
      You need to find out what YOUR drug(s) react to.

  18. Three days ago I started the Niagen. I have neuropathy in my right leg which is always numb and tingling and when standing for more than 15 minutes it burns and stings painfully. Also the left leg but not as severe. I suspect it’s from 40 years of martial arts and running marathons, I’ve had to stop both and now swim about 3+ times a week. I bought 3 bottles to try and alleviate the neuropathy. Does anyone have an alternative suggestion?

      • The special form of B-1 is Benfotiamine. I had neuropathy in my left leg (no diabetes). I take 500 mg benfo AM and 500 mg PM, and the tingles and burning are gone. Benfotiamine is a fat soluable form of B-1 (unlike regular B-1, which is only water soluble). Best wishes.

  19. I am 54. I don’t know about age reversal but I do know one thing for sure. This product has saved me from word searching. Talking in a meeting and stopping in the middle of a sentence because I could not think of the simple word that I was trying to remember. I had problems remembering the simplest of things that I always took for granted. I have stopped going “AAAHHHH what was that word!” and “why can’t I remember that…it was so simple.” I was scared I had a large amount of white matter gathering in my brain. My mental acuity has jumped tremendously. I have started just remembering right off the top of my head again as if the memory connections had been restored. One key is you must take two a day to really see a noticeable change(Empty stomach). I am on my 6th bottle but I saw a marked improvement in just a week! THIS IS THE REAL DEAL BABY!

    • Hi,
      Thank-you for giving me courage in purchasing this product! I just bought my first bottle, and will take 2 as you said, on a empty tummy.

      I just turned 60, and am having a hard time facing this fact, that I now am older. So I will trust you, that this is the Real Deal and it does work!

      Thanks again,


      • You won’t regret your decision Karen. I’m 58 and I agree whole-heartedly with Ed about the increased mental acuity, but I’m also seeing and feeling marked improvement in my muscle tone and circulation. Age spots are fading as well. I’m only finishing my first bottle, but have seen an improvement in my quality of sleep and overall energy level. I am discussing this with my 84 year old mother now.

    • Have been into alternative stuff for 45 years. Had
      Been into alternative stuff for 45 years. Have taken classes with Carlton Fredericks. Studied Nobel Prize winner Linus Paulings work with vitamin c. Have taken aloe Vera extract for nearly 3 years. All this history tells me that progress is happening. I will order this product and use it and I will give it to my mom who is in a home and 93 years of age with some cognitive issues. I don’t mind being a guinea pig for something that at worst is harmless. I’ll be in touch.

  20. Just received a 3 month supply. I am 62 and have been working out 3 times a week for over 30 years. No red meat in my diet for about the same time. Fruit & vegetable smoothly multi vitamin part of my daily ritual. Feel good but not like I felt when I was 40. LOL Will post results after trial. Plan to keep a journal. I am somewhat skeptical but will give it a shot.

  21. Too good to be true? Yes. Nothing yet beats good genes and exercise and good nutrition. Don’t waste money on this

    • You are so wrong. I’ll bet you didn’t even try it. Maybe it only works on me so don’t buy it.

    • Wrong wrong wrong. I am 83. I’ve had cancer. I have been a ballet dancer and still work out, but a late diagnosis of scoliosis (painful) of the thoracic spine, and right after that, being hit by a car, laid me low for a while. I did physical therapy. I wasn’t getting better.

      On the first day of taking Niagen, I noticed a decrease in appetite. My energy level has increased daily since then. My back hurts less. I am back to my workouts.

      Everyone is different. I don’t know how old you are, but don’t knock it for everyone. I have good genes, I eat right, I m still doing ballet jumps (okay, I hold on the counter these days but the feet are snapping).

      People think I’m 60. The local paper has just published another of my progressive Op-Ed pieces. My conservative neighbors don’t talk to me so I must be doing something right. I’m not going easily into “that goodnight”. And I’m tackling work projects at home too. Who knew?

      Only problem — I can’t lift heavy weights any more — it’s the spine thing.

      • Harriet,
        I read your note with a great deal of curiosity. You are impressive. I have a friend in telluride CO who is in her 80’s. She goes on all the hikes to 13ft+ that I go on and plays tennis daily. I’ve always really admired her and hope to be in that position at her age (i’m 64). I still play soccer, which I love, run a company full time and pretty much do what I want. But I still notice the changes and I dont like it (I hate not remembering that word I’m searching for). Your testimonial and those of others encourage me to try this. Yep, everyone is different and I have greater expectations of my exercise routine than anything at this point. But I’m going to try it. thanks for sharing.

      • Harriet Stanton: Thank you so much for your comment. I’m 68 and suffer from several physical illnesses including fractures of cervical vertebra 3 and 4 and thoracic vertebra 2 and 9 which were fractured when I fell down a staircase from the second floor of my apartment building to the first floor. My right hip was fractured, too, and I suffer with pain constantly in my neck, back and hip. That accident happened 3 years ago, and as a result, I am unable to exercise like I used to. I, also, experience short-term memory loss, and judging from the comments here, that will subside, too.

        I appreciate your quote from Dylan Thomas’ poem. I, too, am a huge fan of his poetry. Your comment has renewed my desire to become more physically active, and I am going to order Niagen today. Hopefully, it will give me, at least, a modicum of relief and improve my quality of life. I will post my experience with Niagen after I have taken it for a month or so — sooner if it begins to work in a couple of weeks.

    • Hi Mike,
      Just want to say, that it is hard for most people to get good nutrition these days. One, fruits and veggies cost a lot, Two, people are on the go most of the time, don’t have time to cook healthy meals, and Three, Not everyone has good genes. I say this is worth a good try. Sounds like it may contain a stem cell! Very good at that. I am for Stem Cell Research. Anything that makes us heathier.

    • Those other ingredients are all in the vegetarian capsule. The product has to be put in a digestible delivery system somehow. Unless you can find it in a liquid with a dropper bottle.

  22. On my second bottle Havent noticed any difference . Am 80 and smoked over 70 years. have emphesima and cant breath, but hanging in there.

    • Hey Fred, I am 61 and have smoked since I was 15. I just quit last week and I still can’t breathe.!!!! I weigh 251 lbs and should be 195. I am not convinced yet to buy a bottle. I just want energy and be able to have sex again. My testosterone level was 7 last month and it should be 200. I’m doing the testosterone gel and at least I can masturbate again. Maybe I should try a bottle…..

  23. My wife and I decided to try Niagen for a month. I’m a forty year old skateboarder and it’s not uncommon for something to be a little achy, like a knee or ankle. I also have some sort of tendon trouble in my forearm (tennis elbow?) At the end of our trial month my body was feeling good and I had much better stamina with physical activity. At one point I got a late call from my car mechanic that my car was ready and sprinted on my bicycle three or four miles to get there. Normally this much strenuous activity would leave me feeling depleted for the rest of the day. I had to catch my breath once I got there but otherwise I felt great. Another big difference I noticed was that I was able to take a long road trip and my body felt great. Usually a six hour drive to Denver would kill me and I could barely walk when we got there. I just drove 3,100 miles to Idaho and back and somehow my body held up! Also note that I used to take Advil a few times a week, especially after rigorous activity, and I really didn’t see the need for it while taking the Niagen. I’ve been without Niagen for a couple weeks and my body is starting to feel like how it’s felt for the last couple years and I have started taking some Advil (especially at the end of a long day of working on my feet). I am just about to order some more for my wife and myself.

    • Philip, three weeks ago…
      Did you get it?
      Feeling the effects again?
      What happen to the 3 truck skateboard?

  24. I have ordered the product and will conduct my own personal evaluation of how well this supplement works…..

    I am 56 years old.
    5’11” tall
    206 lbs.
    White male.
    Had smoked for over 35+ years and quit over 4 years ago.
    I work as a supervisor on with an asphalt company and work many different hours, mostly night work.
    I eat the most common foods that still include some fried foods. Not to much into the strictly healthy foods but I do like my meat potatoes and a good salad.
    Live fish but mostly fried
    Not a member of a gym due to my work schedule.

    All I can say for now is I will share this product with everyone and will have an honest opion of how it works for me.

    Stay tuned in for the results!
    Tommy Richardson

  25. I am 44, have increased energy, not sluggish at period time, first time in about 5 years after 30 days. I am dreaming more as well. that all I have noticed.

    • Come on…Let’s be realistic ok:…I don’t think anyone claimed it to be some sort of magical potion that would heal all your ills instantly. 30 days is no time at all, if you are going to try a product, at least give it ample time to see if it’s going to work, I would think at least 90days. I began to notice a definite mental clarity after at around 3wks use or less and since then my energy levels have improved greatly and I am excited and optimistic that other things will improve, I am 74yrso and I am not sure if I could feel any better than I do at this time. It has now been almost 1 and 1/2 mos that I have been using Niagen and have already ordered several more bottles in anticipation. If I am going to try something I am going to at least give it ample time to work, after all, it took some time for most of us to get in the shape that we are in and it will take time for any supplements to work depending upon what shape your body was in when you started. With that said, as long as I continue to feel as good as I do, I will continue to use Niagen indefinitely so that I, a heart patient will continue to dance and excercise more than many who are much younger than I….

    • “COST TO MUCH” should be “Cost Too much.” This stuff is good for the brain, but it won’t educate you.

  26. You are confusing the difference of Niagen, Nicotinamide Riboside and NDA+, which is misleading people. The Niagen formula which was patented and trademarked was created at Cornell University, not Harvard. If you took the two seconds to read the “Product Description” on Live Cell Research’s website, the manufacturer you stated in your article, you would notice that they even tell you where the formula was developed and give you the patent numbers. A simple search of the patent numbers will turn up the assignee, which in this case is Cornell University.
    The main ingredient found in Niagen is Nicotinamide Riboside, therefore, Dr. Sinclair did not discover this formula, nor did he discover the compound known as Nicotinamide Riboside. Dr. Sinclair didn’t even discover the compound NDA+, which is where Nicotinamide Riboside comes from. NDA+ was first discovered by biochemists Arthur Harden and William John Young in 1906. All that Dr. Sinclair did was isolate a molecule from the NDA+ compound and give it to mice. The testing that Dr. Sinclair, and many of his colleagues, performed were to study the potential use of the NDA+ compound in the therapy of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease.
    It’s disappointing that a website called “Supplement Police”, who is supposedly trying to help the public by researching supplements in order to differentiate between products that work and products that do nothing, can’t do some very basic research. You guys really need to do better than this.

    • Some good observations Van. So do you have any recommendations of where there may be some good information on where one can identify and take advantage of the success Dr. Sincliar has seen and what really made up the “treatment” that his clinical trials are usuing?

  27. what happened to the mice when they werent given the niagen for a week or more? what will happen to human if you stop taking it?????

  28. Dr. Sinclair did not use Niagen (Nicotinamide Riboside) in his research. He used a specific NAD+ compound that is very different from Nicotinamide Riboside. In fact. Dr Sincliar never once mentioned Nicotinamide Riboside in his research.
    Since that time a lot of effort has been done to link, and even to say, that Dr Sinclair was using Nicotinamide Riboside in his research.
    Nicotinamide Riboside is a precursor for NAD+ and that means it will not necessarily make NAD+ unless the conditions in the body are thre for it to be produced.
    Niagen is continually reported and promoted as being the compound in Dr Sinclairs research but those claims are VERY FALSE. You can even find a video on Youtube entitled Niagen Founder: Dr David Sinclair Interview. This will make anyone think Dr sinclair is the founder of Niagen. but if you listen to the interview he never mentions Nicotinamide Riboside.

  29. Purchased 3 bottles. Have almost finished first bottle. Have lost five lbs. Simply, food just isn’t as interesting as it once was. Can’t comment on other anti-aging effects. Don’t see much of an energy lift (some but not like I want to go running around the block) but am pleased with weight loss & that may come along. Also don’t see difference in skin – still saggy. I am 66 y/o, had cancer so I may be expecting too much too soon for any miracles but am going to keep taking it to see how I do. Now on to getting more exercise which I just never had any interest in before.

  30. The LiveCell Product is not the only pure Niagen product: High Performance Nutrition also offers a Pure unadulterated and independently tested Niagen product called N(r).

    • No they don’t. Read the bottle. HPN adds fillers. I have a bottle. I am trying Live Cell next.

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