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Enagic Kangen Water Review

Enagic is a water filter manufacturer which uses its patented Kangen ionization technology to create Kangen water. Enagic calls itself the “Gold Standard” for water filtration.

Find out everything you need to know about Kangen Water today in our Enagic Kangen water review.

What is Enagic Kangen?

EnagicEnagic is a Japanese company which sells a water ionization system called Kangen.

The ionization systems are manufactured in Japan and shipped to America. In both Japan and America, the systems are classified as medical devices. Enagic claims that one of the best ways to spot an authentic Kangen water ionization system is if it’s been classified as a medical device: none of Enagic’s competitors have the same distinction.

Another distinction between Enagic Kangen water and its competitors is the price: Kangen branded water ionizers are the most expensive systems on the market today. The flagship product, SD501, costs about $4,000 for an in-home system.

To put that price in perspective, many other water ionization systems are priced between $1,000 and $2,500.

The reason Enagic Kangen water is so expensive is because Enagic uses multilevel marketing techniques: sales are passed through the system, with each level becoming a little more expensive. By the time Enagic is sold to the consumer, over half of the machine’s retail price is going towards commissions.

Today, the only way to buy Kangen water ionizers is through a certified Enagic salesperson. A Kangen water distributor may have hosted a party in your area or held a meeting. Sometimes, they even come to your houses to demonstrate the benefits first hand.

Enagic Kangen

What is Enagic Kangen Water?

The water itself is the main product here. Kangen Water is a heavily marketed type of water which has some key advantages over tap water.

Here’s how Enagic describes its unique water:

“Unlike tap water, Kangen Water® has no unpleasant odor, tastes lighter, and has a pleasantly sweet flavor.”

If you don’t like the chemical flavor you get from tap water, then Kangen water can neutralize that flavor.

More importantly, Kangen Water also has a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. This means that when you drink it, your body will be restored to a more alkaline state. Enagic claims this optimizes health.

Your Kangen water ionizer can create five different types of water:

— Strong Kangen Water: This water is not for drinking. It has a pH of 11.0 and is ideal for food preparation, cleaning, stain removal, and doing dishes. Kangen claims the water has unique dissolving and heat conducting benefits and helps to “preserve hygiene in your daily life”.

— Kangen Water: This water is the world’s best, as far as Kangen is concerned. This water is ideal for drinking throughout the day. It’s also perfect for food preparation, soups, and stews. Kangen salespeople will tell you that tea and coffee tastes surprisingly better when made with Kangen water because you get the full flavor of the bend – it’s not diluted by chemicals in your tap water. Finally, this water is also good for plants, where it gives them added freshness and life without the use of chemicals.

— Neutral Water: Neutral water has a pH of 7.0 and is easily absorbed by your body. It’s used when preparing baby food and medication.

— Acidic Water: Acidic water has a pH between 4 and 6 and is typically used as an astringent. It’s ideal for gentle cleaning and beauty care, for example, like when you’re washing your hair or face.

— Strong Acidic Water: Strong acidic water has a pH rating of 2.7 and has mild disinfectant properties. Like acidic water, it’s not designed for drinking. It is, however, ideal for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces.

So instead of using just one type of water for everything around the house, you can customize your water for exactly where it’s needed.

Kangen Water Versus Bottled Water

One way Enagic justifies its high price tag is by comparing Kangen water to bottled water. Check out the chart below:

If you’re the type of family who buys 24 packs of bottled water from the grocery store with every visit, and you appreciate drinking higher-quality water, then Enagic may be more affordable than what you’re currently paying.

Of course, a more accurate way to compare Kangen water is to compare it to other water ionization systems, in which case it’s typically about $500 to $2000 more than its competitors.

Benefits of Kangen Water

— Better Hydration and “Drinkability”: Kangen salespeople will tell you that ionized alkaline water is a much better source for hydration. It gives you a “superior mouth-feel” and is “more readily absorbed by the body.” Many people claim they feel less bloated when drinking Kangen water, which is because the body is doing a better job of absorbing it into the bloodstream and cells.

— Free Radical Scavenging: Free radicals are harmful particles that travel throughout the body and cause various diseases and health problems. Kangen water reportedly “scavenges” free radicals, cleansing bodily organs and reducing your risk of disease.

— Detoxification: Our bodies use water to flush toxins from the body and cleanse the system. Kangen water has negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), which means it does a better job of flushing toxins and waste from the body.

— Encourage Longevity: All of the above benefits are related to this one – longevity. Kangen water claims it enhances the solvent properties of water. Our bodies use water to flush toxins and waste from the body. Kangen water flushes waste in a superior way than normal tap water.

The benefits of drinking alkalized, ionized water have been scientifically proven. Enagic isn’t making these benefits up as it goes along: if you’re concerned about your health, then a good water ionization system can be a phenomenal investment in your home.

Kangen In-Home Demonstrations

One way in which Kangen sells its products is by sending a salesperson directly to your house. This salesperson will give you 1 month of free water as a trial.

If you’re interested in a Kangen water demonstration, you can actually get free next-day delivery and installation in certain parts of the country. Just call your local Kangen distributor to check their availability.

Typically, if you live in a populous area, a Kangen water distributor will arrive at your house within 24-48 hours to install your Kangen water trial.

After that trial is over, the salesperson will pressure you into buying the full system. Instead of mentioning the full $4,000 price tag, however, the salesperson will typically offer you a financing plan for around $45 per month.

The Kangen Water Opportunity

As mentioned above, Kangen water ionization systems are fairly expensive: they cost about $4,000 for the flagship model ($3,980 to be specific).

The bulk of this price tag doesn’t go towards high-quality manufacturing or the world’s best engineers.

Instead, the bulk of that price goes towards commissions. Check out this video to see how the compensation plan works.

If you don’t want to watch that video, here’s one important thing to learn from it: out of the nearly $4,000 paid for an Enagic Kangen water system, a minimum of $2,280 goes towards commissions.

That’s bad news for people who are thinking of buying the Kangen water system, but it’s good news for those who want to join Enagic Kangen water’s sales team as a business owner.

Of course, Kangen salespeople justify the price by explaining all of the benefits listed below:

— Other Machines Are Cheap And Made With Low-Quality Parts

— Kangen Sets The “Gold Standard” For Water Ionization (You’ll See “Gold Standard” A Lot In Kangen Presentations)

— Other Machines Don’t Change The pH Of The Water Or Use Orp (Oxidation-Reduction Potential)

In some respects, the Kangen salespeople have a point. Over 50% of the $4,000 price tag goes towards commission, but that still means your water ionization system has about $2,000 worth of equipment inside it. That means your Kangen machine will be worth more than most of its competitors – even if you subtract all of the commissions.

To make a long story short, most of the people who buy Kangen water ionization systems are people with extra spending money who are concerned about their health. If you join Enagic as a salesperson, these people will be your primary customers.

How to Buy Enagic Kangen Water

You can’t buy Enagic Kangen water systems directly from Enagic. Instead, you’ll need to contact your local Enagic distributor to view upcoming demonstrations or request an in-home trial.

Interestingly enough, Enagic makes you sign this weird sort of “Kangen Water 30 Day Trial Contract” when you sign up.

Here’s what that contract says:

Our Commitment to You:

— Free Kangen Water For 30 Days

— No Obligation To Purchase And No Sales Pitch

Your Commitment To Us:

Drink A Minimum Of Half Your Body Weight In Ounces Each Day

— Come And Get Fresh Water Every Few Days As Needed

— Try To Drink Up To 1 Ounce Of Water Per Pound Of Body Weight During The Trial

If you can follow this, you’ll reportedly experience the best health benefits Kangen water has to offer.

You can also extend your 30 day trial to 60 days if you attend a live Kangen water demonstration within the first 30 days of your trial.

If you don’t know of any distributors in your area, then you should be able to find one simply by Googling “Kangen [your city]”. Kangen has been around for a while and most major cities in the United States and Canada have dedicated Kangen distributors. Many cities have multiple distributors.

When you buy your Kangen water system, you’ll have 30 days to return it – but only if it’s unopened and unused. After you’ve opened and used your Kangen water system, it’s yours to keep.

In addition, your Kangen water ionizer comes with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Who Should Use Enagic Water Ionizers?

Ultimately, Enagic’s lineup of Kangen water ionizers are a pricey but effective way to improve the quality of your water.

Yes, Kangen water is virtually identical to other alkaline water, despite what Kangen salespeople try to convince you.

If you’re looking at Enagic Kangen for its opportunity, you’ll be pleased to see that of the $4,000 price tag on the leading Kangen water system, about $2,280 of that goes towards salesperson commissions.

If you’re looking at Kangen water ionizers for your own home, on the other hand, then the high price tag may turn you away.

Ultimately, water ionizers have proven benefits. There are dozens of water ionizers available on the market today – and most of them aren’t as expensive as Kangen.

But if you want the industry’s best and are willing to pay a premium price for it, then Kangen may be your best choice for superior water ionization and alkalization.

To learn more about these systems, you can check out this link for more information on Enagic Kangen Systems.

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  2. I totally disagree with the supplement police on this water ionizer… I myself have been drinking the water made from this water ionizer and am also a distributor. I also know many consumer-end users of this product that are not distributors which have benefited from drinking this water… I would highly recommend this machine to ANYONE that is concerned about their health as I was… this machine DOES take out all the contaminates and yes the unit is a bit pricey… try purchasing medical grade titanium and medical grade platinum and see how much it costs… better yet… google the price of those two metals and you’ll see why this machine costs so much..

  3. The science behind this sounds pretty interesting. I think someone would have to try it before buying though. Especially considering the hefty price tag. I wonder how the more acidic state of the water improves health. After reading this, I want to taste it! Thanks for the information!

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