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Nerd Fitness is a health and fitness website run by a guy named Steve Kamb who calls his followers “Rebels”. Here’s everything you need to know about Nerd Fitness.

What is Nerd Fitness?

Nerd Fitness is a health and fitness website that uses the slogan “Level Up Your Life”. The Site was created by a guy named Steve Kamb who encourages visitors to follow him on his “epic quest of awesome”.

The website’s followers are known as Rebels. The company’s Facebook page has over 59,000 likes while the website’s newsletter claims to have over 273,000 subscribers.

Some of the core topics covered on Nerd Fitness include:

— Weight loss and exercise
— Dieting
— Body transformations from fellow nerds
— RPG IRL, which covers career-related topics

The website also offers a selection of “Battle Gear” that includes men and women’s shirts, hoodies, hats, and flags.

In 2014, the company launched a popular summer camp called Camp Nerd Fitness where participants spend 4 nights in a Georgia lodge learning some of the diet and fitness strategies practiced by Nerd Fitness (while also getting to hang out with other Rebels).

Who is Steve Kamb?

Steve Kamb claims he created nerd fitness “to give people struggling to get healthy a fighting chance.”

Throughout high school and university, Steve describes himself as being a stereotypical nerd: he went to the gym but struggled to see meaningful changes. He was a self-described “complete newbie” in the kitchen and was overwhelmed by social interactions.

Steve realized there must be other people like him out in the world. So, in 2009, he launched

Steve repeatedly emphasizes that he is not a fitness expert. He did, however, obtain a basic personal training certificate from AAAI a few years ago.

Nerd Fitness Content and Articles

Nerd Fitness has spawned an entire brand. But the core of the website remains its articles and content.

The website frequently uploads new content about leveling up your life. One recent article talked about how to use Primal Movement to “rebel against captivity” and strengthen your body’s natural muscles.

Another recent article talked about the best four yoga moves for a beginner to try.

Some of the blog’s all-time most popular articles include a beginner’s guide to the paleo diet, a discussion on “real-life role playing” (i.e. your career), and a beginner’s guide to intermittent fasting.

Many of the popular articles on the site are targeted towards beginners. Whether you’re powerlifting, deadlifting, dieting, or practicing yoga for the first time, Nerd Fitness has a guide catered towards people who are complete newbies in the field.

Nerd Fitness Rebellion

Nerd Fitness’s fans are known as “Rebels” and their headquarters is At that site, you’ll find forums dedicated to different aspects of the NF lifestyle.

The forums are very active. Members often arrange meetups in the real world. There’s even a meetup sub-forum for Antarctica, although it’s not very active.

Sections of the Nerd Fitness Rebellion forum include:

— Rebel Army Base Camp (General discussions)

— The Woot Room (A forum for sharing milestones)

— Rebel Introductions (Introduce yourself to the forums)

— The Respawn Point (“Something go wrong? Post about it, and then discuss how you are going to respawn and succeed this time!”

— Rebellion Meet Ups (Find your IRL sidekick)

There are also sub-forums dedicated to fitness, weight loss, female-specific training, general diet and nutrition, recipes, powerlifting, bodyweight training, yoga, and running. There’s also a section for non-fitness-related activities, including the Book Club, Finances, Travelling, Your Epic Quest, and Parenting and Family.

Camp Nerd Fitness

In fall 2014, Nerd Fitness took its brand to the next level and launched something called Camp Nerd Fitness. That camp is a real-world camp that aims to teach “Rebels” various fitness strategies. The camp is staffed by professional instructors and personal trainers. Captain Nerd Fitness himself, Steve Kamb, is there to oversee the festivities.

The second Camp Nerd Fitness took place in 2015 between September 30 and October 4 in Clayton, Georgia.

The camp had 300 bunks available when registration first opened at the beginning of 2015. All 300 spots were sold out as of March, 2015.

Some of the key activities at the camp include:

Bodyweight Strength Exercisesjm
— Yoga Sessions
— Nutrition And Cooking Lessons
— Grip Strength
— Medieval Combat Training
— Morning Bootcamps
— Parkour And Slacklining
— Lifting Instruction
— Inverted Training

Campers also find time to squeeze in some games, including basketball, video/board games, karaoke, lake activities, themed parties, ultimate Frisbee, nightly bonfires, and a humans vs zombies event.

In 2014 and 2015, the camp took place at the Kaplan Mitchell Retreat and Conference Center, which is near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Clayton, Georgia.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for Camp Nerd Fitness:

Group Bunk: $825

— Share a group cabin with 8 to 9 other cabins

— Single sex and co-ed cabins available

— Preferred roommate selection available

— Separate men and women’s bathrooms with an entire bunk with twin beds to yourself

Semi-Private Bunk: $895

-Located in the same cabins as the bunkers, although you’ll have your own separate room with two twin beds off the main sleeping area with a closable door

-You can choose a roommate or have a roommate assigned to you

-Share the same separate men and women’s bathrooms as the bunkers

Single & Double Occupancy: $1095 per person

— Upgraded hotel room in a different building

— The company won’t assign roommates; you must already know your roommate and each must purchase this ticket separately

In 2014, the camp welcomed 300 campers between the ages of 16 and 60.

You can learn more about Camp Nerd Fitness here:

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