Dermaluxe – Snake Venom Peptide Cream


Dermaluxe Review

Dermaluxe is a recently-released anti-aging skin cream that claims to use “snake venom peptide cream” to heal and repair your skin. Here’s our Dermaluxe review.

What is Dermaluxe?

Dermaluxe is an anti-aging skin cream that uses a unique “snake venom”-based formula to moisturize and heal the skin.

The product is available through a recently-released trial offer. That trial initially costs only $4.95 (although you’re eventually subscribed to a $100/month autoship program, which is hidden in the fine print of the ordering page).

Using the skin cream seems straightforward: the manufacturer claims you wash your face, apply the serum, and “enjoy”. One customer testimonial published on the official product’s website claims the cream “feels like a mini facelift”.

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How Does Dermaluxe Work?

Dermaluxe claims to work using Biofil spheres that are made up of natural wheat protein. After this protein hits your skin, its tougher exterior allows for a more sustained release of nutrients. In the words of the manufacturer:

“…the wheat acts like a sponge that captures trans-epidermal water loss, resulting in wrinkle reduction.”

So where does snake venom come in? The active ingredient in the skin cream is a patented SYN-AKE formula. This formula purportedly “triggers fibroblasts” to produce collagen and restore important connective tissue.

Other key ingredients include coenzyme Q10, which supports DNA repair within the skin. The cream is also rich with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E.

Finally, there’s Ceramide-2, which is a ceramide-based cream that can boost the hydration of your skin. There’s also a formula called beta glucan.

Dermaluxe Ingredients

The creator of Dermaluxe never explains the full list of ingredients included in Dermaluxe. Instead, the manufacturer simply lists several of the most important ingredients. The listed ingredients for Dermaluxe include:

— SYN-AKE formula
— Coenzyme Q10
— Vitamins A, C, and E
— Ceramide-2
— Beta Glucan

We have no idea how much of any of these ingredients is included within Dermaluxe. In fact, the manufacturer appears to deliberately dodge questions about dosage. They say things like the following, for example:

“Ceramide-2 is included in sufficient quantities.”

“…found only in expensive creams”

We never find out what the most active or most common ingredient in Dermaluxe is. So although we know some of the ingredients in Dermaluxe Snake Venom Peptide Cream, we don’t know all of the ingredients.

How to Buy Dermaluxe

Dermaluxe has taken a similar approach to other skin care product manufacturers by offering an expensive autoship program masquerading as a free trial.

The free trial costs $4.95 for shipping and handling but requires you to input a valid credit card number. Once you submit your order, your shipment of Dermaluxe will arrive within about 5 days. Your credit card is also pre-charged about $100 to ensure you can handle the upcoming charge (although that charge won’t go through until 14 days later).

14 days after you first ordered Dermaluxe (it doesn’t matter when you actually received the product), your credit card will be charged $92.53 plus tax where applicable.

Then, every month thereafter, your credit card will be charged $92.53 once again, and you’ll receive another full-sized shipment of Dermaluxe on your doorstep.

This autoship program is problematic enough. But making matters worse is that all of this information is hidden in fine print at the bottom of the sales page.

If you wish to cancel your autoship subscription or return your unused trial product, then you’ll need to contact the creator of Dermaluxe by calling 1 (844) 410-7595. That customer service line is available Monday to Friday 8am to 12pm EST and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 6pm EST.

Who Makes Dermaluxe?

Dermaluxe is made by a company that simply calls itself “Dermaluxe” at the official product website.

That company also lists the following address:

3231-C Business Mark Dr #207
Vista, CA 92081

You can contact the company by calling 1 (844)-410-7595.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy Dermaluxe?

Dermaluxe is a skin cream that provides little scientific evidence to back up its claims. It also vaguely mentions different ingredients – but fails to adequately mention how those ingredients work or what they do.

Dermaluxe is also relatively expensive compared to most other skin creams on the market, priced at around $100 per month. Many customers are also shocked to pay $5 for the “free” trial, only to realize weeks later that their credit card has been charged hundreds of dollars.

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  1. BigScam.DoNot Order. They wI’ll keep charging to your credit card and give you any excuse why they cannot refund you. The creams do not work. how is it possible for them to have big names backing them up. they seem to have several creams and serums doing the same thing but using different “celebrities” as their sponsers such Ellen. Oprah, Joy Behr, and the whole panel of Dragon’s Den I never give up my credit card number. but I was fooled this time. didn’t do my research.

  2. Did anyone get a phone number, I have tried but to call the one on the website and is saying not set up for calls, please send me a number if you have one.

    • the number I used is is based in Toronto, Canada the product is called HYDROLUXE at P.O.box77570
      592 Sheppard A enue. West Downsview,Ontario M3H 2W0

    • Big Hoax. Scam!
      do not order. they deleted my comments that I posted yesterday.They just want your money. nothing is free. 100.00$ a month and this stuff does nothing to your skin. shame on all these celebrities sponsersing this crap.


  4. When will we ever learn. Nothing is free. We must embrace what God has given us. Don’t abuse it and love ourselves as we get older. Just set our minds to it. It really is not so bad. I would not put anything from a snake on my body. Remember the serpent in Adam and Eve’s Garden. Nothing good can come from Him!

  5. Wow! I fell into the trap as well. Usually I check for product reviews but I just didn’t this time. Bad me! Anyway, does anyone have a phone number I can call to cancel? I can’t even find one! I got one off the website on the jar and they said they had no record of me. But your reviews gave me an idea. I charged my intro samples to my credit card. I’ll just call them and tell them to block any future charges. Thanks ladies for a real eye opener!!!

  6. I am so happy with this product and I am recommending to my girl friends to use this product before the Botox! My wrinkles on my forehead are gone, bags under my eyes are shrinking, my face is lifted! Unfortunately, I cancelled after receiving 2 times for 2 reasons: 1) I am still using the same bottle and 2nd one is still on reserve 2) I can’t afford to pay every month for more bottles but I wish I still can order it. Please let me know how I can renew my contract to purchase more in the future.
    I have used so many facial anti wrinkle creams before and I have never seen immediate results like dermalux and vibrant skin creams! Thank you for your miracle cream!
    Guldeste Calhoun:)

  7. The same with me. I had a allergic reaction and called to vancel. The lady actually tried to argue with me over canceling my account, offered the half off rebuttal even after i repeatedly told her to cancel. I called my bank to file a claim. I’ll never buy from these a-holes again! I better not receive another charge.

  8. Same problem. Ordered this product and was charged 2 more times for $95. They wouldn’t give me a refund and continued to read the same script over and over again. These people are criminals and need to be stopped. Never did they have permission to charge over and over again

  9. Not happy at ALL that my account was drained for nearly $200 after only 10 days in my possession for a product I find no result in!!!! I will not recommend this product to anyone due to poor advertisement of terms and conditions. Also, when ordering this product as a FREE TRIAL, they make u order a 2nd jar of similar product, claiming also a free trial, and then was charged $200 to my account, stated as reoccurring transactions. Now I can’t pay my bills this month! Not much to really thank u for!

  10. STAY AWAY! They lied to me! I was out of the country when my product arrived. When I got home I called the company and told them I had had any time to try their product. The customer service said that he would give me an extra two weeks without charging me. “Rest assured that you will not be charged for anything” So I tried the product, which did not work at all as it showed in the videos. I called and canceled. The woman on the phone was not going to let me cancel. She kept telling me she would send me a different cream and I kept telling her I don’t want it. Finally I asked for a customer service supervisor and she refused. At that point she finally canceled my product. When I looked at my statement I was charge for it. When I call to ask them to refund me they kept stating the current terms and conditions over and over and over. I explain my situation and they just kept repeating the same thing over and over again. I told them that I was not dumb and understood. She refused to get a supervisor for me and said she was the only one I could talk to. She finally offered to give me half of my money back and then she wanted to send me more creams. I said I do not want anymore cremes I just want my money back. It ended up that I only got half of my money back. This is not a reputable company.

    • Hi Sharon, how were you able to get your money back. I have the same problem and spoke to someone today with no results. This was supposed to be a trial for 5.99 and it cost me a total of 245.00 since they send me all 4 products. Today I received another shipment and was told that I would have to pay another 89.95 but just for one product. Not sure what they will charge me for the other 2 products. I tried to send this back but could not due to their POLICY.
      If you could help me in any way, I would appreciate it. I agree this is a scam and I am going to contact the attorney generals office about this so called company.

      • I called and told them it was a prepayed card and good luck taking money out because its not there.i do see a bit of diff.but only wanted trials.after said prepay,asked my name and took me off the list. Use prepaid cards for this stuff,then wont have a problem.

  11. Their business address (Corp. Headquarters) is in Vista, CA but and their shipping address is a UPS store in Scottsdale. They sell the same product under various names, Dermaluxe, Neuology, SNY-AKE, etc. Customer service is in a foreign country.
    They are not accredited by the BBB.
    NOT a reputable company.

  12. I didn’t agree to buy any of this products I wanted to try it out and if I saw results I would purchase it …I don’t want any further charges thank u …

  13. I ordered demaluxe and auralux. Nowhere on the site said anything at all about automatic payments. I called my bank and they are sending me a new debit card, they canceled the card I used. The bank told me to never ever use my account number. They can deal with changing a debit card or credit card easier. I hope this helps you all. I got it before they could charge my debit card ever again I felt so stupid. But you can beat the scam. Never use your bank account number.

  14. Ditto to all situations/issues above. No customer service help and they continue to hang up on me when I call.

  15. Yes I should have researched more too. I have only had the product for 1 week and they charged me nearly $100. They won’t let me return it because they say that I am 1 day outside of the 14 day trial period. They said they begin counting the day you order. I asked how they can count a trial period before I receive the product. Trial means I am trying it and I can’t try it until I receive it. They still would not take it back. SCAM!

  16. When are you people gonna learn. If they require that you are pre approved for $100, or whatever the approach you take is simple. Go to the store and purchase a $100 prepaid credit card. Order your free trial with the $4.95 shipping fee. Then when you accept delivery go to the ATM machine and retrieve the rest of your funds from the pre paid credit card. Or just spend the money before the 14 day free trial has expired. I do this all the time with these reaccruing revolving payments. The police need to think like criminals if they are going to catch the bad guys, right. And the criminals need to think like police if they don’t want to get caught, right (yup). Be wise as serpents. I think I’m gonna order a batch of this stuff and see how it goes. ;^)

  17. BIG SCAM!!!!! I hope somehow they get caught and shut down. I’m disputing the first charge because they literally refuse to let you cancel, then I’m blocking them from my bank account.

  18. I refuse to even try this product after the terrible “customer service” when I realized there would be an ongoing automatic charge. I called the first time to cancel the subscription, but it was very hard to understand “Mel Vart”. I called a second time to make sure it was cancelled and to find out where to return the unused product to….only for “Gene” to say “Scottsdale, AZ” but he couldn’t tell me an exact street address, and kept saying “it is yours now so you can do whatever you want with it”! I asked to speak with his supervisor and he said “just do what you want with it and I’m going to disconnect, have a nice day”. I also am canceling my credit card because I’m not taking any other chances.

  19. This a completely scam operation. The website locks you into hitting “continue” in order to complete the order you think is for $4.95, all the while adding additional products to your order and never showing you a total at the end. I never saw anywhere where I was agreeing to a free trial or an opt-out sort of recurring program. I would have never placed an order like that. I had to cancel my credit card in order to stop this company from bleeding my account for multiple recurring chrages. The 3 bottles that arrived (2 of which I didn’t purchase) are all basically the same stuff just packaged in different containers. None of them do what they claim they will do. They bill your credit card under multiple different names to further try to deceive you into not noticing the charges. Customer service claimed they are sending a refund, but the women I spoke to didn’t speak English very clearly and were reading from a script over and over again. I doubt I’ll see any refund. Don’t fall for this like I did

  20. I wish I had seen this website before I ordered from this company! I fell for the “free trial” gimmick and now have another $300 that was charged to my card without consent, not to mention I haven’t even receive anything else from them (not that I want it). I tried both Dermaluxe and Hydra Stem Cell Serum. I didn’t notice any change, except for the new debt on my card.
    I have called multiple times asking for a refund for the unapproved charges and each time they hang up on me. If you have ordered anything from this company, cancel your credit card before they continue to take money from you!

  21. Not order this product .they charge hundreds dollars in you credit card .cancel your card its better .

  22. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE! This is a scam operation. Finally got 50% refund of the $182 ADDITIONAL they charged my account beyond the trial cost. Canceled my card they charged so they would not be able to make any additional charges. Asked repeatedly to speak to a US representative and they finally said there was not one. Purely overseas. Anne then Angel kept reading their script over and over and wanting me to hang up first. I didn’t and “Angel” finally disconnected the call. Stay away from this!!! You’ve been warned.

  23. This cream is not a good product.. does not work.. they are charging and I didn’t order nither authorize..this Company is not serious..

  24. The snake venom compound which Syn-Ake is designed to mimic causes respiratory paralysis and death in mice, according to research published in the “Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics” in 1999. Newborn mice and adult rats are immune to the venom, showing variability in susceptibility. Temple Viper bites can be fatal to humans, and Syn-Ake paralyzes human skin muscles. Accidental leakage of Syn-Ake, applied topically to reduce facial wrinkles, into systemic blood, may cause generalized whole-body muscle weakness.

  25. Look at “Ashlyns” picture. She is the one whose husband said she was too old. Specifically look at hrr left ear. She has had a facelift of course. The 51 year old lady has a different eye color in her after picture. Very misleading ads. Dont trust it at all

  26. Exactly the same . No results, difficult to understand person on phone. Said the would reduce price to 46.33 but I had to call back to cancel. Hidden in terms and conditions and I cant find those of course. I do not want this product at any price and therefore do not authorize any further charges.

    • Same! I was see free sample to try out. But they charge 200 from my bank account! And the product wasn’t work! I called them, they are not try to refund you money! Don’t buy their products! They are swindler!!!!!!

  27. I was one of the blind believers of this miracle product. After finishing the first months free trial I saw no results what so ever. And then I was charged 100.00 for the next month. I immediately called to cancel the product and was stuck on the phone for 15 minutes with a receptionist who barely spoke English trying to sell me more product and claiming it is 100% natural. I have recently entered the skin care industry and natural creams have extremely short shelf life’s lasting no more than 3 weeks without chemical additives and preservatives. I completely lost my patience when she refused to listen to me. All I wanted was a cancelation. I felt it urgent to write a review of how marketing schemes work in this country. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

  28. received the product and could not understand the application. Went on line and read the information on the product and realized a charge would be applied monthly. I did not authorize that nor did I know that would happen when I ordered the product on Facebook. Called customer service and the phone reception was horrible, couldn’t understand the receptionist. I do not want any charges applied to my card in the future. I will try the product for two weeks and if I see some results I will order the product. No charges are authorized from this point on.

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