Natural Ceramides

Natural Ceramides Review

Natural Ceramides is a new anti-aging skin cream that promises to use advanced formulas to make your skin look younger.

Here’s our Natural Ceramides review.

What is Natural Ceramides?

Natural Ceramides is a new skin cream only available online. That skin cream promises to use a blend of natural ingredients and advanced synthetic formulas to make your skin look younger.

The cream claims to reduce wrinkles by boosting the elasticity and softness of your skin. In one clinical trial, the cream “drastically diminished most signs of aging” over a 3 week time period.

The cream is only available through a free trial.

How Does Natural Ceramides Work?

Natural Ceramides contains a proprietary formula called Matrixyl 3000. This formula purportedly uses antioxidants to fight free radical damage. By reducing free radicals in your skin, this formula also smoothes wrinkles and improves the tone of your skin.

Other key ingredients in Natural Ceramides include:

Argireline np: This weirdly-named formula is a neuropeptide that “allows your facial muscles to safely relax and fight wrinkle formation”.

Hydresia SF2: The manufacturer is weirdly vague about this ingredient. Here’s how they describe the formula: “Hydresia®SF2 stimulates fibroblast which produces the collagen and elastin fibers making the skin more elastic and less wrinkled.”

Ceramide Complex CLRTM K: This carrot extract formula revitalizes and tones the skin and has been used to treat dermatitis, eczema, and rashes.

Matrixyl 3000: As mentioned above, this formula contains high levels of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C, and E. these antioxidants reduce free radicals throughout the body – especially in the skin.

DermalRxl HydroSeal: This formula, also known as HydroSeal, claims to use a 3-in-1 effect to promote collagen production. The formula improves collagen organization, inhibits its degradation, and increases its production.

The creator of Natural Ceramides does not disclose any of the ingredients or ingredient dosages in Natural Ceramides. We know that ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 are beneficial.

How to Buy Natural Ceramides

You can only order it from the official website ( which as we said earlier is available as a free trial so that you can test the product to see if it works for you. You would be shipped your next supply after a period of 18 days. But if you wish at any point to cancel, you simply need to contact the manufacturer. You can call 844-812-0404 to cancel your Natural Ceramides subscription at any time.

Who Makes Natural Ceramides?

Natural Ceramides is made by a company called Natural Ceramides that lists its address as:

Natural Ceramides
PO Box 41542
St. Petersburg, FL 33743

You can contact the company by phone at 844-812-0404 or by email at [email protected]

The address listed above is actually the listed address for a number of other skin cream companies, including NutraSkin and Revival Beauty.

Both skin creams appear to work in a similar way to Natural Ceramides.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Natural Ceramides?

Natural Ceramides may be a beneficial skin cream.  The company claims to have been advertised in Cosmopolitan, Allure, Elle, and E! Magazine. Some skin care creams work differently on each user. So using the free trial may be a good way for you to test the product out on yourself.


  1. Big Scam !!! Beware !!! Do NOT order !!! I have received about 22 orders- sent first 12 back, with, I want to cancel notification. They just keep coming. Started with $35. Now it has jumped to $56+ per month. I’m glad that a friend , she looked company up on Google – found out it was a SCAM !!! Thankfully , I looked up this info & and found out all I need to do is get different card # on my account and this highway robbery scam nightmare will be over for me !!!! What a relief on our budget !!!


  3. So I owe a HUGE thank you to each of you for taking time to post a comment. Because of your comments, I contacted my bank immediately after I received the same automated vm with the numbers provided on this site. My bank gave me the option to cancel my card and have another replacement card ordered – which I did. This stopped any other payments from being withdrawn from my account. Some inconvenience – but worth it! I was a bit embarrassed, however, they were very helpful and supportive. Listen learned.

  4. I too was taken ;by the free trial I ordered it on 9/12/16 received it on 9/15/16, The next day I had an accident that I had to be off my feet for 6wks, so within the 14 days on 9/23/16 I called the number 855-204-7831 I called 3 times, 3 times reps were very rude, didn’t speak english well at all, talked so fast I couldn’t understand them rattled off some numbers and hung up. All 3 times I asked for supervisor all 3 reps refused then hung up. I spoke to Gida, crystal & Mykala. I have filed a complaint with BBB of Florida as they are out of St. Petersburg

  5. How can I print this page of reviews. I also have been scammed, but for only once. My wallet was stoled 5 days ago, so all my cards had to be canceled and that made me look really close to my statment and I seen these same charges, i called same 30% and 50% refund offer, I said bull, and more, haha, called my card company and told them and they are going to investigate,. So I am think if I can print this out and fax it to them they just might see that I have been scammed….
    So does anyone know how I can print this page out, I am on a Samsung tablet, i will also get in touch with the BBC in Florida Now, i can print from my tablet but I can not figure out where to shoot it to print ???? Thank you and I hope it all works out for everyone….. ME, Lesson Learned, thank you all

  6. Unfortunely I gave my name, address etc EXCEPT NO CREDIT CARD NUMER as I decided to check this “free trial” offer out BEFORE placing the order. Then I started reading the reviews and there was NOT ONE good one ONLY about what a SCAM it is HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN FOR THIS COMPANY TO SCAM SO MANY CUSTOMERS AND HOW CAN THEY STAY IN BUSINESS. NATURAL CERAMIDES should be stopped I called them and when I told them about the horrible things they were doing to people and that I had called my bank to not make any payments to them under no circumstances. They of course hung up on me after I said I HAD NOT GIVEN MY CREDIT CARD

  7. I was also duped into this horrible, crooked company. Paid my $4.95 for free trial. Did not see you must cancel within 14 days. Still can’t find that on their site. Started charging me not only the $ 99.69 but for two other products totaling close to $400.00. Called got the usual offer of 50% refund. Said for a full refund would have to send the products back that were already on the way. Gave me a bunch of numbers I must put on the package when I returned it. Did everything they could to side track me and not refund my $$. After 10 days called then again and asked for the tracking number so I could know when to expect the boxes. The girl slipped up and said nothing had been shipped yet. Told them since nothing had been shipped I wanted my 100% refund. Offered me 50% off again which I refused. She ended up hanging up on me. My bank has filed three disputes against them and suggested I get a new debitcard with a new number so no one can access my account. I have done this and PNC says i will most likely get my money back. I will NEVER EVER do this again. Filing a complaint with the BBB too.

  8. Everyone, please file:

    – a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau (local to the company you have a complaint with.)

    – a complaint with your state’s attorney general and the state’s attorney general for the state the company operates from.

    It’s criminal what they do. Imagine the seniors being billed all this money, who can’t afford it and don’t have the energy/technical skills/means to fight it. They will keep being billed endlessly. Christie Brinkley, and all those involved in such anti-wrinkle cream automatic billing scams. should be ashamed. You wonder how such folks can sleep at night, but obviously scams have always been played and always will. Let’s put a stop to these.

  9. I have a question. I received a little box addressed to me. There was only a PO Box number from St. Petersburg FL.
    I didn’t order anything. I opened the box to see what was inside. It was some name brand “Natural Ceramides youth cream” and “Hydroxacel eye effect” No paperwork, order # or company name.
    Has any one used it or know if it works? I’ve been involved with tv scams before, which is never a nice smooth ride. But, now I have 2 bottles and now I’m paranoid to use it. They were both sealed and a bit curious.
    Any advice?

    • First I would check with your bank account and make sure that you are not being billed for something. Secondly, I would put them back in the box and seal it up and write on the outside of the box Return to Sender. Then, give it to your mailman who will send it back. I would never use anything that I did not order and also, I would never open anything that I didn’t order. But this is just my advice.

  10. Thank you so much for this REAL review and truth about these scam artists, thank God you stopped me from signing up!!! They make these products sound so good and tempting and you want to believe that not every online company like this is just out to scam you, but unfortunately most likely they are! I’m wondering if these ingredients are actually beneficial how can we just buy them ourselves to use pure, like a pure oil or something? I use a lot of organic pure oils like Argan oil, and I saw on one site that ceramides come from wheat extract oil, and another said carrot extract oil? I believe I have seen carrot extract oil for sale but am not sure about wheat extract oil. If anyone knows please reply, thanks!! I tried the Dr. Jart ceramides cream and it really helped my dry skin, acne and dark spots in combination with the Organic Rose Hip oil I use, It’s just $50 for less then 2oz so I can’t afford it very often or really at all, but it’s a lot better then hundreds of dollars being charged to my bank card without my knowledge!!! I wish you all who got scammed the best blessings and all your money back! A mass lawsuit against the company is a great idea and you should all ban together to start one, Also as others have said dispute the charges with your bank or credit card companies and change your card number! It’s a pain but better then being continually charged hundreds of dollars every month!

  11. I may be the only one on this forum to report good news for a change! After two months and four frustrating, hang-up-on-me phone calls, I finally got “Denard”, a service rep who listened and actually got me a 100% REFUND. He gave me the usual excuses at the beginning of the call,
    “We cannot give you a refund because the product you returned was opened”
    “The items were received after the 14-day free trial period, so we cannot give you a refund”
    “This is the only information in the computer we have, and it’s all I can do”
    “My supervisor has the same information and will not say anything different”
    When I told him I would be filing a dispute through my credit card, he changed his tune. He offered me a 30% refund back, then a 50% refund “one-time exception”, and when I insisted that half of my $180 in charges was not enough of a refund, he finally gave me 100% credited back to my credit card. And he was nice about it.
    If you cannot persist to get a refund, then file a dispute through your bank. Make sure that you note these things:
    – The date the merchandise was received
    – The date of return of merchandise (I sent mine back with tracking and signature required)
    – Who you spoke with in an attempt to resolve the dispute, and the date
    – The response of the customer service rep – why they are denying your refund


    Good luck, and keep trying! I look forward to seeing my money back in the bank :)

  12. Sad to say but I accepted a “try a free product offer” in which you are supposed to be billed only for the shipping. The products were HYDROXACELL EYE TREATMENT and NATURAL CERAMIDES YOUTH CREAM. This was connected to signing up for an on-line account with one of my utility companies. That was on 11/24/15. I never received anything from them except for an e-mail @ a month later saying I would soon receive a free gift. No product was received until after 1/15/16. The box said FREE GIFT, included one container of CERAMIDES YOUTH CREAM and included no paperwork or information. I had even forgotten I accepted the offer when the box came since it had been 2 1/2 months. Then I noticed charges on my credit card (ranging from $1.97-$94.74) dating back to the 11/24/15 date for Extract, Aloe Cleanser, Face Cream, Youthful, Ultra Garginia, and BIC Garcinia Jackpot.I contacted the 1st phone number referenced on my card statement. Needless to say, I was treated the same and given the same infor. as others in this comment section, complete with the “Have a nice day…click”. I did cancel my account, but “did I really???” So far my charges total $528.00 with 13 debits on my card.


  14. Some elderly friends of mine were scammed $683.76 from this BS company! They didn’t even sign up for the trial product! There are charges of $83.74 every month for 3 months from an Aloe Ultra Supplement company & they never even received a product! This is a SCAM!! I’m trying to get their money refunded but I’m not getting anywhere. Their rude customer no-service people have hung up on me twice when I start asking how these people got signed up for this! Their checking account was charged 17 times & there were 12 shipments. 7 were returned by the post office “returned to sender. Didn’t order” & the shipments & charges kept coming. I cancelled their debit cards so hopefully the charges will stop but I don’t have much hope that I’ll be able to get $379.80 of it refunded to them. Fortunately, their credit union is trying to get $294.06 refunded to them & has provided a provisional credit. DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!!!

  15. I have returned this product four times and cancelled it and it just keeps coming. I have notified my CC company and am refusing to pay this. It is a horrible scam and some how they need to be held accountable. Any suggestions? I got another one today and called 844-812-0404 [email protected] I have been assured it is cancelled AGAIN! Don’t know what to do next!!!

  16. I am furious at this company! Everything about their business model is designed to deceive and delay to get more money out of you. They even control their online image, as this is the only site that had any criticism of their practices – everything else I saw was just ads and testamonials to dupe more women into what they think is $4.95 for a face cream.
    The site I made my order from even made the checkout button purchase another eye cream product! And because I thought it was only another $4.05, I stupidly didn’t think it was worth trying to backtrack out of the order. Never again will I order anything without reading the fine print. Not only did they do all the other things to me that everyone else on this comment section said, they also informed me that they have “waived the cancellation fee” when I called to get off their autoshipment (which I didn’t even know I was on!). A fee for cancellation! They ream you on one side and then the other!
    I am now in the “up to 30 days” waiting period to see if I will get a $200 refund on my 2 products. I sent back to this address: Returns, PO Box 52073, Phoenix AZ 85072-2073. The number I called (given to me by my bank) was 844.834.3708. I sent it with tracking and signature confirmation, so I know they got it. The California BBB will definitely be hearing from me – I hope they get shut down!

  17. I had the same experience as all of the above. Contact the Florida Better Business Bureau. There are already complaints there but we need to flood their website with our complaints. This company cannot go on scamming so many people. We have to stop this!

  18. Yes, this is a scam! They didn’t email me or send any contact information with the product to be able to cancel within the trial period. Something felt wrong when I received the product with no invoice/thank you for your order/contact information. Then you get your credit card statement with $175.00 extra charges. My credit card company was then able to provide the number to call to cancel. The company refused to refund my charges because “I didn’t call within the trial period…and that’s their policy”…and hung up on me when I offered to return the product. How can you cancel if you have no contact information?!?! My credit card company has given me credit, so we shall see if that is the end of it? Lesson learned! Please do NOT order!

  19. This company sucks so bad took me 6 calls to get a supervisor and even she hung up on me there products don’t work. The employees are very rude and they don’t refund even when there web page say’s 30 days or your money back. $94.74 for a shit.

  20. Do not buy. Doesn’t work, and even when you cancel, they keep sending and charging your card and you keep returning with NO credit to your account. Get the word out. Do not buy!!!!!

    They have no address just P.O. Box in Fl. No phone number either.
    Let’s get together and class action law suit their ass….. I have call in to Better Business Bureau. It’s postal fraud too. I wonder if Dr. Oz knows about this crooked bullshit.

    • Hi Cory, my name is Pat and this Business is telling me I agreed to a disclaimer on the phone for 30% back on their product before I realized I got more in the mail! I have not opened one jar of what they have sent yet they tell me because I agreed to the 30% I cannot get a refund. Then the lady put theistic back on and they won’tet you talk to anyone higher up. What can we do to stop this!

  21. I too made the same mistake no where did it mentioned a 94 dollars a month charge just a 495 trial charge I know dam well I wouldn’t pay 94 dollars for a cream even if it worked I notified my bank since you all in here are not getting anywhere with them but the only thing when they charged me the 94 bucks it’s listed in my checking account for garcinnia jackpot its a diet pill and the phone number is different I think this is the cream it has to be so watch out they’re changing the whole order calling my bank back in morning they’re gonna block them I hope

  22. omg
    I can’t believe these people are in BUSSINESS
    Law enforcement should do something about these people
    The same thing happened to me just this past week
    $100 off my debit card
    then called to cancel and then JORDAN the RUDE customer service rep
    gave me some line of BS. At the beginning of conversation told him My card company and I had canceled the DEBIT CARD that the transaction had been made on .
    and The $100 was in pending status for the money to go to them .
    I wanted it stopped immediately.
    I first NEVER went through with the original order
    THEY ILLEGALLY charged my account \
    they Illegally used my card information .
    Well JORDAN their rude agent knew the card was canceledcno longer a active account
    and put my $42.63 back on that card
    He gave me 2 choices for refund
    1. send product back wait 8 to 10 weeks , also pay restocking fee $8.99 and shipping and open to any more costs that acure.
    2. That they would handle refund immediately over the phones and I would get 45% of my money back and they would refund that amount right now .
    I choose the second option and he says “ok this is your amount refunded to you
    $42.63 and you may keep the product and here is your confirmation #.”
    I am like” WHAT are you talking about how can you refund something and you dont know where to refund it too”. He Says “Back to the card it was made on”
    “What are you talking about that account is CLOSED DOESN’T EXIST”.
    He says
    “Oh I have a Cancel transaction ID number,the transaction went thru that’s what it shows on my side”.
    “Excuse me Jordan but your records are wrong I would like to talk to your supervisor”.
    They are in a meeting thank you for you contacting customer service good night.
    First off this isn’t a AMERICAN COMPANY
    the money goes to LTD GUANGZHOU CN account in CHINA
    what’s really going on ?
    Lets all report them to the better business burea
    who ever we have to contact to stop these people
    THIS IS UN AMERICAN we shouldn’t have people like this is in this country allowed to do this to us all
    we work hard for our money
    They have taken $100 from HOW MANY OF US ?
    Im sure more than we are aware
    and they are making BANK $$$$$$ MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.
    Im going to report them to every one I can
    please do the same and hopefully we can stop these thieves from stealing any more of our money.
    Leanani Franks

  23. I am glad to have read these comments- I was about to purchase but thought I would better check for reviews first! I was concerned because if the product worked like they claimed- they wouldn’t have to be so weird about ordering and having people commit to a monthly automatic reorder. thanks y’all for saving me $$!

    • Do NOT BUY……. These people just keep hitting your card. I sent a written cancellation notice!!!!! I wonder if Dr. OZ is proud supporting these crooks. Bank said to get a new card with new account #########¥

      DO. NOT. BUY !!!!!

      • Dr. Oz doesn’t really support them, he talks about the ingredients in his show but not this company, he doesn’t support any specific brands for this reason, but hundreds of them steal his name and photo to scam you and sell their product! You all need to get together and sue this company and stop them from scamming anyone else, there are so many companies like this scamming thousands of dollars from hard working people that can’t afford it, this needs to be made illegal!!

  24. I also try calling them about their scam product that doesn’t work they told me to call my bank and go through my bank to cancel getting ready to contact the Better Business Bureau and whoever else I need to this is a scam scam scam scam scam ladies do not fall into it they will rip you off of your money

  25. Should have trusted my gut on this one!! I took before during and after photos. No change at all!! Called to disputed a charge and got hung up on as well!! I wasn’t rude at all. I called back to speak with a supervisor. Got one on the phone(luckily). She was very nice and apologized for how I was treated. She said that they had a lot of new employees (whatever that means). She refunded my money and said I would get the money back within 1-3 business days. I wish I had her name in case I don’t get my refund.

  26. What a horrible way to dup the public and then be rude when you call to get your money back! FALSE ADVERTISING! I am MAD and will contact the BBB. So much for the “free trial” offer, I hate to be stupid and NOT know it until the credit card statement comes.
    These people are BAD and have been trained to do so, NO CONSCIOUS!

  27. Yes, same thing here except that I got a bad feeling when I received my free trial product. Cancelled my credit card before I could be charged any additional. A pain to go through cancelling but after reading all the reviews here I am really glad I did. I called the number on the back of the jar and received a recording to press “1” if I wanted to cancel. After following the instructions the recording told me I would be charged $36.71 one time only. I don’t know where they came up with that charge, does anyone out there know? Never agreed to any more charges than the S/H of the so called “FREE TRIAL” product. Good luck on charging my card.

  28. I was was charged $3.95 for a “free” trial that I din’t even order and my credit card was charged. I don’t even know how they got my credit card number. It showed up on my bill as a debit charge and I never do debit. I called to get the amount taken off my bill and was told they couldn’t do that because the product had already been shipped. I told them I hadn’t received it, I didn’t order it and I would send it back if it did show up in my mailbox. She added that they do not accept “trial offer” returns They refused to remove the charge from my credit card because ” it had already been shipped” It was only $3.95 but its the principal. I asked for their physical address and she gave me a P.O. box #. She said she would close my account but could not remove the S & H charge. WHAT A RACKET !

    • Please report this!! I’ve read several reviews on here now where people say they didn’t even order this and don’t even know hoe the company got their credit card information, this is illegal!!! This company and all like need to be reported and shut down!!! I don’t know if you call the police, the BBB or what but I would try everything, b/c most likely they will keep charging your card and for a lot more too, sounds like they even change the names of the products they are charging you for so you don’t notice the charges! They need to be stopped! You all need to report them and start a class action lawsuit too!! It is illegal to steal people’s credit card infor and charge them for stuff they never authorized! Don’t stand for it, no matter how much they’ve charged you so far!!

  29. So embarrassed I fell for this scam! My products arrived today (after ordering them 5 days ago, which was great shipping time) decided to read some reviews before actually trying it & so glad I did! My credit card had been charged the s&h that I expected. I called the 844-812-0404 to cancel any future shipments of product & confirm the ‘actual’ price of the products I received today. The customer service lady (Karen) was polite & confirmed they would submit for payment of $99 but should I chose to keep the products she could offer me a discount at $36.71. I declined the offer & asked again for her to cancel the account. She remained polite, gave me a confirmation number & said she cancelled the account. I checked my credit card transactions online immediately afterwards & there was a pending charge for $36.71. I called Capital One, the gentleman that helped me cancelled my card, submitted a fraud claim & the amount will be refunded within 72 hours (funds aren’t available to use until the fraud claim is completed) I’m so extremely thankful my credit card company was so helpful & understanding. Wish I would’ve read reviews BEFORE I decided on this ‘trial’ offer & the read the small print on the order form…thank you to all those that posted these reviews because i would not have caught this in time to fix it :)

  30. Same experience here! No indication that it was only an 18 day “free” trial! Nor that it said Anywhere legible that I’d be charged! When I called the number, that I got from my bank, because there is no number on the product, the gal told me that I had to push the “accept these conditions” box-Which there was no such thing!! After she tried to convince me that I must like the product(??) that she could offer me a savings for the next shipment! I told her that the product was Not Anything that I’d be interested in in Any future shipments, that I wasn’t very happy with it At All! She then began to tell me how she purchased some for her mother for Xmas and how it took a little longer than 2 weeks for it to show results…and now she loves it! I let her know that I Didn’t Want Any More of this product! And I wanted to talk with a supervisor, because I certainly can’t afford this product especially because it does not do what it claims by any means… SUDDENLY She couldn’t hear me anymore and said, because she lost our connection, she was ending our call! WOW! SCAM FOR SURE!! Don’t do it!!!! And yes-I will be getting my debit info changed!

  31. Once again, another person duped into the “free trial.” When I saw the charges on my credit card a few days later, I pretty much had a s**t fit! This company is a scam and it’s a real shame that there are so many dishonest people out there taking advantage of us. I called the 844-812-0404 number to cancel and got an automated system. I have cancelled my orders and if I am charged at all further, the BBB and my lawyer may become involved.

  32. I was also taken for the ‘free trial’.
    My skin started breaking out in the 3rd week of use so severely that I was embarrassed to go out anywhere.
    I had to research through my bank statements to find a phone number to call. I called and spoke with three different people in the matter of one half of an hour: I cannot recall the first call center representatives name but the second was in the Nikia and the third was Johnny . All 3 Call Center representatives hung up on me and refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor. I was given a return authorization number and guaranteed that my account was canceled but the customer service was atrocious. All three were rude and again refused to give me any supervisor whatsoever. The last representative, Johnny, even suggested that I look back on policy and procedures and determine if I were in the wrong. I do not know how this is logical considering the fact that my skin reacted to the cream. I have never been treated so poorly by customer service representative and will never consider natural ceramides again.
    I called two different numbers the first being area code 855-311-9689 and the second was area code 844-812-0404 .

  33. Same thing happened to me. I received the trial and weeks later was charged $94! I called, the guy offered me a 50% discount, said he was canceling the account then hung up on me. I called bk and the lady tells me that he only cancelled one account not both (hydroxacel as well) then offers a 50% discount. I had to cancel my card and despute the transaction with my bank! Smh! Scam!

  34. I duped too they charged me 100 dallars for useless cream when I call them they don’t answer or they say I can’t do nothing bye and hung up on me

  35. I have used this product it was unless and charged me 100 $ for just a simple useless cream when I call for refund they don’t answer my call and say I can’t do nothing for you bye and hang up on me.

  36. I was duped into the “free trial.” After receiving packages that were addressed to me without a return address other than P.O. Box 41542, St. Petersburg, FL 3373, no company name, I refused and returned these shipments. My credit card has been charged each month without any identification of the company making the charge. After extensive research for the company name, with help of your website, I was able to reach a live person. I demanded a full refund to my credit card because I do not have the product. I was informed that the company “could” give me a 50% refund for the last order that was shipped. Again, all packages have been refused and returned unopened.
    Another employee #152246, Bruce, informed me that the best the company could do is a 50% refund on the shipments. He hung up on me when I asked to speak to his boss or supervisor.


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