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Passion Flower Extract Review

People have long been looking for a natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety and up until now, few solutions have been available. However, a fairly new supplement is on the market that can calm the nervous system and eliminate feelings of stress and anxiety.

It’s called passionflower and it’s a supplement you should be on the lookout for.

What is Passion flower?

There are actually over 500 species of passionflower, ranging in color, size, and type of plant. However, most passionflower supplements come from a species that is native to portions of Central and South America.

When not used as an aphrodisiac, passionflower is commonly used to treat several conditions due to its’ several health benefits.

Passionflower Benefits

Passionflower is said to have many effects on the body, mainly calming down nerves that cause stress and anxiety. In a 2010 study conducted on mice, researchers found that passionflower neutralized stress hormones significantly. An older study conducted in 2001 found that passionflower was an effective natural remedy to treat anxiety disorder.

Another study conducted in rats studied the effectiveness of passionflower and found that passionflower negated the sexual side effects of libido reducing drugs and even increased libido somewhat.

Other reported benefits of passionflower include treating seizures, asthma, hemorrhoids, burns, insomnia, burns, and relieving the symptoms of drug withdrawal.

How Does Passionflower Work?

Passionflower contains several ingredients that affect the nervous system in two ways. First, passionflower contains a few beta-carboline alkaloids, which act similarly to MAO inhibitors. MAO inhibitors block the activity of monoamine oxidase enzymes, which impact depression. By blocking these enzymes, passionflower acts as a natural remedy for depression and it is effective in many people who use it for this purpose.

Second, passionflower contains chrysin, which is a type of flavonoid. Some studies have found that chrysin has similar effects to diazepam and that it is moderately successful in alleviating anxiety, especially anxiety that is stress-induced. In vitro studies also show that chrysin inhibits the COX-2 enzyme, which causes inflammation in the body.

Passionflower Side Effects

Passionflower is widely considered to be a safe herbal supplement although there has been a few reported severe side effects. However, for the overwhelming majority of patients, the most severe side effects is simple nausea or stomach pain during the first few days of use.

Some concern involves the use of passionflower when it is combined with kava, which it commonly is. Evidence shows that kava can cause liver damage in some patients and therefore you need to be careful with passionflower plants containing kava.

There is a slight amount of evidence that indicates that passionflower may lower blood pressure and therefore those taking blood pressure medications should be careful when using passionflower.

Also, if you are pregnant or nursing it is not recommended that you use passionflower. As with most supplements, there simply is not enough information whether or not there are any side effects associated with passionflower.

Passionflower Dosage

If you’d like to use passionflower, then we recommend using one of the following doses. These doses were used in research studies and were found to be safe:

  • 45 drops of passionflower liquid extract
  • 90mg/day tablets
  • 60 drops of passionflower with clonidine (for drug withdrawal).

Where to Buy Passionflower?

Passionflower is available in most online retailers and in local health stores. When buying passionflower, remember to buy pure passionflower extract or passionflower tea, which should use pure passionflower extract.

Passionflower is an invaluable natural remedy for stress, depression, and anxiety and anybody suffering from these issues should consider giving passionflower a chance. It’s effects are often very powerful and chances are you’ll feel them too.

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Supplement Police
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  1. I’ve been a keen self-study on the synergy of vitamins and minerals last two decades, however, after taking an administrative job recently working with chiropractors, they helped to shed even more knowledge for me onto that path. They have taught me so much. Their pure goal and medical oath to find alternative ways to lead a safer, more natural biological way of life has become my way of life. Enter Passionflower. I will just say that recently at 45 years old, I started to see the advancement of (and I mean full invasion of) being the recipient of emotional abuse on the job. I imagine most people deal with instability and crazy personalities at the workforce, too, and we all have someone at work who just rubs us the wrong way. I’ve been used to that for 20 years. (These people are smart — they know how to dial down their mental illness, to keep it hidden, in order to get past the hiring process. Then after they are hired, we’re stuck with them. They make a living hell for co-workers to come to work every day and needless to day, senior management doesn’t terminate them but they are allowed to remain employed. I’d like to remind everyone reading this here that getting your emotional needs met in the workplace – is illegal.

    That’s my backstory of trouble at work. Now it’s time for the “frontstory” — and miraculous nature of PASSION FLOWER. I take one capsule in the morning before I go join the clinically insane at work, and I am calm. I am level-headed. Nothing bothers me. The beauty of Passionflower is that it works on a natural level — wonderful at calming anxiety, nicely adjusts the neuron brain messages that fire too so I’m not always thinking threats of anticipated attack around me from emotionally unbalanced employees, and more. Search more about this wonderful herb on-line to find out how naturally it works. It’s even stopped my all night food-grazing. I would eat dinner but then between 7 to 11 pm, I was just munching from the kitchen all night and put on 10 lbs in the last 6 months. The all-night grazing, has ceased. I have a balanced dinner and then maybe a small bowl of popcorn as a treat. That’s it now, I really don’t crave food all night any longer. This herb does not make you drowsy or put you to sleep as other concoctions may do. It just takes the edge off, nicely and naturally. Been taking it for 2 months and no side-effects. They should call this herb “Passion Flower Miracle”.

    • Lucy,

      Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment. That’s a great review of Passion Flower. I really believe it is a supplement that more people need to know about. It is one of those quiet supplements that only the select few that have actually heard of it see the advantages from its powerful benefits. We are trying to spread the information so that more people, like you, can get the full benefits that Passion Flower can provide.

      — Supplement Police

  2. hello everybody,
    Totally true ,i have been on a prescription antidepressants ,with very serious side effects ,now i take passionflower if needed , it works very very well ! i use tablets of a welknown Swiss firm .

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