Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance – African Mango Formula?


The sensation of finally having lost weight is definitely out of this world.

This not only reflects a noticeable physical change, but it also shows one’s commitment of becoming a better self, the effort and sweat embedded in it, and daily journal entries of what has been consumed per day.

What most exercisers fail to realize is that once the weight is lost it doesn’t mean it cannot be gained.

Weight changes are temporary that’s why Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance is a product that will allow each and every exerciser maintain results achieved without the fear of losing all of the time and effort put into making a set goal possible.

Let’s take a closer look at how Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance works to maintain one’s efforts.

What Is Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance?

When taking a part the name of this product, one will come to realize that this product works to ensure that one’s weight loss efforts have not gone to waste. What does this mean?

Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance is an advanced African Mango formula, which includes a wide range of ingredients that ensure that one’s weight is maintained after having lost a certain number of pounds.

For a better understanding of how the Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance works to maintain one’s weight to prevent further weight gain, the ingredients list must be analyzed.

Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance Ingredients

This dietary supplement contains the right amounts of the following ingredients:

African Mango Extract (also known as Irvingia Gabonensis):

African mango seeds are used to extract out the richness found within that has been noted for its ability to prevent fat production, maintains one’s cholesterol levels and boost one’s metabolism, which in turn results in weight loss.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea extract works great with an ingredient such as African mango extract because they have similar characteristics when it comes to achieving weight loss goals.

Some of these characteristics include: fat breaking properties, boost in one’s metabolism, and eliminates bloating.

Caralluma Fimbriata:

Caralluma fimbriata is a unique ingredient that ensures to fight against one’s cravings. In other words, this ingredient works well in suppressing one’s appetite.

Lychee Extract:

While many might be confused as to why lychee is used to create this product, it is probably one of the most important components of this product.

Whether one is trying to lose weight, muscle up or simply maintain their current weight, the body cannot function at an optimal level if people do not feed themselves the right types of food.

This means vitamins and minerals that the body is not capable of producing in sufficient quantities. This is where lychee extract comes into play; providing a wide range of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.


This may seem like an unheard of ingredient, while other ingredients one’s metabolism and digestive system, this ingredient works in bettering one’s blood pressure levels, mood and energy, and cholesterol levels.

Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance Directions

The daily-recommended dose of the Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance pills is 2 per day. Consumers are advised to take note that it is best to take one prior having a meal.

Most importantly, consumers should consider taking them before lunch and before dinner for efficient results.

There's no harm done if one forgets to take it before lunch and has it before breakfast instead, but if one follows the directions, he or she is sure to pleased with their respective results.

Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance Pricing

The current going of a bottle of Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance dietary pills is approximately $77. This price is set for a quantity of 60 tablets.

This is definitely not an inexpensive product, as there are multiple cheaper alternatives available within the supplements market. However, one must always look past the price to ensure overall wellness.

Overall, Slimfy Stage 3 Weight Loss Maintenance is a dietary supplement that works to maintain one’s weight. A product of this kind is hard to find because most brands only deliver products that simply help to lose weight, while Slimfy ensures that once one loses their weight, they have additional help to maintain it.

While the price may be upsetting, one must keep in mind that the servings per day is not so complex compared to most brands because of the strong choice of ingredients found in this product.

Ultimately, the goal should be to maintain weight in the healthiest way possible, and one way to do so, is by checking out Slimfy at their website.

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