MyoPharma Elite Supplements – Bodybuilding & Strength Stacks?


Nutrition is arguably the most important element of the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle. Without a balanced micronutrient and macronutrient intake, the body is unable to perform the regenerative functions that lead to increased muscle size, enhanced endurance, and overall improvement in fitness levels.

Performance supplements have been an integral part of the fitness and healthy lifestyle for decades, and provide fitness enthusiasts with a highly effective way to manage their macronutrient intake, speed up fat loss and muscle growth, and push their bodies beyond the limits of what would be possible with whole foods only.

The supplement industry is saturated with thousands of different product suppliers that all claim to deliver the best solution for performance supplementation. The vast majority of supplement manufacturers are bringing nothing new to the supplement market, pumping out hundreds of virtually identical supplement that use variations on the same tired formula.

A new range of supplements, however, is providing fitness enthusiasts with a unique approach to performance supplementation, combining cutting-edge ingredients with powerful organic compounds isolated from traditional medicinal herbs to create a unique fusion. MyoPharma is a highly innovative supplement manufacturer that provides solutions for a wide range of fitness needs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the MyoPharma range and find out what it offers to help you determine whether their products can help you reach your health, fitness, and physique goals faster.

About MyoPharma Elite Supplements?

MyoPharma is a relative newcomer to supplement market, and focuses on a different approach to supplementation than other industry players. Instead of attempting to confuse consumers with excessively complex product formulas and proprietary compounds, the MyoPharma range offers transparent, upfront ingredient lists that rely on the effectiveness of their formulas to win new customers.

The range offered by MyoPharma covers pre and post workout supplements, protein supplements, and targeted hormone boosting solutions that are intended to complement the former to categories. All of the products offered by MyoPharma are completely natural and are manufactured in the US under GMP and FDA guidelines, ensuring a high degree of purity and effectiveness.

In addition to providing fitness enthusiasts with targeted supplement solutions, MyoPharma also provide comprehensive workout supplement stacks that combine several products together in a synergistic fashion, proving maximum results.

The MyoPharma Product Range

The MyoPharma range can be broken down into four separate categories, and provides targeted nutritional solutions for virtually every fitness need. We’ll proceed to break down each category and find out what it offers:


The MyoPharma pre-workout range consists of four separate products that are able to function as potent training catalysts, preparing the body for intensive exercise.


MyoCreatine is MyoPharma’s basic creatine supplement, and offers a standardized micronized creatine supplement that doesn’t rely on tricks or gimmicks. Proving 5000 mg of pure isolated creatine per serving, MyoPharma MyoCreatine is laboratory-grade and highly bioavailable.

MyoPeak Pre Workout

MyoPeak Pre Workout is a comprehensive preworkout blend that combines citrulline malate, a nitric oxide booster, with beta alanine, Peak ATP, caffeine anhydrous, and Superoxide Dismutase. The inclusion of Peak ATP in the formula makes MyoPeak a unique supplement, able to deliver high potency energy directly to the muscles.

BCAA by MyoPharma

BCAA by MyoPharma, in a similar fashion to MyoCreatine, is a bare-bones branched chain amino acid supplement. BCAA’s have been conclusively proven to enhance performance and muscle growth, so the MyoPharma doesn’t fix what isn’t broken, and delivers 6.25 grams of pure BCAA in each serving.


MyoCleanse is a natural liver detoxifier that helps to mitigate the hepatotoxicity induced by anabolic compounds and assist with post-cycle therapy, in addition to promoting faster blood oxygenation and higher endurance levels.


The MyoPharma post-workout range provides the body with the raw nutrients it needs to induce rapid recovery and fast muscle growth, as well as a number of fat burning options.


MyoRecovery post workout powder is an advanced blend of electrolytes, tricreatine, amino acids, and vitamins that speed up recovery and replenish lost nutrients after intensive workouts.

Glutamine Anti-Catabolic Amino Acid

Glutamine Anti-Catabolic Amino Acid helps to prevent catabolism, or the breakdown of muscle mass for energy, with pure L-glutamine. This amino acid is able to boost immune system function and preserve muscle tissue, ensuring the body burns only fat after intense cardio sessions.


MyoFlex is a joint and tissue repair complex that contains a powerful combination of natural compounds that speed up joint and ligament recovery, protecting the body from injury and minimizing inflammation.

Gym Meal Replacement

Gym Meal Replacement provides the body with all of the macronutrients and micronutrients it needs to thrive while allowing fitness enthusiasts to dramatically cut down caloric intake, inducing rapid fat loss.

Protein Powder

MyoPro Lean Protein Powder.

MyoPharma offer just one protein solution- MyoPro Lean Protein Powder. The MyoPharma protein formula is free from amino spiking, and contains cross-flow ultra filtered whey protein isolate sourced from hormone-free dairy.

Each serving of MyoPharma Lean Protein Powder provides 24 grams of clean protein in addition to sustained release peptides that boost muscle growth rates and enhance recovery speed.

Testosterone Boosters


The final product in the MyoPharma range is MyoTest, a targeted natural testosterone support supplement. The MyoTest formula contains proven testosterone boosting ingredients such as tribulus terrestris, zinc, epimedium, and longjack, as well as vitamin B6 and magnesium.

MyoTest is able to simultaneously minimize estrogen conversion while elevating testosterone levels, resulting in improved physical performance, higher libido levels, and faster muscle growth.

The MyoPharma Elite Supplements Verdict

MyoPharma are one of the most upfront performance supplement brands on the market, and provide a detailed breakdown of each product that allows consumers to make informed decision about their range. If you’re looking for an honest, reliable and effective range of performance supplements, MyoPharma is a great solution.

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