Monat Hair Care Products Lawsuit Review: Hair Loss & Scalp Sores?


Subscription services products that are widely ordered online are very easy, convenient, and often effective as well. Sometimes though, there may be a that one formula that stands out among the rest – not for its stellar performance, but for the negative reputation that it has garnered due to various issues it has caused consumers. One such product, unfortunately, is called Monat Hair Care. The brand’s name, which is short for Modern Nature, leads consumers to question the true natural quality of its products, which have caused serious problems, such as substantial hair loss, scalp sores, and balding.

About Monat Hair Care Lawsuit Hair Loss & Scalp Sores

The best way to sum up the situation involving Monat Hair Care is truly “hair care gone wrong.” The product was originally touted as a formula that was able to combat against hair loss, that promotes hair growth, and enables users to experience full, lush, and lustrous hair growth. However, based upon the fourth class-action lawsuit filed against the Monat company, the formulas abilities have come into serious question.

Those filing the class action lawsuits claim that the product does not perform as advertised – that is, it is unable to treat hair loss, but rather, it has caused a range of adverse side effects that have left consumers with less hair and much more irritation and discomfort than they had before using the product. One of the main plaintiffs of one of the class action law suits filed on behalf of consumers includes Amber Alabaster, who purchased the product to treat her hair loss.

Alabaster claims that the formula failed to perform as advertised and instead, It caused her serious irritation and it led her to lose more hair. Further, she stated that upon contacting the brand after experiencing such negative symptoms, a representative claimed that it was simply a “detoxing” phase that would pass before the true hair growth took place. After Alabaster’s class action law suit, a slew of others – which total in four today – were filed and it seems that all of the lawsuits feature the same claims as well.

In addition to the adverse side effects caused by the products, the plaintiffs of the class action lawsuits claim that the company misrepresented the research that it presented to consumers. For example, Monat stated that its products have been clinically tested to work, however, it certainly does not seem to be the case. Further, plaintiffs claim that many of the ingredients in the formula have been subject to limited and not comprehensive tested, as required.

Monat Hair Care Products Lawsuit Conclusion

In response to the class action lawsuit, Monat has responded that it stems from critics who are jealous of its products. As a result, the company intends to fight back and defend itself on such grounds. Unfortunately, the company will certainly have to muster a better defense than jealously. Defending legal claims of false advertising, misrepresentation, tort, and many others takes a much if the company wants to come out of these class action lawsuits successfully. To date, the company has refused on-camera interviews, so any more information will come as the cases continue to develop in court, where they may likely be consolidated for judicial expediency purposes.


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