Vitalmood +: Cognition, Mood & Focus Enhancing Nootropic?


Vitalmood + is a supplement that acts as a nootropic substance for consumers that want to improve the power of their brain. The treatment is only offered with a trial period first, which will help the user determine if this product is the right solution for them.

What Is Vitalmood +?

The brain controls every single function in the entire body, from the natural reflex of breathing to the way that consumers dream. When someone is young with a healthy brain, the average person only requires about 5 hours of sleep to completely go through the REM cycle. This sleeping process nourishes and corrects any damage on the brain and neurotransmitters to keep consumers fresh in the morning.

Unfortunately, as the body ages, it is not able to keep up with these needs as well as before. With the use of a supplement like Vitalmood +, it may be easier to get the brain going each morning.

According to the claims made on the official website, Vitalmood+ may:

Even though the website highlights the importance of the “unique formula” with “the best natural ingredients,” there are actually no substances listed on the website. Instead, consumers will just have to follow directions and test out the remedy in the available trial.

Using Vitalmood+

There are no specific directions about the proper use of the Vitalmood + supplement. The only thing that consumers can assume that they need to take two capsules a day, since a one-month supply is 60 capsules. While the timing of nootropics is often important to how effective it is through the day, consumers will need to reach through the included directions to get a better idea of how to get the desired effects.

Pricing For Vitalmood +

The total cost of Vitalmood + is $84.95, but consumers will not have to pay for the supplement until after they have tested it in the 14-day trial. During the trial, the user is only responsible for the $4.99 shipping fee.

At the end of the trial, the user will be automatically enrolled in a subscription at the same price that the user is charged in the trial offer. To cancel either the trial or subscription, consumers should speak with a customer service representative.

Contacting The Creators Of Vitalmood +

Even with other information about the way that the Vitalmood+ formula works, consumers may want to learn other details. The customer service team can be reached by calling the company or sending an email.

Vitalmood + Review Summary

Vitalmood + starts off with many different claims about how helpful it can be to consumers, but there is nothing to prove it. There are no ingredients listed, and no details about how the proprietary blend works, which means that consumers will have nothing to go off of to verify that the treatment is right for them.

In fact, the only way that they will probably learn about the ingredients involved is to reach out to customer service or to wait for their trial bottle to arrive.

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