MHP Super Fat Burner+ – Core Series Powerful Weight Loss Matrix?


Training requires more than the decision one makes to finally get into it. It’s easier said, but what brings efficient results is the hard work one is willing to put into it. This means training consistently and eating the required types of food for a given goal. Fortunately, there exists a product that helps to induce one to put in that hard work, and that product is none other than the Super Fat Burner by MHP.

With the use of the Super Fat Burner+ by MHP, consumers are certain to experience a boost in one’s energy and mood, enhanced metabolism and ensures that consumers have a balanced blood sugar level. To better understand its efficiency as an additional boost, this review will analyze the Super Fat Burner in terms of its purpose, its ingredients list, and its recommended dosage.

What is the MHP Super Fat Burner+?

The MHP Super Fat Burner+ is a dietary supplement that contains fat burning properties, which help consumers meet their weight loss goals in time. Instead of making a product that simply boosts one’s metabolism, MHP or Maximum Human Performance, has come up with a product that ensures that consumers have the right mindset and energy level needed to athletically perform well. To better understand how this product works; let’s take a quick look at its ingredients list.

What Are the Ingredients Used in the MHP Super Fat Burner+?

The ingredients used in the Super Fat Burner are Vitamin B12, Chromium, Green Tea Leaf Extract, L-Tyrosine, Cinnamon Bark Extract and Cayenne Pepper. The following list will provide consumers with a better idea as to what purpose each ingredient brings to the overall product:

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of eight different types of vitamins B to exist. Its widely known for its ability to enhance absorption of nutrients by the body. In regards to this respective supplement, it is known for its nootropic properties. Some of its benefits include enhanced mood, energy levels and cognitive abilities.


This ingredient works towards achieving a sense of balance within bodily systems. For instance, it partly works to boost one’s metabolism, maintains sugar levels, and redistributes energy when needed. In addition, this ingredient ensures optimal breakdown of protein, fats and carbohydrates that way they are not stored.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

This ingredient contains a wide range of health benefits, as it is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Some of its noted benefits include a boost in one’s metabolism, reduces bad cholesterol and ensures one’s energy levels are on par.


L-Tyrosine is the foundation for protein synthesis. In addition to its ability to induce protein growth, this ingredient also enhances neurotransmitters, dopamine, and epinephrine and norepinephrine production. All of which contribute towards enhanced brain health and positive mood.

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Like the Green Tea Leaf Extract, Cinnamon Bark Extract contains a rich source of antioxidants. Some of its benefits include enhancing one’s heart, brain, and cognitive abilities. Furthermore, it ensures that one’s blood glucose levels are controlled.

Cayenne Pepper

This natural spice works to boost one’s metabolism, suppress one’s appetite and ultimately helps consumers achieve his or her weight loss goals. What makes all of this possible is its ability to induce heat within one’s body.

By analyzing the key ingredients, it is clear that MHP has come up with a product that boosts many factors of one’s health. It ensures that one’s mood is well balanced, one is on their feet, and helps to burn fat while attaining lean muscles, which all contributes towards losing weight.

Recommended Dosage of the MHP Super Fat Burner+

Consumers are advised to take one tablet on a daily basis. To ensure that the body absorbs the nutrients embedded in each tablet, consumers can take it with at most 8 ounces of water. Another way to ensure optimal absorption is by letting it dissolve under one’s tongue.

MHP Super Fat Burner+ Final Verdict

Based on the ingredients used by MHP, it is clear that the Super Fat Burner helps burn fat in an efficient manner. This product’s use of pure and natural sources also ensures safety of one’s health in the short and long run. When it comes to using supplements, consumers should avoid using it as the main source and should focus on the right food choices and exercises that way one achieves longer lasting results.

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