MHP UltraBuild – Legit Multi-Phase Anti-Catabolic Protein Blend?


Often, protein companies don’t want their customers to know about the ingredients and dose amounts they use in their products, because if shown the truth that they’re very ineffective would come to light. MHP is a company that has committed itself with being completely transparent about all the ingredients it includes in its supplements, including its newest protein option, MHP UltraBuild.

Customers will find a detailed list of ingredients on the UltraBuild label, so they can make their purchase with complete confidence. The dedication and commitment MHP has for helping its customers build and strengthen their bodies is clearly seen in every single ingredient included in its blends.

What is MHP UltraBuild?

MHP UltraBuild is a protein that provides users with the proteins they need at different stages in their workouts. Using six unique protein ingredients, UltraBuild provides dual support for those trying to reach their fitness and strength goals.

First, UltraBuild gives its users a fast, immediate boost of energy and strength, perfect for those who are going into a workout. Next, the protein releases a steady, long-term dose of protein, aiding the body in recovery, so users can get back to the gym sooner rather than later. With this multi-phase approach to protein, UltraBuild is able to improve the results its users get each time they workout.

In order to offer such comprehensive support for its customers, UltraBuild was made using very specific proteins. Because the body burns proteins in different amounts of time, the doses of these proteins had to be expertly measured.

In order to prove that MHP was fully dedicated to providing its customers with the right amounts of the right proteins, UltraBuild includes every single ingredient, plus dosage amounts, on its packaging. This gives users the peace of mind they need when working to build their muscle mass and strength.

Benefits of MHP UltraBuild

The biggest benefit of UltraBuild is that the protein includes six anabolic proteins that provide the body with different support for different periods of time. As mentioned above, every protein is absorbed by the body in a different amount of time, providing its benefits at different points after being consumed.

For those who are seriously committed to building better, stronger bodies, it’s important to have the support of multiple proteins in order to get better results. With protein ingredients like whey, casein, egg, and milk, UltraBuild doesn’t just provide an immediate burst of energy and focus, it is also long-lasting, supporting recovery and growth.

One of the biggest problems with so many proteins on the market is that they hide their ingredient lists behind the phrase ‘proprietary blend’. This allows companies to put whatever they want in their supplements, with no regard to the health and wellness of their customers. Another benefit of UltraBuild is that it is made by MHP, a company that has totally and fully committed itself to being transparent about its ingredients.

Due to this transparency, customers can view exactly what is in each serving of the protein, as well as the dosage amount for that ingredient. By offering customers this support, UltraBuild is showing that it cares more about quality than making a profit by using low-quality ingredients.

While the proteins used in UltraBuild are of the upmost importance, the protein includes another important blend that works to combat catabolism. Also known as a destructive form of metabolism or the breakdown of molecules, catabolism can cause all the hard work people put into building stronger bodies to be completely moot.

Thankfully, UltraBuild includes an anti-catabolic matrix that controls the breakdown of proteins. With ingredients like HICA and branched-chain keto acids, UltraBuild is able to improve the growth of superior muscles, boosting strength and supporting faster recovery.

Purchasing MHP UltraBuild

MHP UltraBuild is available for purchase on the Muscle and Strength website ( At the moment, a two pound canister of UltraBuild, which has about 22 servings, costs only $29.99. The protein powder is available in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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