Lost Empire Titan Post Workout – Strength & Endurance Booster?


As the name suggests, Post Workout supplements are essentially products that come loaded with compounds that are designed to encourage optimal muscle growth. Not only that, over the years many researchers have come up with novel solutions that incorporate nootropics, stimulants. Also, recent clinical studies have shown that high quality post workout mixes can aid us with muscle repair, replenishment of energy stores, and reduction of muscle breakdown after a grueling workout.

About The Lost Empire Titan Post Workout

Lost Empire Herbs Titan Post Workout is an all new exercise enhancer that has been successful in helping a wide variety of people to become stronger and possess more power. Not only that, there are also certain active ingredients in the supplement that help us recover faster after an intense workout. Some of the key nutrients which make Lost Empire Herbs Titan so efficacious include suma, maral root, shilajit and mucuna. All of the aforementioned ingredients have been clinically studied and there are many papers that one can check out before making a substantial purchase.

Lost Empire Titan Post Workout Ingredient Information

Some of the primary components of Titan Post Workout by Lost Empire Herbs include


This natural herb is also commonly referred to as ‘Brazilian Ginseng’. The Suma root is a highly powerful herbal tonic and is known to be rich in various key nutrients. Infact, suma root contains 19 amino acids, many trace elements and vitamins, all of whom have been shown to provide our bodies with amazing medicinal benefits. Lastly, the herb is also highly rich in germanium. This mineral is underrated but is useful in delivering oxygen to the tired cells in our bodies.

Maral Root:

This is a highly specialised plant extract that is most commonly found in the colder regions of the planet. Upon investigation, scientists have found that maral can help people by increasing their innate protein synthesis rate. This leads to the generation of more muscle mass, increased work capacity, stress reducing effects and more. Lastly, similar to suma, maral is also a rich source of ecdysteroids.


This widely used eastern herb is quite popular in ayurveda and natural medicinal solutions. From a compositional aspect, we can see that Shilajit contains approximately 85 minerals. All of these minerals are needed by our body to function optimally. When talking from a benefit standpoint, we can see that shilajit appears to work directly on the mitochondria in our cells,thereby helping them to produce more energy.


While this herb delivers our body with many benefits, its primary use is in relation to increasing the production of hormones within our bodies. The herb contains L-dopa which later converts to dopamine, and can then inhibit the production of prolactin within our system. Not only that, new research shows that mucuna can aid in the release of both Androgens and the Growth Hormone.

At this point it is also important to understand that Mucuna Pruriens also acts as an inhibitor of somatostatin, a compound that has been shown to inhibit the release of the growth hormone. Lastly, through the release of more dopamine into our bloodstream, the herb is able to increase motor unit recruitment, thus allowing us to do more intense workouts.

What Are People Saying About Titan?

The reviews available online are highly positive and comment to the fact that the supplement is highly efficacious. Satisfied customers include Alan Browne who says ‘A couple of weeks ago I began taking Titan post work out in place of a powdered protein mix. I have recieved big results with it! For Example, today was a heavy leg and shoulder day and as soon as work out was complete, I took a teaspoon of Titan.

I’m 57 and it typically takes over an hour to recover physically, however after taking Titan for a couple weeks I recovered almost immediately! It has gotten better everyday!’. Similarly, Jairo Rodrigues says ‘I take it in the morning with a spoon and chase it down with water or cranberry juice. My recovery times are way faster and I feel stronger, not too mentions I am seeing bigger gains. This is my favorite formula now.’

Lost Empire Herbs Titan Post Workout Pricing And Availability

The easiest way to make a purchase is by placing an order online on Lost Empire Herbs’ official website. A single container of the powder contains around 30 servings and is priced at $39.99. All payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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