Abs Strength Guide

People frustrated with stalls in fat loss or their fitness progress and those just beginning fitness regimes alike might be interested in this DVD.

Designed specifically for fat loss, this free workout was developed by a doctor to insure optimal results, efficient movements, and a low risk of injury.

Please read on for more about this effective workout that can be completed anywhere.

What Is Abs Strength Guide Free Fat Loss DVD?

Whether just beginning to exercise regularly or coming from a long and active background, people often hit plateaus or simply do not know what kind of exercises are most effective for their fitness goals.

The Fat Loss DVD from Dr. Kareem at Abs Strength Guide features a core-focused workout for the entire body that will help users boost their body’s fat-burning processes. Created by a doctor educated in kinesiology and physical therapy, the exercises presented are proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health and strengthening muscles.

Additionally, the workout presented in this DVD can be followed at gym with equipment, or at home with bodyweight as resistance. Both avenues will produce results for people at all fitness levels.

Users can even begin with bodyweight and then work up to heavier gym equipment to avoid the plateau that results from following the same exact workout. By increasing resistance, fat loss results will increase even further.

How Does Dr. Kareem's Abs Strength Guide Work?

Simply follow the instructional DVD to learn different exercises to promote fat loss and the proper technique with which to execute them. Each exercise can be done with or without equipment, so the program can be followed at home or taken to a gym.

A “5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator” is included with each order for free and supposedly should be used in conjunction with the workout to maximize results.

Abs Strength Guide Features

The DVD is a demonstration of an effective, fat-burning workout designed to get the heart pumping. The workout itself features 5 exercises with simpler variations, comprising a 45-minute workout.

Created by a doctor of physical therapy with a background in kinesiology, this DVD includes instructions on how to perform each exercise with proper form, reducing the risk of injury and insuring the body is moving efficiently.

Moreover, a background in kinesiology is important for the structure of the workout. Programmed specifically for fat loss, users will challenged their bodies in multiple directions, improve muscle imbalances, and complete exercises in a particular order.

Core training is the central focus as a strong core is essential for daily movement. Focusing on the core guarantees that the body can hold itself up properly, which is extremely important when exercising at rapid speeds.

Each order also comes with the “5 Day Fat Loss Accelerator” at no extra cost. It is not clear if this is another DVD or some kind of nutritional or informational guide.

Dr. Kareem Abs Strength Guide Pricing

Like the name suggests, this fat loss DVD is offered for free, customers just have to pay $5.95 for shipping and handling.

Abs Strength Guide offers a 60-day money back guarantee but as they do not appear to take credit card information with orders of this DVD, this would obviously not apply.

Should You Use Abs Strength Guide Free Fat Loss DVD?

With mostly positive testimonials, this might be a useful product for people frustrating with their fitness progress or those who would like to begin exercising but are not sure where to begin.

Because it is a free short-term program and created by a doctor, ordering this DVD is risk-free. Interested consumers can find more information at: https://absstrengthguide.com/free-fat-loss-dvd_shfb.php.


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