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Mucuna Puriens Review

About Mucuna Puriens

Mucuna Puriens is a plant native to Africa and parts of Asia. It is also known as cowitch, velvet bean, and lacuna bean. In many parts of the world, mucuna is used as a green manure crop since it replaces nitrogen and fertilizes soil. It is also fed to animals as silage, dried hay, or dried seeds.

However, humans may also benefit directly from mucuna as well. In fact, mucuna has been used as in alternative medicine for hundreds of years now.

Mucuna Puriens Health Benefits

Let’s explore the health benefits of Mucuna Puriens.

Mucuna and L-DOPA

One of the biggest benefits to taking mucuna puriens is that it is a good source of L-Dopa. L-Dopa is the direct precursor to dopamine, a powerful brain chemical used to treat a variety of health conditions. Dopamine also influences sexual stamina, sensation, libido, blood vessel dilation, and mood.

Mucuna also contains other chemicals and compounds that may also further accentuate the effects of dopamine. This is why mucuna is said to have dozens of benefits in many different facets of a person’s life.

Mucuna and Parkinson’s Disease

Develop research suggests Mucuna may help treat the many symptoms of Parkinson’s disease when used in conjunction with a prescription drug. The mechanism behind mucuna appears to be L-dopa, a chemical which is said to control the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Although there is a fair amount of research regarding Mucuna and Parkinson’s, experts are not yet ready to call mucuna a treatment for Parkinson’s. More research is currently in progress, which researchers hope will give a better idea on whether or not mucuna is a legitimate natural treatment for Parkinson’s.

Mucuna and Pain

Sometimes, mucuna puriens is applied directly to the skin to treat joint and muscle pain, as well as to treat scorpion stings. Mucuna neutralizes the venom from scorpions and helps to numb the areas affected by strings, which is why it provides almost instant pain relief.

Mucuna also stimulates surface blood flow, which is why it can relieve joint and muscle pain as well.

Other Benefits

There is also preliminary data that suggests that mucuna may help improve upon erectile dysfunction, fertility, high blood sugar, and hypertension. It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac and may help improve body composition as well.

Side Effects of Mucuna Puriens

There are some side effects associated with mucuna puriens, mainly when contact is made with the hair of the bean pod. When taken by mouth or applied directly to the skin, the hair may cause severe itching, burning, and swelling. This is because the hair is a strong irritant and it contains serotonin.

Mucuna puriens also naturally lowers blood sugar levels and blood pressure levels. This can cause dizziness or faintness as well so people with diabetes or low blood pressure should carefully monitor their health when taking mucuna.

Doctors also recommend pregnant or nursing mothers avoid mucuna puriens because the effects are completely unknown. Mucuna has not been tested in pregnant or nursing mothers and therefore a dangerous reaction could occur, although this is not entirely known.

Finally, since dopamine affects mood and other brain chemicals, people taking anti-depressants should be cautious when taking mucuna puriens. It may be best to avoid taking mucuna while on an anti-depressant and as with any dietary supplement, you should talk to your doctor before taking mucuna.

Is Mucuna Worth Buying?

While mucuna puriens does have several benefits, it appears to have very specific benefits. It is definitely not intended for daily use, with a few exceptions. Mucuna is definitely worth trying if you have muscle pain or need a performance boost in the bedroom, but it is not a supplement you’ll want to take on a daily basis.

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