Intellux Review

Intellux is a new nootropic brain drug that claims to boost concentration, creative thinking, cognitive energy, and IQ scores. Find out how Intellux works today in our review.

We have been calling these nootropics a dime a dozen because of their game changing “genius pill” claims and benefits – but could this one be different?

What is Intellux?

Intellux is a nootropic that recently appeared online with a flashy marketing campaign. That marketing campaign talks about how a former hot dog stand worker became a multi-millionaire simply by taking a miracle drug every day.

That miracle drug, as you probably guessed, is Intellux! The creators of Intellux claim that the pill is clinically proven to:

— Improve Concentration By 32%
— Boost Creative Thinking
— Enhance Cognitive Energy
— Improve Memory Recall
— Increase IQ Scores By 47%

The nootropic supplement was reportedly developed by researchers at the University of Florida.

How Does Intellux Work?

So how exactly does this miracle drug work? That’s where things get a little hazy: there’s very little information about Intellux available online. Most of the information that is online is overwhelmingly in favor of using the drug – in spite of the fact that nobody really understands how it works.

One reviewer was able to describe the effects of the pill, although he didn’t really understand how it worked. That reviewer is Allan from, who said the following about the drug:

“I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. I was playing a ‘mensa mind game' and scored 100% on every answer. It was like that feeling you get when you have just woken up. Light headed so to speak but this was different. I was light headed and spaced out but in the zone at the same time. Can't explain it – but it was awesome.”

Once again, there’s no explanation of the ingredients or the chemical compounds inside this drug.

That reviewer also claims that within 5 days he had felt a long-term improvement in his motivation. By 14 days, he claims that all his doubts about Intellux had disappeared. He “hardly got stressed” anymore and was able to control his emotions to achieve constant peak performance.

The website where that review was published is shady in a few other ways: it claims that Kevin Spacey is an official celebrity endorser for Intellux and that he “uses Intellux to memorise lines and improvise on set”.

Unfortunately, a search for “Kevin Spacey Intellux” on Google Search reveals no such results.

Scientific Evidence for Intellux

Intellux claims to have been developed by researchers at the University of Florida. Those researchers apparently performed a study on the supplement. Here’s how that study worked:

— The Study Involved 500 Male And Female Subjects And Lasted For 3 Months

— Over Those Three Months, Subjects Were Instructed To Take One Capsule Of Intellux Every Day

— Participants Reportedly Saw “Significant Boosts In Overall Concentration And Creative Problem Solving.”

— IQ Scores, Meanwhile, Increased By An Average Of 40% From Day 1 To Day 90

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence of that study available online. The University of Florida shows no record of having developed, marketed, or released an IQ boosting supplement at any point within the last few years.

The results of the study are impressive – but the lack of independent research and concrete studies is not so impressive.

How to Use Intellux

Using Intellux is straightforward: the manufacturer recommends you take one pill every day for maximum effect. The longer you use the nootropic, the stronger the effects will feel.

By the 3 week point, you should feel a noticeable increase in your cognitive performance (according to the manufacturer).

How to Buy Intellux

Intellux is currently available online from the official Intellux website. It’s not currently sold on or through any other retailer – so you’ll need to buy it through the official Intellux site.

The supplement is priced between $50 to $70 (depending on whether you’re buying it during a sale or getting a bulk discount).

Free shipping to the United States is available on all orders.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Intellux?

Intellux is a smart drug that sounds too good to be true. There’s very little information about the supplement available online. The information that is available sounds unrealistic – like increasing IQ scores by 50% or more.

But if you’re willing to try different smart drugs based on their amazing promises, then Intellux certainly comes with an impressive pedigree. You can order it online today from the official manufacturer’s website.

But it is our recommendation to stay clear. If you want a Nootropic that has been proven by countless user reviews both online and Amazon, then you should head over to our Addium Review. This may be the Nootropic supplement for you.


  1. Intellux is an absolute SCAM. I purchased a “FREE” “TRIAL” and after 14 days when charged $70 because I didn’t cancel my order. Who would think to cancel a free trial? Customer service was horrendous. Horrible people who laughed at charging people tons of money for free trials. They sounded like they were on drugs on the phones. No refunds and threatened me if I reported them.

  2. I ordered 3 bottles of Intellux with one bottle offered free. Then another product was advertised (probiotics) was offered 3 bottles and one for free. I just received 5 bottles of Intellux, my bank account is in arrears and I am fit to be tied. I did not order, but you sent 3 bottles of something for digestive health. You should contact me and correct this scam or error, whichever it is immediately!!

  3. I bought this. I bought two bottles for $60.00 and a 3rd for $90 total and received 5 bottles and 150.00 taken out of my account! Then, I started reading the reviews about it. The news articles are fake websites. Most people do not check to see if they are real. When I clicked on what looked like a real website and different parts of the website, there was nothing… that is , a fake website. The research I did said there was no way to find out where the company originated from. As a result of what I read I was convinced that I got scammed and have not tried any pills. There ads are very flashy and sucked me in. There were no reviews on amazon because it would be much harder to hide the truth.

  4. Well, I purchased Intellux two months ago. My purchase experience was not pleasant. But over all I am happy with the results it guarantees. They did charge me for 5 bottles which was 150 dollars, when I clicked on a deal for two bottles for the price of 60 and get one free. Bam, it was purchased as soon as I hit the deal. And a 150 dollars were removed from my checking. I got a hold of the company immediately easily. Spoke with someone and I was told I would receive 50% of what I was paying – so I’d get 70 bucks back…OK..fair enough, I was already paying 60. So low and behold my package arrives with 5 bottles instead of 3! And I still did not receive my money after 3 business days. I contacted and got ahold of someone quickly and they were very apologetic and said there was no approval of my refund which needed to be done for it to have changed, so the last person didn’t run it through the manager I suppose…which makes sense. So…they let me keep 5 bottles and and I received 70 dollars back. After all I was happy. Now…the effects. I do feel different. At work. I’m very focused and content – accurate. I can do measurements and mathematics in my head with ease, and my memory has improved drastically. But..I did stop taking them everyday. I also noticed you must drink a lot of water. It dehydrates you quickly and cause an headaches, but when hydrated you feel amazing. Everything really is brighter. I’m even more clever on them. But the effect are strong and take some time to get used to your body. I don’t recommend every day, rather every other day and 6-9 glasses of water a day. I’m OK with these results. I do feel different. I’m exceeding in my personal life and I’m sharp as ever. Every task is enjoyed. I hope my review will help anyone. Good day!

  5. I ave been taking this intellux and I see no change at day I found that I had dropped one in the water glass and was in a hurry so I left it there. when I got home it was still there…so I decided to leave it there for as long as it took for it to break down. Well after 5 days it was apart but the capsule never did dissolve. Now this could cause a problem in the intestines if there are too many of them…now I break them open and put in smoothies. I will not buy this product again.

  6. This pill and the people who sell it SUCK!!
    I took the pill for 5 days and started feeling depressed, stayed in bed for days couldn’t understand why I was so down and sad.
    Stopped the pills 3 days later felt normal again, wanted to return the bottles as advertised and was told it would cost me 30.00 for the 3 bottles …….NEVER AGAIN! Bunch of thieves hope they get shut down,

  7. Well GALL-DANG!!!
    I benn takin theese here fancee pills for bout 3 weeks now, an I is feelin lots more smarter at thinkin up stoopid stuff than I normalee woodent bee makin up with my branes beefore I tooked um!!
    I is kinda feelin like I is collidge edjucatid juss like my no-it-all Cuzzin Jeffry purtends to bee.
    …..Hoo doggee!

    • Intellux website says Vinpocetine, Huperzine A and L-Tyrosine are ingredients in Intellux. None of these ingredients are listed on the bottles sent from Intellux. This product is not just a hoax, it is outright fraud…you are buying one thing and being sent an entirely different formula, I am going to consult a lawyer on Monday

      A. Mizelle
      Statesboro, GA 30461

      • Does anybody knows how to contact the company. I was desperate to help my family member, who has been diagnosed with dementia. They took lot more money from my debit card n now can’t contact them. Waiting for the bank to open to see if they can help

        • They’re crooks. How did things work out? sorry about your family member, hope they’re doing better. Here’s something you should try-along with your family’s called Tangy Tangerine. It’s a powder mix drink, mix with water and you’re body will thank you.

  8. I started using intellux last Friday and it made me tired. I’m sluggish but I am passing all my e learnings at work with 100%. I called customer service and they told me drowsiness is a side effect and to try taking one pill a day and see how that goes. I haven’t taken anything today but I feel less groggy than I did yesterday.

  9. I will like to have one of those play Los because am having hard time to pass at the univesity i have no consetration am creative like ather people problem of comunicating because i alwys forgert things

  10. This is a scam to be sure. It has done nothing after a good, solid try–and a refund was refused. I have nothing but empty pockets and the shame of feeling duped. I experienced headaches while taking Intellux which ended when I stopped taking Intellux. Perhaps the experience of being “taken” will make me a smarter, brighter and more seasoned consumer? Maybe that is the REAL angle (medicine)? I will certainly REMEMBER, FOCUS and CONCENTRATE more the next time I make a similar purchase. If I can’t learn from this, it’s a total waste. I beat cancer, so hope is real, but I shall pray for better judgement and venture away from Intellux.

    • Try Tangy Tangerine…Very beneficial-can only be ordered, organic and rich with supplements our bodies need.. Good luck..

  11. Why is it that anderson coopers answer is identical word for word to Alans answer from Discover magazine.
    Smells fishy to me.

  12. is this a real pill or is this just a gimmick if this is a real pill this is something I’ve been looking for I have ADHD I need help concentrating and focusing at work I’m tired of going from job to job if this pill does work contact me at my email I need to know how much this is

  13. People should be thrown in jail for this garbage con.. I stumbled on the ad as it was shown as a news article.. As I read on thru I couldn’t help but laugh at the typos.. Claiming the ability for 100% brain function and the author couldn’t produce a typo free ad (article)..?
    I went to leave a comment, the comments were loaded with amazing stories of praise lol.. But every time I clicked to open the comment field it kept throwing me into an order form.. Cnn and all the other news outlets and personalities should move for a class action lawsuit against whomever is behind this con.. Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking were given as users and attributed quotes praising this stuff..
    It cracks me up that there’s a tv series that uses a pill, with deadly side effects unless you have a counteracting pill, that allows 100% of brain function.. Someday a pill may be able to deliver such results, even then I wouldn’t take it.. Not because my brain couldn’t use a boost but because I don’t trust mankind’s confidence in its own works.. Every generation has “miracle pills”.. Some are worthy, Penicillin (antibiotics ) and flu vaccines, the former probably being the most lifesaving.. But because of them nature adapted, we now have more virulent strains of viruses and antibiotic resistant bacteria.. And if we overuse antibiotics, we become immune to their effects.. Which makes you wonder.. Would overuse of a so called smart pill make you immune and turn your mind to gray mush ?

  14. This product is amazing. After 5 days I was able to name all presidents and their vice presidents back to George Washington. For the first time in my life, I thoroughly understand Einstein’s theory of relativity. Yesterday, I completely disassembled my SUV and rebuilt it under four hours – every nut, bolt, wire, etc. I have so much energy, I go out and perform autopsies on road kills and I am able to climb tall buildings with ease because my fear of heights is gone. As an added bonus, I’ve lost forty pounds so far and I eat everything I want, and my p***s has also grown in girth and length, much to my wife’s pleasure. I can also telepathically communicate with my dog, and believe me, he’s a lot more tuned into life than I realized.

    • This has got to be the most awesome drug review I’ve ever heard. You make me want to not only buy myself a bottle but empty there stock for my friends and familly. Thank you for pushing my vote on which pill to buy over the edge. I’m so gung-ho about this and wNt the same results I’m going to be sure and get enough to supply my Labrador with a pill a day as well. If buy taking them you have even been able to telepathically communicate with your dog then I can only imagine the things that me and my Labrador will be able to accomplish if we are both on the pill. Thank you for your help and to anybody else out there I recommend following this example. Just imagine what the world will be with you and man’s best friend side by side fighting against the problems of the world on this miracle drug.

    • Your p***s has also grown in girth and length? What further proof is necessary. Increasing head size is sure to increase your intellect.

    • you think that is amazing…well listen to this…i didn’t even take the drug, but merely read your review and looked at a picture of a bottle of intellux..and 15 minutes later i levitated my cat off the bed, across the room and into its litter box…freekin awesome stuff…thanks for that great review…

      friend is coming over and we want to test if i can stop bullets with my bare hands…

  15. The website … claims that Kevin Spacey is an official celebrity endorser for Intellux and that he “uses Intellux to memorise lines and improvise on set”.

    I just came from a website advertising the product where the exact same quote is used, but is is swapped out for Tom Cruise, and comes with a picture of him grinning.

  16. The latest research really just provides more support for the fact that memory exercises really can result in an improved short term memory.

  17. After an earlier article I read about this Intellux mentioned that Kanye West has used this product and that’s the exact point when I lost it. Kanye West has done/said some very stupid and ignorant things and that’s when I felt the product lost its credibility. I don’t know when Kanye West first started taking this “miracle pill,” but the mention of his name in the article I read about this product just made me laugh and think to myself, “well, this must be a crock, a sham, snake oil if you will.” What a terrible person to mention when trying to sell a product that will supposedly increase one’s IQ. Laughable, just ridiculous.

  18. Huh…… Whats really kinda funny and odd, and sketchy……. is that the same exact study quoted above by “Allen” is also supposedly quoted by Anderson Cooper from CNN after he used the supplement! “I can only describe it by saying my mind felt calm and still. I was playing a ‘mensa mind game’ and scored 100% on every answer. It was like that feeling you get when you have just woken up. Light headed so to speak but this was different. I was light headed and spaced out but in the zone at the same time. Can’t explain it – but it was awesome.” Be Caaaareful-

  19. The answer will come to you as your subconscious mind pieces together the information it knows to develop the best choice that you can act on. You will become a lot more clear about what to do when that happens.

  20. intellux supplement ingredients have to be listed some where!
    They can not just sell stuff and expect people to just take their WORD!
    Give Us all your EVIL Money and we will give you a MAGIC SUGAR PILL that will SAVE YOUR BRAIN!

    I am CALLING YOU FOOLS OUT to a Fight in the STREET!

    intellux supplement ingredients NOW!
    Or I will SPAM and TROLL You to DEATH!

  21. I purchased this product and within a few days I noticed a Marked Increase in my cognitive responses. And with this increase came the realization that if one a day could do this what would 5 a day do for my overall well being? Fast forward 2 weeks and I now have the power of Telekinesis and have just started to develop the skill of shooting LIGHTNING FROM MY FINGER TIPS. These pills are amazing and are the answer to my prayers to over taking the Government and planting myself as EMPEROR OF THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC. Just had a great idea… How much smarter would I be if I cursed them up and sniffed instead? Let’s find out….

  22. The quote from “Allan” with Discover Magazine was verbatim a quote attributed to CNN anchor, Anderson Cooper on another site. This indicates to me this product is bogus! Thank you for helping me keep my money in my wallet!!!

  23. If you would like a proven Brain Health product that was developed by a Dr. of molecular biology from Princeton University that is backed by 20 years of research and patented, and has White Papers to back it up that Dr.s look at, go look at Nerium EHT. Google it and research for yourself. It is a product for everyone even children. All natural.

  24. 08/09/2015.. Bought 3 bottles, took 2 pills already,1 in the morning,1 in the eve…Noticed nothing, absolutely nothing. Probably the reason why I in particular didn’t notice anything was the fact that I forgot that I took it & I was glad of that fact so at this point with only 2 digested thus far my review is that I definitely did not have a placebo effect or any noticeable effect whatsoever. will keep you all updated as I use them.

    • D,

      Thank you for leaving an update. We hope you come back after a week or two and let everyone know how it is working out. It seems most of our readers prefer Addium as their nootropic of choice. But we would be happy to hear how this has turned out for you.

      — Supplement Police

    • Well I’m back a little early, still nothing,absolutely nothing,no effects whatsoever. Still can’t remember names,places,events quickly without getting someone else involved so we can narrow it down more quickly. All in all thus far, 0 (ZERO)..Will keep all informed as I go


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