Brain Alert Review

Brain Alert is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance your memory, thinking, and overall cognitive function. According to the makers of Brain Alert, it is the most complete cognitive enhancing supplement on the market.

With thousands of customers, and a stellar reputation dating back to 2005, Brain Alert is certainly one of the oldest and most successful nootropic supplements we’ve found to this date.

What is Brain Alert?

As the name would imply, Brain Alert is a nootropic supplement designed to enhance your cognitive functions – including memory, alertness, concentration, critical thinking, and learning ability.

In total, there are 24 vitamins, herbal extracts, and other natural compounds found in Brain Alert. We won’t list all of the ingredients, but some of the notable ingredients found in Brain Alert include:

— Ginkgo Biloba
— Ginseng
Huperzine A
— Phosphatidylserine
— Rhodiola Rosea

There are also several B-vitamins found in Brain Alert, which are said to help support the overall health of the brain. They also may help the body absorb the other ingredients found in Brain Alert, so you can reap the benefits faster.

How Does Brain Alert Work?

Brain Alert works in four different ways to help improve your overall cognitive functions. Here is how Brain Alert works:

Increases Blood Flow To The Brain: The brain needs a constant supply of a lot of oxygen and blood in order to function properly. Studies have shown that increasing blood flow to the brain increases glucose uptake and improves neurotransmitter functions for proper brain function.

Neurotransmitter Production: Neurotransmitters are chemicals released by nerve cells that send signals to other nerve cells. Brain Alter contains 12 neurotransmitter precursors to support increased neurotransmitter production for better thought, learning, and memory.

Antioxidant Protection: The brain is constantly subjected to damage because of reactive oxygen species, or ROS. These ROS are generated when you smoke, use drugs, or when you encounter radiation or pollutants. Brain Alert contains several antioxidants to help you counteract ROS and to protect your brain from further damage.

Supports ATP Production: ATP is the most basic form of energy the brain and rest of the body can use. When the body produces ATP faster, the body becomes fatigued less and it has more energy. Brain Alert contains several ingredients that are specifically meant to support ATP production so you can enhance your energy levels, productivity, and your alertness.

In addition, bioperine and the B vitamins help increase the absorption rate of the other ingredients found in Brain Alter so you can feel this benefits even faster.

Benefits of Brain Alert

Brain Alert claims that a clinical study has found over a dozen benefits to Brain Alert, but we found no such study. Still, Brain Alert claims that their product can improve:

— Productivity
— Critical Thinking And Learning Ability
— Short And Long-term Memory
Concentration And Alertness
— Neurotransmitter Production
— Reaction Time
— Antioxidant Levels In The Brain
— Ability To Cope With Stress

Supposedly, Brain Alert can also help relive stress, the symptoms of hangovers, anxiety, and mental and physical fatigue.

Are There Side Effects of Brain Alert?

Although Brain Alert does not claim there are any side effects, we know that a few of the ingredients in Brain Alert do have a few side effects if you are not careful. Since we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient is in Brain Alert because they are put into a “proprietary blend”, we cannot be sure whether or not that Brain Alert is properly dosed.

Of the 24 ingredients, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and rhodiola rosea are known to have side effects. You may decrease your blood pressure, experience headaches, or suffer from increased urination and/or bowel movements.

For most people, we don’t think there will be any side effects while taking Brain Alert, but it’s something you’ll want to monitor while taking Brain Alert.

How to Buy Brain Alert

Brain Alert can be purchased directly from the Brain Alert website, and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’d like to purchase Brain Alert, then you purchase a bottle for $34.95. There are no discounts for bulk orders, but there is free shipping on orders of 2 or more bottles.

If you plan on using Brain Alert long-term, then you may want to consider signing up for the autoship program, which costs only $29.95 a month – a savings of $5/month.

Is Brain Alert the Real Deal?

Compared to some of the other nootropics on the market, Brain Alert is far ahead of the game. Not only has Brain Alert been around longer, but it’s also got a proven blend of ingredients backed by real science.

Plus, it only costs $35/month for Brain Alert, which is considerably less than many of the other new nootropics. Realistically, Brain Alert is one of the best nootropcis on the market, and whether or not to buy it is really a no brainer.


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