Helix DNA

Helix introduces you to a more advanced service you are yet to receive. On the platform, you will access a highly sophisticated and personalized service. You will be simply impressed by the ambition that characterizes all the products that are offered on the website. The audacity of their ambition and mission is out of this world.

The company that runs Helix is credited with an ambitious project that seeks to gather like-minded professionals with the motivation to make the world we reside in an improved place. Helix is the only platform that offers you a matchless insight from which you can explore nutrition intelligence and more. The major role that drives the platform is the ambition to enhance the world by unlocking the infinite discoveries of your DNA potential.

What Makes Helix Special?

The company's platform is a place dedicated to enabling and making accessible and actionable the DNA information for every person. The platform has assembled a network of professionals from different fields such as engineering, genomics, consumer technology, and other scientific professions. The platform envisages that the move can empower the customers through the actionable DNA insight development for all.

Ongoing Development

The company is committed to unlocking extra genetic data. The company identifies that it is necessary to constantly unlock more of the data to ensure the insight presented to the customers enhances their purchase decisions. The main areas where the company focuses their work is with the customer decisions that concern issues like fitness, nutrition, and health.

With these and even more solutions to the health problems we face on a constant basis, Helix stands out as the exclusive destination that you can access the premium products that have been generated by the company’s highly certified partners. More importantly, however, all the products you will access from Helix are personalized by your unique DNA.

The company is effective in guiding you through your DNA discovery. The platform will link you with individuals who are highly specialized in modern DNA sampling, which involves processes like searching, discovering, sequencing, and storing your DNA to ensure you receive personalized products and services.

Core Values

At Helix, whatever you will access through Helix is aligned with the mission to enhance and empower people through knowledge of their DNA. The company believes that people deserve to enjoy the benefits their biological information offers. Through this belief, the company is certain that everyone can lead a better life.

Company Structure

Helix is made up of a passionate team of scientists, a scientific advisory board, and a few investors. Through Helix, you can meet the team and advisory board. You can also view the main investors that facilitate the resources that are essential for the company.

The team is highly cohesive and collaborative. All the departments and levels within the company are brought together by the highly passionate team members who understand the invaluable support a member can add to the team.

Helix has the greatest network of experts in genomics. With the entire network committed to upholding the company’s high scientific excellence levels, the mission is easily fulfilled to the customers. The network, which also serves as the scientific advisory board, is a critical strategic resource for the company in its constant developments.

It is also refreshing to know that Helix is sponsored by the best in the business. Illumina, Warburg Pincus, Sutter Hill Ventures, Mayo Clinic, and KPCB are the main organizations that support helix.

Why Chose Helix?


The products offered on the website are quite interesting. You will certainly enjoy their uniqueness and the ability to tend to your own personal needs. The list includes amazing products like:


By accessing Helix you will literally learn about the origin of your family. The link will connect you to a location where discovering the information of your origin, that is worth thousands of years, is a simple process. The simple process is made possible through a team that deconstructs some of the various sophisticated methods to ensure you acquire the information that you can’t easily access through ordinary means.

You will love Ancestry because it will assist you to discover critical factors such as your skin color, muscle growth, and cognitive ability. You will be surprised how such information is critical in the contemporary world, but thanks to Helix, you won’t have to worry. Even the insight that covers why the information matters in your current world will already be provided on the platform. You will also be able to receive insight concerning your ancestral makeup. You can access Helix to find out why such information should matter in your current life.


Entertainment is quite an interesting topic. Helix ensures you enjoy some of the finer details of life in a customized way. In essence, Helix will connect you to a new method of doing what interests you in a manner that is specific to your DNA. Whether is it performing in your favorite sport, accessing the best wine, or purchasing the right dress, helix will ensure the choice is informed by your DNA makeup. You will, therefore, need Helix to enhance and reinvigorate your life by offering you simple solutions that you never thought existed. You can essentially make your life easy by accessing Helix to customize your lifestyle according to your DNA makeup.


The package is critical to your plans of starting a family. It is common sense that building a family is no joke. As a consequence, you should find Helix very convenient and useful in assisting you to make the tough choices that involve the building of a family. Through CarrierCheck and Breast Milk DHA+, you can take control of the future of your family by discovering how your DNA can impact your family or future children. Mothers who breast feed can also learn how the DHA within their milk can affect their kids. Accessing Helix will prepare you better for your most important journey in life.


Unlike other services that provide you the insight you need regarding your fitness, Helix will educate you more on how you can utilize your DNA information to unlock your full fitness potential. You will be performing workouts and steps that you are sure will achieve the desired outcome.

The fitness diet pro will assist in providing the best insight you need to deconstruct the response of your body to nutrition and fitness. With such information, you will not only be watching out for your fitness but also the fitness that is unique to your general well-being.

You will love Helix's Fat Burner. Unlike the common solutions offered by other companies, you will enjoy a DNA guided training that is informed by the genetic response of your body to exercise. You, therefore, need Helix to avoid the ordinary solutions that might end up becoming costly or harmful to your health.

You will also love Helix's Muscle Builder. The package will essentially provide you the guidance and insight you need to start building your muscles in the right way within 12 weeks. You, therefore, need Helix to access the perfect guidance that will save you energy and expose you to a healthier way of building your muscles.

Another definite solution you will love if you have trouble sleeping is your slumber type. Helix will be the first platform that promises to deconstruct how your environment, behavior, and DNA affect your sleeping style. Unlike most solutions available in the market, you can trust that the solution provided by Helix will surely improve how you rest. With Helix, your rest is central to your performance and productivity in life. You can also click on Helix to learn more about how these products really affect your personal needs.


Health is a sensitive factor in our lives. That is why having the correct health insight at your fingertips is crucial. That is exactly what Helix does. It links you with the adequate health insight that is useful not only to you but to your personal doctor, too. The platform’s health package ensures that you are in control of your healthcare by availing the information that regards your hereditary condition through wellness screening. The information will also ensure your personal doctor is well placed to provide you the personalized care you need whenever you need it. You will definitely need to access Helix to enjoy such a crucial service.


If you can access Helix, you won’t need to go through the hassle of reading hundreds of books that guide you through a healthy diet. While it is essential to read such books, you might be choosing a diet that is correct but not effective for your personal health. It is, therefore, crucial that Helix can offer you the proper healthy diet guidance that is in sync with your genetic makeup. The insight you will receive on Helix also goes the extra mile to inform you about your metabolism and lifestyle. You can, therefore, utilize the information you are offered to prepare the balanced meals that enhance your health.

You will love the company’s DNA weight loss assistant. On Helix, you can learn the ingenious methods of losing weight through your DNA specific workout and nutrition. You will also enjoy an exclusive method of counting calories by simply photographing your meal.

Helix has an excellent meal planner. You will, within a 12-week time frame, have access to your genetically customized meal planner after a comprehensive analysis of the response to your genetic nutrition.

You will also definitely love the Embody DNA service. Accessing Helix will guarantee that you receive the specific recommendations and insights that align with your genetic traits. You will enjoy the process of losing weight in the right way through the exercise and food insight provided by Helix.

Metabolism+ is another package that you will enjoy. The product is specifically designed to assist you in discovering the genes and current hormone levels that affect your metabolism. The platform thus enables you to acquire the knowledge of how these factors affect your energy and weight.

You will find food sensitivity+ very useful. You will appreciate the insight from Helix regarding how your DNA affects the digestion of particular nutrients and foods. The platform will thus be instrumental in assisting you to manage your body’s sensitivity to the various foods you consume.

Helix Benefits

Easy Access

You will really be amazed how the sophisticated DNA process is actually simplified. By exploring how it works on the Helix website, you will discover that the process requires nothing much.

Once you make an order for any product offered on Helix, you will receive a kit that requires you to send a saliva sample. That is really all you need to do. The rest will involve the company using their state-of-the-art technology and equipment to deconstruct your DNA makeup.

By providing them with your sample, you will benefit from all the services and products offered on Helix without ever having to send another sample because of the advanced processes of sequencing and storage. Apart from enjoying having your DNA information analyzed and stored by the company that unlocks the most data, you will be granted the exclusive access to the limitless insight provided by the company.

You will love the in-depth insight regarding various products and facts about your DNA that you can otherwise fail to gather from the various sources that are currently accessible to you.

Privacy & Protection

The company prioritizes the privacy of its customers. You will, therefore, rest assured that you enjoy the best bioethics and policies that are exercised to guarantee your data is safe and secure.

Scientific Rigor

You will enjoy the service of the best professionals and equipment in the industry. Through the company’s top of the line CLIA certified genomics laboratory and a team of the highest ranking geneticists and PhDs, you can trust that every product offered through the platform is properly reviewed.

Guidance & Empathy

The link will connect you to a network of people and companies that are committed to enhancing the DNA understanding and producing products that are aimed at sustaining lasting customer relationships. You will, therefore, be enjoying a productive relationship with a company that is committed to your long-term needs.


There is no limit to the level of insight you can receive from Helix. By ordering a product through the platform you will receive a pathway into an in depth information resource that is catered to your individual needs and which can be accessed from anywhere at any time online. You can learn from the best about DNA and how you can utilize your DNA information to enhance your life style.

You will benefit from the blog and news links provided on the platform. Most of these links have highly informative content. You will be privy to the information that is critical to your overall well being. Such information should be valuable to you, considering that the information of such significance is normally hard to come by.

You can also stay ahead by accessing the information provided on the what’s coming next link. You will discover new articles that are educational and can ensure you have an all around understanding of DNA.

Employment Opportunity

If you are into genomics, you need to access Helix to discover the numerous job opportunities on offer. You will also have the chance of interacting with a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can improve your personal and career development.

Helix DNA Review Summary

Helix is your link to the best DNA insight available in the industry. You will enjoy the several resources the company uses to ensure you are informed. The company’s platform is user-friendly and adequately equipped to offer you the best experience. You must take the opportunity now to discover the opportunities that are offered in the platform.

The depth of the information that will be within a few clicks is enormous. Accessing the information is also considerably easy. Setting you up for a DNA test has also been simplified. The platform will not only provide you with genuine access to critical information, but also a link to highly produced and certified products. You will acquire an exclusive status to the access of these premium products.

You will enjoy receiving services from the best and most experienced professionals. The company has also clarified various issues regarding safety and confidentiality. With the critical nature of information regarding issues like DNA, it would be refreshing to know that the platform guarantees your data security and safety. I would recommend that you access Helix to acquire the front row seat in managing your personalized health and lifestyle.

You will definitely learn about various solutions and insights that will make the simple steps in life mirror the needs of your unique DNA. Matching the nature of your DNA will thus enhance your overall well-being. The best part is that the process of accessing all these services is easy and available through helix. So login now to discover a how you can unlock your DNA potential.


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