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Green Vibrance Review

Green Vibrance is a green juice superfood sold by Vibrant Health that provides nutrients to help the body at a cellular level. By giving the body what it needs through adding Green Vibrance to the daily diet, users have found they have more energy, think clearer, and have a better immune system. On top of these benefits, Green Vibrance also boosts the body’s endurance levels and a stronger connection between the mind and body.

Goals of Green Vibrance

To help improve the health of users, Green Vibrance focuses on three key functions: Nutrition, Digestion, and Circulation.

It’s believed that by having these three biological requirements met, the body can run at optimum. The creators of Green Vibrance looked at these three objectives not as separate entities, but as a connected biological function.

Green Vibrance increase the nutrition provided to the body by giving it the vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances it needs to thrive. These nutrients are then digested by the body, which in turn absorbs said nutrients. Finally, circulation moves these nutrients throughout the entire body, so that every single cell is getting what it requires.

Once these three processes are working in tandem together, and each at its optimal strength, the entire body becomes stronger.

The Foundation of Green Vibrance

Green Vibrance has a very clear goal and philosophy. The concept of Green Vibrance and the work that was put in to creating it and getting it to be the drink that’s known today is all based around three concepts.

The first concept is that the diet in today’s modern world doesn’t supply the body with the nutrients it needs to be healthy. More specifically, the foods that people eat today don’t have the micronutrients that the cells of the body absorb to help the body. To truly be a superfood drink, Green Vibrance had to nutrient rich.

The second concept behind Green Vibrance is that the entire health of a body comes down to biochemistry. The body wants nutrients, in fact it wants every single calorie that it digests to be extremely high in nutrients.

Finally, the third concept behind Green Vibrance is that if it’s given the proper nutritional support, the body can heal itself.

Using these three concepts, the creators behind this green drink made a nutrient rich food, from natural vegetable sources, which improved the absorption of nutrients. In addition to helping the body absorb better, it also gives the body higher levels of nutrients, to help keep the immune, circulation, and cardiovascular systems in the body healthy.

The Benefits of Green Vibrance

There are a host of benefits of adding Green Vibrance to a daily diet. However, there are a few that rise above the others. By using Green Vibrance on a regular basis, consumers will gain:

— A More Nutritionally Comprehensive Diet
— Digestive Support
— Improved Circulation
— Increased Metabolism
— More Energy
— Consistent Detoxification
— Neurological Health Support
— Cardiovascular Support
— Immunity Support
— Lower Cholesterol And Blood Sugar Levels

In addition to these benefits, many users swear that once they’ve used Green Vibrance, they begin to look younger.

Who is Green Vibrance For?

So often, green drinks, superfoods, and supplements are thought of as being for health-nuts or gym heads. However, Green Vibrance is for everyone. This product prizes itself for being the perfect superfood for:

— Athletes
— Menopausal Women
— Post-Menopausal Women
— Business Professionals
— Children
— Adults
— Seniors
— Pregnant Women
— Lactating Women

Because it’s so accessible to the masses, it can be bought in bulk and shared with everyone in the house. And it will provide a nutrient rich meal alternative that is both healthy and delicious.

The Importance of Green Vibrance and Nutrient Density

To get a full understanding of why nutrients are such an essential part of Green Vibrance, a basic understanding of nutrients is needed.

By definition, nutrients are the substances that provide nourishment that is essential for growth. Green Vibrance has a combination of both micro and macro nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are two examples of micronutrients that the body needs to survive. Macronutrients are larger, like fats and proteins.

In current diet trends, the amount of micro and macro nutrients are very low. As diets have changed, so has the health of the nation, with obesity on the rise and diabetes spreading like an epidemic. For most people, the only way to be sure they’re getting the nutrients they need on a daily basis is to take supplements, which is where Green Vibrance comes in.

Green Vibrance provides a very high nutrient density, giving the body the micronutrients it needs to return to its healthy state. By delivering these nutrients to each cell in the body, Green Vibrance helps sustain the efficient cellular metabolism as well as keep the body healthy.

Green Vibrance Ingredients

All the benefits of Green Vibrance come from one source: the ingredients. This is why Green Vibrance is completely open about what its ingredients are, as well as how these ingredients are beneficial to the body’s health.

While Green Vibrance is full of amazing ingredients, there are a few that deserve a closer look.

Probiotics: In order to digest food properly, the body need the good bacteria found in probiotics. In each serving of Green Vibrance there are 25 billion probiotics. These help promote a healthy digestive system by keeping the intestinal flora healthy and thriving. Probiotics are also very important in breaking down proteins and helping the body absorb minerals and certain vitamins.

Enzymes: Foods in their whole state help break down food and release the foods nutrients while it’s being digested. Every serving of Green Vibrance comes with enzymes, from both natural whole food sources as well as fungal enzymes.

Chlorophyll: This green powder works with the many probiotic bacteria within Green Vibrance, enhancing the effectiveness of the good bacteria.

— Fiber: Diets these days are extremely lacking in fiber. Green Vibrance provides both insoluble and soluble fibers, all from plant sources. The extra fiber helps clear the toxins in the body, especially metals and cholesterol.

— Lecithin: This substance is important for cellular health. It helps keep the cell membranes together as well as helping the cells function properly.

These aren’t the only ingredients in the superfood drink that provide the body with much needed assistance. The rest of the ingredients in Green Vibrance can be broken down into the benefits that each one provides. Below is a list of those benefits and the ingredients that deliver those benefits.

Ingredients that Improve or Maintain Digestive Health

Probiotic Bacteria – Over 25 billion
— Chlorophyll – Found in cereal grass juices
— Organic Acacia Gum Fiber
— Organic Whole Apple Powder
— Fructo-Oligosaccharides – Works with the probiotics
— Organic De-Oiled Flax Seed Concentrate
— Larch Arabinogalactans – A prebiotic
— Ingredients that Provide Trace Nutrients
— Organic Barley Grass and Juice Powder
— Organic Oat Juice Powder
— Organic Kamut Grass Juice Powder
— Organic Spirulina Powder
— — Chlorella
— Organic Beet Juice Powder
— Organic Acerola Berry Juice Powder – Contains 25% naturally occurring vitamin C
— Organic Parsley
— Organic Carrot Root Powder
— Organic Spinach
— Organic Alfalfa Sprout Powder
Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder
— Freeze Dried Green Bean Powder
— Freeze Dried Zucchini Powder
— Organic Rockweed

Ingredients that Improve Circulation

— Sunflower Lecithin Powder
— Vitamin E
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Green Tea Extract
Grape Seed Extract
— Grape Skin Extract
— Pomegranate Extract – 40% ellagic acid

Ingredients that Support the Immune System

— Elutherecoccus Senticossus Extract
— Suma Powder
— Astragalus Membranaceus Extract
— Holy Basil
— Vitamin E
— FiberAid Arabinogalactan
— ResistAid Arabinogalactan
— Beta-Glucans

Ingredients that Promote Skeletal Health

— Cissus Quadrangularis Extract
— Boron
— Vitamin D3
— Plant Calcium

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