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Organosil Review

Organosil is an organic form of silica that claims to support youthful-looking skin. Here’s our Organosil review.

What is Organosil?

Organosil is an organic silica compound that claims to support youthful looking skin by promoting collagen synthesis.

The product comes in liquid form. You drink it daily for its health benefits.

There’s also a gel-based alternative that is designed to be spread on your body to relieve joint pain.

In addition to promoting collagen production in the skin, Organosil is thought to work by promoting healthy bone formation.

Organosil claims to have been sold in Europe for over three decades but has recently made its way to America, where it has become a popular supplement on Amazon.

How Does Organosil Work?

Organosil claims to work by helping to maintain a healthy nutrient balance within our bodies. Most of the minerals needed by our bodies can be readily found and utilized when you eat a healthy diet – but silica is not one of these minerals, according to the manufacturer of Organosil.

Finding silicon dioxide supplements isn’t hard. You can walk into most health food stores and buy one, or find one in a few seconds of Googling. These are common and cheap.

The problem with silicon dioxide is that it’s not really silica: it’s closer to sand. It’s also not considered organic.

Other types of silica supplements that don’t contain silicon dioxide are nonetheless made from silica acids.

Organosil aims to solve this problem by providing an organic source of silica. Organic sources of silica are extracted from plants and vegetables. By extracting this from plants and vegetables, this leaves organic silanes, which is a form of silica found in liquid form and “very easily absorbed by the body”, according to the manufacturer.

Ultimately, this means that Organosil is one of the most bioavailable forms of silica available today.

Is Silica Deficiency a Real Problem?

The creator of Organosil claims that silica is one of the few minerals that we can’t easily eat as part of a well-balanced diet.

Is that true? Is silica deficiency a major and pressing issue?

One of the problems with answering this question is that there’s no established recommended daily dose for silica.

When you research dosage information for silica, you’ll find research from some naturopaths who claim that a daily dose of 55mcg of silica is accurate. That same source linked claims that humans already get between 14 and 62mcg per day naturally from their existing diets.

So with that in mind, it doesn’t appear you absolutely need a silica supplement to stay alive.

But can you benefit from silica? Let’s find out in the next section.

Do We Really Need Silica?

Silica is used as an anti-coagulant for food products and it’s also used to manufacture ceramic and cast iron. Silica is simply the chemical name for quartz. After processing, silica can be turned into silicon or ferrosilicon.

Silica has another important role, however: it’s naturally present in human bones, skin, and teeth.

In addition to benefiting your skins, bone, and teeth, silica is believed (by supporters) to keep your artery walls flexible and even prevent heart disease.

Some also believe it plays a key role in preventing balding.

Despite these purported health benefits, there have been limited human trials or research performed on silica over the years. In other words, the evidence supporting these benefits is lacking.

Natural Sources of Silica

Fortunately, there are plenty of natural sources of silica that don’t require you to take a supplement. Those sources include:

— Apples
— Cereals
— Raw cabbage
— Peanuts
— Carrots
— Onions
— Cucumber
— Pumpkin
— Fish
— Oats
— Almonds
— Oranges

You can also find silica in your water! Hard water has more than soft water.

Organosil Pricing

Organosil comes in the form of a gel or a liquid. It’s sold online at the official Organosil website,, as well as through Amazon. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

— Organosil G5 Gel, 100mL: $35
— Organosil G5, Pure Silica: $39
— Organosil G5, 3 x 500mL: $99

On Amazon, the supplement is priced at $35 for the 500mL bottle.

Once again, the gel supplements come in a stick and are designed to be rolled onto your body – like at targeted areas where you need relief from joint pain.

Who Makes Organosil?

Organosil is made and sold online by That company does not list its address information or any further information about itself.

You can contact the company by filling out the email form listed here:

Ultimately, there’s extremely little information about Organosil available online. The supplement is relatively new to the market and there’s just one customer review posted on Amazon. There’s also very little scientific evidence supporting the fact that silica benefits your hair, nails, or any other part of your body. In fact, most research seems to suggest that we get sufficient silica from dietary sources like apples and onions. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for an organic silica supplement, Organosil consists of high-quality silica at a reasonable price.

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