Organifi Green Juice


Organifi Green Juice Review

Organifi Green Juice promises to deliver all the healthy superfoods you need in just one drink.

It’s infused with coconut, ashwagandha, and other natural products. Find out everything you need to know about Organifi Green Juice today in our review.

What is Organifi Green Juice?

Organifi Green Juice sales copy opens with an ambitious promise:

“In just 30 seconds a day, you can supercharge your life, restore glowing good health and feel decades younger!”

Most of us have heard of green juice: it’s the juice you make by blending, grinding, and juicing green vegetables. It’s been a big health trend over the past few years to supplement your diet with green juice to support your immune system, boost anti-aging properties, and provide a host of other powerful benefits.

Organifi has simply made its own green juice formula. Instead of buying an expensive juicer and shopping for fruits and vegetables every week, Organifi lets you buy a simple formula and enjoy many of the same benefits.

The juice is made using natural ingredients like chlorella, Moringa, and spirulina.

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About Organifi

Organifi was founded by a guy named Drew Canole. According to the official Organifi Green Juice site, Drew “has dedicated his life to helping millions of others lose weight and reach optimal health.”

You might also recognize Drew from his popular blog show,

Organifi currently doesn’t sell any other products: right now, green juice is the company’s one and only health supplement.

Benefits of Organifi Green Juice

Organifi claims that its green juice comes with all of the following benefits:

— Save Time
Mental Clarity
— Improve Health
— Reduce Stress
— Detoxify Your Body
— Rejuvenate Your Skin
— Boost Immunity
— Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, And Vegan

Organifi Green Juice Ingredients

Organifi comes with a wide range of natural ingredients. Like many health supplements, Organifi Green Juice doesn’t explain exactly how much of each ingredient is included in each serving.

Instead, its ingredient chart lists two proprietary formulas, including Alkaline Greens Blend and Super Food Blend. Since we don’t know how much of each natural ingredient is in each proprietary formula, Organifi makes it difficult to figure out exactly what you’re putting into your body.

In any case, here are the ingredients listed by Organifi:

Alkaline Greens Blend (5,100 mg): Organic wheat grass, organic wheat grass juice powder, organic Moringa, organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic matcha green tea.

Super Food Blend (1,450 mg): Organic coconut water powder, organic ashwagandha, organic red beet, organic turmeric

Other listed ingredients outside of the proprietary formula include organic rice bran soluble, organic lemon powder, organic natural flavors, and monk fruit.

It’s assumed that the ingredients are listed in their declining order of appearance.

How to Use Organifi Green Juice

Organifi comes in the form of a powder. Or, as Organifi describes it, a “gently dried superfood mix.”

Taking the supplement is straightforward. Here are the instructions provided by Organifi:

“Adults: Take 1-2 servings every day, in water or added to your favorite low calorie rice, almond milk, or smoothie.”

That’s it! Each container has 30 servings, and a serving size is 9 grams.

How to Buy Organifi Green Juice

There are three different purchase options available at, including:

One Bottle: $47.95 + shipping

Three Bottles: $129.95 + shipping ($43.32 per package)

Four Bottles: $149.95 + shipping ($37.49 per package)

Shipping costs vary from $5 to $15 per order depending on your location. You can also save money by buying the “subscription” option. This autoship program will send a package (or multiple packages) of Green Juice to your address every month.

You actually can’t order the single bottle from by itself. If you’re buying just one bottle, then you need to subscribe to the autoship program. The three and four bottle packages, however, come with one-time purchases.

You can also buy Organifi Green Juice from, where a single 30 day supply (270 grams) costs $67 (although you get free shipping). Depending on your location, Amazon may be the better deal.

No matter where you buy, the package size is the same: it’s always 270 grams.

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  1. After reading all the results about shipping. I was pleasantly surprised when I received mine overnight. How fast was that? I am super excited to get started.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am totally happy with Organifi. Since using it, I have improved my overall health to such a degree that people are constantly asking me what am I doing. I don’t just use Organifi to improve my health, but I noticed an immediate change within a couple of days of using the product.

    I am on autofill and will stay that way. With good health, I can always make money so the price is worth the benefits in my health.

  3. Did anyone loose any belly fat after taking this product? Everyone is just saying how expensive it is but has it made any difference to belly fat?

  4. I ordered multiple cans/jars of Organifi Green Juice 11 days ago paying $14.95 for shipping. My credit card was charged 10 days ago and I was notified that my product was shipped. I still haven’t received my product. The tracking information shows that it is still in Boise, Idaho. I have emailed the company and called the company…..after being on hold for 20 minutes I had to leave a message. So far I have not received a reply from my email or a return phone call. I am not at all impressed with the customer service, or should I say lack there of! I placed 2 orders with other companies on the same day and the products were both delivered within 5 days. Although the other products were not shipped from as far away I feel like 10 days and counting is a very long time and the fact that I can not get an update on delivery status is unacceptable! Needless to say I won’t be ordering from them in the future.

    • Hey, Terry I just wanted you to know that I ordered mine on July 21 and didn’t receive it until August 14 so it does take awhile, plus when I emailed them out trillion them 2 whole days to reply after they said they got my email

  5. I agree it is a bit high in cost. There should be a special price for first time buyers anyways. Plus, in reality who can afford to buy three of them at one time. Maybe you should offer three payment thing like some are doing. You would get more to buy with that. Just a suggestion.

  6. I noticed on the side of your container a statement to the affect that your product has an ingrediance in it that the state of California says may cause cancer or birth defects.WTF

  7. I agree with another post, which mentioned the misleading information regarding the price. The price of the product is high, but even more irritating, is the fact that you can’t even purchase a trial canister, without automatically enrolling in auto-ship. Until their marketing is restructured, to reflect the common sense desires of the potential customer! I will bypass this product for the time being.

  8. Your sales pitch states the following:
    *”For a limited time, we’re making Organifi available at $20 OFF the regular low, low price. That’s just over a buck a day for the master collection of eleven nutrients… with all the energy and beauty-enhancing properties locked in…” IT WOULD BE MORE HONEST TO STATE “that’s hust under $2 a day”
    * “First, as you recall, I’m slashing $20 OFF the regular price of Organifi. Yet that price is only for a limited time during our grand opening period…That means eventually the price will go up to its regular retail price of $67 a bottle.”

    IF that is a truthful statement then the price shown for the one canister should be $49.95 NOT $57.95. Your ad does NOT specify that the customer has to buy a specific quantity in order to receive the discount…that the $20 is only applicable to a purchase of 3 bottles or more. And that price does not include shipping so you can’t use that as a pricing quantifier. Also, your ad states the price would go up to the retail price of $67 a bottle yet the retail price point for one bottle shows $69.95 a bottle and that is yet another discrepancy. That appears to be false advertising and is misleading.

    How can your claim be believed when your pricing is not consistent? I would love to try your product but not when your ad is misleading. It leads me to believe your company cannot be trusted to be honest or to honor the stated discount or “Money Back Guarantee” mentioned in your detailed article/sales pitch.

  9. This seems too costly for what you get. I rather take my Breville Juice Fountain Elite and Vitamix and create fresh health tonics that way. It’s ok to add dried suppliments of preference to that. Organic greens for .99 a bunch just makes better sense!

  10. What are your thoughts on this product? I just bought some and wondering the long term results will be. I will be 47 in a few weeks and am going through peri-menopause and do not like the changes and hope this “natural” product might balance hormone changes. I am taking it in the morning as a breakfast drink with bio trust protein powder, almond milk, hemp seeds and a banana.

    • Hi Robin, what helped all my menopause symptoms is ashwagandha tea in its purist form. Do not buy it in tea bags its not strong enough. Go to your health food store and ask for the Ashwagandha root tea. A half pound of tea is under $10. Look up all the benefits of this tea and you will see that it combats every menopause symptom. Hope this helps

  11. It tastes okay, but have not noticed any changes whatsoever in health or even daily energy despite taking it for almost 3 mos (a result of buying it at the lower package price.) It seems to be quite over-priced for a measly 9.5 oz jar of green powder that provides you one tiny little scoop per day in order to last 30 days. The ambitious promise in the beginning of the sales copy has no basis in reality that I am aware of.

    • Randy,

      I’m sorry to hear that. This powder had a lot of praise all over, but I do understand it is a hard pill (powder) to swallow to pay so much for such a small scoop if the benefits they promise aren’t prevalent. Have you considered making your own green juices? You can make them fairly cheap and they are a lot better for you. We can personally make about 96oz of green juice in about an hour. Full of fresh fruits and veggies. You may want to take a look at our Green Juice Guide.

      You may also want to take a look at SilaLive Diatomaceous Earth.

      — Supplement Police

      • Thanks for your reply.. Yes, I have not only considered green juicing but was involved with it for short while, but kept developing kidney stones when doing that.. and believe me, I never want to go through that ever again if I can avoid it. The doctor strongly suggested I stop heavy greens juicing and sure enough the problem totally disappeared. I guess I shall just eat a small but regular amount of greens each day and forgo the powders as well as they really are not a good value and cannot truly compete with direct consumption of fresh veggies.

        I had already taken food grade diatomaceous earth a couple of years ago, but did not really notice any health changes after 3 months of using it daily, so discontinued it. But thanks anyway for the information.

        • You must of been taking some cruceferious (spelling) veggies. Drew talked about that. Some of them have Oxalic Acid.. read about it here.

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