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ProbioMune Review

ProbioMune is a recently-released probiotic supplement that promises to balance your digestive system using helpful bacteria. Here’s our review.

What is ProbioMune?

ProbioMune is a nutritional supplement sold primarily through GNC. The supplement promises to boost your immune system and improve your digestive system health using a mixture of different beneficial bacteria.

Those beneficial bacteria are known as probiotics. Probiotics help your body break down the foods you eat and turn those foods into valuable nutrients. They also play a key role in boosting your immune system.

The supplement is made by a company named SmartBiotics.

Interestingly enough, ProbioMune is identical to a supplement called ProbioSlim. That supplement was recently taken off the market – so it appears that SmartBiotics rebranded its old supplement to be called ProbioMune.

How Does ProbioMune Work?

ProbioMune claims to work using a dual layer probiotic formula.

That formula promises to replenish levels of good bacteria in your digestive tract while pushing away bad bacteria.

By taking one veggie capsule of ProbioMune once per day, you can enjoy enormous health benefits.

To accomplish this, ProbioMune includes a formula containing approximately 10 billion CFUs (colony forming units) of one probiotic strain. There are also additional nutrients included in the formula – like zinc and vitamin C.

The probiotic formula is obviously the most important part of ProbioMune. Typically, manufacturers use a probiotic formula containing a wide range of different bacteria. In the case of ProbioMune, however, the manufacturer has only included two probiotic bacteria strains, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (10 billion CFUs) and Lacospore Bacillus coagulans (100 million CFUs).

We know what the probiotic bacteria do. But what about zinc and vitamin C?

The manufacturer of ProbioMune describes these two additional ingredients like this:

“Vitamin C and elemental zinc antioxidants help shield healthy cells from free radical damage.”

Both zinc and vitamin C come with a hefty dose (over 100% of your daily value).

ProbioMune Ingredients

ProbioMune Ingredients

Here’s what the ProbioMune ingredients chart looks like

ProbioMune Pricing

ProbioMune appears to be exclusively available through GNC. It’s the only real site online with any verified information about the supplement. Here’s how pricing breaks down on that online store:

-SmartBiotics ProbioMune (30 Capsules): $59.99 (Member Price: $53.99)

Like all GNC supplements, you can save an additional 5% if you order autoshipment deliveries of the supplement. That means you agree to receive additional packages of the supplement every 30 to 180 days.

Benefits of ProbioMune

ProbioMune advertises all of the following health benefits from taking the supplement:

Improved Digestion
— Better Immune System Support
— Gas, Constipation, and Bloating Relief
Fewer Stomachaches

About SmartBiotics

ProbioMune is made by a company named SmartBiotics.

That company’s official website,, is currently under constructions and there’s virtually no other information about the company available online.

We don’t know where the company is based, for example, nor do we know if they manufacture any other products (it doesn’t seem like it).

We do know that the company is officially named SmartBiotics, LLC and can be reached by calling 1-888-980-1503.

Should You Take ProbioMune?

ProbioMune is a digestive health supplement that contains 10 billion CFUs of one strain of digestive bacteria.

That may sound like a lot of CFUs, but there are plenty of other digestive health supplements that offer a wider range of bacteria and a higher dose of CFUs.

ProbioMune is also priced much higher than most of its competitors, priced at approximately $2 per each individual pill, or $60 for a monthly supply.

With little information to back up its effects, ProbioMune gives us little reason to recommend taking this supplement to improve your digestive health.

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