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Sun Chlorella USA Review

Sun Chlorella USA is a superfood manufacturer that sells chlorella (green algae) supplements. Here’s our review of the company.

What is Sun Chlorella USA?

Sun Chlorella USA is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that sells chlorella, which is a type of green algae prized for its health benefits.

Sun Chlorella is actually a Japanese company that was founded in 1969. The American division of that company is known as Sun Chlorella USA.

About Chlorella

Chlorella is a green superfood that has been generating plenty of headlines recently. It’s a single-celled green algae that was one of the first organisms to live on planet Earth. The algae is prized for its health benefits. Key nutritional features of chlorella include:

Carotenoids Like Vitamin A, Alpha-carotene, And Lutein

— Powerful Antioxidants Like Vitamins C, D, E, And K

— High Concentrations Of Chlorophyll (more Than Any Other Plant On The Planet)

— Energizing B Vitamins, Including Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, And Choline

— Minerals Like Phosphorous, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, And Iron

— More Protein Per Ounce Than Steak

— Healthy Fats, Including Omega-3 And Omega 6 Fatty Acids As Well As Oleic Acid

— Nucleic Acids For Building DNA And RNA

Chlorella also has the added benefit of being a “whole food”. That means you can eat chlorella in its entirety. That’s not often the case for other vegetables and fruits (you don’t eat the roots and leaves, for example).

As Sun Chlorella USA explains on this page, “With chlorella you eat everything. You get the entire life force of this powerful little plant.”

Sun Chlorella USA Products

Sun Chlorella USA sells more than just whole chlorella. The company also sells chlorella-based teas, creams, and other products. Here are all of the products currently available for sale on the Sun Chlorella USA website:

Sun Chlorella

This is the flagship Sun Chlorella USA product. There are two versions of this product: chlorella tablets (200mg or 500mg) and granules (3 gram packets). You can swallow the capsules whole or mix chlorella granules into your beverages. Both products are priced at $32.51.

Sun Eleuthero

There are three products in this category, including Organic Sun Eleuthero Tablets, Infuse-Your-Mood Herbal Tea, and Sun Eleuthero Extract. Eleuthero is also known as Siberian ginseng and is purported to provide natural energy similar to caffeine – but without the unpleasant side effects.

Sun Wakasa Plus

Sun Wakasa Gold Plus and Sun Wakasa Honey Plus are two liquid chlorella extract supplements priced at around $140 each. You take one ounce of the liquid daily to support your health. The liquid is 30 times more concentrated than other forms of chlorella sold by Sun Chlorella USA.

Sun Chlorella Cream

This cream contains chlorella growth factor (CGF) to nourish your skin and encourage tissue renewal. The cream also contains grapefruit seed extract. Together, the ingredients deliver antioxidants into your skin along with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, chlorophyll, and protein. The cream is priced at $63.75 per container.


This product is a chlorella supplement for dogs and cats. According to Sun Chlorella USA’s sales page, the wafers are veterinarian recommended. They freshen your pet’s breath, give your pet a glossier coat, and “boost your pet’s energy for more walks and playfulness.”

Well Well Wow!

This drink supplement contains chlorella growth factor mixed with eleuthero. Together, these ingredients help your body fight stress and stay energized. It’s priced at $4.21 for a small 3.38 ounce bottle, or you can buy a 10 pack for $42.08.

How to Buy Sun Chlorella USA Products

All Sun Chlorella USA products are available for sale at

You can also purchase certain Sun Chlorella USA products from Amazon, including this package of 300 x 200mg Sun Chlorella tablets for $22.98.

When you order Sun Chlorella USA products from the official website, you can save 30% off your price by selecting the “autoship” option at checkout. This autoship option means you’ll get regular shipments of products delivered to your door. You can choose how frequently you receive those products – like every month or every six months.

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  1. I've read this is one of the somewhat contaminated chlorella supplements for arsenic, aluminum and lead. USDA organic doesn't mean anything, since our lovely government (supposedly) doesn't evaluate products for heavy metals. They supposedly have no standards for heavy metals in foods or supplements they put their stamp of approval on, even though it says ‘organic'. Do you know anything about the cleanliness/purity of this chlorella supplement in regards to heavy metals? Just curious.


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