Stress is one of the most biologically harmful factors which can affect the overall quality of one’s life. People often tend to negate the role of stress as just a social element, however many individuals fail to realize that stress is borne out of internal issues and can lead to the development of various physical ailments.

Some common issues related to stress include nervousness, anxiety, loss of appetite, rapid ageing, loss of focus, reduced awareness. Also, over long duration, stress can cause a degradation in our innate capacity to function at a high rate. Thus many men over the age of 40 start to experience sexual ailments.

This is because, with each passing year, the stress started to take a toll on our sex organs. Thus, the functionality of our vital organs is seen to degrade, and thus we may experience various energy related issues.

When talking about the prevalence of such stress factors, it can be seen that over 60% of all individuals working in a high-end job were found to have symptoms of mild depression, insomnia and mental anxiety.

Upon psychological investigation, it was found that these issues were primarily caused due to the load of work that people had to deal with on a regular basis. Add to that, all of the societal pressures and family issues that one has to deal with, and we have a person with serious anxiety disorders on our hands.

In terms of options to deal with such problems, we now have various natural/herbal supplements which can treat symptoms of stress, anxiety via all natural means. This allows users to remain focused and productive through the course of their daily activities.

About FreeMind Samatha

FreeMind Samatha is an all new ‘vegan stress relief option’ that has been designed using natural ingredients. Using a number of clinically verified routes, the active agents in the mix are able to help optimize the inner workings of our Central Nervous System and Brain.

Through this neural enhancement, users can achieve a high rate of functionality, and feel active and vital once again. Unlike many other nootropics, FreeMind Samatha has been clinically tested and comes with immense trial based evidence to help users alleviate any doubts or misconceptions that they might have.

FreeMind Samatha Benefits

Some of the key features of this supplement include:

(i) Natural:

As mentioned earlier, each of the added components in the mix have been clinically verified and have been demonstrated to be highly efficacious.

(ii) Immediate Relief:

Uusing powerful herbs like lemon, passion flower, the active agents are able to unlock our neural potential fully. This means that key hormones and enzymes like dopamine get released into our bloodstreams more easily, thus allowing us to feel more calm and collected immediately.

(iii) Long Term Solution:

While many other mood enhancers work and provide benefits, they rarely alter the innate functionality of our neural pathways, and thus are effective only as short term solutions. However, Samatha contains a unique combination of L-tryptophan and L-theanine that ensures that our body has sufficient amounts of both Serotonin and GABA to keep our mental health and mood states in check. These compounds help optimize our cognitive health and allow us to be more productive through the course of our daily work and social activities.

(iv) Complete Transparency:

This is an important feature of FreeMind Samatha. All of its added ingredients have been clearly delineated on the label outside. There are no hidden mixes, proprietary blends or ‘secret formulas’ that have been added to the mix. What you see outside on the composition label outside, is what you get inside.

FreeMind Samatha Dosage

  • The supplement comes in the form of capsules which need to be ingested regularly.
  • 2 pills per day should be consumed in the morning or along with a light meal daily.
  • The dose should ideally be consumed with large volumes of water, so as to increase the absorbability of the key active agents.
  • Like all other supplements, if a user suffers from any serious medical conditions, then a doctor should be consulted.
  • Similarly, if a person is on prescribed medication, he/she should consult an expert to see if any of the ingredients in Samatha might interfere with their normal bodily functions.
  • Lastly, the supplement should not be consumed by individuals under the age of 18.

FreeMind Samatha Ingredient Information

Lemon Balm: this citrus extract is widely used as a relaxant because of its soothing smell and effects. It helps relieve any stress buildup in our muscles and tissues through a gradual loosening of our tendons and fibres.

Vitamin D3: this natural vitamin extract helps promote our mental well being. It helps optimise our CNS activity, so that we can function at a high rate, as well as remain calm and collected during stressful situations.

FreeMind Samatha Pricing and Availability

Each bottle of Samatha by FreeMind is priced at $29.50 and contains 60 capsules each (month worth of supply). Payments can be done using direct debit means such as PayPal, MasterCard etc. Orders can be submitted directly on the official company page. (


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