Folicell Hair Therapy – 2% Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment?


Folicell Hair Therapy is a supplement that promotes a healthier growth of new hair, with the use of different vitamins and nutrients. The treatment promotes better blood flow, and uses capsules to achieve the desired effect.

What Is Folicell Hair Therapy?

Over half of men and women in their lifetime will experience some level of alopecia, which can be incredibly embarrassing and frustrating. Most people do what they can to keep a healthy lifestyle and wash their hair regularly, but these changes are just not enough in some cases.

Consumers need to take action with the scalp and many consumers find that topical remedies suit their lifestyle the best. For treatment that changes the climate from within, Folicell Hair Therapy may help.

This solution involves the use of Minoxidil, which is primarily meant to help promote blood flow throughout the scalp to the hair follicles. With a steady circulation of blood and nutrients, the follicles should activate and start growing new strands. The unique part about this remedy is that it is the only FDA approved solution for hair loss, and it can be bought either on the website or over the counter.

When hair follicles lay dormant, this time is known as telogen. The goal of the treatment is to revive the active process, ushering in a stage known as anagen, which can be achieved with the use of Minoxidil

Using Folicell Hair Therapy

Folicell Hair Therapy is available in capsules, and consumers will need to take two of them a day to have any kind of changes. It does not matter if the user consumes them with or without a meal, as long as the user takes it at all.

The website does not indicate what ingredients are used, so it is hard to say if this treatment can be combined with other formulas. The best bet is to reach out to the company through their customer service team to learn more about the product, and to reach out to a medical professional to determine its efficacy and safety.


The total cost of the solution is $89.41, which is enough for a 2-ounce bottle of the solution. The rate that consumers will go through the formula is entirely dependent on the quality of their hair. However, it is easy to go back to the official website and order the next shipment of the serum.

If this treatment does not work for the consumers, they have to fill out a form on the returns page.

Contacting The Creators Of Folicell Hair Therapy Topical Solution

The only downside about this product is the fact that this treatment does not have much information to go off. There is no phone number or email address for the Folicell Hair Therapy brand, but consumers can submit their questions online at

Folicell Hair Therapy Conclusion

The Folicell Hair Therapy Topical Solution is meant for consumers that have either already sustained loss, or are noticing signs of hair loss. The treatment is a little pricey, but consumers would spend way more at the doctor’s office to get hair plugs or transplants.

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