DermaFi Peptide Cream Review

DermaFi Peptide Cream is an anti-aging skin cream that claims to offer similar benefits to Botox – just without the injections. Here our DermaFi Peptide Cream review.

What is DermaFi Peptide Cream?

DermaFi Peptide Cream is a skin cream that claims to use revolutionary snake venom technology to boost collagen production within your skin.

By applying the cream daily, you can enjoy a “mini face lift”. The cream calls itself Hollywood’s best kept secret and makes other bold claims about the usefulness and power of the skin cream.

The cream is exclusively available online through a free trial/autoship offer, which charges you $5 today but will eventually charge you about $100 per month for the skin cream until you cancel.

Does DermaFi Peptide Cream actually live up to its promised benefits? Find out how the cream claims to work in the next section.

How Does DermaFi Peptide Cream Work?

DermaFi Peptide Cream claims to provide Botox-like results – just without the injections. How could a cream possibly give you results similar to injecting a solution beneath your skin?

This is where the manufacturer of DermaFi gets weirdly vague. The manufacturer appears to try to overwhelm visitors with pseudo-scientific information. For example, when asked to explain how the cream works, the manufacturer says,

“Our Advanced Formula is clinically proven to reverse the aging process at the cellular level. Proprietary Biofil Dermal Lifting Hydrospheres combined with a patented QuSome time release delivery system allows for deeper penetration of hydration to the lower levels of the skin.”

What exactly are Biofil hydrospheres? How do they work? The manufacturer explains further:

“Biofil Hydrospheres absorb and retain water being lost by the stratum corneum called “transepidermal water loss” (TEWL). As they absorb this water, like a natural sponge, they expand and plump up the skin, filling in wrinkles and hydrating your skin's surface.”

The manufacturer doesn’t really explain why these things work. It just tosses around words like “Biofil hydrospheres” and “transepidermal water loss” and expects you to assume they know what they’re talking about.

Scientific Evidence for DermaFi Peptide Cream

The creators of DermaFi suggest that the peptide cream has undergone some major clinical trials over the last few years. In one clinical trial, participants experienced an 84% decrease in fine lines and wrinkles, a 95% improvement in skin tightness, and a 73% decrease in the appearance of dark circles.

There’s one big problem with this clinical trial: it doesn’t appear to exist. The trial seems to have taken place in some fantasy world: the manufacturer never links to the trial or describes any further details – like the number of participants involved or where the trial took place.

It’s almost like the trial didn’t take place at all.

DermaFi Peptide Cream Ingredients

The manufacturer of DermaFi Peptide Cream has chosen not to list its ingredients online, so we have no idea which ingredients are included in the supplement – or how much of each ingredient is included.

The manufacturer does, however, make vague mentions of peptides, snake venom, biofilm hydrospheres, and QuSome delivery systems, so there are a range of these ingredients included in the cream in some form or another.

How to Buy DermaFi Peptide Cream

DermaFi Peptide Cream is exclusively available online through the product’s official website. You can’t order the cream as-is: you need to buy it as part of a free trial program.

As with most free trials advertised online, the DermaFi free trial is a long ways from being free. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, and that’s the exact case with the DermaFi Peptide Cream trial.

Hidden in the fine print, the sleazy manufacturer of DermaFi has hidden the following information:

— When you order the free trial, you’ll need to pay $4.95 to cover shipping and handling.

— The trial lasts for 15 days, and the cream should be delivered to your house within 5 business days.

— You have until the 15th day after you order to try out the cream. If you don’t cancel the trial within those 15 days and return your cream, then your credit card will immediately be charged $89.31. This covers the full-sized jar of cream you’ve already received.

— 15 days later, your credit card will be charged $89.31 + $4.95 shipping and handling for yet another jar of skin cream. You will continue receiving this skin cream as part of the autoship program every month until you cancel.

— If you forget to cancel before the 15th day, you won’t be able to receive a refund. You will, however, be able to cancel your autoship program enrolment by calling 844-455-5510 (although many customers have complained that they have had enormous problems canceling their trial and getting the company to stop charging them for unwanted products).

Ultimately, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t check your credit card frequently, then the DermaFi Peptide Cream “free” trial will leave you over with over $200 in charges before the first month is over. This is an anti-aging skin cream scam, plain and simple.

Who Makes DermaFi Peptide Cream?

DermaFi Peptide Cream claims to be made by a company named DermaFi Peptide Cream. That company lists its address as the following:

3235 Manchester Rd. Suite 8
Akron, Ohio 44319

You can contact the company by phone at 1-844-455-5510 or by email at [email protected] The manufacturer appears to be the same one responsible for other underpowered, over-priced anti-aging supplements sold online, like Absolute Derma and Juvenesse. This company uses the same template across many different anti-aging skin creams and rebrands itself every few weeks to avoid unwanted customer feedback.

For all of these reasons, DermaFi Peptide Cream is one skin cream you should absolutely avoid.


  1. I did the same thing did not know they would bill you later, because I just got the free cream to try no automatic shipmemt was there at all just pay for shipping &handing. Just watch anything you order on line it prombity not real I had to get my card to cancel it for me Capital One is good on fraud. If you did not know they had extra charges.Which they did not put on the original order. Hope they stop getting all of us people who can’t afford to lose any money at anytime most of us live on a budget and don’t have it to waste.

  2. April 5, 2017 “free trial” as reward for answering online marketing questions.
    Do Not Buy anything with ridiculous marketing terms: DermaFi, Rejven8, testosterone booster, etc. Using the customer service listed in the order confirmation email, I cancelled any further shipments, before free samples even arrived. Checking my credit card service, they still went ahead and charged 87.xx and 87.xx for further shipments.

    Looking at the above reviews, cannot believe this scam has been going on so long. And this one is citing “Shark Tank” unanimous endorsement, with some A-list celebrities to boot! One would think these shysters are in jail already. Who is not doing their jobs?

  3. This company is a joke!!!! This product has tore up my skin on my face!!

    You cancel a shipment and they charge you are restocking fee, and you have to pay to return it.

    Supervisors aren’t very helpful either!!


  4. When I was charged $$’s after the 15 day “trial”, I just cancelled my ATM Card. They won’t ship out product unless the transaction clears.

  5. I was able to get a 75% refund on the $89.31 charge. (No refund on the $4.95). I told them I was aware that others had gotten this deal. It did, however, require much threatening on my part. I told them I was prepared to send out a press release to 3,000+ media about their deceptive practices and the complaints about it abounding on the internet.

  6. total scam!!! do not get sucked in!!! i cancelled my order one hour after i placed it! very hard to cancel.. they sent me product anyway.. i returned the product unopened…in the mean time they charged me 84.00 for it… after a huge ordeal i only got half my money back because i did not have the return authorization on the outside of envelope. out 40 plus dollars and never even had my hands on the product…. this company needs to be gone … scam … scam…scam

  7. Thanks for posting this information, everybody. I am fortunate I found this site today. Yes, I already had the charges for the trial, but now I can prevent their charging me more. I called to cancel the order, and YES, it was painful, but finally got it cancelled. I also contacted my credit card to report a different charge as totally fraudulent, so they have cancelled this card and will re-issue.
    QUESTION: The fraudulent charge I mention above listed this: I KNOW I didn’t order anything from them, and wonder if this is associated with the Rejuven8 and DermaFI. Did anybody else have a charge from this bunch?

  8. What would happen if all the people getting scammed off all those gimmicks sued the company who accepted and promoted their snake oils or creams but then. I noticed that no matter what I’m looking looking for those ads are everywhere. They put nasty cookies on your browser to put banner ads everywhere. Clean your cache and delete all your cookies from your browser. Plus always use a credit card never a debit card! Then cancel the card put in a dispute for the charges and request to have them reversed! My girlfriend works in the banking industry and helped me with a scam involving “wholesale jewelry” except those people weren’t too bright and used square to take credit cards. I ended up over drawing the scammers bank accounts…lol. Moral of the Story if I see an add I immediately do a search. For the product name then scam! that’s how i found this review site. Be aware and don’t assume or buy anything until you do multiple searches!

  9. This product did not work! When ordered there was NOTHING saying that you had to cancel before the 15th day. When I did call to cancel the order the person would NOT give up. I did not get ugly but had to be frim. I should have known better. Would like to thank the others who wrote a review or it would have cost me a lot more money!!! Because you will not get any refund!

  10. This product is the worst thing I ever put on my face. It made my under eye wrinkles look 10X worse than what they were. The product and company is a scam. I cancelled my credit card the day after I tried it.

  11. This company is a fraud and extremely rude cancelled the product after 15 days and they kept delivering it to me and jars were crushed in bag. I then got another shipment with crushed products and told them I cancelled they said no you I didn’t. when i told them i have proof i called they said no you dont???

    The products are products are poor quality and the customer service is terrible argumentative and when i told them the jars were damaged and glass inside products they said okay e will discount it for you??

    I am filing a BBB complaint against this company do NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!

  12. I ordered the face cream and eye gel on their free trial, I got it in a few days, the stuff really works great, I love it. I made sure to call and cancel it before the 15 days, and they canceled it no questions asked I was never charged for any future anything. I didn’t have any problems, I knew it was going to be expensive to continue that’s why I stopped it quickly. I didn’t have any hassles. But I will say it again the stuff was amazing

  13. I too fell for this info commercial and ordered the free trial over the phone. Vemmel, proceeded to explain that I would receive more product every month & charged automatically. As soon as I heard the details I cancelled the free trial & said that I want my name off of their list & do not want any part of their “offer”! Of course I received it anyway along with charges. I called tonight to get a refund & they said they couldn’t because I had the product. I stopped charges on my Visa & want to make sure that anyone reading these reviews know that this company is definitely a scam that tries to steal your money! They also sell RejuVen8

  14. So should I contact these people and cancel this. I just canceled my credit card that was being used. Should I just leave it alone.

  15. It is a huge scam. I too got taken. However, this product was amazing on my face! Bummer can’t find this product from a legitimate resource and for less expensive.

  16. I ordered their trail product for $4.95 and I paid that amount but right after that, they charged my account another $81.00 and some change without my approval. I called and they said they just assume you want more and they charge your account but I never got any additional product in the mail. Then they changed their story and said the additional charge was to finish paying for the product. I demanded a refund, they said they would credit me back 75% of the original charge. I will never order anything like this again. I called my bank and requested paperwork to dispute the charges. We’ll see what happens.

    • Hi! This is exactly happening to me! Do you know their email or number? I need to contact them right away! They have sent me 3 batches so far and have been charging me without my consent!

  17. Basically I have fallen for the same scam, the only exception is I ordered mine yesterday and cancelled today. The product is in the mail on its way. I spent a large amount of time on the phone this morning with a representative who kept giving me the same script over and over. I eventually got VERY firm with her and I actually received my cancellation notice via email. I got the copy of the terms and conditions for both products I ordered. She was telling me to keep the product from the trial…. I’m really thinking I will just send it back as soon as it gets here Monday. I am shutting my card off tomorrow so they will have no recourse. According to the terms the only thing they could charge would be the $5.95 restocking fee and quite honestly who is going to sue someone for that amount? Lastly, make sure you are documenting everything!!! Be very harsh with these people. They don’t deserve to be talked to nicely, they fully KNOW they are working for a scammer. So now before they get $200 like they did with you poor people I will kick myself for the $4.95. I hope this helps as I made the woman send me the terms and agreements because I couldn’t find them.

    • very true. such fast convincing talkers. if they talk for longer than 5 minutes you know they want to convince you. anyone who writes in and says they had results in first few days or even a month are using their faith in hoping.

  18. Don’t send the product back. They attach reverse charges {4X the amount}. if you do. Cancel your credit card. Nothing in these ads is for free

  19. It breaks my heart to hear all these stories. I did fall once with a similar product that is out there that they state the same thing and like all of you said a trial for a few cents and then you have to cancel your credit card because they just keep pulling hundreds of dollars out. I really believe as long as you are a person that does not drink alcohol periodically, does not smoke, and from a young age always took care of your skin and used great products such as Retinol, your wrinkles will diminish. I am 57 and I look 37 because I started using Retinol since age 23 and I have to say it works wonders. I swear by it and I recommend it to everyone out there that is looking to diminish their wrinkles as well look younger. I use Kate Von foundation and all her other products and my face looks amazing. The only way that you will not have absolutely one wrinkle will be by doing BOTOX or FILLER. Another of my secrets never ever wash your face with regular soap or dry your face with a towel… I wash my face with Retinol face wash and I let my face air dry. These have been my secrets thought I’d share after reading all of the above comments. I believe when there is something out there that is a trial AND you CANNOT purchase at once it is just FRAUD and someone out there trying to become wealthy from people like us that work very hard for our pennies. Believe me I am always reading what is good for wrinkles and looking younger etc and the only thing there is LIKE I mentioned above take care of your skin and do BOTOX or FILLER. I have many responsibilities such as kids attending college etc and if I was able to spend on BOTOX I would for those tiny wrinkles…let me put it this way if I wanted to do it I can BUT I think about my kids first then me…once they are all out of the house then it is a different story to think about BOTOX or FILLER. For now I will continue with my Retinol which has been working wonders for me. Let me add what works for me might not work for you but heck why not try it…Retinol is not expensive. Good luck! :)

    • I really enjoyed your honesty and I appreciate the fact you let people know what works for you! That was VERY kind! I too put my grandchildren and children before myself, so I found you to be really genuine and honest! I will try your method! Thank you for sharing, young lady!

  20. I not happy at all with this cream it doesn’t work. I been using it twice a day for a month, and I haven’t seen any differences at all in my skin.. I still have wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes..this product didn’t change my appearance at all.

  21. Listen! You are going to continue to be debited on your card every month for almost 200 dollars and they will keep sending you that snake oil garbage.Because they have your address they will probably try to scare and harass you threatening to sue you if you don’t send them money. Ignore it . They cannot do anything . You MUST Cancel the credit card you listed when you ordered the trial sample. I cancelled and burned my card . You will NEVER recover what they stole from you initially. Live with the loss . Hard lesson. I know better than fall for a scam like this . But in a stupid moment, I did . I beat myself up for days. I could have paid a bill with that 200. I paid the consequences.I’m putting it in the past, and To me .. they don’t exist . If they keep sending this -useless product . I am keeping it . Maybe I can use it as cleaning agent. They will never be able to gain access to my credit card again. They will not get money. And I will ignore ANYTHING THAT MIGHT come with their name on it. Hucksters, thieves, liars . WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t order please

    • I am sorry you lost your hard earned money on this SCAM, but maybe due to posting and ‘EXPOSING THESE SHYSTERS’, other folks, including me, will refrain from falling for this CRAPOLA. Anyway, thanks friend. You’ve helped a great many other people from getting duped.

  22. I have suffered all of the above reviews . They got almost 200.00 after I applied for the “TRIAL” . 2 jars of, probably snake piss. I called and told them 7 times NOT to send anymore. I didn’t bother asking for a refund , because I knew I had been had by then. I asked 6 people to send me a confirmation email. They promised my “account” was now closed and they would send the cancellation right away, I have never received ANYTHING. Now it is very annoying to have to do this , but , they had my credit card card information. My bank told me their was nothing they could do but pay the 89.71 and 78.31 charges plus the 4.95 twice for shipping, So I had to eat that, But I cancelled my credit card that I used for the purchase. I do not intend to send either of the products back. I called and warned them again that I had cancelled and burned that credit card , And that they had better not send me another supply. and they had better cancel anything else they may intend to do. They assured me it had been closed . NOW if they do send me anything,,, I am keeping it ALL for evidence . If I get anything in snail mail . , because you have to give them your address and credit card number to get the “FREE” trial, I will keep all , I’m not paying that postage {They reverse charges on everything} I REALLY don’t think they will be that stupid . They cannot deduct any more money from my account. I will never pay them for ANYTHING MORE, I will turn everything over to my attorney. I will not pay fees to send packages back. They are a scam . They rip people off. Let’s try to put these kind of fakes out of business by NOT thinking we can get something free for nothing . WAKE UP! Their is NO free trial. As soon as you give them that credit card they take your money and laugh cheer and sing … Suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!. Please beware. A big WARNING people, Don’t do it . The minute I told my bank . They said .. ” OH they got you huh. They deal with this all the time I guess . Sad , How their are no honest people any more. You NEVER get YOUR MONEY Back. Cancel ALL your cards connected with these so called ACCOUNTS.

  23. You need to have a supervisor call me NOW!!! my number is 570-529-4217. I just got hung up on by some china bitch. This is not okay. I have ask you to not send any more of the DermaFi to me and to refund my money for the package i sent back. I just received a new batch. Then I call and get hung up on. You make sure a supervisor calls me or I am going to blast you all over the internet and call the better business borough. My Ref. Number is 1234223

  24. My wife ordered this stuff for$1.00. The next thing we know there is a debit for $89.31. I called their customer service three times before I finally got a supervisor or someone who said they were a supervisor anyway and he agreed to refund everything and my wife gets to keep the “snake oil cream”. (We’re going to see if it kills fire ants).
    The small jar arrives unsealed in a bubble envelope mailed from the post office in the Acme Super Market in Akron Ohio. For legal reasons I’m not going to disclose the sender.
    The customer service people tell me they are Derma Skin Care Products. When asking for someone in the United States they tell you they are in Santa Anna California but there is no business listing under that name or DermaFi as per the packing list that came in the envelope.
    This is a scam. Stay away from it. And another thing, who makes this stuff? The jar says that it is manufactured for DermaFi but by who and where?

  25. Here is my Story with this Company I to got sucked in when I placed my order it was for the Eye gel and just the face cream I placed my on the Computer, I am the type to check my bank account right away so here we go I see the 2 4.95 dollar Charges for the 2 Creams and there was another charge for 44.95 it was some odd change so right away I called the Company up waiting 15 minutes on the line I finally had someone pick up he told me that charge was for the Cream that is for Dark Spots I said I never Authorized this and I don’t want it for some reason he felt I needed it, I was so Mad I said Cancel it now I’m calling my Bank ASAP.
    After I hung up I called my Bank I told them the 44 dollar Charge was not Authorized by me and it was FRAUD. I cancelled my Card and my Account was on Hold with the Bank for a Week that way they could’nt bill me even if they Tried. It may be a inconvience but Hey that’s ok.
    The Creams came to my house a Week later in a Bubble Envelope When my Husband said I had a Package he said there is something shaking around the envelope. I openend it up 3 jars in there including the one I told them I didn’t order mind you NON OF THE JARS ARE SEALED FOR SAFTEY NOT GOOD IN MY EYES.
    That night I was sitting on my Computer and typed some reviews for the Company and good thing I did.
    I don’t know how I missed this after the 15 you need to cancel it and RETURN THE BOTTLES, I guess because when I got my Confirmation mail it said nothing about Anything no returns no NOTHING.
    That Sunday night I put the Jar’s back into there envelope I took the Sheet that came with it mind you the Packing Slip doesn’t say anything either I stated that the one jar was not even suppose to be sent and there Company is a Big Fat FRAUD.
    I also called them back and said to Cancel me out of anything in the Future.. I Usually go to Google and read Reviews about stuff like this Shame on me for not doing this. They are Rude to deal with they keep arguring with you back and Forth and don’t listen to you. I got very very Mad at one Point and Said What Don’t you Understand on I don’t want your PRODUCTS….So BEWARE DON’T BUY THERE IS NO MAGIC AT ALL IN THE PRODUCTS THE ONLY TRICK THEY GET YOUR CARD NUMBER AND CHARGE YOU A ARM AND A LEG FOR THERE CREAMS…..

    • thanks for the review. I did check Google and found the company is a FRAUD and to be careful of your credit card and the charges that follow. I’m always leary of these kinds of products online. Once they have your credit card number/bank acct number – $ – you’re sucked in and the fight begins!
      By the way, there, their, they’re = there, a place to be, a location …. Their, relates to people. “That’s (that is) their house.” They’re, abbreviated for “they are”. They’re a fraudulent company. Hope you don’t mind the lesson. I had to get embarrassed to learn the diffence.

  26. This is a scam, do not give these people your credit card number. I was told I had had 15 day to used the product and then call to cancel if I did not like. I called when I received it to find out when my 15 days was up and their agent advised me that my 15 days would expire on Feb 2. When I check by credit card it had already been charged on 1/20. When I called them back they said my trail period started the day it was ordered. Are they crazy how can a trial start and you have not received the product and why did the agent not tell me that when we talked. Then they offered to only give me 50% of my money back. This is all a lie!!! Don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • put your cancellation in an email, you have a record, and accuse them of fraud. I had something similar with some supplement, must be same company I recall the CA Address as being in US when I received product it was from China. Along with the product came a leaflet About Some customers being ‘FRIENDLY FRAUDS’ WHO WHAT TO GET OUT OF PAYING FOR ORDERED PRODUCTS,. THEN IT WENT ON TO SAY “DO NOT GO TO THE BANK CONTACT US DIRECTLY” THIS PRODUCT WAS FOR A MEMORY ENHANCER, for which I read HIGH REGARD REVIEWS, they must have come for their ‘company?’

    • You Have to cancel the card you made your order with . Don’t contact them again and they will not be able to get one more cent!

  27. This is a scam. I have unauthorized recurring charges to my card. The product names, email domain names, names on my credit card, phone numbers, etc do not match up. I have reported as much information to the better business bureau that I can, and will be pursuing further action to get credited back. I have also notified publishers clearing house which is where i purchased the product for 4.95. I was not notified or informed there would be a recurring charge. Your product is nothing more than snake oil. I am informing as many people I can through the internet and social media sites. I want a refund immediately, and to be removed from all future recurring fees and contacting me. I will be pursuing letting the public know about this, and getting my money credited back with whatever means it takes

    • Cancel credit card you gave when ordering . It is the only way you will not be debited monthly in the future. . They a re a scam big time . The product is probably water and a mystery ingredient . Don’t send it back! They Do reverse charges to YOUR mailing address 4X over!Don’t trust it!

      • Cancelling your credit card,is not the only thing you need to do.I did that,then they took 89.00,89.00,89.00,83.00 out of my bank account.The last 2 charges was after I cancelled.I can’t believe I trusted a company that I did not review.I learned a valuable lesson.There is no free anything.There is always a catch

    • YOU GO GIRL! I’m doing the same. Everyone I know has been helping me get the message out there. We will post, then repost! These fake companies, selling these CRAPOLA Creams, like MiraVie, Rejuven8, Truve, etc., we’re going to expose. It’s called, TAKING THE SHYSTERS DOWN!


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