Delatestryl – Testosterone Enanthate Steroid Hormone Benefits?


What is Delatestryl?

Delatestryl is a drug whose active ingredient is testosterone. It is indicated for men who do not produce sufficient amounts of endogenous testosterone. Testosterone is available in the form of testosterone enanthate.

The drug is available in the generic form. The dosage and duration of treatment using Delatestryl is determined by various factors, such as the age of the patient, diagnosis, side effects, and response to the therapy. The drug is also capable of causing adverse interactions when it is taken alongside certain other drugs.

Patients are advised to inform their doctors about all medications and supplements they are using. Before its prescription, a diagnosis of hypogonadism is made by measuring the serum levels of testosterone in the morning for two separate days. The doctor will also confirm that the testosterone serum concentration is below the stated limit.

Benefits And Uses Of Delatestryl

Management of Hypogonadism

Delatestryl is used in the management of symptoms that present with hypogonadism. Hypogonadism refers to a condition whereby the body does not synthesize sufficient amounts of testosterone.

The signs and symptoms of hypogonadism include erectile dysfunction and a reduction in muscle mass and testicle size. The medication is also used to treat infertility. Patients with hypogonadism may also experience a decrease in the bone mass, also known as osteoporosis.

Enhanced Protein Synthesis

Proteins are the primary building blocks of muscles. The rate at which proteins are synthesized in the body is proportional to the rate at which the muscle mass is gained.

Supplementation of the body with testosterone enanthate which is present in Delatestryl promotes the process of protein synthesis. As a result, the anabolic activity of the body is encouraged, enhancing the ability of the muscles to repair.

Enhanced Retention Of Nitrogen

The availability of nitrogen is necessary to protect the anabolic atmosphere and stimulate it to some extent. Lean muscles are comprised of about 16 percent nitrogen gas. According to health experts, when the level of nitrogen gas falls below 16 percent, the process of muscle wasting is triggered.

Maintaining the proper concentration of nitrogen in the body ensures that the anabolic state is maintained. Delatestryl promotes nitrogen retention in the body, resulting in tissue growth.

Increased Red Blood Cell Count

Erythropoiesis involves the synthesis of red blood cells in the body. The process is stimulated primarily by a hormone known as erythropoietin. The erythropoietin hormone is synthesized in the kidneys under the influence of androgenic hormones, one of them being testosterone.

The androgens work by stimulating the production of erythropoietin. When the levels of testosterone are low, the red blood cell count is reduced. The red blood cell count is also proportional to the increase in the muscle mass.

This is because the red blood cells are responsible for distributing oxygen to the rest of the body, including the muscles. Greater blood oxygenation is equivalent to the muscle endurance and recovery from damage.

Increased Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)

According to research, testosterone increases the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1. IGF-1 is a protein hormone that is produced by the liver. The hormone has anabolic effects, and it has activity in almost all of the cells in the human body.

The hormone is also thought to regulate the production of the human growth hormone. The Insulin-like Growth Hormone plays various vital roles in the body, including healing and recovery of damaged muscles. The hormone also promotes the recovery of other structures such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and nerves.

How To Use Delatestryl

The drug is administered as an injection via the intramuscular root. Delatestryl should never be injected by the intravenous route as this could cause severe side effects. The dosage of the drug is determined by various factors such as the age, sex, and response to treatment.

Individuals who are self-administering the drug from their homes should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. It is also advisable to check if it has any particles or whether it has undergone discoloration. If either of these is present, the drug should be disposed of promptly.

The administration of the drug should not be stopped abruptly if it has been used for an extended period of time. When it is used for a prolonged period, the body adapts by not manufacturing its own endogenous testosterone. As a result, the patient encounters withdrawal symptoms such as depression, tiredness, and weakness.

Delatestryl Side Effects

The most common side effects that result from the use of testosterone enanthate include nausea, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort. Other side effects may include decreased sexual interest, hair loss, change in skin color, and dermatological conditions such as acne.

Most individuals who use the drug according to the recommended dosage regimen do not experience serious side effects. The drug is prescribed at standard doses because its benefits are greater than the risks involved.

However, some patients may encounter other side effects such as mental and mood changes. Others may present with signs of liver disease, sleep disturbances, and yellowing of the eyes/skin. When any of these adverse effects presents, it is advisable to visit the doctor immediately.

It has also been reported that the use of Delatestryl can cause the formation of blood clots. It is advised that you inform your doctor if you ever encounter a blood clot or increased heart rate.

Top Products Containing Delatestryl

1. Testo-Enan-1

This product is manufactured by Maxtreme Pharma. It is an injectable steroid whose active ingredient is testosterone enanthate. It is packaged in 250mg ten ampoules. The medication is indicated for hormone replacement therapy in individuals diagnosed with a deficiency in testosterone hormone. The medication may also be used for the management of metastatic mammary cancer that is observed in women. The drug is sold at $40.00.

2. Testonex-E 250

The manufacturer of Testonex-E 250 is Genexpharma Company. The product acts by supplementing the levels of testosterone in the body. It does not require frequent administration since it has a long duration of action.

3. Gen-Shi Testosterone Enanthate

Gen-Shi Laboratories manufactures this product. It is packaged in a 2ml sachet. The concentration of the active ingredient is 500mg per 2ml.

Delatestryl Review Summary

Delatestryl should only be used by patients to whom it has been prescribed by a pharmacist or a medical doctor. If the symptoms do not improve, it is advisable to inform the healthcare provider promptly. Consult your pharmacist on how the medication should be safely used and discarded.

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