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Helping You Fight The Natural Decrease of Testosterone Associated with Aging

As you get older, you’ll realize that your testosterone level is plummeting. You’re experiencing a plateau in the gym – no matter how hard you try, you’re struggling just to maintain your muscle mass. You’re pushing your limits, but the only thing you seem to gain is soreness and pain. You’re hungry for results, but you’re not seeing them.

It’s natural, and it happens to everyone. However, for the gym enthusiast, it means that your body doesn’t have enough testosterone to build muscles and heal your body after a vigorous workout.

This is when natural testosterone boosters come into play. These supplements are created with natural ingredients and botanicals, which have been proven thru traditional medicine to help your body generate more of this powerful hormone naturally.

TestRX: A Natural Testosterone Booster Packs a Punch

Beloved by professional bodybuilders and athletes, TestRX has been rated the #1 testosterone booster for muscle growth. With a potent blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients and the ideal dosage, this formula is what you need to kickstart your gains and show off your washboard abs once more.

Made as an oral supplement, TestRX can help you achieve your goals without the use of painful needles and undesired side effects. It’s not a steroid either, as the manufacturer does not believe in giving you quick gains at the cost of your health.

Instead, TestRX works with your body to optimize your testosterone production from the inside. Because of this, it is safe for long-term consumption and can be used to maintain the amazing results you get with this product. Great gains, big muscles, healthy sex life… this t-booster can help you achieve everything you want and more.

Unlike most testosterone boosters on the market, TestRX is not manufactured under dubious conditions abroad. It is made in the U.S.A in a cGMP-compliant facility in the U.S. Because of this; it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its quality and freshness.


As a testosterone booster, TestRX’s main goal is to increase your testosterone production. Like we’ve mentioned before, testosterone is a vital sex hormone that has a hand in many bodily processes, like your bone density, sexual desire, and weight regulation. Indirectly, using TestRX can improve issues related to low testosterone, such as:

Increase testosterone levels without needles and pain

Low testosterone is a well-documented issue when it comes to men’s health, which is why there are so many types of treatments available for this problem. However, treatments like testosterone hormone therapy and steroids can be very painful and costly, not to mention the adverse health effects you have to bear with.

With TestRX, you can safely increase your testosterone levels with just two tablets a day – no pain, fuss-free, and effective. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, you won’t have to suffer through any side effects as well.

Decrease body fat and stimulate better muscle growth

Men with low testosterone are often more doughy than men with high levels of testosterone. This is because testosterone is responsible for increasing muscle mass and stimulating muscle growth. It also helps you regulate your weight and increase your energy levels, making you more motivated to hit the gym.

With a multi-pronged approach like this, TestRX allows you to get ripped and see better results in a shorter amount of time. You’ll be unstoppable if you combine this supplement with strength training and the right diet.

Reduce recovery time between gym sessions

Gym rats and athletes are no stranger to post-workout sores, but does that mean you HAVE to deal with them?

Testosterone signals your body to produce more lean muscles by binding itself to androgen receptors in your muscle cells. Without enough free testosterone to initiate this process, your body won’t be able to repair itself and adapt to the exercise load you put your body through.

TestRX consists of many clinically-proven ingredients that boost your testosterone levels, including the ZMA formula that many bodybuilders and athletes swear by. Not only that, but it also replenishes nutritional deficits in your body that might be delaying your repairing process.

Increased libido and sexual desire

Being an important sex hormone, testosterone also plays a vital role in your bedroom. Men with high levels of testosterone usually have better responses towards sexual arousal and activity. They can also perform better in bed – getting it up, lasting longer, and maintaining a healthy amount of semen.

TestRX contains many ingredients that can help you achieve peak performance in bed. It might even be able to help you with erectile dysfunction depending on the severity and the cause of your issue.

Better sleep quality, more energy

A significant dip in your testosterone level can mess with your sleep quality, causing long-term physical and mental fatigue. Without the drive to even go through your life, hitting the gym or sticking to your reps can seem close to impossible.

To make matters worse, the less you sleep, the worse your testosterone level becomes. This opens the door to a myriad of problems related to hormone imbalances like mood swings. A top-quality t-booster like TestRX can put a stop to this cycle and allow you to sleep better at night. Subsequently, it improves your energy level, which gives you more energy to tackle your day and the gym.

Better mental alertness

Especially for men between the ages of 34 to 70, using TestRX can significantly help improve your spatial memory, thinking abilities, and processing speed. Men with higher testosterone levels are also reported to have a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s.

Using TestRX daily and consistently can help you combat these problems. As it helps you sleep better, it could give you the mental clarity you’ve been missing from your life.

Improved mood

It’s not uncommon for men with low testosterone to experience mood issues like irritability, depression, and anxiety. Low testosterone levels can also trigger stress, which signals your body to produce more cortisol as a response to this. Cortisol is not only detrimental to your mental health but can also break down muscles you work so hard on.

As a powerful testosterone booster, TestRX can replenish your body’s testosterone supply and bring your hormones back to a state of equilibrium. By doing this, you can elevate your mood and decrease any lateral mood symptoms like a decrease in sex drive and fatigue.


The success of the TestRX formula lies in its unique blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients. These ingredients are handpicked for their potency and their ability to work together flawlessly to help you get more out of your workouts, like maintaining better cardiovascular health and bone density.

However, many of them have extra benefits that can help you achieve your potential in life as well, like increasing your libido, boosting your energy, and improving your sexual performance.


ZMA has been strongly recommended to bodybuilders and athletes alike to boost their muscle size and strength, lose weight, and enhance muscle recovery. This is because it is a combination of zinc monomethionine, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6 – all the minerals you need to achieve peak athletic performance.

That being said, ZMA itself is not a testosterone booster. It may help athletes maintain higher testosterone levels during training, but it is not designed to solely boost your testosterone. It is, however, the most effective way to supplement zinc and magnesium.

Let’s break it down.


Zinc is a vital mineral needed to maintain your body's functions, such as your immune system, sex drive, bone density, and muscle strength. It enables your body to produce muscle-building testosterone, which allows your body to build bigger muscles and facilitates muscle repair from vigorous exercises.

Not only that, but zinc has also been proven to significantly improve your male sexual functions, aiding in areas such as erectile dysfunction, lowered sensitivity, and lowered sex drive. It dilates your blood vessels around your genitals to improve your libido and helps you maintain a firm erection.

Magnesium aspartate

Involved in nearly 300 different bodily processes, magnesium supports energy creation, testosterone production, and muscle function. Not only that, but it can also lead to a higher t-count, as shown by this study. Because of this, exercising with magnesium in your system allows you to improve your endurance, mood, and muscle growth.

Magnesium can also help improve your exercise performance, especially exercises that involve grip strength, rotation, and jumping. Studies have found that magnesium reduces the accumulation of lactate, which slightly relieves the burning in your muscles when you are working out. Magnesium aspartate has more bioavailability than magnesium, which makes it easier for your body to absorb.

Vitamin B6

The B-vitamin family is a power player when it comes to boosting your muscle growth and strength. However, your body cannot produce it naturally, and most people rarely consume enough vitamin B6 in their diet.

With ZMA, your body can easily absorb a healthy amount of B6, which boosts your energy levels, cognitive functions, and testosterone. It can also promote red blood cell production and healthy nitric oxide levels, giving you enough fuel to excel in the gym and minimize muscle inflammation.

D-Aspartic Acid

A derivation of aspartic acid, D-aspartic acid, can be used to boost your testosterone levels. Instead of being directly involved in muscle production, it signals your brain to release a hormone for testosterone production in your body and testicles. Its testosterone-boosting effects are commonly used to increase energy levels, muscle strength, size, and stamina.

Besides that, D-aspartic acid also shows promise in promoting fertility as it helps you achieve better sperm volume and quality. In this study, 30 men who experienced asthenozoospermia had increased sperm volume and better sperm motility at the end of 90 days. 17% of the participants had also gotten their partners pregnant at the end of the study.


Throughout history, fenugreek has typically been given to improve overall health and several ailments. Nowadays, it can be used to reduce the risk of low-t associated diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity.

This is because it contains furostanolic saponins, a compound believed to improve your testosterone production. In this 8-week study, 49 athletic participants who were administered 500mg of fenugreek supplement experienced an increase in testosterone. But more importantly, they had also significantly improved their muscle strength compared to the placebo group.

Fenugreek not only boosts your testosterone levels; it also makes testosterone more bioavailable. This allows more testosterone to bind to androgen receptors and facilitate better muscle growth and regeneration. Since it helps you improve your testosterone levels, fenugreek supplements can also help increase your libido, sex drive, and sperm count.

Vitamin D3

Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” it’s essential that you incorporate enough vitamin D in your lifestyle as there’s a close correlation between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone count. Not only that, but D3 deficiency is also linked to weak bones, increased risk of diabetes, and increased risk of cancer.

Vitamin D is vital for athletes since it increases the synthesis of muscle proteins and ATP concentration, which gives you the energy to do aerobic and anaerobic exercise. With enough vitamin D3 supplements, you can prevent your muscles from degenerating and reduce your recovery time between sessions. Not only that, but D3 also makes your bone stronger, which can be very helpful in preventing fractures from extreme exercises. In short, you can’t maximize your gains in the gym without this nutrient.

Vitamin K2

Like vitamin D3, K2 is an essential vitamin for all stages of life as it plays a role in your bone health, teeth health, and heart health. However, its most important functions are to facilitate blood clots from injuries, prevent the hardening of arteries, and aiding in bone growth.

Unbeknownst to most people, vitamin K2 can also increase and maintain higher testosterone levels. In this study, 26 aerobically trained athletes were given 300mg of vitamin K2 for four weeks and 150mg for the following four weeks while maintaining their exercise routines. At the end of the study, they exhibited 12% cardiac output, which suggests increased capacity for exercise.

How it works

When you exercise, your muscles are challenged to deal with higher resistance or weight, which creates microtears. These tears are then healed by fusing the damaged muscle fibers, creating a bigger mass. This is what we would call ‘get swole.’

To make this process more efficient, you need the help of testosterone. Testosterone is essential for boosting the rate of protein synthesis, which helps you build more muscle mass. It also limits a catabolic hormone called cortisol – commonly known as the stress hormone. In terms of muscle growth, cortisol helps break down muscle tissue, which might not be what you want when you are trying to get swole.

Although every man would like to keep their testosterone levels high, the reality is often disappointing. As you age, your testosterone production naturally decreases, which causes you to lose your hair and gain weight. If you are a regular at the gym, you’ll also notice that your recovery time had stretched out significantly compared to when you were younger.

As a testosterone booster, TestRX focuses primarily on stimulating testosterone production in your body. Using a unique blend of clinically-proven ingredients, TestRX increases your total and free testosterone levels and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). With long-term usage, TestRX brings your testosterone levels to the higher end of the normal physiological range.

But it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a rock hard body just because you have more testosterone in your system. Testosterone has to bind to the androgen receptors in your muscle cells and prompt the receptors to increase muscle protein synthesis. Your body uses this protein to heal the microtears that resulted from exercises and makes you look bigger.

Because of this, TestRX can also help in muscle regeneration and lowering your recovery time between sessions. As a result, you enjoy a shorter recovery time and can push your limits in the gym without worrying about sustaining heavy damage.

Your body can only function optimally if you put in the right fuel. TestRX includes ingredients that can help correct common deficiency causing a low t-count, like vitamins K and D. It also includes ZMA, a combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, which is a favorite among professional bodybuilders and athletes for its muscle-building properties.

How to use it

A box of TestRX contains 120 tablets, which can last you about 2 months. You should only take two capsules per day – once in the morning and once at night. Since the dosage has been optimized, you should not exceed the recommended dose. But if you intend to do so, please consult a medical practitioner.


How is TestRX different from other testosterone boosters on the market?

Made in the US, TestRX is subjected to many quality checks before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Besides that, TestRX only uses all-natural, high-quality, and clinically-studied ingredients shown to boost testosterone and improve muscle growth. This allows you to maintain a healthy testosterone level in the long-term.

Is TestRX a steroid?

No. TestRX works by working with your body to stimulate your production growth. It does not contain synthetic hormones or steroids, which makes it safe for long-term consumption. As an oral supplement, you simply take two tablets per day – no needles involved.

Is TestRX safe?

Thanks to its all-natural and scientifically-backed formula, you won’t experience any side effects with TestRX. However, there is always the risk of allergy or drug interactions, so please check the ingredients list and consult your doctor if you’re not sure.

Is TestRX right for me?

If you want virility, energy, muscles, and strength, TestRX is the right product for you. Specifically engineered for men with low testosterone, TestRX can help you reach peak performance in the gym and be in the best shape of your life.

However, TestRX cannot help if an underlying medical condition causes your testosterone deficiency.

How long do I have to wait to get my products?

Leading Edge Health is based in the US, so you’re in luck if you live in North America. Customers from this region can expect to receive their TestRX within 2-3 days with express shipping and 1-2 weeks with regular mail.

International customers will receive their package within 2-3 weeks with regular mail. However, Leading Edge Health is not responsible for all tariffs, custom taxes, and duties imposed by your country’s regulatory agency.

When will I see results?

As with most supplements, the amount of time needed to see noticeable results varies from person to person. This depends on the severity of your issue and how your body reacts to the supplement.

That being said, most users see noticeable results within 3-4 weeks after taking TestRX regularly. For the best results, you should stick to TestRX for at least 60 days.

What if I don’t like it?

No worries! Everyone reacts differently to supplements, and TestRX doesn’t claim to be different. If you don’t see any improvements or simply don’t like the product, you can return the product to Leading Edge Health for a full refund. However, you have to make sure that the empty bottles reach the warehouse within 67 days.

Simply call or email Leading Edge Health to start the process for your refund. This money-back guarantee is only valid for first-time customers.

How much does TestRX cost?

A box of TestRX goes for $69.96 and will last you about one to two months. However, in consideration of loyal customers who bulk buy, you get a bulk purchase discount the more you buy.

Can I get a discount?

The more you buy, the more you save! Leading Edge Health offers a $10 discount for every bottle you buy after the first one. You can also save on shipping fees when you buy more.

Don’t worry about investing too much. The 60-day money-back guarantee covers any product that you buy beyond the first two. If you don’t see results you like, you can return everything (including the unopened bottles) to Leading Edge Health to get your money back. It’s basically a risk-free trial!

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