Plants and Evolution – David Crow’s Herbal Healing System?


Discover the best of Chinese medicine and receive practical time tested methods to harness healing powers through plants and herbs. David Crow's Plants and Evolution course is to have you look beyond plants being objects and instead as multi dimensional living beings that possess a multitude of relationships. As you begin to be more accepting of plants and their powers you are allowing yourself to be more open with their healing capabilities.

Instead of researching endless amounts of materials, discovering more about the importance and dependence human being have on plants, perhaps this three month virtual journey with a master guide who has dedicated his life to this practice and study would be far more useful.

David, the master guide, has accumulated tips, proven techniques and strategies into 12 information rich modules in this Plants and Evolution system. This program is labeled 2.0 because it expands on the original program by adding a wealth of specific practices for detoxification, rejuvenation, and manifestation. Additional knowledge you will gain is how plants can revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Strategies included will be for obtaining high quality nourishment in this day and age.

You’ll also discover how medicinal plants can help you deepen your meditation practices, manifest your life purpose and help grow and create spiritual awareness. The program will also pay focus to the spiritual traditions rooted in nature and help you find the bridge between spirit and nature.

Lastly, the program will also deliver the ancient and modern uses of visionary power plants, how to use aromatic plants and essential oils to balance your life and calm your being.

Benefits of Plants and Evolution Course

This program David delivers through this masterclass will have you never looking at plants the same way again. He will help you discover a whole new world of allies and lifelong companions. David is coming from 30 years of experience pioneering a path that draws from components of Chinese medicine and essential oils to shift perspective.

Ultimately the goal is to enhance your overall well being, both physically, emotionally and spiritually and gain consciousness through the plant kingdom and awake new knowledge. Every class in the 12 module Plants and Evolution program is information rich and will have you gain important information that you will be able to apply and implement in your own life.

Few Key Points You Will Gain From David's Plants and Evolution Course

  1. Use common herbs to treat ailments in a less invasive and non-toxic way.
  2. Develop new ways to work with energy, consciousness and healing.
  3. Receive insights into principles of rejuvenation and energy rebalancing in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine.
  4. Be given precise instructions on how to use herbs for detoxifying the liver, brain and digestive and respiratory systems.
  5. Discover the differences between the molecular intelligence of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical drugs.
  6. Understand stress, anxiety and depression according to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, and how to apply plant remedies in a proper way that rebalances emotions.
  7. Learn how gardens support community health, food security, environmental healing and spiritual growth.
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