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According to statistical studies, coffee has been found to be the second most consumed beverage in the world (right behind tea). Its immense popularity lies in the fact that it tastes great when brewed well (various means of preparation).

However, apart from its amazing taste, it also supplies various medicinal benefits to its users as well. The essential chemical nature of coffee is ‘stimulatory’, it contains a compound called caffeine which has been found to modify the workings of our neural networks.

By tweaking the functionality of certain neuroreceptors in our Central Nervous System, the compound is able to increase our awareness levels, heighten our focus, enhance our clarity, aid in energy production and release, and help increase the vitality of the user.

In terms of consumption, the countries that consume the most amount of coffee include certain european nations like Finland, Netherlands, Italy, where the daily consumption of coffee stands at nearly two cups per person.

With growing annual needs, and with the advent of various production techniques, many people have started making their own coffee solutions. This is in part due to the widespread knowledge and availability of tools (blenders, roasters) in order to roast beans and prepare coffee powders.

This has transferred the power into the hands of the user, because rising demands have forced manufacturers to cut corners and supply sub-par coffee to users. For example, many of the famous regular brands that we use (Nescafe’, LavaZza) employ the use of coffee remnants that are left behind after all of the freshly ground beans have been packaged and processed.

About Cuvee Coffee

Cuvee Coffee is a ‘one stop shop’ for all of one’s coffee needs, not only are there various coffee blends available for purchase, the company also offers various classes (beginners, intermediate, advanced) in terms of teaching people how to brew and roast their own coffee.

Through the classes, users can learn techniques both old and new that have been employed for centuries in the production of crisp and rich tasting coffee. When talking about the quality of the coffee beans, all of the variants that are available for purchase contain only organically harvested beans that have been sourced from sustainable plantations.

All of the beans are completely non-GMO based and have been processed using the most advanced techniques so that the flavour and freshness of the beans can be locked into the packaging. Thereby, delivering users with a tasty, authentic coffee experience.

Cuvee Coffee Products

The various flavour variants that one can purchase include:

(i) Classic Spicewood: this blend features a mild roast that is perfect for beginners who want a smooth coffee experience. In terms of its taste, the blend posses a unique combination of caramel, cream and green apple which when combined in specific quantities help give the blend a vibrant, sweet aftertaste. Each package contains 340 grams and is priced at $13.02.

(ii) Decaf Spicewood 71: this unique decaf brew features a tangy flavour base that has been topped with a hint of glazed sugar and stone fruit. Using a patented decaffeination process, the manufacturer has been able to preserve the freshness and essence of the beans.Each package contains 340 grams and is priced at $14.62.

(iii) Mezzanotte: this is what connoisseurs refer to as a ‘dark roast’, this blend features a richer, darker taste which might not be suited for beginners. The flavour is enhanced through the use of bourbon cherries, brown sugar and orange peel. Each package contains 340 grams and is priced at $12.98.

(iv) San Jose Ocana: this is one of the most popular brews that the manufacturer sells. The beans are freshly harvested from the mountains of Guatemala, and feature a unique reddish texture to them. The beans also offer a distinct sweet flavour which is further enhanced through the addition of white grape, nougat and cantaloupe. Each package contains 340 grams and is priced at $13.95.

(v) Las Mingas: this blend is prepared using beans that are grown and harvested in the Colombian region of Las Mingas, due to its fresh growth surroundings, the beans possess an earthy, fruity flavour. During the preparation phase, the beans are enhanced with grapefruits, cinnamons and green grapes. Each package contains 340 grams and is priced at $13.42.

(vi) Hunapu: this blend is grown and harvested in Antigua, it features a fruity taste along with a rich and impactful aroma. A 12 ounce bag is priced at $12.84.

The other coffee variants which are available for purchase include Laguna Las Ranas, Brazil Fazenda Pantano. There is also an option to purchase larger 2 pound bags of the powders, their pricing has been accordingly adjusted and can lie anywhere between $33.00-$40.00.

Cuvee Coffee Availability

The easiest means to purchase Cuvee Coffee is by clicking on the desired product and completing the transactional process by visiting the official website ( To sign up or the classes, all one needs to do is click on the class and then select the desired time slot. Payments can be done using a host of direct debit options including Visa, Mastercard, Paypal.


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