Headache Hat – Long Lasting Wearable Ice Pack For Migraines?


The Headache Hat is a simple accessory that helps you to apply cold therapy to your head as a method of treating your headache. You can also purchase this product as a headband for less coverage, but with the same performance.

What Is Headache Hat?

Headaches and migraines can be an uncomfortable disturbance in your day. The onset of either of these painful issues can be one of thousands of different issues, like dehydration or hormonal changes.

Once it starts, it can feel like forever until it ends. Most people grab the Tylenol to help them through the agony, but this medication can take a while to work.

When you’re in pain, the last thing you want to do is wait. You don’t want to sit there and deal with your headache until your metabolism catches up to the medication. Instead, you can provide yourself with immediate relief in the Headache Hat.


The Headache Hat utilizes a simple concept – cold therapy. The medical community has been using cold therapy to help numb pain naturally for years, due to its ability to bring down swelling and reduce pain.

There’s no medication used, so you can combine this product with the use of acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help get relief while you wait to support your body’s needs from within.

Even if you’re trying to treat the pain that comes with an all-consuming migraine, these ice packs can help distract you from the tunnel vision and rise in blood pressure that comes with it.

The creator of this design originally came up with it as a solution to her own migraine. After going through bag after back of ice, she became frustrated with the leaking and the noise.

As a result, she slowly explored options for topical relief with sustainable coldness, rather than the melted bag that she currently was dealing with.

After discovering a gel pack in her home supplies, she got the idea for the Headache Hat, using sustainable gel as the “ice” and combining it with a simple hat that holds it all together.

How Headache Hat Works

The whole concept of the Headache Hat is that it helps to relieve the pain with the use of small ice packs throughout the hat. These small squares can be moved around within the hat to meet the area that has the most pressure and pain.

You don’t have to use all the ice pods at once, but you will need to rearrange them in accordance with your needs.

The pods can be moved around at any time, and this hat doesn’t appear to have a specific time limit. Since there is no medication involved, you can feel comfort in knowing that this solution is all natural.


Using Headache Hat

To make it easier to apply the Headache Hat, the website includes an informative video to demonstrate how to put it together. However, it’s fairly simple:

  • Wrap your head with the Headache Hat
  • Secure the hat in place with the Velcro

You don’t need to do anything else to keep it on, since it is meant to simply rest on your head the way a winter cap would. The only difference is that it manages to customize to the width of your head, rather than acting as a “one size fits all” hat.

If you don’t want full head coverage, the Ice Halo may be better for you. You wear it in the same way that you would wear a headband, so it provides soothing coolness to the circumference of your head, rather than its entirety.

This type of coverage is perfect for eye-strain headaches.

Purchasing Headache Hat

If you’re ready to make your purchase of the Headache Hat, you only need to invest $39.99 for a single hat. However, there are other components that you need to take into account to maintain the use of this hat. The website also offers:

  • A double pack of the Headache Hats for $72.99
  • Extra ice pack inserts for $5.99
  • A headband for headaches called the Ice Halo for $24.99 (available in pink tie dye and black)

The website appears to show a refund policy that is in place for the company, but the link is still being updated, so no information is listed. However, you can still reach the company to request these details for personal use.

Headache Hat Contacts

With such a new and innovative solution, you may still want to ask a few questions about this product before you make a purchase. You may even want to know about shipping information, or the status of your order.

If you want to reach the company, you will need to send a message to [email protected].

Headache Hat Conclusion

The Headache Hat is so simple and innovative that it’s a mystery why no one has come up with it before.

Gone are the days of dealing with melted ice running down your arms and face from your head; instead, every cube’s “water” is contained within a packet that can be refrozen as needed.

It’s about time that you stop your suffering from chronic headaches with a remedy that works. If you’re ready for relief, make your purchase from Headache Hat today.

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