Moore Muscle – Top Fat Burner, Multi-Vitamins, Sleep Aid & Strength?


Nutritional supplements have changed the way we look at modern day health and fitness, today there are over 20 classes of supplements which optimise various aspects of our physical being.

There are products like ‘amino boosters’ which aim to supply our cells with essential nutritional agents so that we can enhance our basal metabolic rate, and in turn increase our overall capacity to shed excess weight.

In a similar vein, there are ‘protein suppliers’ which work exclusively towards improving our overall physique and lean muscle mass content. Through The delivery of key protein compounds, our skeletal tissues are able to generate muscle fibers and thus increase their overall muscle production capacity.

Lastly, there are fat burners which employ the use of thermogenic compounds, these specially derived nutrients have been found to increase the basal thermodynamic activity of our bodies, via this temperature increase, we can increase the fat oxidation rate of our bodies and thus eliminate lipid and fatty acid deposits from our gut, thigh, belly regions.

One significant advantage that today’s fitness supplements hold over those of the past, is their unique formulation and potent action. Today, manufacturers have employed scientists to work out and discover new derivatives of essential nutrients like EFA’s, proteins, vitamins which are not only useful for our bodies, but also highly biocompatible with our inner system.

This means that they are easily broken down by our bodies, and thus can provide tangible, visible results in a matter of hours. Another change that has occurred in the past decade, is the incorporation of various eastern medicinal preparations into our modern day supplements.

Roots like Maca, Tulsi, Neem have immense medicinal benefits which are only now being uncovered by western science. Thus, today’s products endeavour to bring together the best of both worlds and present them to users in the form of various powders and extracts.

About Moore Muscle

Moore Muscle is a widely recognized, respected manufacturer of a host of fitness related supplements. However, what is unique about ‘Moore products’ is that, the supplements have been designed for a professional audience primarily, this means that all of the supplements are highly potent and are ideally suitable for an individual who knows what he is doing, and follows a strict dietary and training regime.

Using a combination of natural and herbal mixes, Moore Muscle offers users with a unique combination of natural compounds along with scientifically obtained nutrients.

Moore Muscle Product Range

Some of the key supplements that are available for purchase through the online store include:

(i) Moore Growth IGF1: Moore Growth IGF-1 has been described as “an elite formula that has been designed to support natural Growth Hormone release.” IGF-1 is a specialized compound that has been shown to be secreted by our glands after the ‘growth hormone’ has been synthesised by the pituitary gland.

This compound has been clinically shown to be responsible for many of the effects usually attributed to HGH. IGF-1 also works in conjunction with HGH to deliver our skeletal muscle cells in the with raw materials they need for optimal recovery and repair.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules and is priced at $75.00.

(ii) Moore Health Multi Vitamin: it is essentially an ‘optimised multi-vitamin mix’ that has been designed to deliver healthy doses of essential nutrients to our systems. Moore Health follows a policy of ‘complete transparency’ and thus there is full disclosure of all the components that have been added to the mix.

This ensures that there are no ‘proprietary blends’ or other ‘special ingredients’ in the mix. Only key vitamins and minerals are delivered to the cells, so that they can function at a high rate through the course of our daily activities.

Each unit of the ‘Moore Health Multi Vitamin’ supplement is priced at $30.00.

(iii) Moore Joint: common everyday activities and other intensive exercises like weight lifting, cross training, sporting activities (even normal aging) can cause immense stress and damage to our joints and support tissues. Studies have shown that the ingredients in Moore Joint allow for the loosening of our muscles and tissues and provide the highest level of relief available in the market today.

Recent research has also shown the supplement to possess Regenerative and lubricating properties. It does this with the help Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate, two compounds who along with MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) have been shown to reduce inflammation.

Each unit of the ‘Moore Joint’ contains 120 capsules and is priced at $30.00.

(iv) Moore Protein: This unique protein based blend comes armed with a unique mix of ‘cross flow ultra filtered’ whey protein isolate and a powerful amino acid complex. Through a direct action mechanism, ‘Moore Protein’ increases nitrogen levels, muscle growth and protein synthesis to repair and ignite lean muscle tissue during exercise.

Another key aspect of the proteins is its purity, using special filtration processes, the manufacturer delivers pure protein concentrate that is easily digested and delivers maximal protein synthesis while prevents muscle breakdown.

Other Key Features include:

  • Each serving of the powder contains only 1g of carb & 1g of fat
  • The supplement contains no lactose, no gluten and no sugar
  • The powder is easy to mix. It dissolves completely, without the appearance of any clumps or aggregates.

Each bottle of the product contains 30 servings and is priced at $45.00.

(v) Moore Pump: this is a pre-workout mix which delivers users with an ample amount of fuel so that they can crush their workout session. The blend contains a host of essential amino acids, proteins and other stimulants which help increase one’s metabolic activity as well as heighten one's concentration and focus levels. This allows for a more focused exercise session where one’s mind is not flittering around constantly.

Each container of this supplement is priced at $35.00.

Other available products include Moore Recovery, Moore Ripped, Moore Sex (male/Female), Moore Sleep and Moore Strength.

Moore Muscle Availability

The aforementioned supplements are available through direct order on the official company website ( The pricing, compositional, dosage information can all be obtained by simply clicking on the desired item. Payments can be done using direct debit means like Discover, PayPalm MasterCard and Visa.

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