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It’s no secret that energy drinks are one of the unhealthiest beverages that you can put into your body. Packed with preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring, synthetic chemical additives, and other harmful elements, energy drinks may provide a sickly sweet hit of instant energy but it comes at a serious cost to your overall health.

One of the most damaging elements of consuming energy drinks is their extremely high sugar content. The World Health Recommendation recommends that, in order to maintain a healthy diet, it’s best to consume less than 10% of the total daily caloric intake as sugar.

For most healthy adults, this works out to about 20 grams or less each day. Consuming more than 10% of the daily total caloric intake as sugar can double, and in some cases, even triple the risk of developing heart disease or suffering from a stroke.

Conservative estimates state that the average American consumes more than 25% of their total daily caloric intake in the form of sugar, which is the primary cause of the extremely high rate of cardiovascular disease related deaths that occur- more than 25% of the total annual death rate in the United States is directly attributed to cardiovascular disease.

Just one can of Red Bull, arguably the most popular energy drink on the market, contains a massive 37 grams of sugar, almost double the recommended daily intake. Even sugar free energy drinks, such as the Red Bull “sugar free” range aren’t safe for human consumption. The artificial sweeteners used in these beverages, such as aspartame, have been clinically proven to cause brain cell death, hormonal disruptions, permanent reproductive issues, and even cancer.

Avoiding energy drinks is the best policy for ensuring your long term health. A new beverage company, however, is breaking all the rules when it comes to energy-boosting drinks. Positive Energy is a new completely natural energy drink range that offer health-conscious consumers a broad range of energy drinks that are completely free from harmful ingredients.

In this article, we’ll check out the Positive Energy beverage range and find out what makes them healthier than normal energy drinks, as well as examining the nutritional information of the range to find out whether this new healthy energy drink range is as good for the body as it claims.

What is Positive Energy?

Positive Energy is a range of clean, natural energy drinks created by Mike Cancelleri, a healthy lifestyle enthusiast that, due to his busy entrepreneurial habits, was in need of a powerful energy boost to start his day.

Too time-poor to waste valuable schedule space with a slow brewed coffee, Cancelleri set out to find a healthy, natural energy drink that both delivered a massive hit of organic energy while tasting great- and found that there were no products on the market that met the description.

As a result, the Positive Energy range was born. Free from artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, synthetic additives, or dangerous and exotic stimulants, the Positive Energy range of beverages is made with completely organic ingredients, offering health enthusiasts in need of a chemical-free energy boost a potent alternative to damaging energy drinks such as Red Bull or Monster.

The Positive Energy Organic Energy Drink Difference

The Positive Energy range of beverages has a number of unique properties that make them far healthier than any other energy drink on the market today. Firstly, the product formula is completely free from strange and potentially dangerous stimulants such as ephedrine or taurine.

Positive Energy uses only certified organic green coffee bean caffeine at a dosage of 150 mg per serving, which is exactly the same amount of caffeine content as the average cup of coffee.

All of the ingredients that are used to make the drinks in the Positive Energy range are certified USDA organic, and have been verified as GMO free by the NON GMO Project. A major advantage offered by the range is that it’s vegan certified, and is compatible with both the vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

Lastly, all of the Positive Energy Organic Energy Drinks are free from gluten, meaning they’re safe for consumption by celiac individuals or those with a gluten intolerance or allergy.

The Positive Energy Range

The Positive Energy range is available in two separate lines- a carbonated, canned line of energy drinks, and an original line of non-carbonated bottles. The new, sleek design of the Positive Energy Cans are available in four flavors- Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Mango Lemonade, Coconut Water, and Pomegranate Blueberry.

The non-carbonated bottled range offers flavors such as Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice Blend, Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Mango lemonade, and, like the canned range, Pomegranate Blueberry. It should be noted that, while the Positive Energy range is completely free of most of the harmful elements that go into commercially-produced energy drinks, it still contains a small amount of sugar.

Positive Energy don’t use processed sugar in their energy drinks, and instead use a combination of agave nectar and stevia as sweeteners. Although agave nectar sounds healthy, it’s more or less identical to normal sugar, and has the exact same glycemic profile. Still, positive energy canned drinks contain just nine grams of sugar, making them far healthier than Red Bull and other solutions.

The Positive Energy bottled range, however, should probably be avoided. Although the label states “no added sugar”, each bottle still contains a massive 25 grams of sugar, which isn’t very healthy at all. While the non-carbonated range may fall short of providing a healthy solution, the Positive Energy Organic Energy Drink are still far better than any other solution, relying instead on the addition of natural, chemical and sugar free stevia extract to deliver 0-calorie sweetening.

Positive Energy Organic Energy Drink Verdict

The Positive Energy Organic Energy Drink line offers an incredibly healthy alternative for healthy enthusiasts that are seeking a clean, chemical-free energy boost, but only in their line of canned drinks- the bottled line is probably best left avoided. If you’re looking for a clean energy drink alternative, the Positive Energy line of energy drink cans is a great choice.

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