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About Citicoline

Citicoline is a unique, and base nootropic drug used as a stack with nearly all racetams and ampakine nootropics on the market today. This drug is marketed in over 70 countries around the world. This drug is quite useful in improving memory. It can be taken as a supplement and doctors prescribe it for a variety of medical conditions like stoke, nerve diseases, ADHD, age related memory loss, and head traumas.

Citicoline occurs naturally in your body because it is a brain chemical. When the chemical is used to make the medicine, then it is taken orally as a supplement or administered by IV.

History of Citicoline

Citicoline was developed in Japan. It was used for people who suffered a stroke. Today, it is commonly used on those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease and dementia. After the drug was developed in Japan, it was later introduced to Europe. Europe began to use Citicoline for people who had thinking problems and blood circulation problems in the brain. Today, the United States is marketing this drug as a dietary supplement.

How Does Citicoline Work

There is a chemical in the brain called phosphatidylcholine. Citicoline works by increasing this chemical. It is extremely important for brain function.


Research shows that Citicoline supplementation will increase dopamine receptors, helps improve focus and mental energy, and help prevent memory impairment. Very limited research has been done on this medication and it is still being researched today.

Long Term Benefits of Taking Citicoline

Long term benefits of taking this unique supplement include protecting brain health and brain function and it may also reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer's disease. It can also protect brain cells from damage caused by free radicals. There are a few brain supplements being sold on the market that contain certain amounts of Citicoline.

Short Term Benefits of Taking Citicoline

Short term benefits of taking Citicoline are known to enhance a variety of mental processes. It can improve attention span and concentration, motivation and reasoning abilities. It can also help to improve nerve functions.

Side Effects of Citicoline

Citicoline has been tested on humans and animals. Some effects from this drug are stomach pain and diarrhea. This drug has a very low toxicity profile. This drug is considered to be safe when taken for a short term up to 90 days. For most people who take Citicoline, there are no problem side effects. For a few people have claimed some small side effects like insomnia, headache, chest pains, blurred vision, high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

Benefits of Taking Citicoline

People who take Citicoline have experienced a few great benefits that include:

Helps Restore Memory For Elderly People
— Improves Vision By Providing Nourishment To The Optic Nerve
— Useful In Treating Those Who Suffer With ADD Or ADHD
— Help Stroke Patients Recover
— Improves Cognitive Abilities Or Thinking For Healthy People And More…

Other Uses For Citicoline

Some other uses for this nootropic drug includes uses for treating glaucoma and Parkinson's disease. It has been proven beneficial for treating these diseaes too.

How Does Citicoline Affect The Appetite

This is a dietary supplement and the effects on the appetite are few and may include a curbed appetite and sometimes nausea.

How Strong is Citicoline

This medication is a strong and powerful pro-angiogenic that is used for protecting brain cells, especially after suffering a stroke. Capsules come available in 200 mg. IV and injections can range from 1000 to 2000 mg. It is a very powerful and strong medication.

How Will You Feel When Taking Citicoline

If you choose to take this medication as a dietary supplement or if your healthcare provider has prescribed it for you, then you will feel more alert, your thinking and reasoning abilities will improve greatly and if you suffer from a short attention span, then you will be able to concentrate better. If you have suffered a stroke, then taking Citicoline will help you feel better by recovering faster. You will also notice positive results in nerve function as well.

Where Can Citicoline Be Purchased

If your healthcare provider prescribes this dietary supplement for your health, then you may purchase it online at discounted prices. It can also be found in pharmacies and nutritional supplement stores and health food stores. If you have been prescribed it in injection or IV form, the it will be provided at your doctor or healthcare provider.

Citicoline Dosage

The dosage of this medication depend on the medical condition it will be used for.

— Improve Thinking Skills –1000 To 2000 Mg Per Day
— Brain Disease — 600 Mg Per Day
— Stroke Or Blood Clot — 500-2000 Mg Per Day

Citicoline has helped many people who has suffered from stroke recover if the medication has been administered within the first 24 hours of having the stroke.

When given by IV, only professional healthcare providers can do administer Citicoline by injection or IV.

Before Taking Citicoline

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before taking any supplement as well as before starting treatment with Citicoline. Make sure your doctor knows your medical history and all prescription and non-prescription drugs you are taking before taking this dietary supplement.

User Reviews About Experiences of Taking Citicoline

Many user reviews online have reflected some key benefits and they are: enhance mental processes, improves attention span for those who have short attention spans, and improves motivation and reasoning abilities. Usually those who suffer with ADD or ADHD have problems thinking and much shorter attention spans than a normal person. Citicoline has proved to help those who suffer with short attention span and memory loss.

Alternatives to Citicoline

There are a few alternatives to Citicoline, but they may not be as powerful or effective as this dietary supplement. The alternatives include, green tea, fish oil, and flaxseed.

Final Thoughts On Citicoline

If you have suffered a stroke, circulation problems in the brain, Alzheimer's, ADD or ADHD and your doctor has prescribed this dietary supplement for you, then you should take it as prescribed. Dosage instructions will be included on the label. It is important that you read the consultation sheet or insert that comes with the product. This will ensure that you are taking the capsules properly. If you have been prescribed injections or IV then your doctor will administer Citicoline to you.

Stroke victims have a faster recovery time when taking Citicoline after the first 24 hour of the stroke and it will prevent further brain cell damage. In Europe it is a prescribed medication, but in the United States, it has been considered as a dietary supplement.

Citicoline is not intended to cure any disease but to aid in certain illnesses, ailments or diseases. You must not take Citicoline to avoid or delay healthcare for serious illnesses. If you are taking vitamins or herbal supplements, be sure to consult with your healthcare provider before starting Citicoline treatments. This is because some herbs and vitamins can interfere with certain kinds of supplements.

Someone with ADHD or ADD may greatly benefit from being prescribed this supplement. It can help them concentrate better and pay attention because the medication will improve the attention span. It also will help those who suffer from anxiety or depression. Taking this medication along with counseling or therapy will prove to be very beneficial.

Neurologists and those who specialize with the brain often prescribe Citicoline for those who have blood clots in the brain or stroke. It helps patients recover and prevents further nerve damage. Patients who have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease will also benefit by taking this dietary supplement.

The safety of this supplement has not been established in pregnant women, children, or nursing mothers. If you fall into one of these categories it is best to consult with a physician first. Your doctor will determine the best treatment for you.

If you intend to purchase Citicoline online, then be sure you purchase it from a certified or licensed pharmacy located in the United States, because some supplements outside of the United States have been found to be contaminated with certain metals or other substances that can be harmful to your health.

Clinical trials have been done on patients who have been diagnosed with glaucoma and Citicoline has been a very effective treatment for this disease. It helps to stimulate nerve systems that regulate vision. If you are a person who has diabetes along with glaucoma, then you must consult with your doctor before starting treatment with Citicoline.

More information about this medication can be provided to you by your health care provider or you may find more info available online. The pharmacy may also provide answers to your questions and concerns about this dietary supplement.

Cognitive performance have been improved in patients who suffer with Alzheimer's disease. These studies were proved by clinical trials on Alzheimer's patients. This clinical trials showed that Citicoline stimulated brain repair action. Patients were better able to comprehend and understand clearer and also remember things.

Citicoline is made from the chemical in the brain so this means it is a natural supplement and when used you will not be putting harmful chemicals into your body. More and more people are searching for natural alternatives to prescription medications because they are less costly and have less severe side effects. Citicoline is becoming more and more popular to the medicine world. Sometimes it is combined with other supplements to treat certain illnesses, ailments or diseases.

Citicoline has been known to improve the blood flow throughout the whole brain. In my final thoughts, I would believe that this dietary supplement taken in injection form, IV form or capsule form as a dietary supplement or as a treatment proves to be excellent food for the brain. Feeding your brain is important as it is the most important organ of the body and requires nourishment like other organs in the body.

Feeding your brain the proper nutrients and dietary supplements can improve your overall health and increase your self-esteem. You should find out from your health care provider if Citicoline will be a good food to feed your brain. Starting treatment early with this dietary supplement may prevent or eliminate certain diseases that attack the brain cells. Using this supplement is an excellent alternative that will help support brain function by feeding the brain its own chemical it needs. Some people suffer from chemical imbalances in the brain and this will help those imbalances regulate.

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