Russell Lundstrom’s Simple Smart Science Mind Boost Day and Night Formula Review


Mind Boost Day and Night Formula

Mind Boost is a popular nootropic supplement manufactured by a company called Simple Smart Science. It’s an all-natural formula from Russell Lundstrom that promises to boost memory, cognition, and focus.

Simple Smart Science recently released Mind Boost Day and Mind Boost Night. These supplements are designed to help you function better during the day, and then optimize learning and memory retention while you sleep.

This potent combination is rumored to come with powerful cognitive benefits and nootropic effects. But does it actually work? Let’s find out in our Mind Boost Day and Night Formula review.

What is Mind Boost?

Mind Boost is a lineup of nootropic supplements made by Simple Smart Science. Currently, the company offers two different supplements: Mind Boost Day and Night.

The manufacturer’s website also sells a Mind Boost “stack” which includes both the Day and Night formulas, and it calls this stack “Mind Boost Complete.”

These formulas are all-natural and are designed to replicate the effects of Adderall without the negative side-effects (and of course, with no prescription required).

To understand Mind Boost, we have to separate it into two different formulas. Because to be honest, the difference between these two supplements is Night and Day. Get it?

Mind Boost Day Formula

Mind Boost Day Formula

Mind Boost Day features four active ingredients. As far as nootropic supplements go, that’s not very many. But all the ingredients are based on hard science and have been directly linked to nootropic benefits.

The four ingredients include folic acid, vitamin B-12, monosodium Citicoline, and Rhodiola rosea root extract.

How Does It Work?

Citicoline is the most important ingredient in this formula. Citicoline has been shown to improve cognitive ability, focus, and memory in numerous scientific reports and clinical studies over the years. It acts as a precursor to acetylcholine, which is our brain’s memory-forming chemical compound.

Rhodiola Rosea Root, on the other hand, has been shown to increase mental performance while also reducing stress levels. One study on Rhodiola extract showed that doctors noticed a 20% improvement in performance while working a night shift at the hospital.

The final two ingredients, Vitamin B-12 and Folic Acid, have also been linked to cognitive benefits in a few studies. One study from Oxford University showed that users who took folic acid regularly over a two year period exhibited 53% less brain decay. Meanwhile, vitamin B-12 also lowers the risk of cognitive decline while also facilitating neurotransmission.

I actually don’t mind the fact that Mind Boost Day has just four ingredients: it means less filler and more value for your money.

For what it’s worth, all the ingredients are also sourced from trusted U.S. companies.

Mind Boost Night Formula

Mind Boost Night Formula

Just like the Day formula, the Mind Boost Night formula also features four active ingredients. As the name suggests, you’re supposed to take this supplement at night. Instead of raising energy and cognitive performance, it helps you relax while boosting memory formation in the brain.

If you have trouble falling asleep, it can have devastating effects on your physical and mental health. Mind Boost Night isn’t a sleep pill, per se, but it does contain ingredients which help encourage the body’s natural sleep cycle.

How Does It Work?

The Mind Boost Night formula features a similar blend of all-natural ingredients. Those ingredients include green tea extract, Picamilon, olive leaf extract, and folic acid.

You already know what folic acid does from the Day formula section above (it reduces brain decay). The other ingredients here are primarily designed to help you relax while also boosting cognitive function.

Picamilon, for example, raises GABA levels in the mind. GABA, as you may already know, helps us fall asleep. As GABA levels rise, we begin to feel sleepier and more relaxed. This can have powerful anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects.

Green Tea Extract, on the other hand, works in a different way. It contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which improve memory and target free radicals in the brain, reducing decay and improving overall brain health.

Similarly, Olive Leaf Extract is also rich with antioxidants. The goal here is to target free radicals in the brain while you sleep, facilitating memory formation and long-term memory storage.

Mind Boost Review: Here Are My Results

I started using Mind Boost with a positive outlook. After I saw the ingredients, I knew that Mind Boost didn’t treat its users as stupidly as some of the other nootropic supplement companies out there.

Simple Smart Science doesn’t flood its users’ bodies with filler ingredients which have little effect – or worse, harmful effects – on the body. Instead, its Day and Night formulas use just four ingredients each. Each of the ingredients is backed by peer-reviewed scientific reports and numerous clinical studies.

That’s a refreshing change from many other nootropic companies.

My positive outlook diminished after taking Mind Boost Day for the first time. I waited for two hours and didn’t really feel anything. Later that day, I took a Mind Boost Night capsule before going to sleep and went to bed disappointed.

When I woke up, however, and took my second dose of Mind Boost Day the next morning, I could slowly feel some of the effects starting to kick in.

On the third day, I felt even better, and by the fourth day, I noticed another boost. This occurred steadily right up until the 10th day, which is when I felt like I hit the peak of the cognitive benefits Mind Boost had to offer. Here’s a brief summary of what I noticed.

Mind Boost Benefits

— Effectively Sharpens Focus, Concentration, And Memory Retention
— All-natural Formula With No Filler Ingredients (Just Four Ingredients In Each Capsule!)
— No Side Effects (In My Experience)
— Competitively Priced
— 120 Day Money Back Guarantee With No Questions Asked

Issues With Mind Boost

— Takes Several Days To Kick In, And Several Weeks To Peak
— Not Quite As Powerful As Some Of The Leading Nootropics On The Market
— Not Available In Stores. You Have To Order Online

Conclusion: Is Mind Boost Worth the Price?

Ultimately, I’ve taken plenty of nootropic supplements in my life. Some of them work really well and made me feel like Bradley Cooper in Limitless. Others had no effect, or made me feel sick.

Honestly, Mind Boost was somewhere in the middle. I felt no negative side effects or other problems. I did feel a boost in cognitive functionality. I felt like I was able to focus more easily on most tasks, and it genuinely seemed like my memory was working better than ever before.

Instead of taking 4 to 5 seconds to recall some relevant piece of information – like someone’s name I had just met – my brain felt like it went to work more quickly, and was able to recall information in 1 to 2 seconds.

Obviously, your experience may be a bit different. Mind Boost wasn’t the strongest nootropic supplement I’ve ever taken – there are no racetams or “heavy” nootropics here. That’s the one downside of an all-natural supplement: nature just can’t give us the same cognitive boost as synthetic chemicals.

Of course, all-natural formulas also (typically) have limited side effects. So there’s a tradeoff.

With all that being said, Mind Boost Day and Night are still excellent options for intermediate nootropic users. I recommend buying the package deal (Mind Boost Complete) where you get Day and Night at a bit of a reduced price.

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