DMAE – Can It Really Increase Brain Power?


It's not uncommon for some people to be concerned about their health, especially since there are so many illnesses and diseases that people are suffering from today. Because most people are concerned about the proper functioning of every organ in their body, they may want to also pay special attention to the functioning of their brain, and how to ensure it gets the right nutrition that it needs as well.

Even though an individual may already know what food types will nurture the brain (i.e. different kinds of seafoods including fish, sardines, anchovies), they may not be familiar with the various types of supplements that should be added to their daily diet regimen. One in specific that some people are beginning to talk about falls in the category of smart drugs.

What is DMAE?

The name of this drug is DMAE.

DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol can be described as nootropic substance that helps to maintain the brain’s functions. Physicians can prescribe DMAE to patients to support cognitive efficiency, and to those who suffer from a variety of different neuropsychologic deficits including those that can be traced to aging itself.

What is DMAE Used For?

Based on various medical researchers speculations, it’s a supplement that can be used for many different things. However, one of the first topics of discussion is its use as a smart drug since it helps to enhance the brain’s functioning power. Therefore, when a medical or health professional prescribes this smart drug to their patients, it may be due to a diversity of reasons.

For instance, the physician may prescribe DMAE to patients who have been diagnosed with ADD (Attention deficit Disorder) or behavior disorders and depression. In some situations, medical professionals may recommend this smart drug to decrease the severity of their patient’s hangovers because excessive amounts of alcohol can often lead to excruciating headaches.

This smart drug may also be recommended for children who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome or adults who have been diagnosed with Alzheimers. As the medical community learns more about smart drugs and its overall affects, the list appears to be growing, especially because this smart drug helps to increase intelligence, improve learning and memory.

What Are DMAE Benefits?

It is important to note that there are many different benefits to taking DMAE. Based on numerous research studies, the benefits that have been reported encompasses a wide area that includes aesthetic benefits, mental and intellectual enhancements, promotes improved physical health, while it also has psychological and emotional benefits.

This is because the administration of this drug is also diverse in nature because it can be taken in tablet or capsule form or it may be provided in a cream and gel so that it can be rubbed on the skin. However, because people are considering it as a natural wonder drug for increasing the overall function of the brain, this is what this article will concentrate its subject matter on.

This said, there are many different claims that DMAE users are making today. Some of the more important includes recognizing improvements in their memory, possessing the ability to focus and concentrate better as well as enhance their intellectual functions. This is because this main purpose of this kind of supplement is to perk up the mood of an individual to keep them from feeling sluggish.

Therefore, DMAE provides a natural mild stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Some people are also taking this natural supplement to increase their alertness so that they will not only think faster, but also function better at work, school and even at home.

Research Studies Have Shown

To date, there is a wide range of information provided on DMAE via various research studies. Many of these research studies may be found online on numerous related sites. Some of the studies that researchers have done address DMAE as it relates to rheology, Alzheimers’s Disease, Tardive Dyskinesia, interactions with aesthetics and safety and toxicity.

In these studies, users can find information about how this smart drug performs in these areas. For instance, for the studies of people who were monitored in the age range of 55 – 90 (taking this daily supplement with breakfast), the researchers did report certain improvements.

However, they could not release a study that said there were significant changes between people who were given a placebo and those that were given DMAE as their supplement.

What Are The Side Effects Of DMAE?

Before any individual takes any new drug or supplement, it is important that they do the research. Since different drugs and nutrients affect the body differently from one individual to another, people should always know what the potential side effects are being taking them on a regular basis. The same statements apply to DMAE because it can also affect individuals in different ways.

With said, according to the manufacturers of this supplement and various related studies, the possible side effects are listed below.

Constipation, depression, over stimulation, confusion, urticaria, headaches, drowsiness, blood pressure elevation, insomnia, vivid dreams, orofacial, respiratory tardive dyskinesia. hypomania, possible increase in schizophrenia symptoms, tense muscles, tightness in the jaw, neck, or shoulders.

Are There Any DMAE Long-term Effects?

As with any supplement, it is important for people to pay close attention to the warnings on the products that they use. Even when they are all natural, there are some effects that may be common to virtually every user or unique to a few. Regardless to the type of possible affect that it may or may not have on an individual, people should know how it can affect their body so that they are aware of any changes that can occur.

With this said, its also important to know what the side effects are for DMAE. Based on various scientific research, the possible long term affects may include certain complications for those who have a history of convulsions, epilepsy, and bipolar disorders. These precautions should be taken seriously because DMAE can further exacerbate these conditions.

People should also be aware of the effects that this smart drug may have on people who have been diagnosed with liver disease and kidney disease. Therefore, before adding DMAE as a nutrition for the brain, these considerations must be taking into consideration. People with kidney or liver disease should consult a doctor before taking DMAE.

Are There Any DMAE Short-term Effects?

DMAE should also be reviewed for the possible short term effects that it may have on an individual as well. Which means, even though these possible signs and symptoms may not be permanent, there may be still major concerns that can adversely affect the individual and their daily performance.

One of the most important that people should be aware of is the adverse affect that it may have on individual’s brain. In specific, DMAE may make some people drowsy versus more alert. So, people who drive or operate heavy machinery and equipment should be aware of these possibilities prior to taking them before going to work, school or other outside activities.

Contrariwise, this smart drug may also cause insomnia in some users. Therefore, they may be forced to stop taking them if it keeps them from getting proper rest that they need to maintain a healthy body. In some cases, it is also important to know that some people have also reported extra weight loss. Which means, in some situations, this can present major problems.

Taking the Proper Dosage Of DMAE

Even though this supplement is not widely available, people can find it in health stores. Which means it can be purchased in the form of a capsule, tablet, cream or a liquid. Before taking a dosage, the person should read the products for recommendations. For instance, the typical dosages that people will find available in health stores are as follows.

— Tablets Or Capsules In Doses Of 50mg, 100mg, Or 130mg
— Pills Containing 350mg

What are the User Reviews Saying?

Because there is so much great information online, some people will not buy a new product unless they check the reviews. Consumer reviews are very beneficial for many different reasons, especially since it allows real people to share their experience with others about product like DMAE.

Which means, it allows them to share both the positive and the negatives that they have found. Therefore, here’s some of the information that DMAE users have reported.


— Within 2 Weeks, A Noticeable Improvement In Energy Level
— Increased Ability To Focus In Stressful Situations
Better Mental Clarity
— Improved Short-term Memory


— Exacerbated Existing Mood Disorder
— All DMAEs Are Not Equal. Therefore, Some Are Not Effective

My Personal Review

Overall, people who take this supplement may look at some of its main benefits as a stimulant that can increases the energy level. Thereby, promoting the person’s ability to think better and maintain a positive and stabilized mood.

With all of the information provided by users and the manufacturers, people should make sure that they are consulting with their physicians. Because it's a supplement that may cause additional concerns, its important to talk with a trained medical professional in advance. Specifically, in cases where the individual has an existing condition that can be irritated by adding it to their daily regimen.

What Are Some Good Nootropics To Stack With

Though the recommendations for stacking can vary from one resource to another, there are some that may have more credence to it than others. In specific, those that explain their reasoning for stacking DMAE with other supplements. For instance, some people may promote taking advantage of the benefits of a DMAE Piracetam Stack.

This is because Piracetam is reported as being a proven way to boost memory and concentration. On the other hand, with DMAE, the documentation in this area is still lacking. Which means, if an individual takes DMAE alone, they may not have any noticeable improvements.

However, when an individual mixes both DMAE and Piracetam, this combination provides a higher potency for deriving at an effective solution for improving concentration and focus.

Using Choline with DMAE?

Based on information from numerous sites, DMAE is considered to be precursor to choline in the brain. Which means, even though both have the ability to raise acetetycholine levels, they both have been reported to take different paths through the body.

Final Thoughts

DMAE is a supplement that can be used for many reasons and purposes. The most commonly known and promoted is being a smart drug. However, before an individual decides to take this supplement for ADD, better mental clarity or the like, it is important that they consult with their physicians prior to adding it as a regular part of their diet regimen.

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