CILTEP – Natural Nootropic For Focused Mental Performance?


Students and professionals who are looking for a way to enhance their cognitive function without jitters, stimulants, or side effects will want to give CILTEP Natural Nootropic a try.

Stimulant free, this supplement naturally works to enhance the brain's cognitive function while also supporting faster learning, better recall, improved focus, and even creative awakening.

CILTEP is side effect free making it a great option for people who are students or working hard to score well on challenging tests like the GRE or the Bar Exam. Please read below to learn more about CILTEP and how to purchase a bottle.

What is CILTEP?

Combining powerful yet gentle Nootropics to help boost brain function improving not only memory and clarity but also the ability to focus and reduce distractions, CILTEP natural Nootropic offers people a side effect free product that works to elevate critical thinking and improve both short term and long term memory.

This supplement will help people learn more easily and better retain complex information. This is why this supplement is a good option for students or people who have jobs that require optimum mental performance. CILTEP can be used as needed or taken daily as a brain booster.

With regular use people should notice a significant difference in their ability to learn new information or skills as well as better memory, recall, and awareness. This supplement can also support athletes in remaining focused during training sessions.

How Does CILTEP Work?

The efficacy of this is due to a two-step process. The first step is by using artichoke extract to inhibit Phosphodiesterase-4. CILTEP works to help increase the levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).

This increased production of cAMP leads to Long-Term Potentiation (LTP). This LTP is responsible for the brain’s ability to increase both short term retention as well as long term memory. Because of the increased levels of cAMP this supplement is a great option for students who are working to pass challenging exams like the GRE or the Bar Exam.

Since CILTEP does not have negative side effects it is a worthwhile option for people who are looking to enhance their cognitive function without additives or stimulants like caffeine which can cause jitters or energy crashes.


What makes this supplement so highly sought after is that it does not cause negative side effects. There are only five ingredients within each capsule offering people a natural way to enhance their ability to focus while improving cognitive function.

Artichoke Extract:

Each serving of CILTEP contains 900 milligrams of artichoke extract which is extremely high in luteolin which has been proven as an effective Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor.

PDE4 Inhibitors as they are more commonly called work to help boost cognition, enhance long term memory, and improve wakefulness.


This plant sourced extract is commonly added to pre-workout supplements and weight loss pills for its ability to naturally support mental performance improving memory and focus despite physical and mental exertion.


An amino acid that helps the body produce energy while also enhancing brain clarity by preventing brain fog and lack of focus.

Vitamin B6:

This form of Vitamin B6 is highly bioavailable making it easier for the body to absorb within the bloodstream delivering better energy boosting and mental benefits.


Essential amino acid that helps the body create the neurotransmitter dopamine. Many athletes will be familiar with dopamine as the feel good effect from exercise or exertion.

By adding this ingredient to CILTEP students and athletes will be able to elevate their mood while also helping support the body in staying focused regardless of workout or study duration.

CILTEP is not a stimulant like caffeine so instead of creating energy bursts and possible jitters this supplement helps boost energy but more so it helps people stay focus and ignore distractions.

CILTEP Natural Nootropic is made from non-GMO ingredients and is completely organic. This supplement is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

CILTEP Natural Nootropic Pricing

This product is available online exclusively through There are a few different purchasing options.

Consumers can sign up for a single bottle subscription program that automatically delivers a bottle every month for $42.95.

Three bottles are available for a one-time purchase for $117.00. The best value for consumers who anticipate using this supplement regularly is a one-time purchase of six bottles for $216.00.

All purchases of CILTEP come with a thirty day money back guarantee.

Should You Use CILTEP?

Professionals and students alike, who are looking for a way to enhance their memory, recall, or ability to retain new information may want to consider taking a Nootropic supplement.

Products like CILTEP offer great brain boosting benefits and this one does it without stimulants like caffeine. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the product’s website at

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