KOR Lipolytic Ignitor – Thermogenic Metabolism & Mood Booster


Developed to support weight loss, Kor Lipolytic Ignitor utilizes ingredients specifically formulated to reduce body fat while also increasing energy and promoting a good mood.

Please read on for more about this potent weight loss supplement.

About KOR Lipolytic Ignitor

The difficulties of weight loss often go beyond simple fat reduction; dieting can drain one’s energy and cloud mental focus.

Inspired Nutraceuticals has developed their Kor Lipolytic Ignitor to eliminate body fat, improve mood, and increase energy for a complete weight loss supplement with sustainable results.

Kor is designed to stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of fat stores, in addition to thermogenesis, the process by which heat is produced by the body. Lipolysis provides the body with more energy cells to break down and use for activity while higher thermogenesis translates into more calories burned, even while the body is at rest.

The inclusion of caffeine simultaneously increases the amount of energy available to the body by releasing stored fat and encourages higher rates of energy output by increasing the actual sensation of energy. Similarly, huperzine A contributes to sharper mental focus and concentration for improved daily function and more effective exercise.

Other plant-derived ingredients provide further anabolic and thermogenic benefits.

How Does It Work?

Users are directed to take one serving of two capsules daily until desired results are achieved. However, Kor can be continually ingested for a regular energy boost.

Some online customers report that the dose was too strong for them, leading them to decrease their intake to only one capsule. Some choose to consume Kor only before workouts, rather than as a daily supplement.


Advantra Z:

Derived from bitter orange, this compound is a patented thermogenic ingredient that increases the breakdown of fat, stimulates metabolic processes, guides amino acids into muscle tissues, and facilitates the employment of energy substrates.


Naturally found in grains of paradise, Pyridoxine is an herbal fat loss supplement that has been linked to lowered body fat and enhanced thermogenesis. Researches believe it can transform fat stored for energy into the fat tissues used for increasing thermogenesis, thereby increasing energy expenditure and fat reduction.


Connected to increased metabolic processes and muscle mass, this natural ingredient is derived from cocoa. It acts similarly to illegal fat-burning compounds that stimulate ß2-adrenoceptors to promote lean body mass and decreased fat stores to improve anabolism.

Eria Jarensis:

Also known as Phenethylamine, Eria Jarensis extract works as a regulatory agent in the central nervous system, often boosting dopamine and thereby improving mood.

Huperzine A:

An extract of club moss, this compound increases acetylcholine levels in the brain by inhibit an enzyme that breaks it down. Acetylcholine is vital for cognitive processes such as learning and memory, as well as muscle contraction.


Provided by several different sources in Kor, caffeine is one of the most popular fat burning ingredients for its ability to stimulate metabolism and release stored fat to be used as energy.

Pricing For KOR Lipolytic Ignitor

Inspired Nutraceuticals

With a slightly higher price than Amazon, Inspired Nutraceuticals sells Kor for $44.99 per bottle, with an additional 15% off of a user’s first order on the site.


Offering the most affordable option out of the three retailers, a bottle can be found on Amazon for $39.99.

The Lift Box

Also offering a 15% discount on customers’ first orders, The Lift Box offers this product for $44.99, the same price as Inspired Nutraceuticals.

Should You Use KOR Lipolytic Ignitor?

This might be a useful product for those wishing to alter their body composition or find an energy boost before workouts that will also help them burn body fat.

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