SurfYogis – Natural Zinc Surfscreen & Pure Coconut Body Oil?


SurfYogis is a conscious-living company focused on making environmentally friendly products. The people behind SurfYogis are surfers themselves, and they make products they know other surfers will be happy to use.

Surfyogis Products Overview

One of their top products is the SurfYogis Sunscreen. Like all their products, the sunscreen uses effective ingredients that are consciously sourced, promised to work, and guaranteed to be healthy for the environment.

SurfYogis is inspired to create earth-friendly products that work great and feel great to use. SurfYogis, as a company ran by surfers and yogis, will never waver on their promise to create products that are good for the ocean and safe for the reefs.

Their ingredients are clean, healthy, and safe for both the bodies of their customers and the environment they enjoy so much. Their current product lineup includes their best-selling SurfYogis Sunscreen (dubbed, “Surfscreen”) and their natural coconut body oil. They also sell a SurfYogis branded hat for die-hard fans.

Shopping Experience

SurfYogis sells their products directly on their website, with their surfscreen being sold for $24.95 and their coconut body oil being sold for $19.95. They sell their hat for $24.95.

Their Surfscreen is promised to shield you on land and in the water from the sun 100% of the time. They also promise it will last for hours once you apply it, and they say its been tested from the sunny surfs of Hawaii to Australia.

Where To Buy Surfyogis

SurfYogis products are sold directly on their website. Wholesale options are also advertised on their site for people looking to purchase large quantities to sell in their shop.

SurfYogis products are also available at’s shop and many other smaller websites that focus on the surfing niche. Prices are comparable across all websites.

The Company

SurfYogis is considered a reliable and trustworthy company that focuses on producing effective yet natural, earth- and ocean-friendly products. They are based in Australia and do not mention international shipping on their website.

They do have a 30 day return and exchange policy. To get a return slip, your item must be unopened and in the same condition you received it. They will ask for a receipt. Once the return is inspected, they will send an email letting you know whether they will approve or reject the refund request.

They do not offer refunds on sale items, and they only offer exchanges if an item is damaged or defective. If you received an item as a gift, you’ll get a gift card if the refund is accepted. While they have quite a strict return policy, their products do seem to be very highly rated, and they were actually featured in multiple publications recently.


SurfYogis was features in Men’s Journal in November 2016 for their Surfscreen product. It was praised for being an all-natural super sunscreen. SurfYogis has also received praise from Australia-based companies and many professional surfers from their region.



  • Just two products available
  • Shipping only in Australia
  • Strict return policy

SurfYogis Review Summary

Their website offers no mention of an international shipping option, so if you’re not in Australia, you’ll have to find SurfYogis products elsewhere. But, the good news is that some boutique online surf shops do carry their sunscreen.

SurfYogis is praised for being surfer, earth, and ocean friendly, and above that, their sunscreen product is praised for being highly effective against the sun’s harmful rays. While they really only offer two products—their sunscreen and body oil—they have put everything into making those products as best as they can.

If you foresee an issue with your product, be mindful of their strict and lacking refund policy. If you received a damaged item, you may have to jump through a hoop to get it replaced but their exchange policy does say they will follow through.

While they are only reachable by their online contact form, SurfYogis is considered a trusted and reputable company, so you should end up being pretty satisfied with any products you purchase from them.

If you end up having second thoughts, you could voice your opinions on their social media channels where they appear to be pretty active—and interactive—with customers and fans.

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