Artichoke Leaf Extract


Benefits of Artichoke Leaf Extract

While people know about the health benefits of artichoke hearts, few people know that artichoke leaves are just as healthy – if not a little healthier.

As more research has been published, the number of artichoke leaf extract supplements has dramatically increased and now you can find an artichoke leaf supplement at any of your local health stores.

Artichoke Leaf Extract Benefits

Here are just come of the health benefits of artichoke leaf extract:

Lower Cholesterol: Several studies suggest that artichoke leaf extract can help reduce cholesterol. A 12-week, double blind study found that artichoke leaf extract helped reduce total cholesterol by 4.2% compared to no drop in the control group. Another study found that patients given artichoke leaf extract experienced an 18.5% reduction in total cholesterol in just six weeks.

Improved Digestive Health: Artichoke leaf extract has several digestive benefits and is particularly effective in producing bile. This helps to digest fats and absorb vitamins from food. Cynarin, a compound found in artichoke leaf extract may also help settle the stomach and prevent nausea.

Adults with irritable bowel syndrome might also find artichoke leaf extract especially useful. In a recent study conducted at the University of Reading, 208 adults given artichoke leaf extract were monitored over a two-month period. At the end of the trial, researchers noted that Dyspepsia symptoms decreased by 41% and almost every participant felt that their bowel movements were no regular.

Liver Function: Since artichoke leaf extract helps to boost bile production, it may also help liver function as well. Bile helps to remove dangerous toxins and fats that affect liver health. The flavonoid silymarin also helps to protect the liver by preventing lipid peroxidation.

Cancer Prevention: Artichoke leaf extract may also help in cancer prevention according to several research studies. Artichoke leaf extract contains several types of antioxidants that researchers believe may help to prevent and manage prostate cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia.

These are just some of the many benefits associated with artichoke leaf extract. There are almost a dozen other benefits which you may experience if you decide to try this miracle natural supplement.

Artichoke Leaf Extract Side Effects

For the most part, there appear to be no common side effects associated with artichoke leaf extract. Since artichoke leaf extract does increase bile production, you may want to avoid taking artichoke leaf extract if you have liver cancer because this may cause further problems.

It is not known whether or not artichoke leaf extract is safe for pregnant or nursing mothers so it may be best to ask your doctor whether or not it is safe for you. Likewise, it is not known if artichoke leaf extract will cause side effects in children.

Artichoke Leaf Extract Dosage

While a variety of doses were used in studies, the recommended dose is between 900-1,000mg per day. We personally recommend finding a supplement with about 300-320mg of pure artichoke leaf extract.

You’ll want to take a capsule during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This type of dosage appears to be the most effective and should maximize the effects of artichoke leaf extract.

Buying Artichoke Leaf Extract

Artichoke leaf extract is available online through a variety of reputable retailers. We recommend taking 100% pure artichoke leaf extract, which is the safest and highest quality artichoke leaf extract.

Artichoke leaf extract is one of the healthiest and most beneficial supplements you can take. Everybody should consider taking artichoke leaf extract because the benefits can be felt by everybody. If you are looking for a new supplement to boost your health, consider adding artichoke leaf extract. You’ll be thankful you did.

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