Ceraloft – Nootropic Worth Trying Or One To Avoid?


Ceraloft Review

Ceraloft is a mental performance supplement that promises to help your brain stay in shape. Here’s our Ceraloft review.

What is Ceraloft?

Ceraloft is a nootropic supplement that claims to boost mental clarity, memory, and motivation.

The supplement is priced at around $40 for a 2 month supply. Key ingredients include natural compounds like ginkgo biloba as well as synthetic formulas like phosphatidylserine and DMAE bitartrate.

Ceraloft is made by an American company called M2 Products Group. It’s primarily targeted towards seniors, students, and young professionals who are looking for that edge.

M2 Products Group also claims that their product can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and irritability:

“We hear from Families who were struggling with depression and anxiety problems of an elderly family member. Grouchy behavior was dividing the family, but with Ceraloft the irritable behavior passed, as did the mental decline making life more enjoyable for all.”

Despite these claims, Ceraloft is advertised primarily as a cognition-boosting nootropic supplement.

How Does Ceraloft Work?

Ceraloft crams a bunch of nootropic ingredients together with the hopes that they’ll work together to boost cognitive performance. Key ingredients include:

Ginkgo Biloba (24% extract)
— Phosphatidylserine Complex
— Acetyl-L-Carnitine
St. John’s Wort
— Glutamine
DMAE Bitartrate
Bacopin Monnier

Although these ingredients have been clinically proven to boost cognitive performance, Ceraloft includes these ingredients in relatively small amounts.

Vinpocetine, for example, is a proven way to boost memory and cognitive performance. In most scientific studies, however, participants take between 15 and 60mg of vinpocetine per day. There’s just 2mg of vinpocetine included in Ceraloft, which means you’re unlikely to experience any effects from the compound.

There’s a similar problem with phosphatidylserine. As WebMD.com explains, phosphatidylserine is “used for Alzheimer’s disease, age-related decline in mental function, [and] improving thinking skills in young people.” The recommended dosage is 100mg of phosphatidylserine taken three times per day. In Ceraloft, there’s only 125mg in each daily serving. That’s not enough to have a significant effect on cognition (especially considering this is one of the most prominent ingredients in Ceraloft).

Ultimately, Ceraloft appears to have the right mix of ingredients. Unfortunately, these ingredients have doses too little to have a major effect on your brain.

Ceraloft Ingredients

Ceraloft Facts

The creators of Ceraloft list all their ingredients at the official product website:

How to Buy Ceraloft

Ceraloft is one of the most affordably-priced nootropics on the market today (likely because its ingredients come at such low dosages).

Typically, a 60 capsule package of Ceraloft is sold at a price of around $40. Some reviewers, however, indicate that they’ve purchased the 60 capsule package for as little as $20 – so shop around for deals before you buy.

In any case, you’re most likely going to buy Ceraloft from the manufacturer’s official website at M2Naturals.com. Here’s how the prices work at that website:

— 1 Bottle: $64.99 + free shipping
— 2 Bottles: $99.99 + free shipping
— 1 Bottle with Autoship Program (automatic delivery every 60 days): $39.99 + free shipping

As you can see, you only get the $40 deal if you sign up for the Ceraloft autoship program. The manufacturer claims you can cancel that subscription at any time and you’re not locked into any contract. Call 800-243-0955 to cancel your Ceraloft subscription.

On the Ceraloft ordering form, you’ll also get special deals on other M2 Naturals supplements. You can pay half price ($11.99) for the Calcium & Vitamin D Supplement, for example, as well as the CoQ10 Supplement and the Omega 3 supplement.

How to Use Ceraloft

Using Ceraloft is straightforward: the manufacturer recommends taking one capsule daily. You should not exceed two capsules daily.

About M2 Products Group

Ceraloft is made by a company named M2 Products Group LLC. That company is based at the following address in Florida:

M2 Products Group LLC.
1652 Park Ln South Suite 700
Jupiter, FL 33458

The company manufactures a range of other nutritional supplements, including probiotic support, prostate, colon cleanser, and diabetes supplements, among many others.

The company claims to manufacture “cutting edge natural health supplements.” You can contact the company by phone at 1-800-243-0955 or view the full product catalog by visiting M2Naturals.com.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Ceraloft?

Ceraloft is an underpowered nootropic supplement that is surprisingly expensive when purchased outside of the autoship program ($64.99 compared to $39.99 on the autoship program).

The ingredients in Ceraloft are clinically proven to boost cognition. Unfortunately, M2 Products Group has included such a small amount of each ingredient that you’re unlikely to feel any of their effects.

For all of these reasons, Ceraloft does not appear to be a useful nootropic supplement for significantly improving cognitive activity.

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