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Max Q10 Review

Max Q10 is a nutritional supplement which promises to deliver high daily dosages of CoQ10. CoQ10 has been linked to better cardiovascular health, improved stamina and energy, and enhanced cognitive functionality.

Max Q10

What Is Max Q10

Max Q10 is made by a company called Stop Aging Now. The company was founded in 1995 and recently celebrated 20 years in business.

Led by CEO Joshua Corn, Stop Aging Now sells a diverse range of anti-aging supplements, including heart, joint, brain, and digestion support formulas.

The Max Q10 supplement comes in the form of a capsule, softgel, or chewable (you can choose which one you want when you first buy the product). The chewable needs to be taken twice per day, although the other supplements need only be taken once.

There are also Max Q10 antioxidant creams which are built for topical applications.

Max Q10 is one of many CoQ10 supplements sold by Stop Aging Now. Other popular supplements include Ubiquinol, CoQ10 600mg, and Multi Nutrient Formula Gold.

Benefits of Max Q10

Max Q10 promises a diverse range of health benefits. It claims that within 7 days, users will notice all of the following benefits:

— A Marked Improvement In Cardiovascular Functionality
More Energy And Stamina Throughout The Day
Increased Mental Clarity And Better Cognitive Functionality
— Fewer Aches And Pains
Reduced Signs Of Aging And Smoother, Younger-looking Skin

Max Q10 Ingredients

Each capsule of Max Q10 contains 200mg of pure CoQ10. The manufacturer claims that there are no “unnecessary fillers or byproducts” although it does claim that BioPerine black pepper extract is part of the formula.

It calls its formula 100% Kaneka Q10TM trans-form CoQ10, which is “the purest, most natural and most absorbable CoQ10 available.”

Despite the manufacturer’s claim to use just pure CoQ10, the supplement actually contains a diverse range of other ingredients, including dextrose, mannitol, natural flavor, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, vegetable magnesium stearate, and citric acid.

How Does Max Q10 Work?

CoQ10, also known as Coenzyme Q-10, is the active ingredient within Max Q10. It’s a vitamin-like substance which is essential for the proper function of organs throughout the body – especially in regards to energy production in cells. Doctors recommend a daily dose between 22 and 400 mg of CoQ10.

CoQ10 also works as an antioxidant. Like most antioxidants, CoQ10 works throughout the body and performs multiple functions. It plays a particularly important role in the heart, for example, where it strengthens heart muscles.

Doctors may prescribe CoQ10 to treat muscle control problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, and a diverse range of other conditions. People who have these health conditions typically produce less CoQ10. By taking a CoQ10 supplement, it’s thought that you can improve overall health and reverse the effects of aging.

How to Buy Max Q10

There are a few different ways to buy Max Q10. You’re unlikely to find it in local pharmacies, although there are two good online sources: and

Here’s how the pricing breaks down on each retailer’s website:

— 1 Bottle (1 Month Supply): $24.95
— 3 Bottles: $68.85 ($22.95 per bottle)
— 6 Bottles: $119.70 ($19.95 per bottle) also offers an auto-ship program which lets you save 28%. This auto-ship programs involves subscribing to regular shipments of Max Q10. You can sign up to receive 3 bottles every 3 months for a price of $59.85 ($19.95 per bottle) or receive 6 bottles every 6 months for $107.70 ($17.95 per bottle).

You don’t have to subscribe to that autoship program to buy Max Q10. And fortunately, unlike other online supplement companies, Stop Aging Now doesn’t try to “trick” customers into signing up for this autoship program by hiding it in the fine print. It’s very upfront about everything.

Stop Aging Now does not offer free shipping. Instead, shipping costs break down like this:

— $1 to $25 purchases: $4.95 shipping
— $25.01 to $50: $5.95 shipping
— $50.01 to $100: $7.95 shipping
— $100.01 and up: $9.95 shipping

Alternatively, you can buy Max Q10 on Amazon, where it costs $24.95 per bottle plus $4.95 shipping.

You can buy Max Q10 in the form of a softgel, capsule, or chewable. The softgels and capsules are taken once per day, while the chewables are taken twice per day. You specific which type you want upon checkout.

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  2. I'm skeptical of this website. Most of the reviews are nothing more than summaries of the manufacturer's literature with no references to published scientific literature. CoQ10 won't hurt you but it's highly debatable that taking oral doses from questionable sources will do anything helpful for you. If you look in actual scientific literature for CoQ10 you'll see its alternatively called Ubiquinone because it is so plentiful in cells that it is “ubiquitous”.


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